2020 with JK‼️🧃🎢
1/366 gonna have another year with u mf 🤣✊ luv u
2/366 i miss u somehow?? i wonder if you’ll post a lot this yr, do group chats or be active on weverse.. a lot of ppl don’t appreciate it but ur very interactive w/fans‼️ lysm!!
3/366 i have a lot i wanna say to you, today in particular.. i think i’ll write it out n post another time. i’ve been listening to decalcomania a lot. it sounds like ur playing the bass in the clip... but idk if it was someone else. going feral thinking about it tbh. luv u!
4/366 i typed out what i wanted to say yesterday.. i never express how i feel at all.. i think it was nice and that i should record what i’m feeling and thinking, especially since bangtan is such an important part of my life that i want to remember. i have feelings? k luv u cya‼️

I'm here without you baby
But you're still on my lonely mind.
I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time.
I'm here without you baby
But you're still with me in my dreams
And tonight girl, it's only you and me.
6/366 so many things have happened in 3 yrs. good and bad. i know i’ll remember your role as a positive influence and reminder of good. i don’t think i need to personally thank you, i just hope you feel content.
7/366 i hope ur excited for the next era and schedule!! if u come out w/ ur song . remember the one? decalcomania? that’s be cool :) u also don’t have to tho i’d be happy either way!!! luv u 💙
8/366 hi buddy i miss u. i hope ur having a good time n that ur happy. ur so sweet and good i genuinely only wish the best for u :[❤️ can’t wait to start seein u on comeback stages again‼️
9/366 i’m workin on a lil edit for decalcomania.. i hope it’s good!! in the meantime, 😘❤️❤️
10/366 finished the edit.. idk if i’ll post it. idk if it’s good. i had fun doing it tho!! ilysm!!! i cant wait for the official song to come out. i WILL go crazy. :]
11/366 today i got inspiration for a huge project... if i don’t complete it i think working on it for a bit will occupy my time and make me happy. i hope you’re resting and enjoying the things that make you happy!! +_+

sometimes filler days are okay. stuff doesn’t have to happen every day. you can occupy yourself with small things. i’m learning how to have hobbies again. i hope you find things that u can mindlessly have fun with. luv u!

cried last night thinking about going to a fansign.. i know a lot of people think about what they would say at fansigns. i think i would just cry lol. maybe just going to concerts is better. love u!❤️
14/366 you’re such an angel!! personally, i believe we are blessed with your presence ... some will say you are perfect. i understand you may have flaws, but you are endearing all the while.. i adore you!!!
15/366 jungkook i wanna play games with u so bad. i suck at fps but i’ll be ur shield. i’ll take the bullets so u can then run in and kill every1. consider it <3🥺
16/366 i feel like the next tour is coming so soon. i can’t imagine what it’s like for fans who see u regularly. i’m so happy that i’ve seen u twice lol. fansigns.. prerecordings... musters.. they seem nice and fun but i’m really grateful for what i experience with you. ❤️
17/366 good day today. get to see my cats tomorrow and i think i’ll go crazy w happiness. starting to burn out on writing n drawing ... i think i should space out my time so i don’t get sick of one thing. hope u r doing well lov u ☀️✨
18/366 sometimes a breakdown is necessary to rebuild what’s crumbling. as long as you learn from the crying and it’s not futile. i used to just get upset and then it’d be a cycle. i think this is a sort of personal and emotional growth. i wonder if you struggle with such.
19/366 hi love u
20/366 starting to get scared about how much i care you haha.. step back.

just kidding please post ❤️
21/366 hey goober i WILL see u soon. that’s a promise
22/366 can’t wait for you to post soon. some armys don’t realize that prior to comeback you’re all pretty much silent. i think it’s even more excruciating that we’re getting content in between silence. anyway see u soon :]
23/366 hey weirdo.
24/366 don’t feel good but that’s ok :] sometimes bad times r just bad times
25/366 today was a lil better :] sometimes alright is enough
26/366 you make me so so happy. thank you
27/366 you are not immune to being loved. come here
28/366 it’d be so sexy of you if you posted on twitter after james corden ❤️ just saying
29/366 sometimes you look really cool and it scares me a bit. then I realize you are the most polite, good boy and all is well again.
30/366 jungkook there’s a movie i like it’s called Signs it’s about aliens u should come watch it with me. you’ll like it and u won’t cry promise
31/366 I am using speech to text because I did my own acrylics it’s kind of fun though anyway love you
32/366 I think you would enjoy having a small rodent as a pet but maybe that’s just me
33/366 Jungkook I have one request. If you buy animal crossing new horizons can you please add me as a friend on the switch.
34/366 you bring me so much joy 🥺I love you
35/366 tomorrow i will get the tickets i want and i will see you 💖💖
36/366 i love u a lot !!
37/366 thinking is hard sometimes..! so no thoughts from now on :3c
38/366 tiredness is nice. doing enough to feel tired... i think that’s a blessing. I hope you always get good rest’
39/366 Bounce with me, I feel the energy
A magic love-surprise is comin' over me
Oh Baby bounce with, I feel the energy
A magic love-surprise is comin' over me
Oh Baby bounce with me, I feel the energy
A magic love-surprise is comin' over me
Bounce with me, I feel the energy
40/366 not many thoughts for today... i love you!!
41/366 hey jk if decalcomania is on the track list ... i will go insane so haha 💞
42/366 fancy!!! yyooouuoooooo~
43/366 going to start taking better care of my health :[ i hope you do as well 💞💞
44/366 jungkook there’s this band i think you’d like idk if you’ve heard of them they’re called loona well anyway currently they’re looking for supporters for their gofundme yeah just look them up
45/366 jonk
46/366 jungkook can we get a hamster together. wait jungkook can we adopt and have a pack of guinea pigs. a herd. can we name one tofu. jungkook-
47/366 well! ur a good boy!
48/366 jungkook i’m so glad u dyed ur hair to match me that’s actually so cute of u love u 💙
49/366 @BTS_twt hey dude come here. i love u
50/366 warning: ugly pet names

bumble bee, baby bug, baby, honey, lover, angel, starlight, darlin, love, puppy, prince, cornbread, tiny, little one,
51/366 your hair is so cute and you are so pretty i love u
52/366 i’m just thinking about u and how much u mean to me i hope you’re proud of yourself
53/366 i want to see my little boy (here he comes) i want to see my little boy (here he comes)
54/366 tw bugs butterflies insects

your hair reminds me of the sea green swallowtail. love you
55/366 hey pretty boy
56/366 hi sweet boy hope ur doing well. incredibly amazed at how perfect you are. pretty, smart, talented... u have it all 😔 love u JK!!
57/366 jungkook do u know vocaloid
58/366 are u going to buy animal crossing new horizons. i jus wanna know
59/366 I’m pretty sure you like scary movies. I get super scared but it’s fun to watch. could we watch some together? 🥺 when i get nervous i talk a lot... hope that’s ok.. let me kno
60/366 imma be honest. i love u
61/366 jungkook have u heard of Warrior Cats
62/366 nose
63/366 i’m sad but i luv uhuu
64/366 honk jonk
65/366 jungkook can we draw warrior cats together please can we make a clan with our ocs can we make our ocs have kits together just wondering
67/366 🙃
68/366 jungkook
69/366 nice
70/366 gender
71/366 11:11
72/366 good boy
73/366 luv u https://twitter.com/dilfjin/status/1237577200209027072
74/366 I feel like you would like butterfly gardens. I’d buy you a little book so when you see one you think is pretty you could look up the name. I want to buy you those caterpillars you can order and grow yourself ... i just think you’d like insects 🦋
75/366 jk do you like men

11:11 wishing for better days
77/366 not a lot of good thoughts ! ever!
78/366 dyeing my hair rn.. miss u king
79/366 tell hobi to get animal crossing ... for his switch pls
80/366 how r u hope ur doin well do u have the new animal crossing game? i have $16 left so that’s on u to buy it love u tho
81/366 u made me very happy
82/366 hobi said he heard of animal crossing.. did u as well... jk purchase it for ur hyung..
83/366 luv u
84/366 i want you to meet my cats i think they’d love u
85/366 :]
86/366 i don’t know what kind of flower you like but i think forget me nots fit you nicely
87/366 punchy from animal crossing reminds me of u. no reason
88/366 pls post a selfie soon plsss
89/366 pspspspsspspspi
90/366 i think your loona bias would be haseul
91/366 haha jk nooo don’t post a selfie... april fools... pelase
92/366 11:11 👏
93/366 hey dude
94/366 pspspspsppssp
95/366 i miss u
96/366 jungkook. you are gay
97/366 therapy appt on the phone tomorrow.. wat do u talk about LOL..
98/366 homo
99/366 hehe be honest 👉🏻👈🏻 do u like me?
101/366 been listening to a lot of vocaloid again recently i think u would like gumi
102/366 hi
103/366 perhaps ur the goodest boy to exist? gathering details now
104/366 i rly like highlights on u it suits u
105/365 wussa dude
106/366 sometimes, happiness can be hard to maintain, and it can be burdensome when someone tells you to always be happy. so just try to stay healthy ^-^
107/366 being sad for no reason is okay, but so is being happy. i hope you let yourself experience emotions without anxiety. :]
108/366 hm 🥺
109/366 youre a gift ^^
110. hey rockstar
111. u r baby
112. hi dude
114/366 have forgotten to type /366 oops i luv u:3
115/366 ✋🤳🧑🏻🤲❓
116/366 many thoughts today unfortunately
117/366 miss u
118/366 hello. hi. hello. hi. hello. hi
118/366 noz
121/366 i keep messing up this thread LOL
122/366 hiiiii
123/366 hey this is how i feel recently wbu
125/366 hey this video makes me so mad btw
126/366 ummm i’ve been sleeping so much... all i have to say 👍🏻
127/366 :] serotonin
128/366 hi
129/366 hi
130/366 hello hi hello hi hello hi
131/366 just reminding you that you deserve the world... i think about how precious you are a lot. some ppl say ur kindness is fake or an act, but it’s clear that you’re truly just a really pure soul. love u
132/366 hey jungkook there’s this game called cyber hunter i think you’d enjoy ❤️
133/366 hey dude i want to look like you
134/366 ohhhhh ur cute
135/366 dude ur so cool actually i wanna be like you in so many ways ur super kind but also a bit sexy and very dorky and cute and smart and funny yea <3
136/366 tbqh... have been very sad recently. i really wish i could talk to someone, but i feel burdened when someone vents to me, even if they don’t ask for advice. i just keep thinking about their predicament, and i don’t want to do that do anyone... i wish i could just talk.
137/366 it’s comforting to project onto an idol. i know i can’t be hated if i’m not known 😭 i genuinely hate being perceived. anyway. i rly appreciate the opportunity to rant to jk .. especially that he doesn’t read it. i don’t feel guilty
138/366 i hope to be happy soon!!
139/366 hey dude
140/366 feel like i’m your rat i’m your dog
141/366 hey dude i was feeling really good but now i’m not mmmmmmmmmm
142/366 i hope you’re happy, and while it’s okay to be sad for no reason it’s okay to be happy for no reason. i say that a lot but i think it’s nice to be reminded.
143/366 :D

*jk voice* it’s been a while...

odd to me that this is a leap year but it also makes sense

no offense this video is just very funny to me love uuuu

just almost freaked out thinking it was actually 357 days this year. why’d i think it was 356

running outta photos gotta go on we heart it. i have a pinterest board of u check it out <3😚
149/366 hey emo boy
150/366 i just think u get more n more handsome every day ❤️
151/366 ur precious that’s all i have 2 say
152/366 oh mental illness check- i’m still mentally ill
153/366 been thinking more n more about how u exhibit symptoms of adhd
154/366 ok but since i like to pretend that ur my bff who listens and cares about my mental illness, recently i’ve been feeling really apathetic and i think it’s because my dosage is too high but we will see
155/366 this is the first gif that popped up when i searched “flynn jungkook”
156/366 anyway back to therapy-
157/366 tw needle mention tw blood mention

i think i need to start taking lithium. which is scary bcos i’ll have to get blood drawn often to make sure there’s not too much sodium (?) in my blood. and i don’t want to have a seizure again from fear 😭
158/366 i lose my mind whenever i watch this it’s so fucking funny to me
159/366 hey. address this @BTS_twt
160/366 u are so dramatic for this i adore u
161/366 🥺
162/366 u sit so politely..... 🥰🥰
163/366 i been thinking about u. oo na nana i been thinkin bout u... oo na na naa i been thinkin bout u, do u think about me still- do ya, do ya?
164/366 you look like a little boy sometimes.
166/366 was gonna tag bts_twt in the last tweet but i’m nervous teehee

Let's go to the beach, each
Let's go get a wave
They say what they gonna say
Have a drink, clink, found the Bud Light
Bad bitches, like me, is hard to come by
168/366 just wondering do u dance in the club like this and can we hang out
169/366 hey jk u should audition for the dallas cowboys
170/366 this is one of my fav edits i think it encompasses ur personality very well actually https://twitter.com/jjkooist/status/1252760775858352129/video/1
171/366 ok u were sick for this. please carry me on overwatch tho <3
172/366 you are so cute and precious. i miss you !!!
173/366 it’s really cute how hard you focus when it comes to crafts.... jungkook can i teach you how to crochet
174/366 umm i’m trying to think about what your favorite candy would be. gummy bears? snickers? i’m gonna say gummies
175/366 two good boys two good boys two good boys
176/366 heyy here’s some knuckle tattoo inspiration lmk if you’re thinking of any https://twitter.com/_zotaita_/status/1279966523327684611
177/366 https://twitter.com/hiphopphiler/status/1283217920873693184
178/366 OK
179/366 been thinking bout u
180/366 hey ya! by outkast
182/366 One, two, three!
My baby don't mess around
Because she loves me so
This I know fo sho!
But does she really wanna
But can't stand to see me walk out the door
Don't try to fight the feeling
Because the thought alone is killin' me right now
Thank God for Mom and Dad
183/366 Jung Kook
184/366 oh yeah i’ve been errr changing my medicine and i feel awful <3 help me
185/366 hey emo boy
186/366 :)
187/366 toes lol
188/366 can u play stardew valley with me :/
189/366 round o
190/366 🌅 ^__^
191/366 man... i was really looking forward to this tour
192/366 🎡
193/366 wait you like amusement parks don’t you can we please go to one together please i’m terrified of roller coasters so i’ll have to hold ur hand but that’s ok right
194/366 i wannna look like u
195/366 🌹
196/366 :D 🌊🕊
197/366 hey there record breaker 🤭😚 https://twitter.com/charts_k/status/1283424675083804673
198/366 i haven’t gotten a single jungkook UNO card this is so sad please give one to me
199/366 i got a card ^__^ thx
200/366 11:11
201/366 jungkook do u wanna play hide and seek in target
202/366 what’s ur fav rihanna song? lmk
204/366 u r very gorgeous to me
205/366 i started tapering off of one of my medicines and taking an adhd medicine at the same time and i’m feeling insane but focused
206/366 but genuinely i’m unhinged
207/366 what do u think would happen if i called my psychiatrist rn and told her i genuinely think that i’m living in purgatory and nobody and nothing is real. personally i know that her office is closed rn but in theory,
208/366 i wanna kno ur tiktok @ mine is dilfjin let’s b mutuals jk 🥰
209/366 don’t feel good
210/366 *laying on the grass, ants in my hair* i want to be normal
211/366 how ru doing tho
211/366 hi
212/366 suddenly want to be interested in reading
213/366 btw i’m crazy but i have a psych appt tomorrow
214/366 therapy didn’t go well btw i was just crazy for 30 mins
215/366 i need new haters the old ones are starting to like me
216/366 can i ste@l some of ur clothes :/
if not that’s ok
217/366 why are u cute
218/366 hey dude
219/366 feelin crazy... but i start a new medicine soon 😚
220/366 i said this on my bts thread but... i’m feeling happy :)
222/366 i really like using this thread to document my mental health bcos since the beginning of it i talked about it n my connection with JK so i just always hope ppl don’t laugh if they see these posts lol
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