this is a random thought but i’m in general kinda scared for the future of g*vernment surveillance/p*lice violence so just a cyberpunk tip for anyone reading: chile rioters would use high powered lasers (that you can easily get on ebay legally) to burn things/blind c*ps
they’re used because in chile things were particularly bad and cops would permanently blind protesters w rubber bullets, etc. it was *literally* an eye for an eye, LAST RESORT situation and it’s DEFINITELY not necessary today but i just think it’s a good easily attainable
alternative to traditional weapons if a day ever comes where the american public ever finds itself in a situation where they’re defenseless and things really are that dire. i sincerely doubt and hope that it’ll ever happen, but i think it’s important to keep note of things like
this, just in the back of ur mind, just in case. i’m mostly making this thread bc i want to make sure i remember this myself, you never know where the future leads, fellow protesters! so just remember. lasers!
and this styropyro video where he actually gets one of the lasers and explains it all, including using it safely + getting one legally.
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