Artists of HK (and friends!) - a #HongKong art thread

Thread of some of the HK artists & friends abroad who've been making protest art over the last few months, on Twitter, IG and Facebook. List in no particular order. Let me know if there are more to add!
. @smalltunghk is the artist behind 'Central Office Bae' and other fantastically amazing works.

. @pikat_hk really likes Pokemon, and was one of the driving forces behind #pokemonforHK 🥰 They are also just a very good egg in general.

IG: pikat.draw4fun
. @HeungShinghk is behind some truly iconic protest art, including the Star Wars poster. Their specialty is frontliners walking in a field of teargas, but honestly, they make everything look epic.

IG: heungshing_hk
FB: heungshinghk
.@PpPpPinkyAxolot specialises in adorable art with axolotls. Yes, you heard that right! Kawaii, but protest.

IG: pinkyaxolotl
FB: PinkyPinkyAxolotl
. @Kyutori1 has made some absolutely cute art of our Divine Beasts and furry friends. Also made this fantastic strip about Linpig - and it's in English! 👇
. @Leopiusbear draws these amazing, atmospheric pieces that look like they are storyboards for a film about good vs evil.

IG: leopiusbear
. @KongMui1 draws these often very funny doodles and comic strips, featuring a Kong Girl ('Kong Mui').

FB: kongmui
. @azurite821 has been drawing protest art since the start, and they've doodled the various HK regions as hot HKers 😬 Their work recently Japanese book on HK protests, etc.

IG: azurite821
FB: akihiro821
. @KokdamonLam
is behind some of the stunning word art you may have seen. They've turned some of our protest slogans into posters, stickers... all with a lovely artistic flourish 😍

IG: kokdamon
.@lma_HkSiuwaaga specialises in Linpig and our other mascots, and has recently be active with Lunar New Year art and art for the yellow economic circle.

IG: Ima_hksiuwagaaa
. @ThreeHandsMonk1 creates thoughtful drawings for the HK movement. They're the ones behind the iconic 'From 1989 to 2019' (bottom right), which has been featured in some articles on the protests and our protest art.

. @eimajc has been chronicling a lot of the important events through the movement via their doodles. Their Twitter gives short explanations for what the pics refer to, so a good place to start for those who want to learn more about the last 7 months!

IG: fiddlyfussy
. @OntungcArt has a distinctive style and draws a lot of women in the HK movment. They are also behind the crack picture of that 'hair mask' 😅 And! They also make animation 👇

IG: ontungc
. @knifeson has been behind a lot of the 'explainer' illustration series throughout the mvmt, describing in pictures what's going on in HK.

IG: knifeson
For something a *bit* different, @ronnie_yeung makes... protest bento boxes, featuring our mascots like LinPig and LinDog 😄

IG: ronnie.yeung
. @micowo1029 's picture of Lam gives me nightmares 😅 When they are not making protest art, they also doodle a lot of Marvel art 🙂

IG: _mic1029
. @NButai specialises in CATS protest art. CATS CATS CATS. Their Twitter feed is actually mostly news RTs, but their IG is full of... CATS. CAAAAATS!!

IG: noranekobutai
FB: NoranekoButai
. @hkwuliff would probably tell you they are not really an artist, but they *are* the people behind the #pokemonforhk and #HKDemocracyMeow (we really like cats), so it's kind of moot 😬 They also give regular updates about protest events, and are just fun to follow.

IG: hkwuliff
. @watchitcomics draws a lot of comic strips and 'explainer' art for the movement. Simple, but effective! C/W - Pepe the Frog features a lot in their art, as the frog doesn't have the same connotation in HK as it does out west.

IG: watchit.comics
FB: watchit.comics
. @bitterboysdiary - oof, where to start. Their work manages to capture the epic struggles and the smaller intimate moments of hope and despair that's sustained our movement. Please give them a follow!

IG: bitterboysdiary
. @ResistGirlDiary 's illustrations recap events important to the movement. Another artist who feature women a lot in their artwork.

IG: resistgirl.diary
FB: resistgirldiary
. @sunofficehk are behind the famous 'mother' illustration of Carrie Lam crying crocodile tears while pointing a gun at HKers. But all their other work are also magnificent!

IG: sunofficehk
. @LIHKG_PIGPIG is, as the name suggest, all about our movement's mascot, LinPig. They're the ones behind the 18-districts LinPig series 🥰, and have been recently creating a trading card deck, because why not 😄

FB link: 
. @LauKwongShing1 is another artist with a distinctive style, using interesting angles & framing to convey sth more. Their illustration of 831 remains one of my go-to's to explain succinctly what happened.

IG: cowcowtony
. @childeabaddon is the one who made the *amazingly awesome* pieces of protest art below, some of which you may have seen on walls a large murals.

IG: a_ba
. @mn71283833 makes beautiful digital inks, mostly in black and white, which makes the splashes of red stand out that much more. They usually pair their illustrations with English captions here on Twitter.

IG: mandymackenzieng
. @hongkiu57414813 doesn't seem to have been active in recent months, but what they've produced is amazing - the oil on canvas of Carrie Lam is one of my favourites of her.

IG: hkoilpaint
. @KK_HKer has been doodling both tongue-in-cheek pictures like the Alice in Wonderland loveliness below, as well as heart-wrenching ones of the frontliners, especially during the sieges of CUHK and Poly U.

IG: papyrus_illustration
You've likely seen @ysb_artist's art stuck somewhere in HK - they frequently turn their art into stickers! 😍 They also keep a goo thread of threads of protest art in the wild, all in English 👇

IG: ysb_artist
. @ZitaLee11q is the one behind the truly iconic (and cursed! haha) poster of Big Brother Xi. They have also been the ones churning out the funniest/scariest Pooh art of the movement. Their feed is mostly in Chinese.
. @lemon60356117 has posted some amazingly poignant oil paintings and… absolute crack like that oil of Pooh with a mollie or that truly, *truly* cursed image of the Xi/Pooh hybrid. Enjoy!
Despite their name @octopus663 doesn't just draw octopus - their art feature the police often. They were also the ones behind the viral comic strip of the police mistreating their dogs back in Oct 👇

IG: octomahk
FB: octomaHK
. @felixip / Hong Kong Machines has a whole 'Hong Kong Freedam' collection, which imagines mechas fighting for the cause 😍 Their FB page also has actual protest mecha models, so go check it out!

IG: felixipart
FB: HongKongMachines
. @MimiSzeto1 is behind some of the most stunning, stop-you-in-your-tracks protest art, nearly all of them featuring women standing up defiantly to power. Most of their artwork is on IG, so go there for more.

IG: szetomimi
.@TORIHATA3 often write short, interesting explanatory threads - in English! - on topics relating to the HK movement along with their illustrations, see example below👇Also, I love their drawing for Spark Alliance 😍
. @WongsanRecords doesn't seem to be posting their art on Twitter, but they have been quite active on IG, so please follow them there for more. Simple line drawings for very decidedly un-simple times.

IG: wongsan.records
FB: wongsanrecords
Chances are high you've seen @AhTo_comic's work before - they created the famous 'pot-bottom' one that makes everyone cry, and also the first Delacroix homage. Twitter doesn't seem active, so go visit them on IG/ FB!

IG: ah_to_hk
FB: artohk
. @cusonlo draws a lot of political cartoons - the caricatures of Carrie Lam are *chef's kiss*. Their Twitter is a mix of English and Chinese, but the art tends to be mostly untranslated. IG has more art, including BABY YODA.

IG: cusonlo
FB: Cuson.LoChiKong
. @VignatiusA has only recently joined Twitter, so their feed is a bit sparse - their IG has more art. One of their most recent one is a timeline of sorts of the movement since last June - amazing that they've managed to fit so much in!

Despite @randomuselessd1 's user name, their doodles are neither random, nor useless. Their best works capture those quiet moments of heartbreak and despair that we've all felt at some point... It's all very blue.

IG: randomuselessdoodles
FB: randomuselessdoodles
. @littlethunderr 's art is exquisitely beautiful, and their work on the HK movement heavily feature women. Feed a good mix of English, Chinese and Japanese.

IG: littlethunder
. @AliceHobbey is on here, but seems like they are most active on IG. They mostly draw watercolours, but also have an alt IG acct for doodles.

IG:  /iamhob_
. @badiucao is an honourary HKer at this point. He’s been creating cheeky artwork in support of the pro-democracy mvmt. *AND* he also gifted us with the splendid Lennon Wall Flag! 😍

IG: badiucao
. @hei_7537 is not super active on Twitter, but they post frequently on IG, mostly black and white inked panels that kick you in the heart. They also make animation! 👇

IG: hei_7537
. @alexcha57447629 ’s art mostly features photo-realistic close-ups of real HKers, set against a vividly yellow background. They have recently joined Twitter - give them a follow!

IG: alex_x916
. @Phesti2 are the fine folks behind all those fake MTR signs that you've seen 😂. It is one of the most HK-thing ever, and I always look forward to the silliness they come up with. They are all gold.

IG: phesti_hker
. @surrealhk_ as their name suggests, has been creating these fantastic concoctions of surreal protest-related images since the start of the movement. The joke is, of course, we already live in surreal times, so what's the harm of an extra Godzilla. 😂

IG: surrealhk
. @CheungToki is another illustrator who has been putting out their artwork out here on Twitter - feed a mix of Chinese and English. A lot their art explores how people cope in a world going crazy.

IG: toki_cheung
FB: toki.cheung
. @sai_logs has some pretty amazing illustrations of frontliner 'braves' in action. They do post their art on here, but more active on IG, so go there for more art.

IG: sai_logs
. @allthings_hk specialises in simple doodles - a lot in English- that are often extremely funny and also terribly sad. They are the ones behind the 'a gangster, a police and a protester walk into a bar' joke 😂😭

IG: allthings_hk
. @cheekycheekyhk has 0 followers here, which is a travesty. They've been making protest art since the start of the mvmt, specialising in chubby-cheeked people and animals.

. @palwong draws these amazing watercolours based on real HKers. They also draw a lot of cats, so you can’t go wrong with following them.

IG: palwong
FB: palwong.pazoart
. @ChungSatsuki draws these very distinctive-looking black and white ink art across both their IG accounts. They make a *lot* of art of Pepe, which of course, doesn't carry the same connotations in HK as it does abroad.

IG: yan2is & 
. @kamuikaoru 's speciality is drawing school girls. You would have seen their work recently when the illustration of the girl with the paper crane (top left) was put up as a mural, unfortunately placed next to what seemed to be a leering Trump... 😅

IG: kamiukaoru
FB: kamuikaoru
. @shao_huaaa hasn't been posting art on their Twitter feed, but they are active on IG. Their use of greys and blacks for their HK protest art suggests a city filled with smoke and gas.

IG: shao_huaaa
. @lonely_kidney has been designing these striking, vintage-looking posters for the HK movement. They're more active with posting their art on IG than on here - do check it out, especially their rendition of 'freedom-hi', which I've not posted here for reasons 😬

IG: lonelykidney
. @IropherKee is our resident furry artist, creating these amazing pictures of furry frontliners/HKers. There are more in this genre, and goes to show the wide range of artists who contribute to the mvmt 😊

IG: iropherkee
. @doyanming 's Twitter account doesn't seem active, but they post a lot of very cool illustrations and tattoo designs on IG and FB. They are also the ones behind *that* very interesting redesign of the MTR logo.

IG: doyanming
FB doyanming
.@iamsaltfish 's bio would tell you their day job isn't an artist, which is incredible given the beautiful art they've been producing! 😍

A lot of the HK protest art you see are made by ppl in their spare time to spread the word. So please, spread the word. 🙏

IG: imsaltfish
. @MoTszKwan is the one behind the art of the gloriously ripped frontliner 'braves'. There are six-packs galore in their epic drawings. 😆 Their Twitter doesn't seem to be active anymore, but you can find more on IG and FB.

IG: motszkwan
FB: MoTszKwanArt
. @kina_pump mainly draws Chadwick Boseman on their Twitter (because they have taste!), but on their IG you can find more of their beautiful HK protest art, most of which feature women heavily.

IG: pump.kina
. @clorisakt is the one behind these fantastic doodles. The hands-as-hardhat/ googles/ respirators is one of my favourites, suggesting the community coming together in defiance to support our frontliners. 😍 They actively post their doodles on here, feed mostly in Chinese.
Our friend @haamyu specialises in tessellation art and high-quality shitposting 😅 Like many others, being an artist is not their day job, and yet they somehow find the time! The picture of the popo falling on his face cracks me up. 😂
. @S19Naturehk has been drawing for the mvmt since June last year. They also specialise in fantasy art, and has been doodling personifications of various HK landmarks, including - rather poignantly - CUHK, which got besieged by HKPF, as a knight 👇

IG: s19naturehk
. @Belishocked has been very prolific with their HK protest doodles, and has drawn everything from the very cute, to the heartbreaking, to the uplifting. They also have been doodling a series on history of HK uniforms, which is fascinating!
. @SatyaverAngel is the one behind some of the awesome art in the 'hot protesters' thread I did a while back 😆 They also draw these amazing images of HKers on the gas-filled frontlines! Active on Twitter, feed is mostly English.

IG: satyaver_
. @trashpidgey is an exchange student from the Netherlands, but has chosen to join the cause w/ their art 😊

It's clear from this thread that what defines a 'HKer' is simply whether you love the city. We're happy to count ppl like @trashpidgey as friends, allies, fellow HKers.
.@ura_jiyuu_hk draws the CUTEST versions of LinPig and LinDog - basically babies in onesies getting into all sorts of trouble 😍 You might rarely see their art as it's more for morale-boosting within the mvmt, but they are worth the follow! Feed mostly in Chinese though.
. @RabbitGuy_Tab has done some beautiful work for the #freetoberhk2019 event, including one of my favourites of our Divine Beasts (top right). They are active on Twitter, and feed mostly English.
. @old_din leans in on the surrealism of HK's situation, and it feels right. They are the ones behind the very cheeky 'monster mask' piece which you might have seen in my art threads several times. They are active on Twitter, and feed is a mix of English & Chinese.

IG: signol0
. @hkladyliberty are the ones behind an icon of the mvmt, the Lady Liberty statue. It's been built and torn down several times, but you can't kill art, you can't kill ideas. They've put up 3D print plans online, so you too, can make your own Libby 😊

IG: hkladyliberty
.@ginkgoesd328 is another one of those who doodles/ shitposts a lot on here. Their drawings of wild boars - which are a feature (and increasingly a bit of a problem) of the HK countryside - are things of beauty, and they even managed to turn it into protest art!
. @quasiDigi doesn't seem to be active on Twitter anymore, but theig IG is alive and kicking. Their main interest seems to be the 'smaller' moments from the mvmt that often get overlooked in our epic art, focusing on the bravery of the woleifeis.

IG: quasi_digi
. @wlonghahaha99 has made some of the lovely works below, and is a relatively active Tweep, RTing artwork from Canto- HK Twitter. Feed is mostly in Chinese though.
Once again, for something a bit different, @rahrahheartshk has been making Perler bead art of the mascots of the HK mvmt, LinPig, LinDog, Pepe. They also sell these to support the Kwai Fong publicity group 👇
mrandmshkpeople on FB has been drawing HK events in the style of the Mr. Men and Little Miss books since the Umbrella Movement (!!). They have been a staple of the current mvmt, and it's a shame they are not on here because more ppl should see their art.

FB: mrandmshkpeople
amaiworkshop is the good people behind *those* famous HK protest cakes that look too amazing to eat. And yes, protest cakes is a *thing*, and I'll try to showcase more cake artists on this thread. 😄

IG: amaiworkshop
FB: amaiworkshop
Justin Wong at chiutatcomics is the one behind the 'Symbols of Hong Kong' series which we've spent days trying to decipher. They are also the ones behind the Manet, Hopper and Magritte homages 😍.

IG: chiutatcomics
FB: chiutatcomics
siumingraffiti is the artist who made some of the best 'family pictures' of the mvt - a lot of their best stuff stress unity of HKers. The one on the top left is a favourite of mine 🙂.

IG: siumingraffiti
FB: siumingraffiti
. @loszehaha draws these brightly-coloured illustrations for the HK mvmt. I love them also because they've created a lot of art and info packs focused on HKers' mental health, telling ppl it's ok to have feelings in these turbulent times.

IG: venusphilosophy
. @heavymetalcomhk are the ones behind these distinctive-looking pieces, mostly in red, often seen on Lennon walls. They don't seem to be overly active on here, so go to their IG and FB for more.

IG: heavymetalcomic
FB: HeavyMetalComic
. @wongsiudio are on Twitter, but not active, but they frequently post new art to their IG. They're another artist who feature women frequently in their HK protest art.

IG: wongsiudio
膠叔叔 - uncleplastic - are the ones behind the popular and sometimes very silly Lego protest art you may have seen. We know fighting for democracy is no child's play, but it's ok to have a little bit of fun and levity at times!

IG: uncleplastic
FB: uncleplastic
Iris Lam is the one behind these stunning and intricate tattoo designs of women frontliners, all of them looking like BAMF. Their IG and FB show some of these designs inked on real people, and they look amazing! 😍

IG: irislamht
FB: gazelletattoo
Ar Yu are the ones behind some of the iconic illustrations from the mvmt, having been documenting events since June last year. Everything is washed in sepia tone, but feels extremely current.

IG: a_r_y_u.c
If you've been following HK protest art, there's a good chance you've seen Kin Fan Fung's watercolours, depicting real HKers. Their art speak of the love and warmth found between folks caught in an unreal situation.

IG: fungkinfan
The famous '89/19' painting that made grown men cry a few weeks ago is by hklivre, who's been making these beautiful art, all focusing on women, since Oct. They seem to be HKer in Brazil (? or the other way round), so their IG is a mix of English and Portuguese.

IG: hklivre
Tse Sai Pei has been doodling since June, and are the ones behind a lot of the famous illustrations of the mvmt, in particular the one of HKers coming together to help clean up the Kowloon Mosque after HKPF sprayed it blue in Oct.

IG: tsesaipei
Kinchoi Lam is another artist who's been documenting the protests in the last few months, mostly in a distinctive washed-out greys that he seems to be only using for his HK art. His IG is a good mix of Chinese and English.

IG: lamkinhcoi
vawongsir has been doodling since the start, so their IG is a good timeline of events. He's drawn a lot of cheeky doodles, but his greatest hit is arguably the one on the top left, which captures the depression many have felt these last few months.

IG: vawongsir
FB: vawongsir
字家製作 WordWideWorkshop is the one behind those Kamen Rider posters - in Canto, he's basically known as the 'masked superman', so it follows he'd be against the anti-mask law! The artist has also recently designed a LinPig mecha, because of course 🤓.

IG: wordwideworkshop
DigDeep is a gaming company that's been putting out protest art since June, bcos everyone is resisting now 🤷‍♀️.Their picture of the frontliners at the edge of the cliff (lower right) hits me in the heart every time.

IG: digdeep_gaming
FB: digdeepgaming
Something a bit different again! Amigurumi Love has been making these cute crochet dolls of our mascot LinPig and frontliner brothers and sisters for a while, complete with crocheted respirators, goggles and hardhats!

IG: amigurumilove
FB: amigurumilovehk
http://BYJ.HK  is another cake shop, their speciality being protest cakes with mirror glaze. Their works with the protest slogans lovingly rendered in exquisite calligraphy makes them almost too beautiful to eat!😍

John Ho's illustrations tend to be these sweet, pastel-coloured concoctions which *almost* seems like something from a children's book, only... there's always a sense of deeper pain and hurt. The 'Freedom-Hi' one is a classic 😆.

IG: johnhohoo
一 筆 yatbat's calligraphy finds new meaning in existing characters, and encourages new interpretations of out of existing words, fit for our shifting political realities and cultural identities. The MTR/ 黨 ('Party') is a highlight.

IG: yatbat
Hello Wong's another cartoonist who's been drawing protest art, documenting the major events since the start. The picture of the HKPF's assault on various religious sites in the city is a classic. Well, they are all classic! 🙂

IG: hello.wong
FB: hellowong
Planet Sponge draws these super stylised, super stylish illustrations for the movement. Their recurring 'devil cop', which first appeared the day after a first aider got hit in the eye by a beanbag round in Aug, is pure nightmare fuel...😱

IG: planetsponge
Sunfool makes these glorious protest paper art - all cut by hand, including that bonkers intricate 決心不移 one. The mollie one paired with the lighting is also perfection. 😍

IG: sunfool_lau
Siukins has been drawing since the start of the mvmt, and you'd likely have seen their works as posters etc. They use a very distinctive neon colour palette that adds a cyberpunk kick to things.

IG: siukinslll
Catheeine is another artist who's been with us from the very start - and another one who features HK women prominently in their work. The teargas fighter's piercing stare filled at once with anger and defiances really captures the HK spirit.

IG: ca.theeine
Toballki is yet another illustrator who's been making art non-stop for the last 7 months. They specialise in cute doodles of red-cheeked ppl and things. They also often make heartwarming art that touches on depression, faced by many now.

IG: toballkiddrawing
FB: toballkidrawing
淋漓淋浪 LumliLumlong are the ones behind the famous (and slightly freaky-looking! 😅) '千手人' on the top left from Oct, but they've been making surrealist protest art since June 2019.

IG: lumlilumlong
FB: LumliLumlong
DDED's art is filled with figures that look like they came out of a Lego set. Despite the toy-like aesthetic, their anger can be felt clearly, especially in the classic 'spot the difference' pic showing events of 21 Jul and 31 Aug on the top right.

IG: ddedhk
FB: ddedhk
何白 is another artist who's been drawing since June. Their art featuring Kong Girls - "Tear Girls" series - is phenomenal, looking at these new warriors with admiration and awe, but also not shying away from the realities of what these women have to do for the mvmt.

IG: ho__pak
ohLinPig is another account where you can sate all your LinPig needs 🐷🐷🐷 They post LinPig-themed cartoon strips, and also have basically turned most of the more prominent people/ groups of people in the mvmt into LinPigs.

Sometimes, I worry we're too cute. 😅

IG: linpiggggg
Hong Kong Code has been posting doodles regularly since August. They say that 'real HongKongers know', and while some of their art references pretty obscure protest events, I think they undersell themselves - it's pretty clear they dislike the HKPF!

IG: hongkongcode
練黑龍 is an illustrator & calligrapher who's been writing words of inspiration since the mvmt began. And yes, that is Gundam on top of Lion Rock saying 'Glory to HK', drawn with a Chinese ink calligraphy brush. Because this is HK. 😂

IG: dark.calligrapher
FB: dark.calligrapher
香港人製造 - MIHK818 - are the folks behind the super-realistic action figures of frontliners (& their cats). The figures are always sold out, but they're very generous with photos on their IG & FB, so see those for more!

IG: mihk818
Tik Ka from East specialises in recreating pop-references in traditional Chinese/ Japanese art styles. His work depicting HKers as wuxia-cyberpunk* superheroes is just breathtaking.

*Is this a thing? If not, it should be.

IG: tikkafromeast
FB: tikkafromeast
秋子 - StudioAutumn - is another calligrapher active since the beginning of the movement. They sometimes pair their words with some simple ink art to bring out the meaning - note the *almost* word mash going on with 黨鐵 - Party/MTR - on the top right.

IG: studioautumn
Deer Station, like many accounts you've seen on this thread, started out w/ doodles of a cute deer doing cute HK stuff. Around Jun 2019, we got a crying deer in a hard hat, and by Nov, the deer was running around with a bow and arrow - but you know, still cute.

IG: deer_station
Something a bit different again - NaMraC Ial makes HK protest embroidery😊 The eye/夏 (summer) is genius, referencing the people who've been blinded by the HKPF, and the frail, blue-stained bauhinia breaks hearts - not something I've ever said about embroidery before!

IG: claiwh
Antoney.C has been illustrating for the movement since the Jun 2019. Their work frequently references and seems inspired by Japanese anime, and they've been using a distinctive yellow/red/black palette - the colours of the mvmt! - in their more recent HK works.

IG: antoney.c
茄鴨 EggPlantDuck probably was the first to reference Delacroix - their picture on the top left was from Jun 11! They've been actively doodling for the HK mvmt since then, and also make these lovely animations!

IG: eggplantduck
賣紙晨 - mypapersun - has been doodling for fun long before the HK pro-democracy mvmt began; they just turned their pastel palettes to the protests since Jun 19. Their 岳 pic on the top right is a personal fave, capturing the diversity of the resistance 😊

IG: mypapersuno
The recurring character in Ugly Family's art is this no-effs-given HK woman who's unafraid to speak truth to power, and tell it like it is, which is refreshing! Junius Ho, hated pro-BJ politician, is often presented as actually covered in shit, which... 💩😈

IG: ugly_family
weliketowrite is a calligrapher, writing words of encouragement & heartbreak since June 2019. It's rare to see accounts with corporate sponsors be so open about their HK political stance, but in these troubled times, I guess we all have to be true to ourselves.

IG: weliketowrite
豚豚 Tuntun specialises in chubby, often-constipated (don't ask) pigs, unrelated to LinPig. Their non-protest stuff is *adorably* cute, and then their protest work... well. All the grey ones below are from the week of the university sieges. 😭😭😭

IG: draw4yu
You have all seen ohmagggggie's art on my threads before - they draw these round, chubby figures, and are the ones behind that two-parter on meeting under the 'pot-bottom', and that cutie-pie mongoose. Think they've only recently joined IG, so give them a follow!

IG: ohmagggggie
{: kap su l mo :} draws protest doodles of cute bears in hardhats raving - er, I mean, fighting against tyranny. Let's also take a moment to appreciate the artist showing diversity in the bears - this is a mvmt that welcome everyone😊

IG: kapsulmo
AverageGuy have been active since around August, and they are the ones behind a string of brutal illustrations of Carrie Lam and her mismanagement of the city - first through the protests, and now with the #coronavirus.

IG: averageguy_art
DUCKYLU2 have been doodling well before the protests, but like so many others, have turned their attention to the movement, and lately #coronavirus. Everything looks like they can be in a children's book, except, you know, angsty and revolutionary. 😅

IG: duckylu2
You'd likely have seen River子's recent lovely and loving illustration in support of the medics' strike around on Lennon walls or online. They've actually been drawing for the mvmt since July, and their pics of female frontliners are amazing 😍.

IG: rriverdraw
西仔 are the ones behind the thread I translated a few days ago 👇, which seems to be autobiographical. Their pineapple bun one makes me laugh-cry - "'Pineapple bun' - no pineapples. 'Democratic society' - no democracy."

IG: ordinary_illustrator
sunna is a new joiner to the HK protest art scene - started dabbling in coronavirus art in early Feb with cute animals dancing with toilet paper; by end of Feb, her chubby cats seem to have guillotined Carrie Lam 😂. This is the way.

IG: _sunnnah
Like the new wave of protest artists, 發夢仔 faat3mung6 became active from early Feb, and as you've seen from the last few weeks, been extremely prolific. They are the ones behind the lovely umbrella formation doodle, as well as the 'Spirited Away' beauty.

IG: faat3mung6
Contrary to their name, tomographic does not specialise in tomography, but instead produces these distinctive scenes from memorable events of the movement, including immortalising that graffiti at CUHK - "All day all night we are gonna fight."

IG: the__tomographic
Another February joiner - 心苗 saplinginheart features... well a sapling growing from a heart, because we're all trying to nourish hope inside us 🙂 Everything is cute and wholesome, even when it's touching on stuff like police brutality and coronavirus.

IG: saplinginheart
tiny.hongkonger came onto the scene in March. They are most well-known for the Little Prince doodles - Queen Carrie, ruler of nothing, sitting on a corona-planet, robed in toilet paper is *chef's kiss*.

IG: tiny.hongkonger
gakming started in Sep, but have become much more prolific since Feb. They're the ones behind those *adorable* & uplifting doodles of our 'hand-foot's with the Divine Beasts. They've also recently started a HK student cyberpunk series which look cool as heck!

IG: gakming
CHIM has been an active protest artist since Sep, but their work has only recently started showing up on the usual channels. They specialize in exquisite pencil drawings and occasionally dabble in inks and watercolours.

IG: mememechim
As their name suggests, nutella_imagination started out in late March drawing food/ Nutella fan art, and then from April, dived into unforgiving illustrations of police brutality. As one does. (PS. Nutella still shows up in their art every now and then.)

IG: nutella_imagination
Another April new-joiner to the HK protest artist family! m6.852's speciality is recreating iconic photos of the movement in illustration - behind every line and splash of colour is some HKer's real, lived experience.

IG: m6.852
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