1/4 #MJFam I’ve translated a seq that leads to 1 of the strongest statements from #AkteSpezial
Beginning with Mr Wiesner speaking about the Dramas of Janet Arvizo.. to the statement we’ve ALL been waiting for a TV channel to finally say it.
🙏🏼 @sat1 #AufDerSucheNachDerWahrheit
2/4 “And when I told Janet Arvizo that she had to go back home with her kids - from there on - there was war.”
Dieter Wiesner in #AkteSpezial @Sat1
Docu #AufDerSucheNachDerWahrheit about #MichaelJackson translated transcript for #MJFam
/3 “During the trial the 🌎 pounced on the allegations. Relieving statements, contradictions/unbelievable witnesses are hardly considered. Moral, legal principles such as balance, personality rights & above all the presumption of innocence don’t seem to apply to Michael Jackson.”
4/4 Furthermore #AkteSpezial show some interesting video material.. the clip in which MJ announces the contract with his managers brought me to the question: how many such videos exist 🧐.. It’s known that wealthy people take such clips. I would love 👀 the clip from the will 😐
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