me tweeting about how much i hate chemistry everyday until the exam: a thread
day 1 - i didn’t even have chemistry today but i still hate it
i hate chemistry for yesterday
i hate chemistry
fucking hate chemistry mate
ew im in chemsitry now and i kind of understand it? still hate it tho
in chemistry and i hate it
coning back to this thread bc i have a chemistry resit tomorrow and i hate chemistry
in chemistry and i hate it so much fuck you chemistry
what the fuck i just got put on a chemistry report card i ain’t surprised but still i fucking hate chemistry mate
i’m in chemistry right now but my friend isn’t here and i hate it it’s so quiet ffs
in chemistry i actually got something right so i tried to do the rest of the questions but i got every single one horrifically wrong in conclusion i hate chemistry
in chemistry rn i was a runner up on kahoot but i don’t really think that’s an achievement when the person in first place got 5/10
i’m in chemistry and i got 2 marks life is good
wtf this could be my 2nd to last chemistry lesson ever even tho i’ve always complained about it i will miss it😔
at least i don’t have to sit a level chemistry for now
wtf were being forced to do a required practical i thought i finished chemistry
3 hours of chemistry on the last day no thanks wtf i take it back i won’t miss it
in the middle of 3 hours of chemistry this is such a drag
so i thought i finished chemsitry but APPARENTLY NOT we still have work to do and my method is wrong?? wtf u literally checked mate absolute joke
wtf i spent 3 hours doing chemistry this morning i thought i finally got it out of my life but apparently not
maybe that 5 hours was worth it fuck you chemistry i need a b
just did some clapped chemistry as you can see it looks absolutely disgusting but i actually got the right answer??? honestly i feel like this is a bigger achievement than all my gcse’s currently
omg this might be the end of chemistry?? finally
omg the last bit of chemistry, this thread has been honestly quite wild but i will actually miss chemistry. also this ain’t over😔i will be tweeting on results day where i might be crying and in uni when we do biochem
wait i also forgot i’m still revising for the resits so i will still in fact be tweeting about how much i hate chemistry even tho i kind of miss it in school
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