2020 marks 75 years since 1945. It’s a year that will commemorate many anniversaries tied to the end of World War II and the rise of a new world order.
As part of our World War II coverage, we’ll be tweeting out the front page of The Times every day, beginning with Jan. 1, 1945. Follow along here.
Jan. 1, 1945: Patton Opens a New Drive Into Nazis’ Flank; Western Tip of Salient Again Smashed Back; Hitler Bars a Surrender, Warns Defeatists https://nyti.ms/2Q8QD2q 
Jan. 2nd, 1945: 3D Army Drills Into Salient Above Bastogne; Germans Attack 7th in Diversion to South; Luftwaffe Raids Airfields, Loses 241 Planes https://nyti.ms/2MG8xYf 
Jan. 3rd, 1945: Attacking Nazis Broaden Saar Basin Front; Gain Two Miles in Drive to Clear Reich Soil; Patton Meets Stiffer Resistance in Belgium https://nyti.ms/2SDa0Cb 
Jan. 4, 1945: 1st Army Opens Drive at Top of Belgian Bulge; 3D Gains Beyond Bastogne, 7th Forced Back; U.S. Fliers Bomb Luzon, Formosa and Japan https://nyti.ms/39nijIh 
Jan. 5, 1945: 1st Army Drives 3 Miles in Sleet Into Bulge; Neck of Salient Now 11 Miles as 3D Gains Too; 7th to the South Gives Up Foothold in Reich https://nyti.ms/37o5r2R 
Jan. 6, 1945: Allies Cut 3 Miles into Nazi Bulge in North But 3D and 7th Are Hard Pressed in South; Americans Land on New Island Near Luzon https://nyti.ms/39pGndF 
Jan. 7, 1945: Roosevelt Demands a National Service Act, Draft of Nurses and 4FS, Postwar Training; 1st Army Smashes Deeper into Belgian Bulge https://nyti.ms/39qdHBk 
Jan. 8, 1945: Americans Cut a Main Road in Belgian Bulge; Nazis Strike Across Rhine Near Strasbourg; U.S. Ships Shelling Gulf on Luzon, Tokyo Says https://nyti.ms/37mxlw7 
Jan. 9, 1945: Americans Hack Both Sides of Belgian Bulge; Check Enemy Around Strasbourg and in Saar; Tokyo Reports Balking Lingayen Bay Landing https://nyti.ms/35A5KXa 
Jan. 10, 1945: Americans Land 107 Miles From Manila, Seize Four Lingayen Gulf Beachheads; President’s Budget Asks 83 Billions https://nyti.ms/37Q1Qef 
Jan. 11, 1945: Americans Drive 10 Miles Inland on Luzon; Win 4 Towns and Airstrip; Resistance Light; Germans Retreat From Tip of Belgian Bulge https://nyti.ms/35GJ7jN 
Jan. 12, 1945: Americans Deepen and Widen Luzon Foothold; Meet Resistance; Planes Rake Manila Roads; Germans Falling Back 23 Miles in Belgium https://nyti.ms/2QHvHjq 
Jan. 13, 1945: 3D Fleet Planes Sink 25 Japanese Ships, Hit 13 More in Convoys Off Indo-China; German Bulge in Belgium is Collapsing https://nyti.ms/2QFgfUI 
Jan. 14, 1945: Russians Open Winter Offensive in Poland; Break Nazi Lines 25 Miles on 37-Mile Front; Americans Drive to Cut Off Fleeing Germans https://nyti.ms/384WpbB 
Jan. 15, 1945: Russians Cross Last River Before Cracow; Nazis Flee Belgian Bulge, Lose 232 Planes; Americans on Luzon Plain Beyond Agno River https://nyti.ms/2sgWRnK 
Jan. 16, 1945: Carrier Planes Bomb 3 Ports on China Coast; Indo-China Bag is 41 Ships Sunk, 28 Damaged; Russians in Kielce; U.S. Units at Hub of Salient https://nyti.ms/36K4aTR 
Jan. 17, 1945: Russians Seize Stronghold Flanking Warsaw; British Strike at German Salient in Holland; U.S. Planes Blast 30 Ships in New China Blows https://nyti.ms/2QHMR01 
Jan. 18, 1945: Russians Take Warsaw, Reported in Cracow; Win a City 14 Miles From Reich in 24-Mile Gain; British Advance, Americans Close on St. Vith https://nyti.ms/2FzQLSm 
Jan. 19, 1945: Russians Reported at Frontier of Silesia; British and American Drives Gain in West; Churchill Warns Nazis to Surrender Now https://nyti.ms/35J4z7A 
Jan. 20, 1945: Russians in Lodz and Cracow, Smash Nazi Line in New Advance of 28 Miles in East Prussia; Allies Gain in North, Check Foe Along Rhine https://nyti.ms/2si4Yk0 
Jan. 21, 1945: Roosevelt Sworn in for Fourth Term; Extends Good Neighbor Policy to World; Russians Gain 25 Miles; French Open Drive https://nyti.ms/30O1bI0 
Jan. 22, 1945: Allies Now in Reich Proper in East and West; Russians Smash Into Silesia, Win Tannenberg; Germans Quitting Bulge, French Push Ahead https://nyti.ms/3aA6lMf 
Jan. 23, 1945: Russians Sweep On, Now 150 Miles From Berlin; Seize Insterburg, Allenstein in East Prussia; U.S. Fliers Hit 3,000 Vehicles on West Front https://nyti.ms/2sUIsOo 
Jan. 24, 1945: Russians Reach the Oder on 37-Mile Front, Flank Silesian Mines, Squeeze East Prussia; Americans Take St. Vith, Fall Back in South https://nyti.ms/38MwaqL 
Jan. 25, 1945: Red Army Now is Four Miles From Breslau; Germans Jam Roads East From Rhineland; British Drive Into Siegfried Land in North https://nyti.ms/2RNyYwF 
Jan. 26, 1945: Russians 4 Miles From Posen, Nearing Baltic; Eight German Divisions Lash Out in Alsace; Americans Take Clark Field in Manila Drive https://nyti.ms/30TlzHw 
Jan. 27, 1945: Russians Reach Baltic, Cut Off East Prussia; 8 Miles From Koenigsberg; Posen Outflanked; Allies Drive Germans Back Across the Roer https://nyti.ms/2TYJNi7 
Jan. 28, 1945: Red Army Overruns Silesian War Arsenal; Surrounds Posen And Closes On Brandenburg; 3D Army Drives 4 Miles to German Border https://nyti.ms/3aOqcY6 
Jan. 29, 1945: Russians Win All Silesia Plants, Take Memel and Advance To Point 109 Miles From Berlin; U.S. First Army Strikes Suddenly in Blizzard https://nyti.ms/3aUZ0qv 
Jan. 30, 1945: Red Army Sweeps On 93 Miles From Berlin; Invades Pomerania, Closes on Koenigsberg; U.S. Third Army Smashes Back Into Germany https://nyti.ms/38RWpfa 
Jan. 31, 1945: Soviet Push Unchecked 73 Miles From Berlin; 2 U.S. Drives Crack Siegfried Line Outworks; Americans Land North of Bataan Unopposed https://nyti.ms/37MnkJc 
Feb. 1, 1945: Russians 63 Miles Off, Berlin Hears Guns; U.S. Troops Enter Germany at 3 More Points; Americans Win Subic Bay Navy Base on Luzon https://nyti.ms/3b0uRWV 
Feb. 2, 1945: Nazis Report Russians 39 Miles Off Berlin; Americans Find Westwall Fringe Weakened; Landing Flanks Manila; Luzon Captives Freed https://nyti.ms/2GMEPNN 
Feb. 3, 1945: Russians Near Oder in Stettin-Berlin Drive; U.S. Gains 3 Miles in Westwall; Colmar Taken; 3 Columns Press on Manila, One 18 Miles Off https://nyti.ms/2RU69zT 
Feb. 4, 1945: Russians Close on Frankfort and Kuestrin; 'Forts' Batter Berlin; First Army Pushes On; Two U.S. Columns Are 15 Miles From Manila https://nyti.ms/2SlaPhv 
Feb. 5, 1945: Americans In Manila, Seize Prison Camp; 1st Army Unit Cuts Through Westwall; Russians Flank Kuestrin, Fort On Oder https://nyti.ms/3bcMF1d 
Feb. 6, 1945: Manila Falls, 1,350 Freed From Second Prison; Russians Arrayed At Oder on 75-Mile Front; Patton Clears Westwall; Colmar Trap Set https://nyti.ms/2S1715T 
Feb. 7, 1945: Russians Battle Across Oder On 50-Mile Line; U.S. 1st Army Nears Biggest Roer River Dam; Americans Enter Bataan; Foe Fires Manila https://nyti.ms/2S7eiBe 
Feb. 8, 1945: Big 3 Set Final Steps To Crush Germany, Turn to Peace Issues In Black Sea Talk; U.S. 3D Army Invades Reich at 10 Points https://nyti.ms/31DQ3hc 
Feb. 9, 1945: Allies Widen Big Offensive In The West With Canadian-British Drive Near Cleve; Americans Gain; Russians Push On Stettin https://nyti.ms/37eiV0u 
Feb. 10, 1945: Canadians Drive On, Now 4 Miles From Cleve; Roer's Biggest Dam Is Under American Fire; Russians Push Nine Miles Nearer To Stettin https://nyti.ms/37e8UR1 
Feb. 11, 1945: Main Roer Dam Won After Foe Looses Flood; Canadians Reach Rhine, Converge on Cleve; B-29's Hit Tokyo Area; Russians Gain In North https://nyti.ms/2SHn8VA 
Feb. 12, 1945: British Enter Cleve, Cut Foe's Lateral Road; Americans Smash Into Outskirts Of Pruem; Russians Almost Ring Breslau In Wide Swing https://nyti.ms/2SlYjiO 
Feb. 13, 1945: Big 3 Doom Nazism And Reich Militarism; Agree on Freed Lands And Oaks Voting; Convoke United Nations in U.S. April 25 https://nyti.ms/2w7v3DI 
Feb. 14, 1945: Budapest Is Taken At Cost Of 159,000 To Foe; British Clear Reichswald, Patton Pushes On; Cavite Won, End Of Manila Campaign 'In Sight' https://nyti.ms/38u9ICN 
Feb. 15, 1945: 8,000 Planes Batter Nazis Close To 2 Fronts; Dresden Hit Thrice As Russians Move On It; Breslau Reported Ringed; New Gains In West https://nyti.ms/2UVn7Qk 
Feb. 16, 1945: 1,200 Planes Of U.S. Fleet Attack Tokyo As Ships And Fliers Bombard Iwo Isle; Russians Nearing Cottbus, We Bomb It https://nyti.ms/39IGoc5 
Feb. 17, 1945: Fleet Planes Renew Pounding Of Tokyo; Ships Hit Iwo Again; Bataan Recaptured; British Gain In West; Russians Press On https://nyti.ms/2SAAC6u 
Feb. 18, 1945: M'Arthur's Troops Land On Corregidor; Iwo Shelled Again, Foe Reports Invasion; British Split Nazi Defenses Near Goch https://nyti.ms/2Hw6NOh 
Feb. 19, 1945: U.S. Marines Storm Ashore On Iwo Island; 509 Planes, 36 Ships Smashed In Tokyo Blow; British At Edge of Goch; Patton Strikes Again https://nyti.ms/2HBYYGD 
Feb. 20, 1945: Marines Fight Way To Airfield On Iwo Isle; Win 2 1/2-Mile Beachhead; 800 Ships Aid Landing; 150 B-29's Pound Tokyo; Scots Drive Into Goch https://nyti.ms/2HFQ1ML 
Feb. 21, 1945: Marines Conquer Airfield, Hold Third of Iwo; Roosevelt Gets New Churchill Vow on Japan; Patton Speeds Up Advance On 50-Mile Front https://nyti.ms/2PfduZ4 
Feb. 22, 1945: 3D Army Surge Gains 5 1/2 Miles In Saar Area; Marines Halted On Iwo, New Division Lands; Americas Parley Opens, Argentine Issue Rises https://nyti.ms/37PASmz 
Feb. 23, 1945: Marines Take Suribachi, Chief Point On Iwo; 5 Air Forces Join To Cripple Reich Railways; U.S. 3D Army Clears Saar-Moselle Triangle https://nyti.ms/3a1fmgi 
Feb. 24, 1945: Eisenhower Opens Wide Roer Offensive, 1st And 9th Armies Drive Toward Rhine; Marines Gain Slowly In Center Of Iwo https://nyti.ms/2utXpYw 
Feb. 25, 1945: Americans Drive Four Miles Beyond The Roer; Our Carrier Aircraft Slash At Tokyo Again; Marines Win Half Of Iwo's Central Airfield https://nyti.ms/390Acfk 
Feb. 26, 1945: Americans Win Dueren, Forge 25-Mile Front; Carrier Planes And 200 B-29's Pound Tokyo; Marines Seize Most Of Second Iwo Airfield https://nyti.ms/395sKj6 
Feb. 27, 1945: Americans, 10 1/2 Miles Away, Shell Cologne; 4 Armies Striking For Rhine As Foe Weakens; U.S. Planes Use Iwo Field, Marines Push On https://nyti.ms/2TkwdUj 
Feb. 28, 1945: U.S. 9th Army Races North Toward Canadians, Enters Muenchen-Gladbach, Rips Foe's Line; B-29's Burn Out 240 Blocks In Heart Of Tokyo https://nyti.ms/2wdElOC 
Mar. 1, 1945: U.S. Tanks Cross Erft 7 Miles From Cologne; Marines Step Up Iwo Drive; Manila Bay Open; Roosevelt Back, Speaks To Congress Today https://nyti.ms/32GptVd 
Mar. 2, 1945: 9th Captures Muenchen-Gladbach, 3D In Trier; M'Arthur Invades Palawan; Iwo Drive Gains; Roosevelt Puts World Peace Up To Senate https://nyti.ms/2PESQSu 
Mar. 3, 1945: 9th Army At The Rhine, Foe Flees In Rout; First Advances, British Drive Reported; Russians Closing Trap; New Gains On Iwo https://nyti.ms/39lQu2z 
Mar. 4, 1945: Ninth Army And Canadians Join Near Rhine; Battered Nazis, Retreating, Blow Up Bridges; Navy Shells Island 450 Miles From Japan https://nyti.ms/2IgSGg6 
Mar. 5, 1945: Americans At Rhine Near 2 Duisburg Bridges; 2 Miles From Cologne, They Nearly Ring City; Russians Reach Baltic, Cutting Off Danzig https://nyti.ms/2PJUp1B 
Mar. 6, 1945: 3 U.S. Columns Enter Cologne, One A Mile In; 1st Army Nears Bonn, 3D Heads For Coblenz; Russians Capture Two Outposts of Stettin https://nyti.ms/3cuIsGG 
Mar. 7, 1945: Shattered Cologne Falls To 1st Army; 3D Sweeps Within 20 Miles Of Coblenz; Soviet Gain Near Stettin Secures Flank https://nyti.ms/3cE9OKD 
Mar. 8, 1945: 3D Army Races To Rhine Near Coblenz; Overwhelms Germans In 50-Mile Plunge; 7 Soviet Armies Push On Berlin, Says Foe https://nyti.ms/38AO2Ec 
Mar. 9, 1945: 1st Army Across Rhine South Of Cologne; Bridgehead Is Firm; Most Of Bonn Seized; Foe Reports Fierce Battle West Of Oder https://nyti.ms/2IxGg3r 
Mar. 10, 1945: 1st And 3D Armies Trap 5 Nazi Divisions; Rhine Bridgehead Grows, Foe Repelled; 300 B-29's Fire 15 Square Miles Of Tokyo https://nyti.ms/2xjsX4e 
Mar. 11, 1945: Wesel Bridgehead Collapses, Enemy Cut Off; Americans Gain Mile On East Side Of Rhine; Center of Tokyo Devastated By Fire Bombs https://nyti.ms/2Q7Rzn9 
Mar. 12, 1945: Seven Towns Captured In Rhine Bridgehead; B-29's Blast Nagoya In 2D Big Blow In 2 Days; Americans Land on Mindanao In Philippines https://nyti.ms/3cVGQ95 
Mar. 13, 1945: 1st Army Opens Sharp Attack East Of Rhine; Raf Deals Dortmund Heaviest Blow Of War; Russians Capture Kuestrin On Berlin Road https://nyti.ms/2IKJ65e 
March 14, 1945: Americans 2 Miles From Ruhr Superhighway as They Expand Bridgehead Under Air Cover; New B-29 Blow Fires 4 Square Miles of Osaka  https://nyti.ms/2Wbcrhe 
March 15, 1945: 1st Army Fans Out in the Rhine Bridgehead; 7th Joins 3D in Smashing at Saar Salient; RAF Uses 11-Ton Bombs; Russians Cut Oder Line  https://nyti.ms/39RsR29 
March 16, 1945: 7th Army Surges 3 Miles in Saar Offensive; 3D Crosses Moselle, 1st Is at Superhighway; U.S. Bombers Blast Hitler's Headquarters  https://nyti.ms/2WiEyLC 
March 17, 1945: Saar Battle Won; Germans in Flight to Rhine; Ruhr Superhighway Slashed at Two Points; 300 B-29's Set 12 Square Miles of Kobe Afire https://nyti.ms/2U6XB8E 
March 18, 1945: Coblenz Falls in Swift Assault by 3D Army; Patton and 7th Closing Trap on Nazis in Saar; 1st Tightens Grip on Approaches to the Ruhr  https://nyti.ms/2QrooLV 
March 19, 1945: 3D and 7th Armies Cut Deep into Saar Pocket; Remagen Bridge Falls, But Repair is Speeded; B-29's Join Carrier Planes to Attack Japan https://nyti.ms/2WsXl6I 
March 20, 1945: U.S. Tanks Closing Vast Traps Around Saar; Foe Flees East, Lashed By Shells and Bombs; Carrier Planes Blast Kobe and Kure Bases  https://nyti.ms/2UqRBaX 
March 21, 1945: German Saar-Moselle Armies Smashed; Foe's Loss Tops 40,000; U.S. 3D and 7th Join; Carriers Blast Japanese Fleet in Lair  https://nyti.ms/2QwvvTq 
March 22, 1945: Foe Surrenders by Thousands in Palatinate; Escape Gap Is 20 Miles; 3D in Ludwigshafen; 4,500 Allied Planes Rip Reich Oil, Airfields https://nyti.ms/2QBC0Ey 
March 23, 1945: Germans Report a Big Push by Montgomery; Planes Blast Path; Saar Rearguard Hacked; Twin Soviet Drives Crush 45,000 in Silesia https://nyti.ms/39eJMKU 
March 24, 1945: Patton Crosses Rhine in a Daring Drive Without Barrage, Expands Bridgehead; Nazis Say Russians Are Moving On Berlin https://nyti.ms/2wnkcpX 
March 25, 1945: Allies Storm Across Rhine at 4 Points, Join Chutists In Bridgehead 5 Miles Deep; Russians Drive 43 Miles in West Hungary https://nyti.ms/2xZUd8f 
March 26, 1945: 3D Army Crosses Main in 27-Mile Dash; 1st Hits Out; North Bridgehead Grows; Tokyo Reports U.S. Landing in Ryukyus https://nyti.ms/2WMvuPc 
March 27, 1945: 7 Armies Smash Nazis in Deep Thrusts; 1st Passes Limburg, 3D is in Frankfort; Red Army 31 Miles From Austrian Border https://nyti.ms/2UDB8k8 
March 28, 1945: British Break Into North German Plain; U.S. 1st and 3D Sweep East on Wide Front; Reich Army Whipped, Says Eisenhower
March 29, 1945: 1st and 3D Armies Drive Toward Leipzig; British Tanks Approaching Muenster; Russians Cut Vienna Line, Win Gdynia https://nyti.ms/2QWcl9T 
March 30, 1945: 1st Army Races 55 Miles to Cut Off Ruhr; Russians Smash to Border of Austria; British Fleet Joins in Ryukyus Attack https://nyti.ms/39sjoO2 
March 31, 1945: 3,000 Allied Tanks Plunge Deep in Reich; Russians Take Danzig, Invade Austria; Fleet Pounds Ryukyus 8th Day in a Row https://nyti.ms/2WW1hND 
April 1, 1945: Allies Sweep On In Reich as Rout Grows; Eisenhower Bids Isolated Nazis Yield; Russian Armies 33 Miles From Vienna https://nyti.ms/3aBK8g7 
April 2, 1945: Americans Invade Okinawa in Ryukyus; Seize 2 Airfields; First Resistance Light; 9th and 1st Armies Join, Circling Ruhr https://nyti.ms/2JuzYlE 
April 3, 1945: British Sweep Menaces Foe in Holland; Patton's Tanks 155 Miles From Berlin; American Thrust Cuts Okinawa in Two https://nyti.ms/39J1pmq 
April 4, 1945: British 25 Miles From the Zuider Zee; Enter Osnabrueck; U.S. 3D Wins Kassel; Russians Now Six Miles Outside Vienna https://nyti.ms/2x1Lna0 
April 5, 1945: U.S. 3D Army Drives to Bisect the Reich; British Cross the Weser, Race for Ports; Russians Win Bratislava, Shell Vienna https://nyti.ms/2UHalVg 
April 6, 1945: Soviet Voids Japanese Neutrality Pact; M'Arthur Heads U.S. Army in Pacific; British Drive to 40 Miles From Bremen https://nyti.ms/34jf1Uj 
April 7, 1945: Allied Left Flank Rolls Ahead in Reich; Russians Tighten Vast Vienna Siege Arc; U.S. Fleet Downs 150 Planes Off Okinawa https://nyti.ms/2JJ2HDz 
April 8, 1945: U.S. Fliers Sink Japan's Biggest Warship; British Near Bremen; Hanover Flanked; Patton Seizes Nazi Hoard of Gold and Art https://nyti.ms/2UU5nUY 
April 9, 1945: British Shaping New Trap, Shell Bremen; U.S. 9th Army's Tanks By-Pass Hanover; Red Army Drives Three Miles Into Vienna https://nyti.ms/2UTpSRK 
April 10, 1945: U.S. and British Armies Drive for Elbe; Canadians Cut Off 80,000 in Netherlands; Russians Capture the Heart of Vienna https://nyti.ms/2VkFyfU 
April 11, 1945: 5 Allied Armies Break Germans' Center; One 114 Miles From Berlin; Hanover Won; Russians Closing Vienna Escape Route https://nyti.ms/3cbpqV2 
April 12, 1945: U.S. Ninth at Elbe 63 Miles From Berlin; Battles in Brunswick; Essen Captured; Russians Said to Mass at Oder For Push https://nyti.ms/3caRtUn 
April 13, 1945: President Roosevelt is Dead; Truman to Continue Policies; 9th Crosses Elbe, Nears Berlin https://nyti.ms/3ccFlSJ 
April 14, 1945: Roosevelt Rites in White House Today; Truman Turns to Congress and Byrnes; 3D Cuts Berlin Link to South; Vienna Won https://nyti.ms/34EUdqv 
April 15, 1945: Nation Pays Final Tribute to Roosevelt As World Mourns; Hyde Park Rites Today; Americans Close to Splitting of Reich https://nyti.ms/2RExs0G 
April 16, 1945: Roosevelt is Buried With Solemn Rites; One Elbe Crossing Lost, Second Widened; Ruhr Sack Cut; Canadians at North Sea https://nyti.ms/2VgXcTf 
April 17, 1945: Truman Asks World Unity to Keep Peace; 7th in Nuremberg; Soviet Push Reported; Nazis Lose 905 Planes, Mostly Aground https://nyti.ms/2VEwqTp 
April 18, 1945: British Army 25 Miles From Hamburg; U.S. Thrust Toward Berlin is at a Halt; Nazis Report 4 Soviet Drives on Capital https://nyti.ms/3aiE5wd 
April 19, 1945: 3D Crosses Czech Border and Bisects Reich; Magdeburg Won; Canadians at Zuider Zee; Nazis Report Soviet Drive to Flank Berlin https://nyti.ms/2xGVpxE 
April 20, 1945: Soviet Push, in Full Swing, is Nearing Berlin; U.S. 1st Takes Leipzig, Ruhr Pocket Cleared; Americans Open Big Attack in South Okinawa https://nyti.ms/2VJI3J2 
April 21, 1945: Nazis Report Russians 7 Miles From Berlin; Allies Drive in Bavaria; Nuremberg Falls; Hamburg is Shelled; 5th Gains in Italian Plain https://nyti.ms/2XV7Rom 
April 22, 1945: Russians Fighting 3 Miles Inside Berlin; Are Close to a Junction with Americans; Allied Drive in South Gains; Bologna Won https://nyti.ms/2yzqbbM 
April 23, 1945: Russians Win Sixth of Berlin, 16 Suburbs; French and U.S. Units Move on 'Redoubt'; Molotoff, Eden and Stettinius Confer https://nyti.ms/3byR6my 
April 24, 1945: Russians Bore into Berlin, Swing North; Reach the Elbe Close to American Lines; U.S. 3D Breaks Loose in Thrust for Alps https://nyti.ms/2Y4oca6 
April 25, 1945: Two Soviet Armies Join Inside Berlin; U.S. 3D Slashes Foe's Lines to Redoubt; 5th Crosses Po, Wins La Spezia in Italy https://nyti.ms/2VVcaxi 
April 26, 1945: Truman Opens World Security Parley; Russians Encircle Berlin, Cross Elbe; 3D Near Austria; Berchtesgaden Bombed https://nyti.ms/2S5Josn 
April 27, 1945: Parley in Dispute Over Permanent Head; British Win Bremen, Patton Sweeps On; Russians Seize Stettin, Most of Berlin https://nyti.ms/2KzmyW2 
April 28, 1945: U.S. and Red Armies Join, Split Germany; 3D Army in Austria; Russians in Potsdam; Parley Bars Lublin, Soviet Gets 3 Votes https://nyti.ms/2W4jZRk 
April 29, 1945: Allies Bar Peace Plea That Omits Russia; Surrender Report Untrue, Truman Says; Munich Revolts; Hitler Said to be Dying https://nyti.ms/2VMBjLH 
April 30, 1945: U.S. 7th in Munich, British Push on Baltic; Russians Tighten Ring on Berlin's Heart; Milan and Venice Won; Mussolini Killed https://nyti.ms/2zF02sx 
May 1, 1945: Russians Fly Victory Flag on Reichstag; U.S. 7th Wins Munich, Drives for Brenner; Foe Broken in Italy; Tito Men in Trieste https://nyti.ms/2VRfhYc 
May 2, 1945: Hitler Dead in Chancellery, Nazis Say; Doenitz, Successor, Orders War to Go On; Berlin Almost Won; U.S. Armies Advance https://nyti.ms/2SvWHTr 
May 3, 1945: Berlin Falls to Russians, 70,000 Give Up; 1,000,000 Surrender in Italy and Austria; Denmark is Cut Off; Hamburg Gives Up https://nyti.ms/3ddONWq 
May 4, 1945: Doenitz in Copenhagen, Peace Talk Seen; North Front Collapses, 150,000 Captured; Planes Rake Foe in Danish 'Dunkerque' https://nyti.ms/2WsBMll 
May 5, 1945: 500,000 More Surrender to Montgomery; Yield in Holland, Denmark, North Reich; U.S. and Soviet Units Hack Czech Pocket https://nyti.ms/35AHA00 
May 6, 1945: Nazis in West Austria, Bavaria Give Up; End Seems Near in Norway; Czechs Rise; 16 Polish Leaders Seized, Russia Admits  https://nyti.ms/2A6uJY3 
May 7, 1945: Nazis Reported Ready for a Full Surrender; U.S. 3D Army Captures Pilsen in Czech Drive; Prague Patriots Say Help from Allies is Near https://nyti.ms/2L9ry4c 
May 8, 1945: The War in Europe is Ended! Surrender is Unconditional; V-E Will Be Proclaimed Today; Our Troops on Okinawa Gain https://nyti.ms/2YKjwXq 
May 9, 1945: Final Surrender Signed in Berlin Ruins; Soviet Joins in Proclaiming Triumph; Truman Warns Victory 'Is But Half Won' https://nyti.ms/2SQwnmX 
May 10, 1945: Vinson Warns Nation of Bitter Pacific War; He Eases Some Curbs But Lists Shortages; Germans Yielding to Russians; Goering Taken https://nyti.ms/35L2byW 
May 11, 1945: Demobilization Plan Announced; Three Red Armies Still Fighting; Japan Gets Worst Air Pounding https://nyti.ms/3dwUFKP 
May 12, 1945: Men of Africa-Europe Campaign Freed From Further Fighting; Americans Advance on Okinawa https://nyti.ms/2YWQ1ll 
May 13, 1945: Americans Enter Naha Suburbs; Russians in Mop-Up Take 700,000; U.S. Frees First 2,500 Veterans https://nyti.ms/3bs5Z9D 
May 14, 1945: 500 'Superforts' Blast Nagoya; Chinese Fight Into Foochow Port; Churchill Bars New Tyrannies https://nyti.ms/3dJkHuh 
May 15, 1945: Americans Conquer Key Okinawa Hill, Gain Mile and a Half to Seize Airfield; U.S. and Britain Ask Tito to Quit Trieste https://nyti.ms/2WUEobQ 
May 16, 1945: U.S. Carrier Fliers Smash 284 Planes in 3-Day Strikes at Southern Japan; Another Key Hill is Won on Okinawa https://nyti.ms/2WDib3i 
May 17, 1945: B-29's Again Rain Fire on Nagoya; Reich to Share Burden of Rule; War Crimes Board Meets May 31 https://nyti.ms/2TtXgh9 
May 18, 1945: Marines Win Foothold in Naha; Infantry Gains in East Okinawa; Loss of 832 on U.S. Ship Revealed https://nyti.ms/3g0avzx 
May 19, 1945: Okinawa Gains are Slowed as Resistance Intensifies; Big B-29 Force Hits Tokyo https://nyti.ms/2TlEQPs 
May 20, 1945: Okinawa Battle Unabated; Key Hill Won for 5th Time; Tito Warned by Alexander https://nyti.ms/2zdh2WY 
May 21, 1945: Three U.S. Columns Enveloping Shuri, Strong Point in South Okinawa Line; Allies Take Precautions on Trieste https://nyti.ms/2LL9DRk 
May 22, 1945: Marines at Naha Repel Foe, Some Clad in U.S. Uniforms; 1st Army Going to Pacific https://nyti.ms/2ZqTNn1 
May 23, 1945: Americans Enter Smashed Yonabaru in Surge on East Coast of Okinawa; Workers Past 30 Exempted in Draft https://nyti.ms/3edRND0 
May 24, 1945: 550 B-29's Set Tokyo Fires; Marines in Corner of Naha; German Government Ended https://nyti.ms/2LVoTLD 
May 25, 1945: Big 3 Meeting Definitely Projected; U.S. Opposes British Desire for Delay; Himmler, Caught, Ends Life by Poison https://nyti.ms/2TF9YcW 
May 26, 1945: Japanese Lose 111 Planes in Attack Off Okinawa But Hit 11 Light Ships; 500 'Superforts' Fire Tokyo's Heart https://nyti.ms/2A9d5CS 
May 27, 1945: Tokyo Laid Waste by B-29's, Royal Palaces Devastated; Fighters Smash at Kyushu https://nyti.ms/3epKNTE 
May 28, 1945: Ships Bombard Okinawa Foe, Who Gives Signs of Retreat; Chinese Cut Line to Malaya https://nyti.ms/2M8ByLw 
May 29, 1945: Marines Occupy Two-Thirds of Naha; Foe Hits 13 U.S. Ships, Loses 77 Planes; 'Superforts' Drop Fire on Yokohama https://nyti.ms/36IQZDi 
May 30, 1945: Marines Smash Into Shuri, Win All North Part of Naha; Tokyo Erased, Says Lemay https://nyti.ms/2zK22QN 
May 31, 1945: Group to Rule Reich Called; Fighting Spreads in Syria; U.S. Flag is Hoisted in Shuri https://nyti.ms/2Bb1IuD 
June 1, 1945: British Demand Syria Strife End; French Are Reported Complying; B-29's Hit Osaka; Shuri Line Bent https://nyti.ms/3cgGtoc 
June 2, 1945: U.S. to Double Army in Pacific; New Syrian Clashes, Russia Acts; Okinawa Drive Smashes Ahead  https://nyti.ms/2AvGW8U 
June 3, 1945: De Gaulle Blames the British, Asks Parley on Pan-Arab Issues; Halsey Returns to Pacific Fight  https://nyti.ms/2XZUa5R 
June 4, 1945: Swift Okinawa Thrust Gains 2 Miles and Cuts Off East Coast Peninsula; Levant States to Defy French Force  https://nyti.ms/308H7BS 
June 5, 1945: Marines Win Half of Naha Field; Okinawa's South Coast Reached; B-29's Drop Fire Bombs on Kobe  https://nyti.ms/2UdxXzU 
June 6, 1945: 4 Allies Take Control of Reich, Impose '37 Borders, Stern Terms; Churchill Denies Inciting Syria  https://nyti.ms/378W1sZ 
June 7, 1945: All of Naha Airfield Now Ours; Foe Driven to Last High Ground; Soviet to Occupy Half of Reich  https://nyti.ms/2MAd7Xh 
June 8, 1945: Veto Row is Ended as Russia Yields, Permitting Discussion of Disputes; Big Three to Meet Within 40 Days  https://nyti.ms/3cDfcfS 
June 9, 1945: B-29's Batter Plane Plants at Nagoya, Osaka and Kobe; Trap Tightens on Okinawa https://nyti.ms/3dN4sN7 
June 10, 1945: Bitter Resistance on Okinawa Slows American Advance  https://nyti.ms/3hdKZHM 
June 11,1945: Americans on Okinawa Open Big Push to End Campaign; Begin Scaling Last Barrier https://nyti.ms/3cTj3Fu 
June 12, 1945: Okinawa Surrender is Demanded as Americans Top Final Ridge; Invasion of West Borneo Gains  https://nyti.ms/2B0SVvq 
June 13, 1945: Last Okinawa Line Cracked; Americans Drive Fiercely As Foe Defies Plea to Yield https://nyti.ms/3cZfZrN 
June 14, 1945: Big 3 Meeting is Arranged; Truman Discloses One Aim is to Prepare Peace Parley https://nyti.ms/37t9PyH 
June 15, 1945: Peak of Okinawa Ridge Won; Scores of Foe Surrender; 520 B-29's Smash at Osaka https://nyti.ms/2AuYvX4 
June 16, 1945: Big Three Will Meet in Berlin Area; Ribbentrop is Captured in Hamburg; Japanese Pressed Back on Okinawa https://nyti.ms/2N3ugJe 
June 17, 1945: Americans Seize Last 3 Key Hills of Foe on Okinawa https://nyti.ms/37KaAUs 
June 18, 1945: 6th Marines Surge Near Okinawa's Tip on Return to Line https://nyti.ms/37DJpdI 
June 19, 1945: Buckner, Okinawa Commander, Killed By Shell as His Men Smash Foe's Line; Japanese Fleeing Southward in Open https://nyti.ms/30Z4JZN 
June 20, 1945: Welcome to Eisenhower is City's Greatest; He Calls for Strong U.S. to Maintain Peace; Marines Slash to Okinawa Tip, Splitting Foe https://nyti.ms/2YT8rSf 
June 21, 1945: U.S. Okinawa Guns Hold Fire As Americans Dig Out Foe in Last Three Tiny Pockets https://nyti.ms/2CtMiT1 
June 22, 1945: Okinawa is Ours After 82 Days; 45,029 U. S. Casualties, Foe's 94,401; Gen. Stilwell Heads 10th Army https://nyti.ms/3199KiD 
June 23, 1945: Marshall Sets All-out Pacific Blow; Americans Take Luzon Escape Port; New Polish Regime Formed in Moscow https://nyti.ms/37UvJv3 
June 24, 1945: 59 Enemy Planes Downed in Attack on Okinawa Ships https://nyti.ms/2Z611LC 
June 25, 1945: Japanese Blasted By 1,000-Ton Blows on Vast Air Front https://nyti.ms/382IOCs 
June 26, 1945: 'Superforts' Bomb 10 War Factories in Blow at Japan https://nyti.ms/2A6nT5b 
June 27, 1945: Truman Closes United Nations Conference With Plea to Translate Charter into Deeds; B-29's Keep Up Assault on Honshu Plants https://nyti.ms/2CMpuy2 
June 28, 1945: All Luzon Freed as Two Forces Join; Our Ships Hit Convoy in Okhotsk Sea; Loss of 392 on U.S. Carrier Revealed https://nyti.ms/2B8DNN1 
June 29, 1945: 500 Superfortresses Fire Four Keys Japanese Cities; Sasebo Navy Base a Target https://nyti.ms/2YF4sK2 
June 30, 1945: Americans Invade Kume, 345 Miles From China Coast https://nyti.ms/3eNsVm2 
July 1, 1945: Troops of Allies Will Retire Today from Soviet Zone https://nyti.ms/3eKGRxc 
July 2, 1945: Australians Ashore at Balik Papan, Drive Inland Near Borneo Oil Port; Record B-29 Fleet Smashes at Japan https://nyti.ms/2BznsAS 
July 3, 1945: Truman Presents Charter to Senate for Ratification as World's Hope for Peace https://nyti.ms/3inoErX 
July 4, 1945: B-29's Sear Japan in a 4-Way Strike on Fourth of July https://nyti.ms/3dWm9Jp 
July 5, 1945: U.S. Fliers Smash Japanese Convoy, Bag 2 Destroyers https://nyti.ms/2D6w4PT 
July 6, 1945: M'Arthur Planes Shift to Okinawa to Attack Japan https://nyti.ms/2NWp4aJ 
July 7, 1945: Navy Lets Japanese Vessel Take 974 Ill Off  Wake Isle; Parties from U.S. Destroyer Board Enemy Hospital Craft -- Most of Patients Are Found Half-Starved https://nyti.ms/3gBiNgU 
July 8, 1945: Allies at Impasse with Soviet Army Over Berlin Food; Air Blows Wreck 9 Japanese Ships in Enemy Waters https://nyti.ms/3gPNXBp 
July 9, 1945: 10 on Way Home Die in Crash of First B-29 to Bomb Tokyo: Dauntless Dotty, Veteran of 53 Missions, Falls at Kwajalein -- One Victim Was Last Survivor of Three Brothers in Service https://nyti.ms/2ZRmN6a 
July 10, 1945: Carrier Planes Swoop on Tokyo Area; B-29's Also Score,  Some Go 3,960 Miles; Truman At Sea on Way to Big 3 Parley https://nyti.ms/2BOHtUx 
July 11, 1945: 154 Enemy Planes Smashed in Carrier Blow at Tokyo; No U.S Warship is Attacked https://nyti.ms/2CufvNq 
July 12, 1945: Air Blow at Japan Shifts to Kyushu; Tokyo Is Worried https://nyti.ms/32bicyA 
July 13, 1945: B-29's Strike First Blows at 4 More Japanese Cities; Big 3 Meeting Due Monday https://nyti.ms/3fnuvvq 
July 14,1945: Halsey Fleet Shells Japan Homeland; Planes Bomb Hokkaido and Honshu; 21 U.S. Warships Damaged in Typhoon https://nyti.ms/38VwDbb 
July 15,1945: Huge Battleships Rake Hokkaido as Ship-Plane Assault Smashes Northern Japan for Second Day https://nyti.ms/38VwDbb 
July 16, 1945: Truman and Churchill in Berlin for Start of Big 3 Talks Today; U.S. Fleet Scorches Foe's Cities https://nyti.ms/30fnNRQ 
July 17, 1945: Fleet Planes Swarm on Tokyo; British Join Blow; B-29's Strike; Big 3 Parley Is Delayed a Day https://nyti.ms/2ZDQRDy 
July 18, 1945: Truman Is Selected to Preside as Big Three Conference Opens; Fleet Still Hammers on Honshu https://nyti.ms/2COgt7o 
July 19, 1945: Carrier Planes Lash Remnants of Foe's Navy as Our Warships Shell Tokyo Bay Entrance; Big Three Again Confer, Japan Seen as Topic https://nyti.ms/39eYt2u 
July 20, 1945: Record B-29 Assault on Japan Hits Fishing Port, 4 Other Cities; Third Fleet's Movements Veiled https://nyti.ms/3fRCoJS 
July 21, 1945: Truman Says We Want No Territory, Ask Only Peace and World Prosperity With 'Mankind's Greatest Age' as Goal https://nyti.ms/2OJ00UT 
July 22, 1945: Big Three Achieve Marked Progress Toward Accord on Peace in Europe, U.S. Delegation at Potsdam Reports https://nyti.ms/39gndY4 
July 23, 1945: Destroyers Smash Convoy Off Tokyo; Japanese Battleship Hit By Fliers; 'Superforts' Bomb Honshu Oil Works https://nyti.ms/32Lztyp 
July 24, 1945: Big 3 Accord on Japan Reported; Stalin Said to Yield to Truman; U.S. Planes Hit Kure, Navy Base https://nyti.ms/30FMgQw 
July 25, 1945: Kure Bombing Hits 2 Battleships, Three Cruisers and 2 Carriers; Attack Goes On, Honshu Shelled https://nyti.ms/3jDRapJ 
July 26, 1945: Stalin Talks with Mountbatten as Chief in Far East Meets Big 3; 20 Japanese Warships Damaged https://nyti.ms/30MXbYx 
July 27, 1945: Churchill Is Defeated in Labor Landslide; Attlee Promises Prosecution of Pacific War; Allies Order Japan to Quit or Be Destroyed https://nyti.ms/2P0nll2 
July 28, 1945: Fleet Strikes as Tokyo 'Ignores' Terms; B-29 Chief Names 11 Cities  to be Wiped Out; Attlee Picks Bevin as Foreign Minister https://nyti.ms/335Z6Kv 
July 29, 1945: Senate Ratifies Charter of United Nations 89 to 2; Truman Hails Aid to Peace https://nyti.ms/3g9xRm9 
July 30, 1945: Fleet Planes Pound Tokyo Area; Battleships Shell Hamamatsu; Big 3 Close to Accord on Reich https://nyti.ms/3f7PHoc 
July 31, 1945: U.S. Destroyers Shell Japanese City; Navy Planes Hit 60 Honshu Airfields; Stalin Slightly Ill, Parley Slowed https://nyti.ms/2XdRxhe 
Aug. 1, 1945: Nagoya Area Heavily Bombed Again; Fleet Planes Also Hit a Naval Base; Big 3 Reconvene, May End Task Today https://nyti.ms/3jXEQ3M 
Aug. 2, 1945: 820 B-29's Drop 6,632 Tons on Foe; Battleship, Planes Strike Wake; Big 3 End Talks, Communique Due https://nyti.ms/3hZ89kz 
Aug. 3, 1945: Germany Stripped of Industry by Big 3; 5 Powers to Plan Peace; Franco Barred; Bombers Fire Great Nagasaki Shipyards https://nyti.ms/31bJhPX 
Aug. 4, 1945: B-29 Mines Seal Off Japan, Closing All Main Harbors; Korean Coast Also Barred https://nyti.ms/31aIYEQ 
Aug. 5, 1945; M'Arthur Assumes Ryukyus Command to Prepare 'Final Conquest of Japan'; 12 More Cities Are Warned by B-29's https://nyti.ms/33vcFUe 
Aug. 6, 1945: Vandenberg Urges We Do All Policing in This Hemisphere; 50,000 Civilians Liquidated By Japanese, Chinese Aver  https://nyti.ms/3kqacR1 
Aug. 7, 1945: First Atomic Bomb Dropped on Japan; Missile Is Equal to 20,000 Tons of TNT; Truman Warns Foe of a 'Rain of Ruin' https://nyti.ms/3ibCIng 
Aug. 8, 1945: Atomic Bomb Wiped Out 60% of Hiroshima; Shock Awed Fliers; Tokyo Cabinet Meets; Carrier Planes Strike Near China Coast https://nyti.ms/3inggrC 
Aug. 9, 1945: Soviet Declares War on Japan; Attacks Manchuria, Tokyo Says; Atom Bomb Loosed on Nagasaki https://nyti.ms/2DKiS3N 
Aug. 10 1945: Truman Warns Japan: Quit or Be Destroyed; Says We Will Hold Military Bases We Need; Soviet Pincers Drive 14 Miles into Manchuria https://nyti.ms/2XLnrlf 
Aug. 11, 1945: Japan Offers to Surrender; U.S. May Let Emperor Remain; Master Reconversion Plan Set https://nyti.ms/30N0Ab0 
Aug. 12, 1945: Allies to Let Hirohito Remain Subject to Occupation Chief; M'Arthur Is Slated for Post https://nyti.ms/2XQ69U3 
Aug. 13, 1945: Allies to Loose Mighty Blows on Japan if Surrender Is Not Made by Noon Today; Carrier Planes Renew Tokyo Attacks https://nyti.ms/3kFgOuP 
Aug. 14, 1945: Japan Decides to Surrender, The Tokyo Radio Announces As We Resume Heavy Attacks https://nyti.ms/31Vt5m8 
Aug. 15, 1945: Japan Surrenders, End of War! Emperor Accepts Allied Rule; M'Arthur Supreme Commander; Our Manpower Curbs Voided https://nyti.ms/2Y34V8k 
Aug. 16, 1945: M'Arthur Calls Foe's Envoys; Cabinet Quits; Our 3 Armed Services Plan Demobilization; 'Gas,' Oil Rationing Ends, Business Bans Eased https://nyti.ms/3iYzfJp 
Aug. 17, 1945: Truman Eases Wage Curbs; Plans Our Peacetime Army; Restrictions on Travel Cut; M'Arthur Sanctions Delay by Envoys As Tokyo Asks 2-12 Days to Cease Fire; Russians Insist Foe Give Up by Monday https://nyti.ms/3kQJ1Pp 
Aug. 18, 1945: Foe Agrees to Send Envoy Tomorrow After M'Arthur Bars Further Delay; Premier Orders All Japanese to Yield https://nyti.ms/3iOjZOY 
Aug. 19, 1945: Japanese Reach IE, Go On to Manila; U.S. Airman Killed by Foe Over Tokyo; Russians Fly Enemy Envoy to Talks https://nyti.ms/2Eef2Aa 
Aug. 20, 1945: Foe's Envoys Confer in Manila; Ask Swift Disarming of Japan; Wainwright Found Well in Camp https://nyti.ms/3aIWTGU 
Aug. 21, 1945: Japan Will Sign Surrender in 10 Days; Troops to Go Ashore in Battle Array; Tokyo Warns 'Hotheads' May Resist https://nyti.ms/3aIWTGU 
Aug. 22, 1945: Air Units Due in Japan Sunday; Occupation to Begin Near Tokyo; Foe Asks Kamikaze Men to Yield https://nyti.ms/3aMsyHj 
Aug. 23, 1945: Big 3 Moving to Bar China Strife; Division of Northeast Asia Fixed; M'Arthur Lists Orders to Foe https://nyti.ms/2Ysmqin 
Aug. 24, 1945: 7,500 Sky Troops to Land in Japan With M'Arthur; Ship, Plane Rules in Force https://nyti.ms/3j1DDqW 
Aug. 25, 1945: Surrender Plans Delayed 2 Days by Typhoons Circling Around Japan; Rival Chinese Armies Seizing Towns https://nyti.ms/3hssRJH 
Aug. 26, 1945: U.S. Warships Enter Bay Below Tokyo When Typhoons Delay Our Landings; Chiang's Forces in Nanking, Shanghai https://nyti.ms/31wGBhk 
Aug. 27, 1945: Envoys Board U.S. Ship Off Tokyo As 1,200 Planes Guard Big Fleet; Soviet-China Pact Rebuffs Reds https://nyti.ms/34C132b 
Aug. 28, 1945: First Troops Land in Japan From 48 Planes to Prepare Way for Vast Invasion Thursday; Fleet Units Begin to Move Into Tokyo Bay https://nyti.ms/2D7o01T 
Aug. 29. 1945: M'Arthur Starts Trip to Japan As Halsey Sails into Tokyo Bay; Atsugi Airfield Ready for Army https://nyti.ms/2EDpqlh 
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