Working at learning more and doing stuff digitally. These are from yesterday and today...
I haven’t been sharing these cuz I hate them...working on getting better at digital this year and it feels like where I started back a decade ago...this shit is killing me.
Working on getting up at 4am again and finding I can knock out my daily sketches before hitting the gym. I also found the inking brush/pen for digital that I’ve been looking for!!! Here’s today’s piece - seems like my hands working fine again 😁
Trying new brushes is the funnest part of daily sketching right now. The composition is suffering but I’m having fun just trying new things 😁
Whoops. Time to get caught up. Challenging myself with motor/vehicles this month for a large part...
Working at learning how to do some genuine inking digitally and I think chalk is one of my favorite textures for coloring...
Playing with more brushes and textures the last few days...
Charcoal. Not gonna lie that’s what I’m having the most fun with!!!
Spray paint - nebula brushes...
Some Ninja Turtles and Frazetta this morning ❤️
Don’t mind me...just getting caught up again. Trying more with charcoal and then a watercolor brush...
Trying new things. I can’t remember the brush, but it was like a wet and low opacity brush and then there was the scooter lol
A Datsun and a Thor...
I really like how messy this Mustang turned out. Still work to go on the Ecto one but moving on...
And this will wrap up Jan. The crane walker is a cool concept I’ll come to utilize down the road but really love how Kanti turned out! Also I remember just quoting the last one because I started coloring on the line work later and was too far to be bothered 😜
4 favorite pieces of the month:
Onto dumping the digital artworks for Feb: Drawbridge (from Seven to Eternity) and Harleen. I’m just struggling to find the right brushes....
Trying some off the walls things with these two. Not necessarily getting the objects down as much of a sense of their space...and I really love how those flowers turned out...
That van is hideous...but that pencil sketch...I dig very much :)
Sonic and Raph. Trying a quicker (and bigger stroke) with the pen brush I like. They are a start at getting closer to what I want...
And the Hyena and the GOAT. Was gonna just do b&w, but just played with different textures. I still love the charcoal brush too much. The hyena though...that was a mess of one layer I didn’t feel like correcting. I’ll post more later this week 😜
Oh y’all wanna see some more!? A new brush was found for #Pikachu and I might be using it more. Also a risqué #Rey #StarWars sketch
Building practice...and obviously some #WilliamDafoe from #TheLighthouse needed to be done!
I wanted to work on a character close to my D&D lady so I sketched this minifig - and this led to some #SleepingBeauty piece (mainly cuz I still want the hotwheels van with it)
Working on figuring out how to play more with layers too. It’s a mess most of the time but I actually dig this sloppy ridiculous look for the Creature. Also an old photo of me and @allixelaine 😜
And then the final two I’ll upload tonight is #KristenStewart from #Underwater and #SigourneyWeaver from #Alien
It’s ma bois (blueribbonramblers) and one of my muses - @MakaniTerror (and I’m really digging leaning into grey scale 😁)
And a couple quicker sillier ones of #BabyYoda and #Spiderpunk
Here’s the last few from Feb - a couple car ones...the wreck is a little more important than first glance - will be shown on my Patreon for a sneak peek. And Leo trying to get in his Lambo from #WolfofWallStreet
A couple of my favorite inspirations - @HendoArt and @KevinCross in his Black Feathers band getup!
And to wrap up the leap year month with a quick silly sketch of #HazbinHotel and I don’t think the oriental brush is worth using 😬
Favorite 4 of the month-
Here we go into the wonderful world of March and drawing digitally daily. Trying not to overload you all but I’m awful at keeping up on this thread 😜 some wonderful art from my favorite series - @GregTocchini and @danielwarrenart
One of my best friends got married and I’ve taken a liking to drawing them ❤️❤️❤️ also the first tmnt piece of the month!
Remember back on my birthday when I sent a request out for others to share a selfie and the date? Probably gonna be looking to do it later this year again too 😁 also THEYRE BABBBBIIIEEEES!!!
Another of my best friends @C_Dehart and a scene from the original turtles movie ❤️ makes sense because Donny is his favorite turtle!
Another friend and there was a pic front he broken hood of the demon from #MaximumOverdrive sitting in the woods that fascinated me!!
Another friend and another turtle! I really love how the Raph one turned out...April so sweet 🥰
My father and the whole gang of turtles!! (In their original red best... cuz we all know Raphael is the best!!)
Couple friends these couple days 😜
Turtles and a friend!
And Raph and another friend 😁
A couple more friends who jumped in for my bday shenanigans this year
Couple other cool ones - Barley and #Guinevere from #Onward and maybe one of the most perfect moments from the #TMNT movie (look at that sweet flame)
Leo, another friend (is his currently battling for his life), and Mikey and those words of advice: “pizza dude’s got 30 seconds”
Oh yeah!! I finished March’s sketchbook a few days back. A few more friends (and the last of my bday shenanigans) @jaythomasradio and @Gothdaddyslast and one final of of the FIVE turtles. #Jennika #TMNT
My 4 faves of the month started with my shenanigans from my bday, Tokka and Rahzar, Barley and Guinevere, and the turtles and ghost flame Splinter 🥰
We’re now into April! Might be doing something different for this month, but sticking with what’s working for now. My dad found this lady who breeds horses...and has been shoving her my way like ‘ he can paint your horses’...and I’m like ‘where’s that money?’
Those first two sketches of are of her horses. I dunno. We will see if anything comes of it. Then this will prolly be the last Tmnt piece and the wonderful @enthusiamy
And I’m super proud of today’s piece of Barley and crew from #Onward . Also the mid point sketch when a friend tagged me that they were watching it too!
I keep forgetting to update this thread. Here’s a couple awesome ones - this creature from an old pulp cover in the 70’s and Kylo from #MarriageStory
#AvengersAssemble I finally got around to doing this one. Wild to see how my progression has come in these pieces:
And a few other cool pierces for now - follow @koroguchi for badass Godzilla stuff...and I’m trying to remember where I found the lips and stars...but that’s it for now 😁
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