Thread : Poisonous Water Free by @ArvindKejriwal / @AamAadmiParty in Delhi through DJB
As promised, Citizens of Delhi, here is my "OpenSource" Report on the Situation of Supply of Tap water from Delhi Jal Board , under the chairmanship of @ArvindKejriwal !
This thread presents the sample compilation of 30+ Twitter Complaints by the citizen of Delhi over past 6 months, indicating Epidemic proportion in which the problem has spread to the entire City 360 degrees. No corner spared !
Many complaints are pending for 6-8 months .
As a voter of @aamaadmiparty in 2015, I woke up to the reality of non resolution of my complaint regarding the sewer contaminated DJB water after sustained campaign for last 18 months !

@AamAadmiParty only focuses on propaganda and its leaders like @drajoykumar called me a Sanghi Troll making a living on wage rolls of BJP, and asked me to go back to live in the same sewer which I complained of ! such is the insensitivity !
I will start the compilation of the twitter posts starting with a link of long thread of mine , which will be able to in detail how long drawn and worse is the problem !
This Sub-Thread should give you an idea of the problem of Sewer Contaminated Water Supply by @DelhiJalBoard (just realised that DJB has blocked me on twitter !) as faced by me :
Analysed Twitter Complaint #3
Analysed Twitter Complaint #4
Analysed Twitter Complaint #6
Analysed Twitter Complaint #8
Analysed Twitter Complaint #12
For complaint 21 onwards , please click the above link and start following the thread from there !
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