1) Kim Jung-Un released a video this week, riding a white horse at Mount Paektu, in North Korea, visiting Historical Sites in the area. I love how animated the North Korean commentator is! 😂
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2) White Horses symbolize innocence and purity, a symbol of good fortune, and prosperity. In some cultures a White Horse can symbolize death. I believe Kim’s white horse symbolizes all these things. The death of an ideology, the birth of a new Nation and freedom.
3) White is the rarist color of horse. It can also be representative of the next Leader. Don’t forget, Kim hasn’t had control of his own country, but has been held hostage as a black site, proxy nation since the Korean War. I take this to symbolize hope and change.
4) Now, a little history on Mount Peaku. Prior to looking into Mount Paektu, I have to be honest-I hadn’t really paid much attention to the landscape of North Korea, due to the stigma of what it represented. I was pretty shocked by how incredibly beautiful the countryside is.
5) Mount Paektu is recognized as the symbol of Korea across the peninsula, but North Koreans revere it as the birthplace of Kim Jong-il.
6) I believe Kim’s video of Mount Paektu symbolizes a revolution. According to North Korea, Kim Jong-il was born on this mountain, however there are records to suggest he was actually born in the Soviet Union.
7) Paektu Mountain, also known as Baekdu Mountain, and in China as Changbai Mountain, is an active stratovolcano on the Chinese–North Korean border. It’s been a source of Border Disputes, between multiple nations in the region.
8) A large crater, called Heaven Lake, is in the caldera atop the mountain. Paektu Spa is a natural spring and is used for bottled water. Pegae Hill is a camp site used by Kim Il-sung during their struggle against Japanese colonial rule.
9) Secret camps are also now open to the public. There are several waterfalls. In 1992, on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Kim Il-sung, a gigantic sign consisting of metal letters reading "Holy mountain of the revolution" was erected on the side of the mountain.
10) Thanks to Q, we know NK was being held hostage as a Black Site. How do you keep the public out of a country and keep it sealed off from the rest of the world? Make it so unattractive and dangerous, nobody wants to go near it. As we know, the Cabal has owned NK for some time.
11) Q introduced us to the Hyangsan Hotel in North Korea in Q Post #193. Who really controls NK?
13) Q gave us a peak inside who has been visiting NK. Q Post #39
Would it blow your mind if I told you BO has been to NK and perhaps there now?
15) Satellite imagery from 2017 shows increased underground activity at the site, suggesting an expansion may be underway. 👀
16) The International Friendship Center is located on a massive airstrip shaped like-a White Rabbit with some interesting imagery.
17) Did Eric Scmidt and other DS stay at this hotel frequently? Who else visited NK? Nancy Pelosi. These Q drops told us QUITE alot about their travel to NK. Take note-Bill Richardson was also with Eric Scmidt. The Govenor of New Mexico connected to Epsteins Zorro Ranch. 🤔
18) We know Kim is a puppet, but what is Elon Musk doing in NK?
What is Space X doing in North Korea?
Q alerted us to this.
20) Bill Clinton and creepy Podesta were also frequent flyers. Look who else I found posing with Kim Jong il’s right hand man-Jimmy Carter.
21) We can only imagine what has happened in this country since the Clowns took control. Human trafficking, experimentation-we can only imagine the horrors. What if the vase represents the truth being brought to light about the genocide that has occurred under DS control?
26) Looking further into this, Kim had made a trip to China in 2018 around the time of the “official” first meeting with President Trump. KJU was gifted with a Vase from President Xi. What did it symbolize, or what did it contain?
27) We can only speculate what POTUS means by this...it can be symbolic in nature, evidence, or technology. I have no doubt we will discover this in time. I have several theories, but not enough to publically speculate. What are your thoughts on the VASE?
The End/
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