I will meet @taylorswift13 this year 🙏🏻 @taylornation13 💕
Hi @taylorswift13 happy first Friday of the year. Would love to meet you at LoverFest or any time you’re in Rhode Island 🙂 @taylornation13
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend @taylorswift13 and @taylornation13 💕 Love youuuu
@taylorswift13 !!! Feeling so blessed to have seen rare pics of you and Joe from the golden globes. Makes my heart happy to see you so comfortable & in love. 🥰 love you & @taylornation13. Would actually die to meet you someday!!
@taylornation13 I’m having a rough day but nothing helps more than listening @taylorswift13 💜 appreciate you so much
Love you buddy @taylorswift13 💙
Having tough days but listening to @taylorswift13 always helps 💕 hope you are all well @taylornation13
Can’t wait to see you at #LoverFestEast night 1 @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 I’m counting down the days
2020... the year I turn 30, get married *and meet @taylorswift13 at #LoverFestEast ??* 😇🤷🏼‍♀️❤️ @taylornation13 a girl can dream!
Hey so wow, 2020 is ridiculous right? I still plan to get eloped this year to my #Lover and my first dance will be to Lover 🥰 love ya @taylorswift13 miss youuu @taylornation13
I will meet you Taylor @taylorswift13 this year 🥰🙏🏻💭💫 @taylornation13 #LoverFestEast
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