Huge respect for Sidharth Shukla for trying to show Sana the bigger picture instead of leading her on. I think he is pretty serious about her & that's why he wants her to keep in mind the obvious facts before she falls in too deep (1) #SidNaaz #SidharthShukIa #BB13 #ShehnaazGill
Sidharth knows that right now they r living in an artificial environment where they r together 24/7 so it is obvious to feel attracted to each other. That, however, does not mean that their feelings r not genuine but things might change 4 Sana once she is out (2). #SidNaaz #BB13
It is legitimate for him to feel this way cuz Sana is young & talented with a bright career ahead. It is possible that with all the love, fame & attention she will receive outside, it might change her feelings towards Sidharth (3). #SidNaaz #BB13 #SidharthShukIa #ShehnaazGill
Sidharth doesn't want to manipulate her! in fact, he loves her so much that he is ready to let her go for her own betterment. He wants to wait & see if Sana will continue to feel the same once she is outside & gets busy with her life & career (4). #SidNaaz #BB13 #SidharthShukIa
All of this does not mean that they don't love each other. They do! In fact, they are crazy about each other. However, they r at a stage now where Sidharth wants to test themselves in the real world before taking a step forward (5). #SidNaazs #SidharthShukIa #ShehnaazGill
What does Sana want?

Sana is too deep in love with Sidharth & hell scared of losing him. She thinks that Sidharth might leave her once outside the BB house. Hence, she is trying to make the best out of the remaining time left they hv with EO (6). #SidNaaz #ShehnaazGill #BB13
Remember how she keeps saying that I will love u so much that u won't be able to live without me after BB! & yes it is becasue she is scared of losing him. They both r in love & both don't want to lose each other (7). #SidNaaz #ShehnaazGill #BB13 #SidharthShukIa
8. Also, the reason she denies having the BF/GF vibe with him could be because:
1. She wants him to confess as well as she fears rejection.
2. Maybe he is more than that. The "family-type" feeling could be the "hubby" vibes that she is getting 😉😌 #SidNaaz #BB13 #ShehnaazGill
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