DOJ Found “Nothing of Significance”

Not Considered Significant:

1) “Members of Italian Intelligence Were Approached by Hillary Clinton, the Obama Administration Deep State in Attempt to FRAME TRUMP By PLANTING EVIDENCE...

“on American Servers to Force Trump to Step Down”

2) “Declassified DoD Documents Prove Former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, Pres. Obama & Approximately 2 Dozen Congressional Leaders Were Involved With Sales/Transfer of Weapons From #Benghazi Libya To Syria”
3) “Clinton Union Bosses of #Epstein Prison Guards Mysteriously Own $26 Million Luxury Properties in China”
4) “Mossack Fonseca & Co.: Panamanian-Based Global Law Firm Used To Set Up Foundations & Trusts To Disguise Ownership of Money - From Peter Schweizer book ‘Clinton Cash’:

“Clinton Foundation Associates linked to Mossack Fonseca:
A) Gabrielle Fialkoff: Finance Director For HRC 1st Senate Campaign

B) Frank Guistra: Canadian mining magnate traveled globe with Bill Clinton; member of Chagoury Family, which pledged $1Billion Dollars in projects to Clinton Global Initiative
C) 3) Ng Lap Seng: Chinese billionaire at center of a Democrat fund-raising scandal when Bill Clinton was President

D) Marc Rich: Client of Mossack Fonseca, international fugitive, pardoned by Bill Clinton
E) John Podesta: Board Member of Mossack Fonseca Law Firm”

DOJ Indictments Unsealed In Clinton Connected Bank Mossack Fonseca Tied To Money Laundering”

“Hacked Law Firm, Mossack Fonseca, Shuts Down”
“One of the LARGEST #lawfirms in the world was taken down by #hackers - Mossack Fonseca has permanently shut down due the #databreach, which leaked more than 11 million of the firm's client files and exposed illegal activities”
6) “3 1/2 Year Probed Millions of Emails Found Hillary Clinton Private Email Server: 38 People Committed Violations Culpable In 91 Cases of Sending Classified Information -IG Horowitz: “James Comey June 2018 handling of investigation was insubordinate” 
“The 38 current/or former State Dept employees weren’t
identified in report sent to Congress identifying 588 violations. FBI found 100 contained classified information including 65 “Secret” & 22 “Top Secret”. 2,093 emails not labeled classified were retroactively classified.”
7) “Lawsuit Seeks Documents Potentially Showing FBI Ignored Intelligence Community IG Evidence That Chinese Hacked Clinton’s Server▫️Focus Should Include All Circumstances Surrounding Breach & Documents of #BenghaziServer 
“Also noticed all focus on HRC “personal server” when actually it was a “back-up server” supposedly containing same information as “Benghazi server.”
8) 11/11/2017: “Everyone Involved in #Uranium1 “Donated” Money to Clinton Fdn” “License Obtained to Export 15,000 Tons from #ConverDyn directly into Moscow, Russia”

“Russians donated $145Million to Clinton Fdn”
“Donations to Clinton Fdn Included Kingdom of the Netherlands $5-10 million donation to the Clinton Foundation”

“Alexander Downer/Australia gave 100s of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. In return, the CF gave him $10Mfor a carbon capture scheme that fell apart”
9) ICYMI: “Clinton Foundation #Whistleblowers Have Come Forward With Hundreds of Pages of Evidence According to US House @RepMarkMeadows 
10) ICYMI: “2016 DOJ Criminal Investigation Was Suppressed & Buried By DOJ/FBI Involved A Major NY Democratic Power Broker, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Clinton Foundation”

“Illegal Sale of US Technology”▫️ #DOJCorruption 
“MEDIA SILENT: Clinton Foundation Connected AGT Forwarded Top Secret US Intel to RUSSIA - FBI/DOJ Covered It Up”
“Investigation revolved around illegal sale of US technology that was ITAR/EAR controlled & US State Department regulated”

“Included sale of advanced intelligence systems, surveillance, thermal cameras, sensors, radar, C4I, cyber warfare systems that were sold to Russia & China”
“Sales were in the years before the 2016 election”

(ITAR: International Traffic In Arms Regulations)

“Clinton Foundation assisted their friends’ business venture... Marty Edelman & Mati Kochavi...under AGT International donated to Clintons in exchange”
“ICYMI: 2017 Article - HSBC Board - Clinton Foundation, Etc.
FBI Dir. Comey: Member, HSBC Board, Clinton Foundation & Drug Cartel Money Launderer” 
11) “Russian Lobbyist, Rinat Akhmetshin, Linked to Hillary Clinton at Infamous Trump Tower Meeting, Received $500,000 in Suspicious Payments Before and After Meeting” 
13) “72,000 Clinton Emails Recovered by @FBI & Turned Over to State Dept.Reveal Discussions of Classified Foreign Policy Matters - Met With Putin-Aligned Georgian Oligarch Bidzina Ivanishvilli” 
14) “FBI Admits In Writing & Under Oath Hillary Clinton Emails Found in Obama White House @FBI Had To Go To The Executive Office To Review Clinton Emails - 49,000 Clinton Emails on Weiner Laptop” 
15) “FBI “Lost” 8/3/2015 Notes From Clinton Email Metadata Probe Mtg. Significant 2 Concerns Over Foreign Exfiltration -
ICIG Officials Passed Lead To @FBI
“This news raises concern that some information about an explosive lead passed by the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) to FBI might now be lost”

“ICIG did a very deep dive, found in the actual metadata - the data which is at the header & footer of all the emails..
“that copy, a ‘courtesy copy,’ was sent to a third party & that third party was a known Chinese public company that was involved in collecting intelligence for China”

“According to interviews reviewed by @EpochTimes - 4 FBI officials were personally briefed on the metadata...
“anomalies during one meeting with ICIG: Peter Strzok, investigator Frank Rucker...others attending were then-Executive Assistant Director Giaccalone, then -Section Chief Dean Chappell. It’s not clear who the 4th FBI official was.”
16) “ @TheJusticeDept & @FBI Not Interested In Ukrainian Evidence Proving Questionable Activities of Democrats Clinton & Biden”
17) “Iranian Scientist, Shahram Amiri, was providing intelligence to the US about the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Hillary Clinton shared emails w/“staffers” discussing Amiri & his activities. He was executed in Iran 8/17/2016”
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