⭐️ Thread of Taemin’s idol fans/admirers 2020 ver ⭐️
Group We In The Zone’s Jooan

Q: is there any person you really want to meet on your dream?
A: “i respect Taemin sunbaenim a lot. so i want to tell some words to him.. i love you..i definitely want to see you once! i really respect you”
Up10tion’s Xiao

"i was trying to sleep but it was so so coolㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ"
"it was so so cool that i become addicted and keep watching it...😀😀😀😀😀uwaaang"

cr to @/leexiaokr
Chungha (청하) http://www.topstarnews.net/news/articleView.html?idxno=717889#_enliple

the next senior musicians Chungha definitely want to meet?

“...... also, Taemin sunbaenim‘s response was very good when i did Move cover. if possible, i want to perform together (with Taemin) on the stage”
Hey! Say! Jump's member Yamada Ryosuke revealed to be a Taemin fan https://twitter.com/MxMtan21/status/1217798879938105344?s=20
Choreographer J-Black & Marie https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/009/0004502347

Article title: “J-Black ❤️ Mari ‘Singers who dance the best? Female: Hyuna, Hwasa, Male: Taemin, Dawn”

Taemin is mentioned as one of singers who’s the best at expressing himself 👌🏻
Ha Sung Woon (Harper’s Bazaar interview) https://www.harpersbazaar.co.kr/article/44274 

“Taeminie hyung debuted since he’s in middle school. if you listen about the story, it’s beyond your imagination. Hyung has solid mentality and firm dream. i think that’s so cool. i want to imitate that part....”
KARD's Jiwoo mentioned Taemin at Park Kyung's radio show

"..I'm always watching you well and always respect your hardwork and cool performances. i think i have a lot to learn from them, i'm a fan (of you), thank you"
LOONA's Yves wants to cover Taemin's Want https://twitter.com/oddeyepatch/status/1228745784964927490?s=20
ATEEZ Seonghwa mentioned Taemin as his role model https://twitter.com/yunhoni/status/1233314106976997377?s=20
ASTRO’s Rocky mentioned Taemin’s Want as one of 3 dance songs that can boost Rocky’s energy on his recent interview

source: @/Astro_EW330
Q: “which album have you listened to the most in your life”
Ten answered among the songs on Taemin's album he likes listening to Back To You and Soldier https://twitter.com/YUTAlSM/status/1237484420824776707/video/1
Boy group N.Cus Hojin mentioned Taemin as his role model. he’s dreaming of becoming an idol because he watched Taemin perform https://twitter.com/JEONH0JIN/status/1237707453417934849/video/1
(cont) Hojin recommends Taemin’s I’m Crying, Shadow and SHINee’s Selene 6.23 https://twitter.com/jeonh0jin/status/1237722270505697280?s=21 https://twitter.com/HOJINsz/status/1237722270505697280
NCT127’s Haechan mentioned Taemin on a recent interview, saying he is his hero
more from SF9’s Chani mentioned Taemin on his interview as someone who made him wants to be an idol
1Team's Jehyun mentioned Taemin on his interview http://bntnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?popup=0&nid=08&c1=08&c2=08&c3=00&nkey=202002271843453&mode=sub_view

"SHINee's Taemin sunbaenim is my role model. He's the sunbae who got recognized a lot for his performances, i will also try to be like that".
One of Boy group UNVS' members mentioned he really like SHINee and named Taemin as his role model at Ha Sungwoon's radio show

a member: "Taemin sunbaenim is really.... my role model"
Ha Sungwoon: "ah really? Taemin-ssi is idol of idol, right"

Up10tion’s Xiao revealing himself as Taemin’s fanboy https://twitter.com/_08251027/status/1243183488582316033?s=21 https://twitter.com/cherrymingsoo/status/1243183488582316033
Lee Eunsang (X1) said he watches a lot of Taemin's videos and giving him inspirations
Hong Eunki mentioned Taemin as his role model

“In terms of stage (performance), i respect SHINee’s Taemin, Sunmi and Chungha sunbaenim. even tho they’re standing alone on the stage, they show off a lot of energy”
Up10tion’s Xiao being whipped for Taemin (again)

Xiao: Hyung, I saw something good~!
Gyujin: What is it?
Xiao: *here*
Gyujin: *reading* SHINee's Taemin is also an INFP
Xiao: I am happy 😊😳

(Trans by @/TwoTwelvee)
(G)I-DLE's Soojin plans to do Taemin's Move cover at their next concert (I-LAND Tour)
1Million’s Choreographer Tina Boo mentioned Taemin’s Move as the choreography she likes. she also tried dancing to Move
(cont) Idol Radio special DJs (ATEEZ Hongjoong and San) on Taemin’s Move:

“tbh so many idols covered this choreography”
“that’s right”
“it’s a very good choreography, a cool choreography”

(Idol Radio #539 Dancing Queen Eps http://www.vlive.tv/video/181119/playlist/181758)
Boy group Cravity’s Allen

He mentioned Taemin as his role model he likes. he also said he definitely wants to show a Taemin cover someday https://twitter.com/wonjinanunaya/status/1251534050742824961/video/1
Boy group OnlyOneOf

They’re revealing themselves as SHINee’s fans and they also covered Sherlock before
Up10tion’s Xiao

He told the story of when he started becoming Taemin’s fan since Lucifer era, and how Taemin inspired him to be an idol

ps: he’s talking while listening to Taemin’s One by One on the background xD
(cont.) Up10tion’s Xiao

He’s also telling story of when he met Taemin during Move era
Teacher/Master of Dance Sport, Park Jieun praised Taemin's dancing skills

she worked tgt w Taemin for a dance show n he did Tango.whatever choreo she made he'd do everything. rather than basic moves, it was a really hard one n he can lead the female partner really well naturally
PJ: “because Taemin was young at that time, he did everything (he can do all) whatever choreo i made”
WHY: “ah..he has talent”
PJ:”rather than basic moves it was a very hard moves.he did well in leading female partner naturally. he did it so well”
WHY: “because he understands his body he can lead well”
PJ: “also because he’s in charge of dance in SHINee”
Q: “Is there a star in your heart you definitely want to meet someday?”

Allen (from Cravity): “My role model, SHINee’s Taemin sunbaenim.. i definitely want to meet him someday”
NCT127/SuperM's Taeyong

“I learned a lot from Taemin hyung. Taemin hyung’s words are always right. I talk to Taemin hyung a lot nowadays and I was like ‘Hyung’s word seems to be always right.’”

cr: @/iheartshinee_
LOONA’s Yves, once again mentioned she wants to cover Taemin’s Want https://twitter.com/orrery_nim/status/1256929067514789888?s=21 https://twitter.com/orrery_nim/status/1256929067514789888
LOONA’s Yves on her desire to cover Taemin’s Want

Yves: “for me, right now since i really like Taemin sunbaenim... Taemin sunbaenim’s Want.... ”
DJ: “oh the female version?”
Yves: “... yeah i want to try performing (Want) coolly”
Allen from Cravity

A fan said he’s been looking forward to Allen’s cover of Press Your Number and asked him to do it someday since Taemin is his role model, and he answered he’ll definitely do it later https://twitter.com/426_205/status/1256591146899214336/video/1
Pentagon’s Yuto was seen to have some Taemin’s album (Move-ing album) and picture collections at his room
WayV's YangYang revealed he listens to Taemin's Goodbye/Sayonara Hitori nowadays
Boy group TOO’s member, Chan:

“the sunbaenim who makes me think ‘wah he’s really so cool’ when dancing is Taemin sunbaenim... Taemin sunbaenim is really.. i got a lot of inspirations from him. he’s very cool”

NCT 127's Haechan talking about Taemin on a recent radio show: https://twitter.com/fuIIsun0606/status/1260072747863953408?s=20
The Boyz chose Taemin as the King and decided to cover Danger

Eric: "The wallpaper on my phone is also Taemin sunbaenim"
Choreographer: "i worked w Taemin, i made choreo for his solo debut"
Haknyeon: "Danger is really amazing"
and then Eric showed a bit of Danger dance break xD
The Boyz' Eric on his recent VLIVE:

He said he didn't lie he has watched Taemin's video where he praised The Boyz' Danger cover stage many times. He felt so good about it, he said Taemin is the senior he really really respects.
Boygroup MUSTB’s Soo Hyun http://naver.me/xFQkujaR 

“I like SHINee’s Taemin sunbaenim who’s popular with his beautiful dance lines. later, like Taemin sunbaenim, i want to improve my skills and do solo activities”
The Boyz’ Sunwoo

He said it’s such an honor to receive praised from SHINee’s Taemin sunbaenim who’s a big senior. He can’t express it with words after knowing Taemin praised their Danger performance
The Boyz’ Kevin

“Very excited for Danger to come out..
Danger by the legendary Taemin sunbaenim. While preparing for Danger performance, I/we searched a lot of (Danger) stage performances. There’s a reason why we chose him as a king”

The Boyz' Eric said he watched Taemin's video in the morning where he praised The Boyz performance. he said watching that video is like morning coffee where he slightly feel good/happy when he start the morning😂
Eric Nam mentioned Taemin on his Podcast https://vt.tiktok.com/BpxRPD/ 

“...he’s a really good performer, like that’s something i can definitely vibe with”
Lovelyz’ Ryu Sujeong mentioned Taemin on her recent interview in light of her solo debut

“I prepared a lot while watching Taemin sunbaenim’s stage...”
More of Lovelyz’ Ryu Sujeong mentioning Taemin on a different interview http://m.theceluv.com/article.php?aid=1589925600322846012

“Charisma without overdoing it....I refer from Taemin’s ‘MOVE’”
NCT Dream’s Renjun: https://twitter.com/huangisyellow/status/1263814715475550209?s=21 https://twitter.com/huangisyellow/status/1263814715475550209
The Boyz’ Changmin

He said he’s really thankful since Taemin watched their performance. He really respects him and it’s a big honor for him. His heart also felt strange (in a good way) because of that
DSP N's Wooyoung

He mentioned Taemin as one of his role models (his team-mates reaction after he said SHINee's Taemin sunbaenim tho 🤭)
Group E'LAST's Choi In

He also mentioned Taemin as one of his role models
BTOB’s Eunkwang talked about Taemin’s Move https://twitter.com/seoprecious_/status/1268194422061137922?s=21 https://twitter.com/SEOprecious_/status/1268194422061137922
Rookie group http://MY.st ’s Woncheol

He mentioned Taemin as one of his role models
SHOOTER-X's Sunghyeon

- Role model?
"for me, Taemin sunbaenim. i like him, because his dancing is the style i really like, so i definitely want to be like him"

"....Taemin is so cool. He's such a cool friend. He is such a pro. Such a pro. I still have so much to learn from him...... Taemin practices for a long time."
Gfriend’s SinB wants to cover Taemin’s Drip Drop

Dark B (DKB)’s Yuku

Yuku’s mom likes Kpop, he followed his mom to go to concert halls and he started to dream of becoming an idol after that.
“...I followed my mom to watch SHINee, GOT7, Taemin sunbaenim’s stage performances and i fell for them”
Dancer/Choreographer Kim Young Oh from Freemind dance crew

"....among singers in South Korea, Taemin does the best, he also really practice a lot. he's a singer who can't help but does well in self management thoroughly."
WayV's Kun listening to Taemin's Press Your Number on his ig live

"Taemin's voice is so charismatic"
ps: more like "charming/attarctive"
N.CUS’ Hojin

“i prepared a song called Goodbye by my role model Taemin sunbaenim...”
Ten mentioned Taemin on his video call fansign

“he’s really my most most best hyung!”

https://twitter.com/softendear/status/1280887130156183554?s=21 https://twitter.com/softendear/status/1280887130156183554
Teen Top’s Niel: https://twitter.com/onewsweetvoice/status/1282327892911779847?s=21 https://twitter.com/agitfor5hinee/status/1282327892911779847
BEG's Narsha

she said her most fav artist is Taemin ever since her younger days, even until now she said she is still the real Taemin fan😆 she said it's fascinating that she feels he is so much more mature now https://twitter.com/cherishee_/status/1282910304427405312/video/1
The Boyz' Hyunjae

"..after we did this stage (Danger) our respect for SHINee's Taemin sunbaenim have gotten bigger" https://twitter.com/525________/status/1285153065985662976?s=20
BoA mentioned Taemin on Allure Magazine interview: https://twitter.com/iheartshinee_/status/1285481408283074561?s=21 https://twitter.com/iheartshinee_/status/1285481408283074561
KARD's Jiwoo mentioned Taemin on her interview:

"if i were to release solo album i want to include various genres in 1 album ..... 'The genre is Jeon Jiwoo' i want to build a symbol like that. Like the artist i respect Taemin sunbaenim" https://twitter.com/cheonsajiwoo/status/1285836763328634880?s=20
Singer Alexa mentioned #Taemin as her role model http://naver.me/xpVkwfQo 

“.. my goal is to be the role model for other ppl. i dreamed of becoming a singer as i look for SHINee’s Taemim sunbaenim’s stage performances, i want to give someone strength n passion w/ my music n stage”
Up10tion’s Xiao updated his official group’s Twitter acc:

“the song i really like😋Taemin sunbaenim’s soldier”

https://twitter.com/up10tion/status/1287735109127348224?s=21 https://twitter.com/UP10TION/status/1287735109127348224
SF9's Taeyang

a fan asked him if there's a song he wants to cover and he said "Taemin sunbaenim's songs are so good~~" since he listens to bright songs nowadays so he wants to cover those kind of songs
Up10tion’s Xiao talking about Taemin’s comeback #2KIDS

*taemddorol is startingㅋㅋㅋ https://twitter.com/leexiaokr/status/1290675319171514368?s=21 https://twitter.com/leexiaokr/status/1290675319171514368
Alexa fangirling over Taemin's 2 Kids🙌🏻

"guys, after this vlive ended go search Taemin - 2 Kids on youtube right away!"

she's promoting taemin better than sm!👏🏻
VERIVERY's Kangmin played @shinee #TAEMIN - 2 Kids on his live

"i will play a song that has been released yesterday. Taemin sunbaenim's song. isn't the song great? i really like it. 2 Kids~"
THe Boyz’ Chanee played Taemin - 2 Kids on his live

Lim Nayoung (ex-IOI/Pristin) which is a longtime shawol posted Taemin - 2 Kids MV on her Instastory! 😍

“unexpected healing on my way back home”
#TAEMIN #2KIDS @shinee
Up10tion’s Xiao played #TAEMIN @shinee - 2 Kids on their live https://twitter.com/leexiaokr/status/1290996078788014081?s=21 https://twitter.com/leexiaokr/status/1290996078788014081
Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha played Taemin’s #2KIDS on her radio show. she used to mention #TAEMIN is her favorite idol <3
Ryu Sera (Ex-9MUSES leader) reacting to #TAEMIN - 2 Kids on her YouTube: https://twitter.com/_5HIELD_/status/1291280696812507137?s=20
Victon's Sejun played #TAEMIN - 2 Kids during his vlive broadcast
The Boyz Chanhee posted this, supporting #TAEMIN @shinee - 2 Kids on The Boyz official account 👏🏻

“This is healing, healing #NewShothttps://twitter.com/we_the_boyz/status/1292395439770103809?s=21 https://twitter.com/WE_THE_BOYZ/status/1292395439770103809
ONF J-Us #TAEMIN @shinee

Q: An artist i want to keep for myself is?
J-Us: "Taemin sunbaenim" https://twitter.com/etionman/status/1292774061865541634?s=20
Seven O’Clock’s Hangyeom

“Gyeom’s song recommendation

Taemin sunbaenim’s 2kids
Have a nice tuesday ♡

#송한겸 #세븐어클락 #로즈 #♡ #0,1”
#TAEMIN @shinee #태민

https://twitter.com/7oc_official/status/1293051421571465216?s=21 https://twitter.com/7OC_official/status/1293051421571465216
Taeyong to Taemin:

"Taemin hyung's smile is so pretty, there's no other hyung like Taemin hyung, there's no other sunbaenim/senior like Taemin hyung, i'm always so thankful Taemin hyung taking care of me so well" #TAEMIN @shinee
LOONA's Yves

"a song that makes you think of summer..? for me, nowadays i often listen to Taemin sunbaenim's 2 Kids at night " *singing 2 Kids* #TAEMIN @shinee
Baekhyun on Taemin: “even though he’s been in this field for some time now, he’s still such a professional. there’s no falling behind, not even a single bit”

Mark on Taemin: “He has his own sense of humor and i love that.he has his own charms”
#태민 @shinee #WeGoHundred #TAEMIN
Eric Nam on Dive Studios K-Pop Daebak talking about #TAEMIN @shinee - 2 Kids #태민 https://open.spotify.com/episode/4OQYR7Bdwo6LuNQcgaHCjE?si=abwPiRhsSbuYne0jzhFiBQ

“he's such a good dancer that it feels like he puts out music so he could just be like ‘imma show you how badass of a dancer i am, im freaking amazing’”
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