Neil Warnock standing mere feet away from the officials with his hands on his head after they'd dropped a clanger in Cardiff's game against Chelsea will always make me laugh.
Tempted to start a thread of Warnock's greatest televised moments.

Here he is telling Nuno Espírito Santo to "fuck off".
Here's Warnock giving Chris Morgan and Phil Jagielka a half-time bollocking at Sheffield United.
Here's Warnock giving his best Liam Gallagher impression whilst manager of Cardiff.
Here's a simply wonderful comparison of the differences and similarities between Warnock and Guardiola's managerial approach.
Here's Warnock getting stuck into his Huddersfield team back in 1995, complete with the compulsory towel wipe of the camera thanks to steam from the showers.
Here's Warnock getting dug into a referee about his performance in the country's capital...
Here’s Neil Warnock actively encouraging people to have a pop at him just after getting off the team bus.
Here are the highlights from Neil Warnock's debut appearance on Soccer Saturday.
Here’s Neil Warnock handing out an absolutely belting dressing down to his Sheffield United team.
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