Juggling multiple projects: I want to share my schedule and how the organization of my files and daily tasks helps me to work on multiple projects at once.

This thread is dedicated to all the Virgos and anyone who loves organization a little too much. 🥰
I work on at least two manuscripts at the same time. TBH, this is because I always have a breakdown at the 30% mark, and I need another ms to turn to, or I'll give up. Switching to that 2nd book gives me the space I need to see the 1st book clearly/make changes to keep writing.
I set up alarms, and I work on the first project in the morning, the second project at night. I also give myself flexibility. If I'm really feeling one project, I keep working on it. If I'm on deadline and need to focus on another project, I work on that instead.
I also let myself have flexibility with the extracurriculars like Muay Thai and, it's not on here, but acting classes I started taking, hanging out with friends, etc.

"Reading" is when I work on studying craft and when I let myself brainstorm for other future projects.
This is how I organize my folders. I talked about the "Compost Heap" in a previous thread. "4_Craft" has the notes I take on books as I read and some plot structure worksheets, including the one I always start off with: the Save the Cat beat worksheet.
Next I have the MG, YA, and Adult folders, each with subfolders that have ideas I'm excited about (which have branched off from the Compost Heap), folders for all manuscripts that have already been published, and the projects I'm working on, organized by priority.
I work on books on deadline first, but allow myself to jot down brainstorming ideas for other projects as I work. For example, all of the document for YA Fantasy 1 is just a bullet point list of brainstorming thoughts, which will hopefully make writing the first draft easier.
This might sound odd, but I also usually write first drafts at bedtime by closing my eyes, turning off the lights, and lying down and writing while half-asleep. I don't know about y'all, but writing for me is exhausting, and this helps cut down on the mental energy it takes me.
The first draft is about getting the words on the page for me, while I work on the editing in a more structured way during the day.

Okay, that's my process and how I juggle multiple projects! I'd love to hear any tricks and tips from anyone who wants to share how they work. ☺️
Lol thank thank you! It's soothing to organize...
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