☀️🥭🌼366 with 석상릭쓰🌼🥭☀️
☀️ 1/366

thank you and your brothers for starting my year off with a smile and warm heart! you never fail to amaze and inspire me 🧡 i hope you spent the first day of the decade happily as well! i love you ^^
🥭 2/366

i bought a dreamlike album today and pulled your photocard u lucky clover you!!! *v* rest well tonight 🧡 and break a leg tomorrow !!! the bs will cheer u on with our new fanchant 😎!
🌼 3/366

awyeah 1/122 done with the year!!! 🤘🤘🤘 good job on your performance today u lil blueberry !! it was so fun to hear the fanchant you guys made last night in action >< its super cold here and im sure it is there as well,, hope you are all staying warm!
☀️ 4/366

falling snow and your smile are the best kinds of earthly magic. ❄🧡❄ i hope youre dressing warmly these days ;; i love you always!

p.s. always obey fancafe rules
🥭 5/366

ive never been able to associate memories with seasons as much as you probably do because in the ph theres only two, but something about the snow really does remind me of you the most. 🧡 always dress warmly dj sangsangz!! ily
🌼 6/366

im back home! its midnight in sk which means this no airic was a year ago... you know for some reason being with you feels both like forever and that memories like this were just yesterday. onto my last months of senior year this week... u ready to graduate? 😳✋
☀️ 7/366

its back to school tomorrow! you left for the usa stops of oty today too! i pray that good energy will be on our sides for the next lil journeys we will uptake--but if anything, we've always got each other. 🧡 love u forever seokmin!
🥭 8/366

sometimes i think abt the account of ur schoolmate that described you as someone "tough to the stronger and weak to the weaker". i wish i could be like that for people too;; but i learn a lot just by watching u love. miss u sangyeon! 😗
🌼 9/366

busy busy busy!! as much as its been a resolution of mine to sleep earlier its hard to speed through my work enough to make that possible >< and now im still a night owl like you 🙄 i hope ur keeping healthy n taking naps throughout the day...ily rigi!
☀️ 10/366

i didnt get into oty presale @v@ but its ok!!! ticketing is always a bit fun in its chaos >< ! anyways i hope you have a lot of fun in the next north america stops!!! youve been enjoying new york so much already and its been so fun to see u explore heh... ily seok!
🥭 11/366

u were glowing today *_* i don't know how to explain it... today especially you were just so bright! i hope you're in a good mood, i always hope something's making you happy and you experience a worthwhile day every day <3 iloveu mr leesang!
🌼 12/366

today was a v eventful day for the both of us !! @_@ many scary things happening to the earth while everyone's just trying to do what they need to do in their everyday lives... its rlly scary ;;;_;;; it feels like we're always under attack. i hope ur resting well...
☀️ 13/366

happy 2nd anniv to us !!! yeehh carat forever 🥳🥳🥳 thank you for coming on live with shua today it was so nice to see your face even if u woke me up from my nap and i fell back asleep anyways :"> also good luck on the role voting for mozart!! im so excited for you!!
🥭 14/366

congrats on the announcement of your very first full album!!! thats a crazy milestone and i am so proud of you!! i know youve all been so excited for this comeback and have been working hard to get it out and i know itll be an unforgettable era 🧡 ily! sleep tight!
🌼 15/366

happy juyeon day!!!!!!!!!! dont come for me like u do for all the members ok i could never threaten ur irreplaceable position in his life ✋✋✋ i always adored your brotherhood so much 🧡 i hope you enjoyed the festivities today as well 🥰 ily!!
☀️ 16/366

congratulations on another successful tour stop!!! i hope youre prioritizing health above everything ;;_;; the sunlight was v pretty today and a cat came to the mall stairfront for like!!! the first time i think ever??? or the first that ive seen! ^^ 🧡🧡
🥭 17/366

sometimes i wonder if you keep a planner. you seem to like physical, old fashioned stuff like film and i think theyd suit you. my planner is packed this month and theres so much upcoming stuff to worry abt, i cant imagine how your sched is @_@ i believe in us!! ily lsy
🌼 18/366

thank you for going live today!! it was so nice to see you despite you guys being so busy 😊 being hyped up can get hard when youre tired, but seeing you working so hard and being so excited to show us new stuff, how can i not? 🧡 love u always kkomadol !! cant wait!!!
☀️ 19/366

happy 1700 days, seokmin!! i always see these milestone days as a good opportunity to look back and look ahead. you are all so amazing, in how much you have all grown and in the countless adventures still ahead of you. i love you guys so much! https://open.spotify.com/track/5F6nAnNIsRk9QbPOx9t11B?si=xMlzizUYTvGOcVMXhe9Brw
🥭 20/366

hi i hope immortal songs prerecording went well!! knowing you n your old soul im sure you enjoyed yourself 🧡 today too, thank you for grounding me and keeping me safe. 저에게 힘이 되주셔서 고마워요 ♡ 오늘도 수고했어요
🌼 21/366

excuse me!!!!a solo concert AND japan tour!!!! wtf u madmen im so proud of you!! throughout the entire the castle you kept promising the bs that next time for sure it would be a concert and not just a fancon and the day is here my lil superstars!! i love u so much:( 🧡
☀️ 22/366

kyeom!!! i got into art school!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳 you were there for me when i applied n chose my courses, throughout review school, when i took the exams, and with me when it all paid off and i cant thank you enough ^^ thank you for bein my number 1 partner i love u always
🥭 23/366

hello dj sangz!!! did you know that theres 18 days left to the comeback!! wiiiiild i really cant wait 😭😭😭 i have a REALLY good feeling about this one and as much as you guys have been talking abt a new side of yourselves i think itll pleasantly surprise lots of ppl!
🌼 24/366

omg my first late day am sorry ric 🙇‍♀️ i was gonna write todays entry after the comeback trailer but i got overwhelmed hh it was breathtaking rlly! youve been so excited for this comeback for so long and finally seeing a bit of the product of your hard work is so ♡_♡
☀️ 25/366

officially 2 weeks until oty in manila !!! congrats on a successful final show to close the north america stops:DDD pls stay safe n healthy, drink lots of water and rest up ok ><
🥭 26/366

sangyeon ;;____;; you guys look so cool!!!!!!!! every peek we get at this comeback surprises us more than the last and its so OVERWHELMING but in a good way!!! oh and pls stay safe and healthy despite this virus >< wear masks and wash your hands often!! huhu ily
🌼 27/366

GUYS STOP CATCHING ME OFF GUARD LIKE THIS ;;W;;! youre 2cool...simply 2cool for me. im rlly so excited >:"( i just know ur stupid giggling over all of the deobis reactions right now jdjdhdjxjd im glad though ;; every days a day closer !! i cant wait!!!!!!
☀️ 28/366

seokmin !! its senior retreat season n ive been spending the evening writing my classmates letters hehe. something tells me that if u had retreats in high school, your classmates would probably write you the nicest letters ^^ youve filled so many peoples lives w light!
🥭 29/366

sangyeon! my senior retreat is gonna be held in the next two days 👍👍 its supposed to be a healing class trip but i dunno why im a bit on edge for it @v@ nyways i lit rally cannot stop thinking about the tbz cb haha i hope u guys arent nervous!! were all so excited 😊
🌼 30/366

it feels a bit weird to be going on with life however we can while so much scary things are happening just outside our windows. i hope you guys have been taking care of yourselves ;; dont sleep too late or your immune system will weaken :'c
☀️ 31/366

yesterday was the day i got back from retreat!! its a bit silly how much i miss you when im away from home, not just bc i didnt have internet and couldnt see your face, but bc i guess ive associated you with being at home?? home home home home 😊✌be safe seokmin!!
🥭 32/366

WELCOME TO FEBRUARY MR COMPOSER!! im beyond proud of you and extremely excited for miss spring snow *v* youve wanted to release a self composed song for such a long time now and ive personally been waiting the past few comebacks and its here! i love you! thank you!! 🧡
🌼 33/366

i was gonna write to you after the highlight reel but i feel like ill forget from freaking out too much BUT! just wanted to tell you im so excited for the upcoming album my favorite ly-릭 writer hehehehe 🧡🧡🧡 i cant wait another hr for this highlight reel aaaa!!!!!
☀️ 34/366

welcome to february seok!! ur birth month!! the month of love! ^^ it was nice to see you have fun at the bumzu con the other day;; i hope youre staying healthy!! and warm too:00 i heard its gonna be especially cold there tomorrow!! oh and .... see you?? soon??:"0! 🧡
🥭 35/366

i was sifting through my screenshots (most of which are from vlives heh) earlier to clear up some storage space and i can see why you love taking pictures of your members so much 🧡 thank you for always capturing them in lovely moments to be remembered forever ^^
🌼 36/366

i cant believe mv teaser is coming out in a couple hours >< its so cute to see you guys itching to show deobis everything hehe i can tell how much effort and emotion you poured into this comeback and its so exciting to glimpses of it like this bit by bit *_* ily rigi
☀️ 37/366

the organizers released details and my sisters and i talked abt our schedule a bit and everything is coming together n its giving me the jitters oh my @v@ i rlly cant believe im seeing you again ;;_;; yet im v grateful for the time that has passed! exciting ^^ ily 🧡🧡
🥭 38/366

omg sangyeon!! i helped write our class's graduation song and we finally finished it today and sang it to our classmates and a bunch of them cried:(( it made me wonder if ill cry hearing your spring snow 😳😳😳 i probably will hehe. only 3 days left ^^ exciting! ily 🧡
🌼 39/366

ric !!! my fellow carat!! i got to see good to me live today hehe 😛😛😛 today felt a lot like coming home after an overwhelmingly long day and just re-realizing what it feels like to be yourself and happy. i wonder if youve seen a concert that made you feel the same:0
☀️ 40/366

i honestly didnt see it coming that the tour would be cancelled ;; i know you guys may feel regrets for these wasted opportunities but pls take the time to rest up and take care of ur health ok 🥺 i love u so much seokmin!! take care always!!
🥭 41/366

so incredibly proud of you my leader friend ^^ every single track on this album has your group's unique energy and overflowing passion tucked into every note making everything a masterpiece in its own right! im so ready for this to be a legend era *0* love u leesang!
🌼 42/366

been having a busy couple of weeks!! good thing you guys released such a great album so i have music llying on repeat while i work 🤘🤘🤘 re:al is fast approaching and im v excited for you guys ^^ i love u rigi goodnight
☀️ 43/366

hello there im glad u had fun watching the volleyball game today ^^ coincidentally my very last intrams are from tomorrow till friday ! i will cheerdance 😳 in front of the student body 😳😳 pls lend me some of your natural stage charisma and stamina thank u ;_; lob u
🥭 44/366

comgratulations on a successful first comeback stage!!! suddenly im being flooded w ur content and its dizzying n overwhelming but in a v v fun and exciting way!!! 🧡🧡 so proud of u 반장z ~~ this is gonna b one of my favorite eras im sure
🌼 45/366

happy valentines day valentine !! 🧡🧡🧡 so haooy to be celebrating all kinds of love 2day ^^ also SENIORS OVERALL BRACKET B CHAMPIONS WOOOOOO 🤘🤘 probably had my best intramurals this year !! initial goodbyes are always nice on a good note like this one
☀️ 46/366

its a little bit silly how hesitant i am writing this to u bc im preparing a big gift for ur bday in a few days HAHAHA even tho ur not reading this for some reason im careful not to spoil the surprise 🙈 nyways!! hope ur having a beautiful day. i lob you! 🧡
🥭 47/366

u know sometimes when i feel myself getting stressed over drawing bday art i remember that u fondly recognize kevin's efforts to do the same ;w; then i remember what im doing it for !! thank u for always bein a grounding force mr leesang ily
🌼 48/366

this is late @v@ but i hope youre doing ok ;_; its not easy not being able to sleep well ;; its not easy to have so much on your mind when theres so much to do outside as well; im thinking abt you always! thank u for always toughing it out for us. u r my great love 🧡
☀️ 49/366

hope u and vern had a lovely birthday seokmin ^^ it made my week to be able to celebrate the both of u special boys !! im happy you were both able to spend time w loved ones and receive nice gifts this birthday 🥰🥰🥰 i love u so so very much always n forever!!
🥭 50/366

wooo we're half of 100 days into the year make sum noise !! 🥳 my school's art dept gave me a notebook as a token since i gave a talk on digital poster making the other week n im gonna use it for my kr studies 😎 u too thank u for studying english so hard! ily lsy
🌼 51/366

been so ridiculously excited to graduate ever since u graduated JGHDJSUCK u made it feel so near n now i just cant wait ><!!!!! good job again today my thumbnail fairy 🧚‍♂️ so cool seeing u guys grow into the performance w every music show stage. ily rigi !!!!
☀️ 52/366

hello lovie !! i miss u ^_^ whatever youve been up to i hope none of u push yourselves too hard >:o i hope that alongside everything ur all getting enough rest and never skipping meals!! ill try to take better care of my health as well heheehh. love u always seokmini^^
🥭 53/366

came from my 2nd cousins bday party !! my family is rlly rlly huge on both my mom and dads side and i attribute a lot of who i am to that. when i look at you u seem to have been raised with so much love as well 🧡🧡 it exudes so much. ily sangsangz sweet dreams
🌼 54/366

happy kevin day !! its a bit of a shame fans couldnt greet him with the reveal fanchant bc of the music show audience restrictions ;_; in that light i hope u guys are extra vigilant of the virus these days >< healthy boyz do happy promotionz! stay safe ily 😔🧡
☀️ 55/366

late entry again sorry ;v; yesterday i crashed on the couch and slept a lot earlier than i usually do n barely logged onto any of my accts it was a bit messy @_@ i hope ur sleeping routines are a bit more thought out than mine haha. its good for your immune system!!
🥭 56/366

very good job on todays stage !!!! i missed the purple n am glad to see it back 💜💜💜 stay safe and healthy especially since youre out every day 🥺 and get as much rest as u can!! loveu sang
🌼 57/366

congrats on another amazing stage ^^ i will never be over how intense your facial expressions are this comeback its so chilling ...... i can tell its something u all worked on super hard and all the effort rlly pays off n adds so much to every performance !!
☀️ 58/366

o<--< im so tired........ but healing came on shuffle exactly when i needed it today !! that hasnt happened in awhile :00 i felt like i was in grade 11 again hehe. thanku for being my healing 🧡🧡🧡 seokmini 🧡🧡🧡🧡
🥭 59/366

i keep thinking abt how tough it must be for you guys to have been promoting without a crowd ;_; now that promotions are ending though, i hope u remember next time around the bs will scream loud enough for the building to explode! n thats a promise ! 🧡
🌼 60/366

spent all day furniture shopping ^^ moving houses n graduating high school all at once probably in the same week is gonna be ,, an experience for sure @_@ i wonder how long it will take for me to feel like i live somewhere new. anywhere can feel like home with u tho 😊
☀️ 61/366

seok! onto my last academic week in high school ^^ doesnt feel real yet, im honestly more excited to take pictures on grad day mostly so i can finally get my first film roll developed :')) im so excited to see the pics i took at your concert ! :"DD
🥭 62/366

it rlly only hit me now that im kinda sad reveal is over ;_; it was such a great era and everyone rlly had so much fun !! every stage was so exciting n catching ur extra frequent vlives made my day so many times ^^ i hope u all rest well in the coming days tho~ily!!!
🌼 63/366

helloooo der mahal o3o thank u for going live w juyeon today !! u caught me while i was busy so i just had your live on while working but it was nice to hear ur voice all the same ^^ also nice to hear you rap your part in im your boy again hehe. dont sleep too late ily
☀️ 64/366

hello seokming! here is ur reminder that so many ppl love you <3 and youve made an impact on so many peoples lives ! whether its just making them smile at the end of the day or teaching them unforgettable life lessons, ur role in our worlds is irreplaceable ^^ lob yu!
🥭 65/366

hello dj sangz! for some reason i missed you a lot today 🤔 maybe i was just unconsciously excited for ur special stage (which u did so absolutely amazing on btw!) a proud the b today ^^ i can see it now: 2032 mcountdown special throwback stage: the boyz no air!!! 🤩💓
🌼 66/366

66 down !! thank u for being everyones energy boy ^^ its hard to make it through these days maybe because seeing the end so near makes every day a little more tiring to finish ;; but seeing u gives me just enough power to see each day to the end !! 🧡🧡
☀️ 67/366

thought abt how the very first reason i biased you was bc you made me laugh a lot!! i thank the universe that we've been together for so long now that youve seen me through laughter and tears and triumphs and hardships all the same. thank u always my bright boy ^^
🥭 68/366

hello leader ! reveal just ended but i miss u already >< WEIRD i know. :')) thank you for going live the other day !! i also had lots of fun watching the new mafia episode ^^ knowing you still have stuff in store for the bs is so wild n so exciting. be healthy always!!
🌼 69/366

hapy hakhwall day riging!! today was MY VERY LAST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL all that awaits me now is finals and graduation ceremony practice !! 😱😱😱 rlly thank u for seeing me all the way to this point ;_; n thank u for bein my little highschool love 🧡 stay safe always!
☀️ 70/366

at the end of the day, you make me smile without fail, even in the times i thought id forgotten how to. i just think thats amazing-- like real life magic! youre not just a king seok 😱 youre a magician too!!! 🧡🧡🧡
🥭 71/366

i had no idea how to watch you on i am a trot singer @v@ but once again our variety president! best leader!! out here charming the entire south korea with your talent!!! *W* you make everyone proud always!!! B) im so excited to see the reuploads <333 love u banjang!
🌼 72/366

helo rigi ;v; guess it seems i wont be able to celebrate my graduation like you did ... i didnt get to properly say goodbye to my class,, and!!! i was excited for our matching diploma pictures but :'( sigh. pls stay healthy always alright? love u!
☀️ 73/366

sup kyeomkyeom :D u guys sound real bored over there KJFHKGD nyways in a way its good that you can take this time to rest and laze around to watch dramas and movies and play games !! nevertheless wash ur hands frequently >< eat n sleep well too! love u always always
🥭 74/366

i cant explain how grateful i am and excited i was for the rooftop live !! ig its because the current situations cant help but make me feel a little distant from everything, so being able to celebrate a night with you guys was lovely ♡ thank you for the white day gift
🌼 75/366

thanku for posting 🧡 reading through your sincere feelings was so heartwarming :> its easy to feel frustrated n alone in times like these, but u know whats easier ?? always remembering 🤗 that eric loves the b 🥰🥰 wash ur hands to ur part in break your rules twice :D
☀️ 76/366

this was my first time in such a long time watching gose the night it came out !! all the nights before this id been too busy :c... as expected its the most fun watching and seeing everyones reactions right away! i super missed this feeling 🧡 stay safe love of mine!
🥭 77/366

happie 50k fancafe users !!! youre the leader of such a slowly and surely growing family ^^ i hope u feel loved every day !! 🧡🧡🧡 have a good week dj sangsangz
🌼 78/366

i miss u too energy boy !!! but hearing abt your silly dorm stories and getting to watch you guys on vlive rlly livens up the quarantine for us deobis stuck at home :D i hope youre getting lots of sleep ! i lov yuuuu
☀️ 79/366

jeonghan said that today was pretty busy for you guys !! in that case i hope youre resting well ^^ thank you for keeping carats company all day hehe :) always remember to wash ur hands regularly and drink lots of water ! i love you 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡
🥭 80/366

banjang lee!!!!!!!! i miss you !!! hope these days have been treating you well ^^ took an afternoon nap for the first time in.... yes HAHAHA and it was great. i hope you take a rlly good afternoon nap before the week ends. :D <3 i love u sososo much sangyeon!!!
🌼 81/366

i miss u ;v; dunno what youre up to these days but since u can be a bit of a night owl i hope youre at least catching up on sleep :'0 its still a bit chilly there too so i hope youre dressing warmly! always remember that i love you, byeongari <3 stay safe ^^
☀️ 82/366

thank u for going on weverse today !! you always talk to carats so sweetly ^^ 🧡🧡🧡 congratulations as well on 2 whole years since booseoksoon's debut! i miss leader seok hehe. i will wait patiently until the day comes >: D! love u! rest well ^^
🥭 83/366

i missed u so much today ; v ; i hope youre resting ! seems d members have been practicing or at least in the studio in their free time based on lives and wetheboyz updates but i hope you can visit ur family at least once if its safe for you to ^^ love u! sweet dreams!
🌼 84/366

this is late 😅 but thank yooouuu so much for coming on live last night !! ive always loved getting to know ppl through their taste in film or music so you asking for recommendations from everyone felt so nice n special ^^ hope u slept/are sleeping well! loveyuu
☀️ 85/366

lazy day =v= i need smth to learn !!! u learning guitar is inspiring me >:3c whatever youre up to i hope youre keeping safe >< love u alwayz
🥭 86/366

right after hyunjae finished making his dalgona coffee i turned off the live to make it myself and when i went through twitter at least 4 other the bs made some as well hfhchs , i hope you end your day on a happy note too! watch smth that makes u laugh before bed ^^ 🧡
🌼 87/366

we made sushi for dinner:D that was my first time !! i wonder if theres anything new youve tried recently that you havent been able to before:0
☀️ 88/366

seok !!!! today too, i hope your day passed happily and healthily ^^ 🧡🧡🧡 have this close up pic of my dog and go to sleep thinking good thoughts !!
🥭 89/366

i got reminded of my film camera today after looking through my room! theres still 6 shots in it... considering i dont even know the next time ill go out, i wonder what ill end up using them for 🤔 i want to take pictures of you though *v* you rlly suit film so well
🌼 90/366

oh my gosh !!! your road to kingdom performance teaser ! i watched it like 84747585 times *_* it was just so unbelievably good. im so excited for the turnout of this whole thing 🧡 youre already doing well this early in! ill cheer u on w everything i have ^^ 🧡🧡🧡
☀️ 91/366

rlly wanna thank you guys again for being on weverse so often !! yesterday i thought abt how carats are collectively just the 14th member of svt and how when you guys post abt being in the same room and include us in your conversations it just ,, feels like home heh ^^
🥭 92/366

hope you had a fun april fools dooly lee :DDD wetheboyz was a mess today... but a very good mess. homey mess. couldnt have spent april fools any better 🤙🤙 love you \\(>_<")/ THIS MUCH!
🌼 93/366

hello riging ^^ having a pretty calm week overall... i hope youve been getting enough sleep <3 dont ever skip your meals and take vitamins !! i love u 💐
☀️ 94/366

hello kyeom!!! my lil potterhead!!! hope your head isnt too hurt from woozi's studio light. :D also hope youre getting lots of rest and enjoying the blooming springtime flowers ^^ sleep with good dreams tonight! casey loves you! <3
🥭 95/366

i hope youve been able to see some flowers since spring is rolling around, and maybe taken some pictures of them too 🧡 i keep looking at the pictures you took of the members while they practiced their the b day letters. thank you for always capturing these moments ^^
🌼 96/366

whaddup rigi 🖖 today is the 10th anniversary of adventure time O_O crazy how i clearly remember celebrating the 5th anniversary in grade 8... im sure when the 10th anniv of tbz comes around, the 1st and 2nd that i got to celebrate will also still feel so clear 🌟
☀️ 97/366

deekay deekay!!! happy mingyu day! thanks for stopping by on wv ^^ you looked real cozy :> strangely missing arthurkyeom a lot today... listened to in troubled times like these and got emotional heh. gose is coming out in a bit 🥰 excited for this ep! love u always
🥭 98/366

dj saaaaaannngggz 🖖🖖🖖 the amount of time u spend in your studio makes me so curious 😔✋ its v admirable that youre spending this time creating ^^ 🧡 but i hope youre resting well too!! love you lots :D i hope you find a way to end this day happily
🌼 99/366

you guys look really cool in the billboard shoot video :D word is also going out that you guys are doing taemins danger for rtk... seeing you guys do such cool things makes me think about how much you've grown *v* v proud of you!! sleep well tonight <3 ily
☀️ 100/366

seokmin!!!!!! big one hundred!!!! we've already made it this far into the year ^_^ im so proud of you! as always i hope you keep healthy and happy 🧡 and smile before you go to sleep! i love you hundreds and hundreds of days after this one, always :-D
🥭 101/366

sangyeon !!! today is my dads birthday! makes me think abt how u were introduced to me as the dad of the group when i asked about you ^^ though u do sometimes remind me of a lame dad, it became one of the things i rlly treasure abt u hehe. end the week happily 🧡 ily
🌼 102/366

hello there good legal citizen !!! 🙆‍♀️ hope youre keeping happy and healthy in this beautiful season !! sleep well and dont skip your meals okay 👍 love u to the stars n back always always !! ^^
☀️ 103/366

i wonder if youve seen reply 1988!!! im halfway through it rn and its rlly winning my heart. my only impression of it before was your reenactment of it for that kcon bss promotion vid:D those r fun memories ^^ 🧡🧡🧡
🥭 104/366

its actually 1:43 am on the 105th day (ily!!:D) but i fell asleep quite early yesterday and forgot to put in an entry 😳 im wide awake rn though for some reason and i dont rlly know what to do before i go back to bed. i wonder what u would do?? anyways ur cute bye
🌼 105/366

hello lightning bug ✨⚡️🐝 miss u lots !!!! im streaming the performance teaser in my spare time :D very exciting indeed!!!! i hope rtk will be a good opportunity for you guys since even this early in you seem to be doing great :> love you! dont forget!
☀️ 106/366

now that most things have to be done online like shopping and food delivery, i wonder how ur online shopping habits are holding up since you online shop so often in the first place hehe :D hope ur staying safe and eating lots seokmin 🧡 love u!
🥭 107/366

im really so excited for rtk 🙈 despite how much ive come to love u for who you are offstage, seeing you onstage is really a magical experience. you really perform like you belong there and it makes me happy seeing you guys amaze everyone ^^ rest up ok! love u lots 🧡
🌼 108/366

i was once told that light and warmth can spill out of a person like a cup overflowing with water. i think you overflow with enough light and warmth to fill up oceans. 🧡 i love u so so so much 병아리 🧡🧡🧡 i wish for your happiness always!
☀️ 109/366

thank u for commenting and posting so much on weverse today! u rlly fill these otherwise lonely days with energy n hope ^^ 🧡 hope youre spending your weekend happily! i love u very much o3o
🥭 110/366

i watched the mbti behind clip and rewatched your i'm a trot singer performance today and was once again fondly charmed by how much of an entertainer you rlly are and always have been !! u have a charisma to you that just makes ppl happy ^^ its v special!
🌼 111/3666

happy 111th day! (even tho im writing this late haha.) your car selfies have been such a cute thing to look forward to !! i havent been in a car in ages... but speeding by skylines with earphones in really makes me think of you for some reason. 🧡🚗🎶
☀️ 112/366

i always thought you suited the guitar so well!! even if you only started really picking it up recently, for some reason you can make it look like you've known how to play for ages. <3
🥭 113/366

thank u for going live!!! i didnt get to watch and my internet isnt good enough rn to even watch the replay ;v; but im excited to see if u do well when i get the chance !!! u came as an early bday present today ^^ 🧡 anticipating a meteor shower too :O! exciting
🌼 114/366

i reallyreallyreally! love your new hair !!! anyways thank u for doing a live on my birthday 🧡 u made this one so very special !! now that i think abt it, you were seventeen when i first met you ^^ hehe. have a lovely rest of the week lil lightning bug ⚡love u!
☀️ 115/366

i feel like the world has gotten impossibly tiring lately. it feels ironic bc staying at home is associated with getting lots of rest! nevertheless i hope you have that light at the end of the tunnel, sudden burst of warmth every day like you are for me. love u seoky!
🥭 116/366

i wonder if u have a sleep playlist! its been a while since i rlly listened to mine since i usually just put it on shuffle before i pass out. i did today tho its rlly crazy how easily music can calm you down ^^ here is a song for u mr leesang! https://open.spotify.com/track/6Cci364y84uDqOzABvhwfC?si=DJrQ7J1LTlC4YNIz6HZSdQ
🌼 117/366

its chanhee day! today's homily was a reflection on all the milestones that were lost to the pandemic--couldn't help but think abt my grad and your concert and get a bit sad. but i guess thats why days like today should be celebrated all the more ^^ all the love!! 🐣
☀️ 118/366

when i was still watching reply 1988 i was charmed by the life they led, at each others houses enjoying each others homemade meals without social media... but now that the internet doesnt work at home im admittedly. very bored haha. hope ur having more fun than me!
🥭 119/366

as a creator, i hope u never feel weird for getting tired of it. i was reminded again today how much of myself goes into my art -- not just tangible skill but thoughts and feelings. its quite the workout tbh!! hope u give urself a pat on the back too our sang pd :)
🌼 120/366

happy bloom bloom day!! i think i loved bb era so much bc it encapsulated everything i love abt you guys and springtime; growth, light, love, gratitude. i feel very thankful for the people that really truly love me today, including u! ^^ rtk tomorrow! cheering u on 💕
☀️ 121/366

how was today after ur vlive last night 🥺 i wonder if the members really teased u a lot like u were worried they would heh. i think the words and emotions you left in that vlive will hang around in my heart like colorful decorations for awhile ^^
🥭 122/366

a third through the year already !!!! icb!! :OOO the dance practice for sword of victory was so cool *-* when i watch videos like that where you all learn from each other, i realize again how much chemistry you have as a team. all kings in my eyes for sure ^^
🌼 123/366

u know???? ur so good at posting right when its your turn on the thread hahahaha <3 hope you had a good evening tonight 'v' i don't go on many walks bc the weather here is eternally humid. (._.) but i think i'd love to take a walk with you :-)
☀️ 124/366

we have a new member of the family !! her name is feebie !! she's 2 months old and really calm and sweet. i know u love all dogs but i think u and feebie would get along great :> she already enthusiastically responds to claps!!
🥭 125/366

i first got to know u guys around giddy up's release !! so rn its that time of the year where the dates 180504 and 190504, 2 years and a year from today, both feel quite familiar~ we've really been together for quite a while ^^ happy happy 💕💕💕💕
🌼 126/366

aaaa happy childrens' day our forever baby ;;v;;!!!! i think a lot abt how much it means to me to be a fan of someone just around my age. i know ill be supporting you for a very long time from now so until then !!always remember i luv yu
☀️ 127/366

hello seok :-D ive been catching up with s4 of haikyuu recently and i wonder if youve already seen it too :0 i remember how happy i was when i first found out you were a fan hehe i think its energy as a show is something that suits u quite well!!!
🥭 128/366

happy first win first anniversary!!! time really flies. its wild how everything about that day feels so far away now, except for the feeling of your first win--for some reason, that still feels so vivid in my heart. :> proud of you every day our strong leader!
🌼 129/366

happy parents day ric !!! ^^ was very touched when you thanked deobis for raising you as well--thats rlly how i feel abt you guys too!!! also think its cool how i started this thread telling u to dress warmly, but now i hope ur keeping cool in dis heat @v@
☀️ 130/366

had lots of fun watching clips from oh my partner :DDD missed u guys lots! i have an insane soft spot for home and im glad you chose it for tonight ;; i think its just the type of song that can touch anyone's heart!! thank u for being a home to me 🥰🧡
🥭 131/366

gud evening dj sangzzz :-D it's mothers' day today ! i think moms are sort of the 반장s of the family :> its funny how this is sort of the second parent-related entry in this thread and it went to you again haha u dad. 😋 hope u got to call your parents the other day!
🌼 132/366

helo kkomadol 🗿 whatever ur schedule was today, i hope it went well!!! sangyeon said it was a a secret heh. theres so many things you guys are up to that we cant even imagine :o so i hope u knpw youre always doing a good job ^^ ily, sleep well!
☀️ 133/366

seokmin my fellow myday!! isnt the new album so good :DD i spent the whole day listening to yesterdays comebacks. isnt it pretty interesting how music can fill every second of the day without you rlly noticing? i think i dont spent much time Not listening to smth.
🥭 134/366

hello mr ceo 👔👔👔 i think i watched the identity film at least 5 more times today haha :')) i still rlly want to thank you guys for releasing it ;v; u give me more reasons to love u every day. 🧡🧡🧡
🌼 135/366

well hello there!!! first placer!! ah my boyz truly a force to be reckoned with B) you stand out in whatever challenge youre thrown into!!! seeing you like this really makes me think you've grown a lot and i couldnt be more proud ^^ <3 !!! crown snatchedt
☀️ 136/366

seokiiii :-D hope u caught up on sleep today since u slept p late last night!! also since rainy day naps are the best hehe. i also hope u got to call that teacher who was asleep hehe !! ^^ 🧡🧡🧡 have a great weekend !!
🥭 137/366

really lovely to see u gaining fans as of late :--DD i feel like the past week has rlly opened a lot of peoples eyes to who the boyz are a little bit more and i cant imagine how proud you must be of urself and ur brothers!!! im definietly super proud too ^^
🌼 138/366

wetheboyz was busy today :DDD when u guys have vlives like the ones you and sunwoo had last night it makes me think abt how u guys are rlly always working on something...its rlly so admirable. whatevers going on behind the scenes now, thank u for ur hard work! ily ^^
☀️ 139/366

feeling v grateful today!!! i think gratitude is something that comes to me fairly easily--even for that fact about myself im grateful haha. its one of the things that keeps me going i think;; so thank you for being one of the things im the most grateful for!
🥭 140/366

your recent activity has just made my pride for you guys surge and i realized that out of all of us, the most proud one at this moment is probably you. i hope you know youre doing an amazing job--your selfless hard work is coming into fruition rn! ^^ <3 love u so much
🌼 141/366

i felt like i was holding my breath the entire danger practice video ;; you guys break your own boundaries every single time but this one rlly... in anyones eyes this performance was just on another crazy level of difficulty. im so proud of u guys ;;_;; so proud
☀️ 142/366

wah!!!! first late lockdown entry "ovo i took a dm break yesterday and maybe i forgot bc this thread kind of feels like im writing messages lol. anyways ur anniversary art is coming along well!!!! im excited to see it to the end heh 🧡
🥭 143/366

143! happy i love you day!!!!! ^_^ <33333 i think i learned a new meaning to those words when i met you. there are also some days i see your face and its like every cell in my body is just screaming them at the same time !! i love you mr leesang >:u....a lot!
🌼 144/366

rigi! happy 900th day! :-D im always in a good mood on these days when love is circulating all over my tl. its rlly nice to think of how far you've come :> lets keep going on for a long time ^^ since its you i know the next 900 days will pass by in an instant <3
☀️ 145/366

ur anniversary is so close !! i wonder what you guys have in store this year 🧐🧐🧐 5 years is such an incredibly long time...if i think back to how i was 5 years ago, i was definitely still a kid in anyones eyes. we've all come pretty far 🐾
🥭 146/366

i wonder why ur on my mind so often these days ?? its an emotional handful. looking at ur face feels like looking at the whole team meshed i to one person. hope youve been happy n healthy ^^
🌼 147/366

릭깅 o u o wild how just the other month you were the one i wrote to when i found out my graduation ceremony would be cancelled, and now that i was able to claim my diploma its you im telling again ^^ my highschool love ~ i hope u spend the week happily!
☀️ 148/366

deekaaayy ~~ idk why but i have a feeling youll be the next htr ep after kwan's... if im wrong thatd be pretty funny but. nevertheless im very excited to see your episode !! im v thankful for all this docuseries has taught me so far, and i always learn a lot from you.
🥭 149/366

congratulations on another well deserved win !! im rlly proud of u ^^ it was also so lovely to see you put so much effort into creating a comfortable atmosphere for the collab round :> our reliable leader !!! im already excited for next week :D
🌼 150/366

150 days! crazy crazy crazy. thank u for greeting us on vlive! always nice to see your numbers grow too--u guys get a million hearts in a matter of minutes now and gain like 200 thousand views after every one;; its insane! ;_; im so proud !!!!
☀️ 151/366

now that your comeback news is out i feel like you guys are a bit more comfortable w being active ^^ its nice! i really missed you all :D hope youre having the loveliest weekend ^^ thank u for being my forever partner! love u so much seokmin
🥭 152/366

listening closely to spring snow again and thinking abt how this song is what the inside of your heart sounds like ;; a gentle and honest and breathtaking song just like you. i rlly hope we get to hear more of ur works in the future :> love u, our 작곡님 !!
🌼 153/366

ric !! a very good evening to u. sometimes i remember how youve dabbled in like 4 different instruments--im v curious about your history with drums and violin especially. our rigi, a violinist--who wouldve thought!!!! i hope u can show us a bit more one day.
☀️ 154/366

deekay deekaaaayy ^^ 🧡🧡🧡 hope the start of your week has treated u well so far !! 20 days will pass by super fast and before we know it your cb will be released ... so exciting :D here is a song for u !! https://open.spotify.com/track/5sCwshjdYivIeXRwhVdgDw?si=ckcvMOIUT-OS6KmfzZg0fA
🥭 155/366

thanks for going live last night !! its lovely to see you monitor w so much interest and fondness in ur eyes. youre really deobi number one ☝️ and no matter how proud i am of u guys, its nice to remember youre always 10 times as proud :> stay healthy mr leesang!
🌼 156/366

good job on another breathtaking performance !!! ur storytelling skills have been simply amazing this whole show and to see you tell your story with another group chasing similar dreams as singers is so heartwarming ^^ sleep well tonight! beware of rabid squirrelz...
☀️ 157/366

down to the last htr ep in a few days (yours!!). it seems like just yesterday when the series was introduced and i cant believe its coming to a close!! i will always be grateful that you guys entrusted us with such a meaningful docuseries. ill never forget any of it!
🥭 158/366

sangyeon good evening !! watching sunkyu's vlive rn and theyre such unique ppl. theyre seriously talking abt raising ants... its nice remembering that ur members are the loves of your life. we love some weird weird ppl dont we !!!
🌼 159/366

youngjaaaeee ^^ had fun listening to ur q&a!!! listening to you chatter abt anything always feels naturally warm in the heart. finally got to open my reveal album today and i couldve sworn u would at least be my scratch card !!! but alas :( better luck next time ig :D
☀️ 160/366

henggarae!!!!! its real !! no matter how much we all anticipated that there would be a june comeback, i know that whatever you guys release this time around will be something i cant even begin to imagine. u blow me away every single time!
🥭 161/366

uncle sangyeon :-D!! i couldnt believe my eyes seeing howon so big. its cool to think he was a baby when you were filming you seem busy and now that youve become more prominent than ever as an idol he's grown into a little boy! two babies that grew well :>
🌼 162/366

rigiiii !!! 800 the b days ^^!!! i have a vivid memory of my friend trying to get me to stan tbz before giddy up came out wondering what your fan name was going to be. i quite like the b and its meaning ^^ thank you for being my vitamin too 💊🧡
☀️ 163/366

deekay ;;___;; my deekay !!!! i love mymy so much !! its officially one of the top songs under Svt Discography Songs That Remind Me Why I Love Them. ;;; thank you so much for this one!!! also!!!! im so excited for your hosting gig :D go bb show the world ur charisma
🥭 164/366

sangyeon~~ our best leader sangyeon!!!! its my greatest joy to see you achieve your dreams. to you, who is more invested in his team's growth than anyone, who believes in and trusts his brothers like his life depends on it, congratulations! im endlessly proud of you.
🌼 165/366

eric ;___; idek if you guys have time to keep checking the charts like the bs are doing right now but you guys just keep climbing and climbing its just sooo so surreal to experience ;-; you guys are really showing the world what youre made of and i cant be more proud;
☀️ 166/366

200 days left in the year! crazy :00 i rlly enjoyed your appearance on the football show !! i dont know much abt football but i found myself getting rlly excited watching hehe you guys did so well! the semi choreo spoiler rlly made comeback feel so close too ^^
🥭 167/366

still a little surreal that rtk is ending :'0... i scrolled back in this thread and found out the performance teaser came out on day 90 and now we're all the way on day 167! time rlly flies huh o_o! its been such an exciting journey and you guys have done so well 🧡
🌼 168/366

tonight rlly made me think of how you said before that, as much as your glad the bs have met tbz, youre also glad the bs meet each other. on nights like this im pretty grateful to be surrounded w this much passionate energy. youve rlly gathered a big family here ^^
☀️ 169/366

cant believe its been a year since your first xcalibur dress rehearsal ;_; that was such a beautiful inspiring time period for me as a fan and an important point of growth for you as a singer and im always grateful i was there to witness it <3 always our kyeomarthur
🥭 170/366

never anticipated how big rtk was gonna be for u guys, for all of us. your heart, your passion as a group was shown to the world more breathtakingly each week. you guys are really a force to be reckoned with, and youre at the forefront of it, sangyeon! love love you
🌼 171/366

so excited for kcontact! i feel like you guys are different ppl now its insane. youve grown so much skill and popularity wise in 2 months and im psyched to see ur first multi artist public appearance after the show! stay healthy n happy always ric :> ilysm!!!
☀️ 172/366

you did super well on fun-staurant last night!!!! youre just irresistible and its so fun to see your charm in a crowd different from seventeen because anywhere you go everyone cant not love you hehe ^o^ so excited for left and right! just around the corner now:D
🥭 173/366

in 10 days it will be halfway through the year :00 i always underestimate how long years are in the middle. i feel like the years about to end but theres actually still so much to go...crazy ive known you for two!!! 😳
🌼 174/366

i dont know what you guys have been up to the past few days, but i hope you know that there are thousands of people all around the world that are proud of you every single second. youre doing great just as you are :) i love u lots rigi
☀️ 175/366

missed everything abt comeback season! having the album on repeat, watching and rewatching stages, learning the fanchant ^^ you guys have worked hard on this one and even though the era just started ill remember it forever :D the soundtrack of our youth!
🥭 176/366

every day i realize more and more that theres no one member of tbz fit to be the leader quite in the way you are. you really are the team's pillar. id be glad if you know that we couldnt have gotten this far without you :-) hope you guys are resting up!
🌼 177/366

ive been waking up late recently ,, i wonder if youve been getting any sleep in to make up?? i hope you are.. sometimes i think about how you wish there was a vlive equivalent for the bs so you could also see us when you want to haha. cutie
☀️ 178/366

my million baby 🥳🥳🥳 when i started getting into kpop at all through you guys i didnt even realize how much gravity these kinds of achievements have. seeing you guys through 3 years of achievements working your way surely to today has been such an honor 🧡🧡🧡
🥭 179/366

omg??? i wrote to u on my dad's bday and now its you again on my mom's o_o what a cute coincidence hehe. i hope you guys are resting well ♡ hope you can visit howon and juwon and play again soon! 😊😊🧡🧡🧡🧡 love u sangy
🌼 180/366

u rlly keep going live on days when its your turn on the thread......creepy...:| this is the only screenshot i got haha. this was like 5 minutes in-- crazy how there was a time vlives would end at that amount of views and hearts. our steadily growing boyz ^^
☀️ 181/366

i missed gose so much !!!! so nice to see u carry the race on till the very end haha you looked so focused in ur overalls. ^^ gose is really the light at the start of my week and its the first gose in this new house too!! fun beginnings <3
🥭 182/366

its the castle 1st anniversary today! i think that day i felt love in such a pure form after a hard week. i will never forget the look on your eyes, like you knew each of the few thousands of people in the concert hall by heart. i miss you a lot! ;_;
🌼 183/366 (50%)

HAPPYYYYY HALFYEAR YOUNGJAE 🧡🧡🧡 and thank you for the vlive and selfies! so nice to feel your energy today ^o^ thank you for lighting up these days:) get it got it in the next half too! i love u so much!!!!
☀️ 184/366

seok 🧡🧡 congrats on another well deserved win! heng:garae has rlly made this summer unforgettable and im so glad you guys are reaping the rewards for all the hard work and effort youve poured into it. just seeing you guys happy onstage is always enough :) love you!
🥭 185/366

so nice to see you tonight, it felt so good to laugh and be in your company 🥰🥰🥰 i wonder if you just kept trying to untangle your necklace after the live ended...guess ill have to keep wondering until next week 😔✊ thank you for making so many people happy °u°
🌼 186/366

you make people happy effortlessly ;;; i wish that was something that was true for me too even if im not naturally charming or funny like you are. nevertheless thank you for making me smile when i thought smiling was the furthest thing from my mind:) u are my luv
☀️ 187/366

the end of another era ^^ 2 weeks of left and right passed by just like that, also marking 2 weeks since ive been living in my new house! no matter what goes on in our lives, thank you for being by my side :-) ill remember this album forever <333
🥭 188/366

so nice to see a film open post again today esp after you hadnt posted in a bit ^^ kcon ny's anniversary week too--its really crazy how time just passes and suddenly these precious memories are hundreds of days behind us! to think its already the 188th of the year!
🌼 189/366

they say kdom lineup is coming out tomorrow :00 rlly your 다시 한번 시작되는 게임 !!!!! i know with the amazing amount of experience youve already built up, youll just continue to blow people away. u have my support whatever happens !!! ily eric :-P
☀️ 190/366

i think making people happy is an amazing power, and just looking at you and being able to feel happiness is incredible. always so thankful to have known you for so long in this time and universe 🌟
🥭 191/366

been waiting on my fancafe application for a few weeks now and i was wondering how i would start to tackle all the things ive been wanting to tell you for the past 2 years. no matter what, i probably wouldnt be able to express how much i really love you just in words.
🌼 192/366

today was good. a bunch of stray puzzle pieces in my mind came together today bit by bit... thank you for giving me the energy to get to this point my lil lightning bug:-) ⚡⚡⚡ luv yoo
☀️ 193/366

i love watching video call fansign clips !!! ♡♡ youre really receiving love from all around the world and youre part of the unique stories of millions of people c: theres nothing that makes me happier and more proud. love u seok !!
🥭 194/366

icb u got a picture with my idol 😳😳😳 i know we both love him a lot so i hope you got to tell him that youre proud of all hes accomplished and that youll always support him on my behalf !!!! lucky you
🌼 195/366

i dont usually categorize my memories by years in my life, but for some reason, i think ill remember being 17. you were 17 too when i first met you 🥺 im always thankful that my teenage memories will be full of your smile 🧡 love u till we're old n grey 릭깅
☀️ 196/366

thank you for going on weverse !! its been rainy the past few days but the sun showed up again today and you came right alongside it:-D always thankful for the warmth you bring just by being you. love u forever !!!
🥭 197/366

maybe im just biased because i love well-lit spaces with a view of nature, but i really love seeing you guys do lives from your new building's rooftop:> i was a bit sad too about leaving the old building behind but we can make good memories anywhere^^
🌼 198/366

you guys are so busy omg everywhere i look there you are !! and to think you still have this big cover project on the side and kingdom coming up in a month or so........so thrilling to see your career take off in many ways. watch out world 🌏⚡
☀️ 199/366

downloading a days counter has rlly put time into perspective... tomorrow is only the 200th entry im writing in this thread when this year feels like it has gone on forever. and with you ive already spent 916... heres to more good days w you ~ :-)
🥭 200/366

happy! big 200! mr lee sangyeon! 🥳🥳🥳 wahoo!!!!!!! still so much plans left for this year for the both of us and the end of it seems so far away still. whatever happens its always a relief to know youre by my side:-) stay healthy always! mahal po kita
🌼 201/366

i think i know a bit of what goes through moms' heads when they start crying looking at how much their child has grown. really id just been quietly watching over you guys at a distance all this time but when i really think about it youre all so big now:'c 💓
☀️ 202/366

i feel like i can see forever with u guys bc no matter how much you've grown right before my eyes i still always feel like i'm falling in love with the same boys i fell in love with years ago --its a rlly interesting comfort :>
🥭 203/366

its wild how you guys are always up to something and it catches us by surprise every time when its all done but somehow youre always the ones thanking us non-stop ;;v;; hhh ill rlly support and love you as long as i can;; with you guys forever will go by in an instant
🌼 204/366

saved a bunch of old pics of you today just bc i felt like it 😌 it was interesting to look at you and reminisce how i felt about you back then compared to how big and deep my feelings have grown now. lets keep writing stories together 💌 love u always!
☀️ 205/366

i added your song rec it to a few playlists 'v' ive always loved hearing how ppls music can reflect who they are to the point that id listen to any song to the end knowing it was a song close to someone i cared abt. but i like you and ur music taste a lot 😳...a win!
🥭 206/366

its always a pleasant feeling to remember how long you've stayed a constant reassuring presence in my life--it makes me feel like whatever unexpected hardship comes to hit me in the future, ill be safe, somewhat. thank you so much ! i love you always ^-^
🌼 207/366

i hope you never doubt it, but i really think youre an amazing person, eric:-) i just think everything you are everything youve accomplished and the heart and mind you preserved in order to get there...are all so amazing. i love you ⚡⚡⚡ dont forget!
☀️ 208/366

i was never so aware of the seasons until becoming your fan. suddenly if its always hot over here i still feel so touched hearing you tell us to dress warmly in the winter and to keep ourselves refreshed in the summer ^^ lets be together for much more seasons to come
🥭 209/366

i love magazine interviews so much ^-^ it's nice to hear all your thoughts on things and a relief as well to know that you guys have a public outlet on your unique thoughts! you all have so much incredible insight to offer and its always a joy to read through it:-)
🌼 210/366

our energy maknae ^-^ it really is amazing how just one look at you is a proven pick-me-up!! i think it's just the most reassuring thing to know you're by my side--remembering that, i really feel like i can do anything ⚡️⚡️⚡️
☀️ 211/366

time and again i realize how unique my love for you is. i don't think ive ever loved anything or anyone quite like i love you, and as unexplainable as it is, it comes to me so naturally ^v^ <3 it's relieving to have a love like that, i think. :-)
🥭 212/366

bought ur badge 🤦‍♀️ ah something about it reminds me of how i would always look for cute butterfly jewelry every time i went out shopping (to no avail lol) so i could have something to wear that reminds me of tbz !! i can already envision my badge on my guitar case heh
🌼 213/366

so nice to see ur new studio and how you've decorated it ^o^ having recently moved myself its nice to have a workspace of my own now and i like seeing that yours is so simple and cute:D i hope for room 403 to be full of smiles always
☀️ 214/366

the rain has been nostop lately TT i usually like the rain but it does make me feel a lot less productive !! hope you have enough sunshine in your system to fight the gloom ^o^ and be careful of catching a cold! ily seok :-)
🥭 215/366

while i do recognize that this whole kpop stan thing is probably a phase like all my interests were growing up, ill always have a place in my heart for you. i think the memories we've made together up to now are always going to be there for me to look back on fondly
🌼 216/366

it means a lot to me to be around your age. at the end of the day even if youve achieved so much and gone through so much hardship beyond your years, youre in your last year as a teen this year. i'll remember our youth happily when we're both older:)
☀️ 217/366

youre really square one to me !! everything u make me feel by being who you are, all the love and happiness and fondness is so natural that i don't really have to think too much about it. and to think ive only known you for 2 and a half years !!
🥭 218/366

nearing the tail end of another season! before i know it youll be telling the bs to dress warmly again and you'll be bundled up in cozy outfits too when you go out. this year is rlly lasting forever ....
🌼 219/366

the amt of stuff ur up to that you keep secret from us keeps me up at night fr ....... even if this year was long for some reason i feel like reveal and rtk were just yesterday... idek what ur hair color is !!!!! @_@ thoughts. many of them
☀️ 220/366

another day drowned in rain again TT days seem so long without sunlight. hope youre keeping safe and dry ;o;!!!! and also wrapping up the week well and with a smile on ur face ^-^ love u lots
🥭 221/366

i wonder what the science is behind paper-related activities being so calming. writing on notebooks, doing trad art + reading are inherently serene activities for me even if i can kind of do all those things on a computer... hope u have ur own source of healing too !!
🌼 222/366

i remember when kevin said he's grateful that your growth and career is documented on camera !! i love pictures, and i love that you guys take a lot of opportunities to take pictures as well ^^ lets continue to make picture perfect memories together always 📸
☀️ 223/366

i almost dont wanna see you have to do the haunted house next week HAHAHA although i know youll do well 👍👍👍 you didnt even flinch when jeonghan tried to scare u anymore, whatta champ!!!! hehe ily
🥭 224/366

august 11 doesnt just mark my deobi birthday anymore but also my first letter to you ^-^ even though ive been collecting all these thoughts for you for 2 years i dont think ill ever be rlly able to express it all to you. always love u, always thankful for you sangyeon
🌼 225/366

i wonder what ur comeback will sound like *_* everything youve released since i became a fan has been such a surprise...so psyched to see how youve grown and the new sound youll let us hear !!! the fan family has grown quite a bit too since then 👀 lets hit it big!
☀️ 226/366

i studied the danchant as well as i could 👏 couldnt have done it if you hadnt taught us so well! :D so excited for my first caratland ^o^ i wonder what you guys will have in store for us then :>>
🥭 227/366

another the play again today 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ you guys are seriously natural entertainers and yet its nice to see how comfortable youve become with doing variety content over the years ^o^ already so excited for next week !!!!
🌼 228/366

our 기가릭깅 🗣🗣🗣 theres nothing that makes me more naturally and instantly happy than your pure energy. its funny but when i see you chatter and jump around everywhere it brings me this unexplainable inner peace HAHA
☀️ 229/366

no matter what happened today, i hope you find a reason to smile before you go to bed ^o^ 🧡🧡🧡 watch a funny video or call your parents !! and have sweet dreams 💤💤💤 love u very much
🥭 230/366

드뎌 컴백 확정 🥳 rtk honestly feels like both yesterday and an eternity ago and the way you guys and the fanbase has grown since then makes me so so so excited for this comeback !!! go show the world what ur made of ^o^ 🧡🧡🧡
🌼 231/366

thank you for going live today 🍑🍑🍑 while i dont know if your concept spoiler was smth i should take seriously or if you actually got scolded for revealing it just knowing your cb is so close by makes me so excited 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ hope youre taking care always! love youuu
☀️ 232/366

so many things to anticipate ⛅ im so excited !!! having something to look forward to is always nice ^o^ thank you for making every day special like that 🧡
🥭 233/366

something satisfying about todays number ... hope u had a satisfying day today sangyeon 👍👍 anticipating the day comeback feels like its just around the corner now because i really cant wait !!! ☆o☆ didnt realize how much i missed new music !!
🌼 234/366

i rlly woke up to you guys saying you had just ended practice an hour before ;v; hope you guys were able to sleep in today >_< take care of yourself always !!!
☀️ 235/366

again with the bringing sunshine into my every day just by being you...!!!! u never stop do you. not that im complaining 🧡🧡 thank you always for shining !!!
🥭 236/366

thanks for going live today <3 since i missed it i planned to have it in the background while i did other stuff but i ended up watching the whole thing anyways haha. didnt realize i missed u so much 🤧
🌼 237/366

this is a late entry wahahaha but thank u for going live lightning bug⚡⚡⚡ u seemed to have a lot of funny stories to tell last night !! it was nice to see your smile too ^o^
☀️ 238/366

u never fail to knock the breath out my lungs !!!! its become almost comforting to me in a weird way haha. its always an honor to see you guys doing such amazing things and interesting to see how every release is laced with a little more visible experience..!!
🥭 239/366

its kind of cheesy but when u came into my life i wasnt expecting that you would be someone i end up trusting and relying on so much. i dont know what ive done to deserve someone like you, but i guess that means all thats left for me to do is be thankful ^_^
🌼 240/366

i hope tonight was kind to you, ric !! youre loved in places you cant see, but that doesnt mean it isnt there-- hope you feel all the hearts around the world that beat for u tonight ouo
☀️ 241/366

i feel like summer has been going on for a whole year already ... still, i hope youre filling yours with happy memories before the season passes ;v; and keeping cool in this heat oh my !!!!
🥭 242/366

yo dude.... why are u so good looking HAHAHAHA lets not forget i was literally moved to stan tbz bc of ur dazzling smile...!!!!!! u r a legend do u know that??? anyways u worked so hard today ily
🌼 243/366

happy 1000 days, eric! ^o^ ever since i met you, each day has added meanings and stories and immeasurable weight to the words 'thank you' and 'i love you'. im so thankful for every beautiful memory you were able to draw out since you debuted. im proud of you!
☀️ 244/366

hope youre resting well:-) i feel like my whole week has been filled with light already hehe ^_^ ill enjoy todays gose ep too 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️
🥭 245/366

already the start of a whole new month! i think we all know why september will be memorable already c; hope you spent the first day of many beautiful september days happily! go look at the moon its pretty tonight ^^
🌼 246/366

since a lot of u guys went live i wonder if you had scattered periods of free time :0 hope you spent yours resting, if ever !! the weather was rlly nice today^^ wouldve been nice for a nap!
☀️ 247/366

hope you've been starting the month off well! to think we're already this far into the year :000 i wish you all the happiness for this month too :)
🥭 248/366

evening mr leesang !! i hope tonight as well that you remember how you are loved in inexplainable ways and immeasurable amounts. its only what you deserve for ejecting just as much love out into the world:-) 🧡
🌼 249/366

happy 2 years since right here !! so many happy memories with that era ^^ looking forward to all the memories ill spend with your new music in the future :-D
☀️ 250/366

seokmin happy 250 !!!!! :^) less than 120 days left in the year ... i really can't tell if time is going by quickly or slowly these days.. but i do know that bc i have you by my side not a single one of thes 250 days was ever lonely! :> 🧡
🥭 251/366

wild how its only teaser images that are coming out and i can already tell this time around its going to be like nothing the world has ever witnessed before...!!!!! truly 心 stealers....
🌼 252/366

comeback feels so close yet so far....... u guys have been working so hard n im so excited to see what youve had in store for all this time ;o; 💓💓💓💓 just take my heart already !!
☀️ 253/366

seokmiiiiinnn 👋👋👋 hope youve been recovering well (??) since your dentist visit !! if i could i would feed u all the bread in the world ^^ hope you spent today happily and with a light heart !!! love u very very much 🙆‍♀️
🥭 254/366

hello sangyeon 🙆‍♀️ in the midst of everything youve been up to i hope youve been able to take good care of yourself !!! if you have time and the weather allows, i think its good to take a walk ^^ ilyy y y y yy
🌼 255/366

cant stop thinking abt the new songs ^o^ i really really love your discography, and while i cant imagine what the new songs are going to sound like i cant wait for all the memories ill make with them in the background 🎶🎶🎶
☀️ 256/366

every day im glad that carats are kind of like the 14th member of svt ;;v;; i always feel included in whatever shenanigans you guys are up to all the way to whatever goals you guys reach, and im always thankful 🙆‍♀️
🥭 257/366

so excited for re:al TT from the concerts ive been to in the past the castle was srsly one of my favorite, i cant wait to go to another tbz concert ;;_;; you guys seem so excited too
🌼 258/366

are we rlly getting highlight reel tonight TT i feel like just yesterday i declared break your rules my girlfriend at first listen now we're getting a new mini album...!!!!! so excited to hear what you guys have for us this time around ily ily ily
☀️ 259/366

hello there mr employed 😳😳😳 one minute youre doing casual guitar covers the next participating on official remixes...!!!!!!! so happy for every amazing opportunity that comes to you ^^ im so excited already its gonna sound amazing !!!
🥭 260/366

re:al confirmations came in the (e)mail today 💃💃💃 its real aaaa everything is so real !!! the album! the concert !!!! so incredibly proud of you guys for working so hard to put this all together. so excited to see how much youve grown !!!
🌼 261/366

thank u for the pretty pic of the sky earlier !! ^^ in times like this when you're up to a lot, thinking of a lot of things, making lots of decisions, i think it's the best to look at the sky that just hangs up there for us without fail. ur my blue sky ☁️ ^^ love u !
☀️ 262/366

sneaky.. u sneaky sneaky boys.... >< with all the amazingly unique concepts youve nailed in the past its so beyond me what you have in store this time ... thank u for always working hard ;; lets hit it big w this one again!!! 👊👊
🥭 263/366

🌼 264/366

tomorrow T_T is it really tomorrow T____T i say that but it also feels like these 12 hrs cant pass by any slower ...!!!!!!!! beyond excited !! here's to another era for the books <333 ily ily ily
☀️ 265/366

thank u for bein square one 🧡🙆‍♀️ easy to get caught up and feel left behind in a lot of things these but its always homey and easy with u
🥭 266/366

officially only 100 days left in the year o_o !!! nice to see you start these last days by fulfilling a long time dream <33 its so surreal to see how far you've come after all this time of just being by your side ;v; ill stay right here for every next milestone <3
🌼 267/366

re-listened to your podcast today!! always been in love with your immersive way of storytelling. it was really nice to hear about your simple beginnings especially now that youve achieved such amazing things that seem unreal even to me *-*
☀️ 268/366

cant believe september is ending! i barely felt it pass by...very uncharacteristic of a 2020 month, in my opinion. i know youre probably hard at work ;-DDD so i hope u wrap up this month by making lots of happy happy memories !! ily ^o^
🥭 269/366

very very good job today -v- i love promotion season so much !!!! i love having time to get to know the song a bit more and appreciate how much work youve put into putting out something so polished !!!! *_* tbz and the bs both, lets make it an amazing era together ^^
🌼 270/366

HELLO..??? why are u so cool 😔😔😔 the attitude u take on when u get on stage is insane... so great seeing how much comfortable youve become with stage gestures and the growing presence youve built yourself throughout the years
☀️ 271/366

onto a new week ♡ miss n love u lots !!! i hope youre taking care of yourself these days, and finding little reasons to smile often:-) u are the most precious to me !!!
🥭 272/366

glad to hear ur hand injury isnt anything too serious but i do hope u take care of urself ;v;....... icb we're already on second week of promotions !!!!! 이번주도 홧띵 💪
🌼 273/366

hello happy boy !!!! ^^ hope ur having a great week =^o^= u got this! we got this !! lets go tbz !!!!!!! 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️
☀️ 274/366

happy chuseok !! <3 i hope you spent today making happy memories w people you love and eating lots of good food !! ^^ ill always be the most thankful for you ^0^ <33
🥭 275/366

starting this month off on a high note !!! Im so so so soooooo proud of you ^^ seeing the world recognize all the efforts youve been making all these years makes me so so so happy for you as your fan. lets keep running towards ur dreams together !!
🌼 276/366

hey there coolest guy in the world 😎😎😎 everyday is a day im grateful to know and love you ^^ 🧡🧡 thank you for being such a reliable happiness eric !!! ily ily ily
☀️ 277/366

i heard its getting colder there !!! be sure not to get sick n bundle up when you need to ^^ just like that another season has passed with you !! no one i'd rather pass the time with :>>
🥭 278/366

u must be rlly busy these days !!! regardless i hope u can find time in the day to rest and that youre eating properly and dressing for the changing seasons >< u got this! ily !!!
🌼 279/366

thank u thank u thank uuuuu for going on vlive, its so nice to see ur face!! u rlly never miss ur turn on this thread do u haha. youre still live rn but i promise im still watching look check this out
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