Seeing a lot of doom and gloom type tweets and I want to use my lunch break to share a short story highlighting the dangers of negative mentalities and why the word "impossible" is used a lot when it doesn't deserve to be.

This is a story about a baby penguin. (Thread)
When I was 13, a baby penguin was born at my local zoo. It was really cute and was doing just first.

But a problem arose. One day, it just wouldn't eat. The keepers tried everything. But the baby penguin refused it all. No medical reason could be found.
Everyone was really devastated. It was like the penguin was signing his own little death sentence. The staff prepared for the worst. After all, these things happen. The keepers began to accept that he was probably, sadly, a lost cause.

But--importantly--they didn't tell me that.
I was a junior zookeeper volunteer at the time. One day, I was assigned to feed the penguins. The keeper gave me the bucket of fish, sent me into the exhibit, and I got to work.

It was an easy enough job. Just hand out the fish and make sure everyone got some.
So I fed the penguins fish.

*ALL* the penguins fish.

And part-way through, the keeper ducked back out to mention, in a grave tone, not to feel bad that the baby one won't eat. That they know he probably won't make it.

I pointed at the baby I just fed. "You mean this one?"
The keeper refused to believe it. It was, in their adult mind, the one that already had to come to terms with this upcoming tragedy, truly impossible that I had just fed that baby penguin.

So I did it again. And again. Right in front of the keeper.
The keeper, utterly thrilled, then tried. The baby wouldn't take the food. They radioed other people to try. Still, no. No one on staff could get the baby penguin to eat.

Except an awkward little 13 year-old volunteer who didn't know the baby was supposed to be "doomed".
So I came in day after day to feed the baby. And he grew up just fine. Eventually, he started taking food from other people.

But I have to wonder...would I have been able to feed that little guy if I'd known? If I'd heard the keepers devastated discussions? Would I have tried?
So be careful who you doom and gloom around. Be careful how you use the word "impossible". The next generation is listening. And when a penguin's life (or a planet's) isn't loudly and incessantly relegated to a realm of lost causes...

You never know who'll be the one to save it.
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