Egypt condemns Turkish parliament vote to sent troops at #Libya .
Το ΥΠ.ΕΞ.της Αιγυπτου καταδικασε επισημως την ψηφοφορια στην Τουρκια για αποστολη τουρκικων στρατευματων στην Λιβυη
Εgypt national security council is on session to decide about the Turkish aggressive act to #Libya and to discuss measures on the issue.
Το Αιγυπτιακο Συνεδριο Ασφαλειας συνεδριαζει για να αποφασισει μετρα για την Λιβυη σχετικα με την επιθετικη σταση που κρατα η Τουρκια
Libyan Parliament: We demand the activation of joint defense treaties with Arab countries to repel Sarraj-Turkey invasion of #Libya. The Arab League must shoulder its responsibilities.
Live streaming on Athens about #EastMed were #Greece #Cyprus and #Israel built a 1872 klm gas pipeline signing also a defence deal between the three countries.This is the beginning of a New Era for East Mediterranean
Statement:Algeria refuses the presence of any foreign army over the lands of #Libya what ever the nationality.
#Libya Tripoli:
Libyan army made new advances in:
- Habda project: Meteorologic island, School Project & most of 8 line
- Plateau project:Important advance in Salim road towards Sewehli Mosque
- Khallat al-Furjan:Clashes ongoing N. Ancient Mosque due to GNA militia counterattack
Local Demonstrations in Benghazi,Al Bayda, Tobrouk, Tarhuna,Al marj and ajDabya against the Turkish invasion of #Libya.Libya boils
Battle of #Tripoli
#GNA militias launched new counterattacks & recaptured:
-Airport Road: Equestrian bridge & Libyan Army Staff College
- Khallat furkan: School of Military Engineering & parts of Sidra buildings
- Habda project: Project School
Libyan people still protesting at many cities and burning the Turkish flag in protest of the troops sent by #Turkey at #Libya
One man with his troops in #Libya( #Λιβυη) talking to the Libyan nation to get ready for defending the country against a new Ottoman invasion.( #Τουρκια)
The other one is a traitor sold the country and spending his money shopping in the UK while his people are hungry and dying.
#Libya House of Representatives:We call on the Security Council to withdraw recognition of the GNA because it does not represent none of the Libyans.They voted unanimously to refer GNA's head Fayez al-Sarraj and his foreign minister Mohamed Siala to be judged with high treason.
- Sirte Oil Company
- Ras Lanuf Oil & Gas
- Arabian Gulf Oil Company
- Oil & Gas Workers Union
Each so far issued a statement to stop dealing with Turkish companies & demanded
@NOC_Libya to boycott Turkey for sending troops to #Libya
#Libya Battle for Tripoli:
GNA recaptured Transport camp and some positions west of Hamza Military Base, in Habda project.
#Libya (Λιβυη) More than 38 killed killed at the military academy of #Tripoli due to airstrikes.Libyan army claims that among the dead are also Turkish officers so far no confirmation. Video of the injured fighters over 18! :
#Libya(Λιβυη) Mitiga Airport was hit by Libyan Airforce.Possible Turkish ammo at the airport is on flames
#Libya (Λιβυη) First confirmed Syrian mercenary from the Turkish forces that was confirmed killed at the battlefront name Ahmad al Mullah.He was from the unit Sultan Murad of #Syria (Συρια) from the town Zamalka of #Damascus area
#Libya (Λιβυη) Military academy of #Tripoli hit last night.
#Libya (Λιβύη) :Erdogan tonight :We appointed a Lieutenant General of the #Turkish Armed Forces for Libya. Turkish forces started gradually deploying to the country . An operations center will be established. Means occupation of Libya starts formally thanks to Serraj puppets
#Libya (Λιβύη):Libyan armed forces are attackig the town of Sirte and are advancing inside the town while GNA forces put little resistance retreating due to the weight of the attack
#Libya(Λιβυη)Sirte Battle:LNA attacked from 2 axis & from the port.
West Axis:Wadi al-Hunaywah,Hawsh al Urjiyah,17th gate, Al-Suwawah,Tawillah & Sirte port
-South Axis: Maskar al-Saadi base,Qasr Abu Hadi,Gardabya Airport/ Air Base,Wadi al Garbiyat & Sirte main roundabout.
#Libya (Λιβύη) #Sirte Battle:Libyan airforce hammering GNA retreating forces from Sirte as LNA the Libyan army continues to press at Sirte Front declearing the city fully under its control
#Libya(Λιβύη) #ابشروا
Libyan armed forces have taken control over District 3, 600 housing project, al-Gizah neighbourhood, 101 Neighborhood, Sirte University, Ibn Sina Hospital & entered in Al-Shabiyah & District 1 near the city center.
45% of #Sirte is under LNA control
#Libya (Λιβύη)
The attack on Sirte came from 3 fronts south,east & north. One of its defenders was the 604th infantry brigade a mainly Madkhali brigade from Sirte and Misrata.When LNA forces took Sirte port there was a disarrey and most of the 604th Brigade changed sides to LNA.
LNA’s navy seal men attacked from behind creating panic forcing most of the defenders to retreat westwords as Gdadfa tribe (Gaddafi) and the Furjan tribe (Haftar) members were defecting. At the same time at south the surprice attack took defenders at surprise who quickly tried to
retreat some as the local guard of the Gardabya Airport/ Air Base didnt make it and were encircled and forced to surrender.Thus the Libyan army quickly advances and entered Sirte city from south west and north capturing within hours half of it as GNA put little resistance.
#Libya (Λιβύη)
#Sirte is now under full LNA control after libyan army troops entered in the western districts of the city with GNA withdrawing in disarray westwords to Misrata in order to save its forces.Thus the battle of the city ended with less of 24 hours after it begun!
#Libya (Λιβύη)
Clashes have been reported at al Washka 85km west of #Sirte between Libyan Armed Forces and GNA forces.
#Libyan (Λιβύη) Libyan army has taken control of Al Washka check point while GNA forces are withdrawning to Abugrein
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