RATNASINGHASANA is the lotus shaped rostrum at the inner chamber of Puri Jagannath Temple ,also known as Ratnamandapa,Ratnabedi,Mahabedi
Ratnasinghasana is 16ft in length,13 ft in width and height is 4ft.
It is the seat of LordJagannath ,
Bhalabhadra,Subhadra accompanied
by Shree Sudarsana,shree Mdhaba Sridevi Bhudevi making it 'the Sapta Vigraha'.The chamber of lord is believed to be the dynamic energy field of Universe.
According to Tradition there are one lakh Salagram -stone deposited inside the Ratnavedi.
Interesting fact abt the Ratnasinghasana is that there are only 8 special sebayata are allowed to climb and perform Puja and offering.
Even Gajapati king of Puri has no right to climb on it .
But only King of Nepal has the right to climb on Ratnasinghasana and can give offering.
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