Rightwing "conservative" Australia is getting its lesson right now. The lesson comes for all of us. They used to say "there's no atheists in the foxholes". The new version is "there's no Denialists when you're in that f****ng boat." THREAD #AustraliaFires
Former Australian bozo Denialists that find themselves in that boat or on that burning beach have nothing to offer now but a shocked look on their dumb faces that their children will *never* forget. This more than anything else is the challenge we face going into the #2020s /2
Every jurisdiction on the planet'll get hit like Australia. No jurisdiction can avoid catastrophic climate change. The question is whether you'll only start caring/acting when it's your turn. The question is about not only your morals but also your intelligence /3 #AustraliaFires
Month OR SO before THE ENTIRE CONTINENT OF AUSTRALIA went up in flames, it was USA/California. In both jurisdictions (perhaps *all* jurisdictions) there's a #RightWing (in USA's case the same geniuses propping up Donald Trump) hard at work holding back impactful #ClimateAction /4
Canada's become accustomed to a new, bigger, recordbreaking #BCWildfire every year or so. Northern Alberta is due another #FortMacFire catastrophe sooner than later. We'll keep getting the lesson til we learn it. Even then the #ClimateCrisis doesn't stop on a dime. Far from it /5
Australia is ranked 57th out of 57 countries on climate-change action. Alberta is by far Canada's highest CO2 emitters & also (coincidentally or not, depending on your worldview) home to 7 of the 10 costliest climate disasters in the country's history /6 https://twitter.com/TheGentYYC/status/1099708828898054144
Like in Australia, America & probably every other jurisdiction on the planet, Canada has a hardworking #RightWing dead set against impactful #ClimateAction . Recall Alberta's Premier Kenney famously cancelling his #AntiCarbonTax speech because there was just #TooMuchSmoke /7
Increasingly larger/destructive wildfires worldwide: inevitable. Equally inevitable: Denialist non-science bozos from JUST THE ONE SIDE OF THE POLITICAL SPECTRUM making same zombie arguments about wildfires as they have for decades on the #ClimateCrisis /8 https://twitter.com/TheGentYYC/status/1132692205791993857
Conversation has to be had: it's just one side of the political spectrum gaming out how best to not do a damned thing on this #ClimateCrisis unless/until their own jurisdiction gets hit. It's an EMPATHY deficiency, a defining trait of the #RightWing & it's literally killing us /9
World's #RightWIng politicians making abysmal call after abysmal call on the #ClimateCrisis don't get/retain power on their own. Depending where you live it's likely around 1/2 the folks you engage with are keeping them in power & therefore enabling the #AustraliaFires etc /10
Living in #Alberta its overwhelmingly likely that any random person you engage with voted TWICE last year to empower government & policies of total impotence on the #ClimateCrisis that enable steadily worsening disasters like #AustraliaFires /11 #abpoli https://twitter.com/TheGentYYC/status/1132696430064197632
At some point all of us have to put on our bigboy/girl pants and own what's ours in this #ClimateCrisis: WHEN YOU PROMOTE THE #RIGHTWING IDEOLOGY YOU PROMOTE THE SMOKE & YOU PROMOTE THE FIRE. It's nobody else. It's YOU. MAKE BETTER DECISIONS. DO IT TODAY /12
No longer refutable: if you're #RightWing or always vote " #Conservative" or call yourself a #MAGA this or a #TeaParty that, YOU'RE TO BLAME & it does no good pussyfooting around it. Change your reckless ways. Don't wait until it's your turn in the boat. Do it for your kids

P1: Well said, God. https://twitter.com/TheTweetOfGod/status/1213713626776817665
PT2: https://twitter.com/ethel_baraona/status/1213257467364356096
P3: #AustraliaBurning while the political bozos fiddle https://twitter.com/mmildenberger/status/1214210474411118593
P5: https://twitter.com/TheGentYYC/status/1214989556929269760
P7: Ever choke up over a political cartoon before? #AustraliaOnFire
P9: Remember hearing us say we need a WWII level footing to take on the Climate Crisis? Ask Australia about it. Do we wait until it's our country that's literally on fire? If all you care about is money, what do you think is the more cost effective approach? #AustraliaisBurning
P13: https://twitter.com/TheGentYYC/status/1217116781606658048
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