I'm not a royalist. I'm not actually necessarily a fan of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. But one thing I can see is clearly inconsistent treatment of Meghan for identical behaviour as Kate. Which raises the question as to the reason for the difference. A thread...
Exhibit 1: #AvocadoGate
Avocados are a benign morning sickness cure for Princess Kate, bought for her by her adoring husband. Avocados are fuelling drought and murder when consumed by the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan.
Exhibit 2: #BumpGate
Kate tenderly cradles her bump, out of sheer love and maternal devotion. But Meghan can't keep her hands off her bump out of either pride/vanity/acting.
Exhibit 3: #BumpGateTheSequel
Kate's huge baby bump is "gorgeous". But Meghan's late pregnancy bump is something she ensures has "centre stage". Exactly how should she be expected to have hidden it?
Exhibit 4: #WeddingBouquetGate
Both brides had the classic British flower Lily of the Valley in their wedding bouquets. One bride (Kate) is lauded for following the royal code. The other (Meghan) is lambasted for endangering Charlotte.
Exhibit 5: #ForeignNannyGate
A Spanish nanny for George is applauded. Note that both William and Kate are reported as hiring this experienced nanny. By contrast it appears that only Meghan (seriously, Harry had no say as father?) broke tradition with hiring an American nanny.
Exhibit 6: #DressGate
Both women: young, beautiful, glamourous, wear identical one-shoulder dresses. Both look stunning. One (Kate) is described as "stunning". The other (Meghan) has caused "shock" with her "vulgar" dress.
Exhibit 7: #SlaveGate
The Daily Mail decides to highlight that Meghan is apparently "descended from slaves". The dog whistle is employed. How dare a descendant of slaves aspire to marry a prince?
Exhibit 8: #PussyWhippedGate
Imagine whether any other royal spouse would be presented in such a negative, misogynistic and hurtful way. Can you? No. Neither can I.
Before anyone suggests I'm pro Meghan and anti-Kate, nothing could be further from the truth. Both are young women trying to navigate marriage and motherhood. Neither deserve vilification.
Exhibit 9: #EditorGate
Both Kate & Meghan did some guest editing. Kate's at Huffington Post is described as adding to her skills set. Meghan is slated by The Sun, The Sun's Dan Wooton on Lorraine, the Telegraph & Jan Moir in D Mail. What about Prince Charles editing Country Life?
Exhibit 10: #CompanyGate
Charles sells his Duchy and Highgrove products. Kate sets up the CE Strathearn firm, William's is APL Anglesey, Harry's is Tsessebe. But when Meghan and Harry set up a firm together for their brand, they are cashing in.
Exhibit 11: #BroochGate Princess Michael of Kent wears highly inappropriate brooch. She apologised, but on what planet would anyone wear such a brooch at a Christmas banquet where a mixed race woman and her husband are present? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-42462724
Exhibit 12: #DannyBakerChimpGate This is the picture and caption tweeted by Danny Baker when Meghan and Harry's baby was born.
If you want an in depth analysis of Danny Baker's tweet, in case you need to understand how it is offensive and how his explanations and apologies at the time were meaningless, here's a thread: https://twitter.com/snigskitchen/status/1126553958997213191
Exhibit 13: #CrossedLegsGate Meghan is castigated in the Sun.... for crossing her legs. Imagine the outrage!
Exhibit 14: #FashionGate Both women are beautiful and stylish. But when one dresses fashionably, it is applauded by Sarah Vine. When the other does so, Sarah is quick to to criticise.
Exhibit 15: #FamilyBackgroundGate Her ancestors were slaves and maids! She's almost Straight Outta Compton. How dare this woman marry outside of her birth and class? And what has the US Civil War got to do with her relationship with Harry?
Exhibit 16: #PocketGate
Check out this fab picture of the Queen, rocking her pockets. Dresses need pockets. Putting hands in your pockets is awesome. But hang on! When Meghan puts her hands in her pockets it's "a step too far".
Exhibit 17: #MakeUpGate.
Defined brows? ✔✔
Brown eyeshadow? ✔✔
Contouring? ✔✔
Nude lip colour? ✔✔
So why is one make up job "sophisticated", and "grown up", and the other "Hollywood" and "high voltage"?
Exhibit 3A: #BumpGateReloaded The Sun is conflicted about whether a pregnant woman should touch her baby bump.
Clue: why don't you mind you own business, you complete sawdust brains?
Exhibit 18: #TerrorGate Meghan puts together a charity cookbook for the people who survived the Grenfell Tower fire. Camilla Tominey in the Telegraph, David Vance, and, of course, the Daily Mail, can't praise this. They insinuate she's linked to Islamic terrorists. Really?
Exhibit 19: #NigglingDoubtGate
The Daily Mail's Sarah Vine, when discussing the marriage of a mixed race woman, with black heritage, uses the word "niggling".
Other words "persistent", "troubling", "nagging", "small". Sarah Vine deals in words. Why choose "niggling"?
Exhibit 20: #TaintedSeedGate
Since people like Piers Morgan and Phillip Schofield need "examples", how about these abhorrent racist remarks by Jo Marney? Even the Daily Mail describes these to be racist.
Exhibit 21: #TrouserGate
It is suggested that the Queen objects to women royals wearing trousers and that Meghan has broken royal protocol or upset the Queen by wearing them... but is that really true? Her Majesty looks smart in her slacks, and so does Kate.
Exhibit 22: #TooWokeGate
O'Neill criticises Meghan for being "woke". Diana challenged prejudice against HIV in the 1980s. Charles campaigned about the environment since the 1980s [40 years ahead of his time]. Wills, Kate and Harry destigmatise mental illness. All fab, all woke!
Exhibit 23: #TrailerTrashComedyGate
BBC comedy spoof. The fake head has somewhat darker skin than Meghan's, is bad tempered, shouty, sweary, jealous and possessive. Her character is described by The Telegraph as "trailer trash": an allusion to her heritage and class background.
Exhibit 25: #ScentedCandleGate
Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect, yes? Right down to the smell. Kate's choice of Jo Malone scented candles is lauded. Yet Meghan is "kicking up a stink" with her "dictatorial" ways. Both wanted a memorable wedding, understandably.
Exhibit 26: #TwitterRacismMisogynyGate
Journalism lecturer Dr John Price, whilst studying the immediate Twitterati response to the Sussex's announcement to step back found the some of the worst racism and misogyny he'd ever seen on this platform. https://amp.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/shelagh-fogarty/tweets-of-abuse-against-meghan-markle-are-unreadab
Exhibit 27: #DarkSideGate
Sure, it turns out the actual story is about hair colour. But take a look at the headline. Anyone familiar with Star Wars knows the "dark side" of the Force are the bad guys, they wear black, they are mysterious and other. Dog whistle stuff.
Exhibit 28: #PressAgendaGate
Psychologists have been asked to confirm theories Meghan is manipulating/controlling Harry. *Not* asking for their independent, expert opinion. It's unethical to ask for an assessment of a person you've not meant. *Our* opinion is being manipulated.
Exhibit 29: #ShoeGate Wedges worn with style by both the Duchesses. Kate's are "versatile" and thoroughly approved of. Meghan's are... gasp!... a breach of protocol... [As if a style magazine would be told what the protocol is - the Queen gave them a call? Yeah, right.]
Exhibit 30: #CrossLeggedGateSequel Not the Sun, but the Daily Mail highlighting the unspeakable crime of crossing one's legs. What a shocker. I've never seen ANY royal ladies cross their legs, ever!
Exhibit 31: #GretaThunbergGate
Prince Charles meets Greta Thunberg at Davos 2020, and vocally supports action on climate change/ climate emergency. Reports are positive. But Meghan and Harry were only recently criticised for breaking tradition by a so called royal "expert".
Exhibit 32: #VictoriaMatherGate. British journalist #VictoriaMather describes Meghan as "five clicks up from trailer trash", mocks her acting career. The judgmental remarks about her family are in poor taste. Many families of all races can have relationship difficulties.
Exhibit 32A: #VictoriaMatherGate part 2. On MSNBC, British journalist #VictoriaMather makes a sly knife jibe about Meghan giving a knife as a Christmas gift to Catherine. Many interested in cooking would love a decent knife as a present. But the hint here is to knife crime.
Exhibit 33: #PrimatologistGate
Giles Coren jokes that Meghan didn't see a medical doctor about family planning, but rather the noted primatologist Jane Goodall. Yes, Harry had interviewed her. But why would a human discuss human birth control with a primatologist?
Exhibit 34: #WeedFarmGate
Australian website spins lurid headline that Harry and Meghan are "surrounded" by drugs, but buried in the story you discover cannabis is legal in Canada and the potential farm is "down the road". How far down is not clarified.
Exhibit 9A: #EditorGateReloaded
As Princess Anne guest edits Country Life this week (and why not?), remember the criticism raised about Meghan's issue of Vogue. Contrast the lack of criticism applied to Anne, Kate, and Charles.
Exhibit 35: #VoodooGate
Wills 1st saw Kate looking stunning @ a fashion show at Uni & was instantly attracted (who wouldn't?). Their love is written about respectfully, as opposed to the racially charged "trance"/"spellbound" terms used for Harry. His attraction is involuntary.
Exhibit 36: #PoliticsGate
Piers Morgan is enraged Meghan featured in a video urging people to vote in the US election, forgetting that she has left the Royal Family and she is actually American. Prince Charles wrote political letters for years. And former Kind Edward VIII?
Exhibit 36A: #PoliticsGate
Meghan makes a speech in New Zealand in 2018 about voting rights and women suffrage, below the portrait of her grandmother in-law who she was representing. Very similar to the current video. Oddly, no pushback from Piers Morgan. Why?
Exhibit 36B: #PoliticsGate
Dan Wootton, executive editor of The Sun, attacks Meghan, as she's "campaigning against Trump", actually, she doesn't mention him or any US political party. Not to mention the fact his own paper reported the Queen's support of Brexit with no criticism.
Exhibit 37: #BlackClothingGate
Black conveys smartness and authority. No wonder Meghan and Kate wanted to wear it to functions at a university and a museum. But The Sun says Meghan broke protocol, while The Mail praises "chic" "sleek" blazer worn by Kate. Both look great.
Exhibit 37A: #BlackClothingGate
The Daily Mail's inconsistency of approach on the wearing of black clothing by Meghan and Kate. How about we just let these two women wear what they like? Both have good taste and look fantastic.
Exhibit 38: #LanguageGate
The Telegraph's Michael Deacon appears to be confused. Pretty sure Meghan speaks English, and "Californian" isn't a language. We Brits also speak of being inspired, excited & passionate. Maybe it's just you who is jaded and flat? https://archive.is/jbC89 
Exhibit 39: #PrivacyGate
Any parent in the public eye would understandably want to keep their kids out of the gaze of the paparazzi. Yet look at how differently the two royal couples are treated for it.
Exhibit 40: #ExpensiveClothingGate
If in the public eye as much as Meghan and Kate, one has to dress well. That doesn't come cheap. McQueen and De La Renta are both top designers, neither are cheap. Why is £94k worth of clothing OK for one, but the other "has expensive taste"?
Exhibit 41: #BabyGenderGate
Apparently noone in the UK ever knows the gender of their expected baby, despite the clarity of ultrasound scans. Knowing the gender of your baby is "the LA way", linked to Meghan's nationality. (Nationality is part of race).
Exhibit 42: #BabyPhotoGate
Daily Mail decides a photo taken on an iPad, converted to B&W is OTT, & seeks to make adverse comparison to Princess Eugenie. Whoever has not used a filter, or edited a digital picture, may they cast the first stone. You all know you've done it.
Exhibit 42A: #BabyPhotoGateRevisited
Remember how Harry and Meghan's black and white pregnancy photo was dismissed as "contrived"? Yet other young royals have used arty beautiful photos, even by the same photographer.
Exhibit 43: #SpotifyGate
Here is Steve Brine, Conservative MP for Winchester, getting het up about Spotify signing up Harry and Meghan for podcasts. He says it “sticks in the craw of some of the artists who are driving Uber cars right now to pay the rent”. See next tweet...
Exhibit 43 continued: #SpotifyGate
Did Steve Brine, when questioning Horacio Gutierrez of Spotify, complain about other high earning podcasts?
Exhibit 44: #HairLossGate
Most people would say male hair loss is caused by testosterone and is genetic. Not so the Express who've decided Harry is losing his hair because of his marriage. They've obviously not looked at the other men in the House of Windsor.
Exhibit 45: #SaudiJewelGate
Yesterday we had criticism of Meghan for wearing earrings given to her by the Saudi Royal Family. Yet members of the Royal Family have worn the Faisal necklace and the Khalid necklace which were gifts from the Saudi Royal Family.
No exhibit number as this is French. Charlie Hebdo tastelessly mocks both George Floyd's murder and Meghan's complaints about racism. 'Why Meghan left Buckingham Palace?', 'Because I couldn't breathe'. Note the difference in skin tones in the cartoon.
Exhibit 46: #NoMaskTributeGate
Kate, Meghan and Harry all chose to show their respects for people who died tragic deaths. A very creditable thing to do, showing their empathy. None wore masks in these Corona times. But look at the Express headlines.
Exhibit 18A: #TerrorGate
Wills and Harry visit a community centre after the Grenfell Tower fire and receive positive press attention. Meghan visits the same place, and now the press explores a possible terrorism link. Thank you @PaganTrelawney for the detective work.
Exhibit 47: #BookGate
The Daily Mail features 5 articles in 24 hours about Meghan writing a book, with front page ad criticising that you "couldn't make it up". Because no members of the Royal family have written books, right?
Exhibit 47: #BookGateContinued
More books by members of the Royal Family. Where was the criticism then?
Exhibit 47: #BookGateOnTheTV part 1.
Lorraine Kelly thinks that Meghan should donate any money obtained from her book to charity.
Exhibit 47: #BookGateOnTheTV part 2.
Lorraine Kelly makes no suggestion that Princess Michael of Kent should donate any money obtained from her book to charity.
Exhibit 47: #EvenMoreBookGate
Karren Brady scathing op-ed suggesting Meghan has no right to trade on the royal family name. Yet elsewhere the press lauds ex-member of the royal family, Sarah Ferguson for writing a romantic novel.
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