Time for a thread of Hindi films I've seen!

I'm at 290 it will be a LONG thread😂😂

I'll try to add at least a film everyday and finish by September which will mark the 10 year anniversary of when I started *actively* watching #Bollywood (I had seen 3 Hindi films in 2008-09)😊
1st Bollywood film:
I stumbled upon it and watched it ouf of curiosity. A bit too melodramatic for me but I enjoyed it. I loved @realpreityzinta. I liked SRK but thought nothing of Saif lol weird because I loved him when I saw it again! https://twitter.com/aria_isara/status/1010676822105907200?s=20
2nd Bollywood film:
I stumbled upon KHNH in a small French library. There I also found Devdas soon after. I had wanted to see it since Cannes in 2002 (the French media talked about it).
Masterpiece 🖤 Visually stunning, great acting, strong story and OST.
3rd Bollywood film:
I saw it on a French TV channel. LOVED IT!! Such a unique & engaging story, and the acting blew me away. As soon as the movie was over I googled @aamir_khan's name then @itsKajolD's.
This movie really made me a Bollywood fan.
Thanks @kunalkohli 😊
4th Bollywood film:

I bought the DVD on a flea market in a French village, there was an Indian dude selling Bollywood stuff (what were the odds?!)😀 I chose it bc it had SRK & Kajol.
Very good movie by @karanjohar, impeccable acting by @iamsrk and @itsKajolD 👏👏👏
5th Bollywood film:

First Hindi film I looked for myself and didn't just "stumble upon". Impressed by @aamir_khan in Fanaa I wanted *first* to see his biggest success.

Loved it!💛 Funny, quirky, with an interesting message! + introduced me to Kareena, liked her a lot!
6th Bollywood film:

I chose this one as I was going through @realpreityzinta's filmography.

As mentioned above it's one of my favourite movies. It got even better with each viewing! The first time took me a little while to digest lol. What a story!

7th Bollywood film:

I wanted to see more of Aamir & Preity so this modern classic was an obvious choice...
[⚠️: unpopular opinion]
... but I wasn't a fan 😬
I thought it was OK but Aamir's story was cliché, Saif's was meh. I only really liked Akshaye Khanna's part
8th Bollywood film:

Introduced me to Rani & Salman. @realpreityzinta was 👌
A really original story (even though a small bit is a Pretty Woman rip off) that I enjoyed.
I have a feeling if such a story was released now there'd be online outrage though 🙈
9th Bollywood film:

Continuing with @realpreityzinta's filmography!
Even though I had seen Saif Ali Khan in KHNH and Dil Chahta Hai, it's only in this movie that I started really noticing him & liking his acting.
Fun romcom, with a mix of OTT humour & seriousness
10th Bollywood film:

Good movie. It's a powerful story, and the cast is great...
...But I didn't love it *as much* as people generally do, even though it's a classic for sure. I liked it but I could have been more engrossed in the story 🤔

11th Bollywood film:

Very original plot and meaningful story. I like how past and present events were intertwined. Cool cast & music. The twist and what follows could have been a *tad* more nuanced though. But overall it's a solid modern classic.

12th Bollywood film:
#Earth (also titled #1947Earth)

More Aamir Khan! 😊

The 2nd film in @IamDeepaMehta's Elements trilogy, it depicts how a group of friends from different religions falls apart during Partition. Powerful film with a strong casting! My favourite of the trilogy
13th Bollywood film:

Aamir Khan again 😊

Really good movie (based on Memento). I found the story very engaging, both the romcom part and the thriller part. The type of the movie that in turn will make you smile, cry, hold your breath. Aamir 👌 as usual.

14th Bollywood film:
#Don ( @FarOutAkhtar's version)

I saw it on French TV! 😀 But it was the French dubbed version 😬

I liked it. The story keeps you guessing. Cool songs. Quite the entertaining movie!

(I saw it in Hindi later and it was better than the French dubbing lol)
15th Bollywood film:

Loved it 💖💖💖
100% deserves its status as a classic.
The story is simple but well written, and it has some deeper meaning behind the entertainment. The music is great and the chemistry between @iamsrk & @itsKajolD is 👌👌

16th Bollywood film:

I liked #SaifAliKhan in Salaam Namaste and #RaniMukerji in Chori Chori Chupke Chupke so this was an obvious choice as I wanted to see more of them.

Really nice romcom. It was inspired by When Harry Met Sally but it manages to be its own thing.
17th Bollywood film:

This small budget thriller about a man forced to take part in a terrorist plot is the remake of Filipino movie Cavite. I liked the suspense and how gritty the movie looked. Rajeev Khandelwal also did a great job as the protagonist.

18th Bollywood film:

Adaption of a 1941 novel, it's the first one in Deepa Mehta's Elements trilogy.
It's an interesting film and I appreciated that it's a story about a homosexual romance... but I didn't really feel the emotions and chemistry between the characters 🤔
19th Bollywood film:

Very entertaining, unique story. Depending on the scenes, @TheFarahKhan did both a parody of and a tribute to Bollywood. Good OST. The picturization of #DhoomTaana is amazing 💜 Deepika did great for her 2nd movie only. Good chemistry with SRK.
20th Bollywood film:

I was really focused on Aamir Khan's filmography when I started Hindi films 😄 This was his first mainstream success, in 1988.

It's a rather classic tragic romance but it was well executed with a good cast and made for a good watch.
21st Bollywood film:

First movie I saw with Big B and I immediately saw why he's a legend! Rani Mukerji did amazing too in this film partly based on Helen Keller's life. The girl playing the protagonist as a child was also very impressive. A moving and powerful story.
22nd Bollywood film:

Totally underrated movie!! Gripping story about a woman discovering her husband is involved in a jihadist group. Very good performances by #KareenaKapoor and #SaifAliKhan.

23rd Bollywood film:

Unpopular opinion: I found this romcom ok to watch but boring 😬 But it may have had to do with bad subtitles...
I did love Anushka & Ranveer in it though (he really got a good debut), and the music was nice!
24th Bollywood film:

Based on the true story of the murder of a model and the dozens of witnesses getting threatened/bribed to keep quiet, this movie is a really good personal drama/courtroom suspense. Strong lead performances by #RaniMukerji & @vidya_balan
25th Bollywood film:

It feels very slow at first while still being interesting. Characters & plot progressively get deeper, and it turns out to be a moving, engrossing drama with great performances by @RonitBoseRoy & @barmecharajat. I loved the end. @VikramMotwane 👏👏
26th Bollywood film:

The casting and plot were good but dang the execution feels so dated 😳 And I've seen other 90s movies that don't feel that way so it's not just because of the time period. It's still quite watchable, but it's not a movie that aged well IMO.
27th Bollywood film:
#Rangeela by @RGVzoomin

I loved it! One of my favourite romcoms 💖 *This* is how you do a good love triangle. Interesting characters, lots of humour, no unnecessary drama, cool ending. Plus good cast & good music (Hai Rama is amazing!)

28th Bollywood film:

I liked a lot this rather intimist film, the first written & directed by Kiran Rao, which follows 4 Mumbaikars and their very different life experiences (hence the international title Mumbai Diaries).

29th Bollywood film:

It was the first film I saw with Akshay Kumar and I liked him a lot. In a way the story reminded me of Bend It Like Beckham (a movie I love!) so I overall liked the plot but the screenplay was just okayish IMO

30th Bollywood film:

The quintessential cute, family oriented romcom. Entertaining film with nice musical numbers and a good first performance by Anushka. I thought she lacked chemistry with SRK though, but it didn't hurt the movie.

31st Bollywood film:

Nice romcom that has the originality of mixing a no-strings-attached romance with an older traditional one. Saif Ali Khan shows his versatility by playing the modern unabashed charmer and the shy romantic hero + I like his chemistry with Deepika
32nd Bollywood film:

Fun fact: I knew about this movie but only watched it just after the news that Bin Laden had been killed 🤣

Funny, politically incorrect, good casting: this makes for a solid comedy.

Did you know it got banned in Pakistan? 😂
33rd Bollywood film:

I was shocked when I learnt it flopped. So underrated! But recently it seems like it's becoming kind of a cult classic.

Super entertaining & emotional roller coaster ride by @basuanurag with a story by @RakeshRoshan_N
@iHrithik & @Delamori were 👌
34th Bollywood film:

Ayan Mukerji's first film both as a director and a writer, such a good one and he was only 26!
Fresh story, relatable characters, convincing acting... Excellent movie about "adulting" and finding yourself.

#RanbirKapoor #AyanMukerji
35th Bollywood film:

Really good neo noir by @VishalBhardwaj, cool plot that takes a common trope (estranged twins) but makes it different, w/ a good amount of weirdness & dark humour @shahidkapoor & @priyankachopra gave great performances (first film I saw with them)👌
36th Bollywood film:

Fun, entertaining romcom by #ImtiazAli.
I don't think I loved it *as much* as most people, but it was definitely a nice watch. The film had a solid plot, humour & interesting characters, and an iconic performance by #KareenaKapoor 🙂
37th Bollywood film:

Before you ask why I watched that, I was a newbie and watched anything that was released and had big names in it okay 🤣

With its premise it could have been a good comedy like a few other films by Anees Bazmee, but it was just a mess 😑
38th Bollywood film:

Average action flick with humour (I thought Uday Chopra did good at bringing comic relief), and an *iconic* title track...

Honestly I don't have much more to say about it. Okay one time watch! It's a 16 year old movie and it does look its age.
39th Bollywood film:

Well... I found this movie boring 😬 And I had no issue with Kangana back then so that's not why lol
It was an okay watch with good acting but I didn't care that much about the story or the characters 🤷‍♀️
40th Bollywood film:

Definitely a better story than in the first movie, and obviously Hrithik and Aishwarya make an out of this world jodi.
It's still just pop corn entertainment, but it's a rather fun film in this genre.
41st Bollywood film:

This film is quite underrated IMO. A romcom where the leads meet after failed suicide attempts, then plan to kill themselves on New Year's Eve? lol it was very unusual, I enjoyed the story & humour!

#RanbirKapoor #PriyankaChopra
While I looked for pics I saw this review and I'm 😂

First, it's very strange to call suicidal people "losers filled with self pity"... wtf?
Then the critic complains about dark humour bc "suicide isn't funny", I -

The part where they tried to kill themselves was hilarious 🤣
42nd Bollywood film:

What's funny is that the first half hour confused me and I wasn't into it all. I almost stopped watching. Then it turned out to be one of my favourite films 🖤
Loved the mystery, humour and originality. Screenplay and acting were 👌👌
43rd Bollywood film:

AFAIK it's a a faithful adaptation of Dostoevsky's short story "White Nights" and I think my issues are with the original story, not with SLB who created a visually stunning film, very magical & dream-like. Worth a watch despite some flaws.
44th Bollywood film:

A lot of people consider this the worst film ever but I've seen worse! It's a comedy based on absurd humour. Like... it's dumb on purpose lol

Watchable IMO. Musical numbers were nice (it's Farah Khan, so no surprise).
45th Bollywood film:

Enjoyable romcom. Akshay and Katrina have good chemistry, the light "social commentary" behind the romance was a plus. I saw it almost a decade ago and I feel the movie would come across as a bit dated now but it's overall a fun watch.
46th Bollywood film:

This was boring 😩

A couple deals with their breakup, but... nothing happens lol. Very uneventful. As much as I like Deepika and Imran, a proper plot was lacking.
47th Bollywood film:

This was a mess 😩

It's the remake of the French classic "Trois hommes et un couffin", a great comedy.
But this one wasn't. Half the humour was OTT and unfunny, and some acting was dubious.
Including @RajeevMasand's review bc I really agree!
48th Bollywood film:

This film needed to be written with more nuance and its stance on "nice guy becomes terrorist because he was mistreated" is debatable, but overall it was interesting to watch. Falling a bit short but still decent entertainment.
49th Bollywood film:

Fresh, original screenplay that offers an interesting portrayal of India's society and all its quirks, as well as deeper tensions. Weaving into it the Monkey Man urban legend was a great idea!

Whole cast was 👌 + music was nice
50th Bollywood film:

This romcom tried hard to call out the repetitive tropes of romance and distance itself from them, but ironically fell right into them. The result was just boring to me, a pity because the cinematography was very nice.
51st Bollywood film:

A very nice little dramedy led by Rishi & Neetu Kapoor about a middle class family's financial struggles. This was the first Hindi movie (live action) distributed by Disney. But it actually had a strong indie vibe to it. Cute, fun watch.
52nd Bollywood film:

Loosely based on Jane Austen's Emma, this chick flick was mildly entertaining but failed to really leave a mark on the viewer. Okay as a one time watch though, and I think some reviews have been too harsh with it.
53rd Bollywood film:

It was a rather good thriller/drama about drug trafficking in Goa. Strong cinematography, decent cast and characters. Not *that* memorable, but definitely a nice and entertaining one time watch!
54th Bollywood film:

Good comedy, very enjoyable. Obviously it's a bit "dated" because I'm not sure how some of the gay jokes would go today, but clearly the film attempted to normalize LGBT topics, which is nice! 👍
55th Bollywood film:

The story makes for a solid thriller, but the film suffers from a dated execution: some over the top acting, kitsch songs... If you don't mind this 90s flavour, then it's a pretty good watch especially if you go in not knowing what the plot is 😳
56th Bollywood film:

It wasn't bad, but I found it a bit dull... I liked the Ranbir-Katrina pairing and I was agreeably surprised by her performance. But the characters, the story and the cartoonish style didn't really appeal to me.
57th Bollywood film:

Solid movie presenting 4 stories about controversial societal topics (artificial insemination, religious tensions, child abuse and homosexuality). The plotlines are not only meaningful but also engaging, and the cast is impressive.
58th Bollywood film:

This was a fun ride! A politically incorrect, fast-paced comedy with action and dark humour, a strong casting and a super catchy main song. Quite entertaining!
59th Bollywood film:

Basic, kinda boring & forgettable masala (remake of a Telugu film)
The only thing I remember, apart from the song Dhinka Chika (which got me into Telugu cinema because it's based on an Arya 2 song) is the intermission scene - Salman pissing 🤣😑
60th Bollywood film:

I don't know why people seem to dislike this movie so much lol I found it moderately entertaining, even if easily forgettable 🤷‍♀️ Shahid and Kareena made a good lead pair, and the plot was alright (based on Serendipity)
61st Bollywood film

Well... Really nice ensemble cast, and for sure the story is solid... but to be honest I found it engaging only in parts. Technically it was good but emotionally it may have been lacking.
62nd Bollywood film

Underrated movie IMO. Liked it a lot. Cool lead pair. The theme (group of friends with unorthodox methods in a clothing business) reminded me of one of my favourite French comedies, "La Vérité Si Je Mens!"
Definitely a fun watch!
63rd Bollywood film:

This is a good romantic thriller. I enjoyed seeing psycho SRK as the protagonist 😄 I loved the Holi song and the chase scene that ensues. The "Obsession" dance was pretty cool too.
64th Bollywood film:

A funny (and emotional!) comedy superbly led by Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi. Having the Dutts father and son together on screen was quite nice too. The good sentiments got pushed a little hard at some points, but it is an enjoyable film!
65th Bollywood film:

One of the rare times when I like the sequel more! I totally loved the plot. I also thought this screenplay was more refined, while being as funny as the first movie. Great watch!!

66th Bollywood film:

Alright one time watch. Priyanka and Kangana did really good but the rest of the acting felt more like a cheap tv soap... The story was nice but the execution feels dated. To be watched mostly for the 2 females leads!
#PriyankaChopra #KanganaRanaut
67th Bollywood film:

I liked the plot of a guy meeting his exes to make amends...
[based on the 2006 play Some Girl(s) but with a different development. I saw the US movie based on the play and it was trash lol]
... But the main part with Deepika was bland IMO
68th Bollywood film:

MUST WATCH! Unique concept: 3 stories filmed in alternative ways: vlog style/CCTV/hidden cam. A film student, a supermarket employee & a journalist are the protagonists.
@RajkummarRao's 1st film, @NushratBharucha also in it!

69th Bollywood film:

Modern classic for sure. A very fresh and relaxing movie with a strong cast. The story is cool to follow but also gives food for thought. The theme that behind appearances people are struggling with hidden hardships is very relatable.
70th Bollywood film:

(remake of Gautam Menon's Kaakha Kaakha)

This was actually a good action film/drama, much better than what I expected. The film deserves its title for its intensity and for its powerful, well choreographed fights.

#VidyutJammwal #JohnAbraham
71st Bollywood film:

Really enjoyable romcom! This movie is underrated. Is it deep? Nope. Is it fun & entertaining? YES.
Ali, Imran and Katrina make a pleasant team. The story is fresh and cute, and the OST is a treat!
#AliZafar #ImranKhan #KatrinaKaif
72nd Bollywood film:

This movie has a great casting (Big B, Saif, Manoj, Deepika, Prateik) and interesting topic, but it's too conventional and it lacks intensity. Still an alright watch, even if it falls a bit short.
#DeepikaPadukone #SaifAliKhan
73rd Bollywood film:

The IMDb rating is excessively low. The story fails to leave a strong mark and becomes repetitive, *but* it is decent & some moments are really engaging + lead pair is good + the cinematography & costumes are beautiful!
#ShahidKapoor #SonamKapoor
74th Bollywood film:

Most people seem to either LOVE or HATE it... well I just like it 😆

IMO it's solid, even if I didn't really connect with it. The plot and non linear storytelling are good, music and acting too (I have no issue with Nargis here)

75th Bollywood film:

I don't care what anybody says I really enjoyed this movie!! 😛 Yes there's a number of flaws but I liked the mix of entertaining scifi and emotional storyline. I liked SRK & Kareena's performances. This is superior to Krrish IMO 🤷‍♀️ (it has more soul)
76th Bollywood film:

This film is underrated! I loved it. Great cast, great performances, great musical numbers, slick visuals, solid story. What is there more to ask for??

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