im not gonna make an official "366 days with jeongin" but im gonna TRY to say sumn abt this man every day in 2020 let's go
day 1
january 1, 2020

i've been very much enjoying the Jeongin content from mbc gayo lately
january 2, 2020
day 2

i almost forgot abt this lol the timeline is no longer covered head to toe in jeongin so.....i miss him IDK DUDE but these pictures of this look had me DYING last night
january 3, 2020
day 3

i love you
january 4, 2020
day 4

how do you make me love you so much you can stop now....but no then i'd miss you
january 5, 2020
day 5

i love you
you don't know me
i cant think of a rhyme for that
with an imaginary hug
and a kiss upon my screen
im a bad rhymer it seems
january 6, 2020
day 6

hi jeonginnie. i hope your jan 6 was good and i hope your jan 7 is going even better. it's 1:30 for you, did you eat well?
january 7, 2020
day 7

you drive me crazy love
january 8, 2020
day 8

rearrange my guts plz
january 9, 2020
day 9

it's past midnight so it's technically the 10th but whatever.
let me kiss ur neck
january 10, 2020
day 10

i have a school dance today and honestly i'd skip it just to hold ur drink for you I love you
january 11, 2020
day 11

my power is out but at least i have jeongin
january 12, 2020
day 12

january 13, 2020
day 13

lemme k**s your l*ps
january 14, 2020
day 14

my love i hope you're doing well
january 15, 2020
day 15

oops i missed this day. im sorry love
january 16, 2020
day 16

i just wanna be good enough for you
january 17, 2020
day 17

hi baby
january 18, 2020
day 18

i want your cuddles
january 19, 2020
day 19

I've said this before in this thread but it's still true.
you drive me wild love
january 20, 2020
day 20

dangerous man
january 21, 2020
day 21

i love u more than i used to love The Fresh Beat Band as a child and that's HIGH praise
january 22, 2020
day 22

ive cried over you at least five times today
january 23, 2020
day 23

im way TOO excited to hear you sing in eNgLISH OHMYGOAHSNCJDNX
january 24, 2020
day 24

i love you in sickness and in health. im sickness
january 25, 2020
day 25

I missed a day oops
january 26, 2020
day 26

ruin my insides
january 27, 2020
day 27

catching up on this. oops.
january 28, 2020
day 28

i 💝💞💜❤️💚💚💘💗💓💞💜💝💖❣️❣️💝💝💜❤️💛💚💕💘💚🧡💞💞💜💛💚💙🧡💜💝💝💓💖💖💕💚❣️❣️💚🧡💜💞💝💞💞💗💖💘💕💙🧡❤️💞💝💞💓💗💖💘❣️💞💜❤️💛💚💙💘💘💓💝 you
january 29, 2020
day 29

jeongin hot
january 30, 2020
day 30

why do you like to watch me perish
january 31, 2020
day 31

literally kept thinking last night "I gotta do the jeongin thread" and then i feLL ASLEEP
february 1, 2020
day 32

*exid* oHHHHH BABY iiiiii loVE YOU iiii LOVE YOU loVE YOU loVE YOOOOoooou
i love u like lalalalalalalalalalalalala
february 2, 2020
day 33

angel baby
february 3, 2020
day 34

please im gonna show up with a bouquet of roses for you baby
february 4, 2020
day 35

i luv u mwah mwah LOSER
february 5, 2020
day 36

baby jeongin >>>>>>>>>>>>>
february 6, 2020
day 37

i don't know this man
february 7, 2020
day 38

it's your birthday in korea today! us Americans, always behind.
i hope you've had the best birthday ever my love
february 8, 2020
day 39

i love being able to celebrate your birthday for two days because of the korea/america time difference.
i love you
february 9, 2020
day 40

today was kind of...well just not good. but I saw your smile and that's all that matters
february 10, 2020
day 41

bare faced jeongin >>>>
brb gonna go tattoo jeongin brushing his teeth on the inside of my eyelids
february 11, 2020
day 42

eat well my love
february 12, 2020
day 43

im sorry i know i used pictures from his night routine two days ago but i just love it so much its so cute
february 13, 2020
day 44

JEONGIN SMILING >>>>>>>>>>>>
february 14, 2020
day 45

happy valentine's, my love.
i wanna dance with you to Perfect and see your face light up as i hand you THE BIGGEST TRAY OF CHOCOLATES YOUVE EVER SEEN and i wanna hug you and i wanna show you how much i love you
february 15, 2020
day 46

i forgot this existed for three days oops time to play catchup
february 16, 2020
day 47

your eyes your eyes make the stars look like they're not shining
february 17, 2020
day 48

february 18, 2020
day 49

i luh u
i wanna make a jeongin edit soon
february 19, 2020
day 50

jeongin's BODY PROPORTIONS. i cant stop thinking about his beautiful proportions LOOK AT HIM HES SO NICELY BUILT
february 20, 2020
day 51

jeongin yummy
february 21, 2020
day 52

hi babyboy
february 22, 2020
day 53

im gonna eat him
february 23, 2020
day 54

february 24, 2020
day 55

killing me now killing me now
february 25, 2020
day 56

do your thing do you thing with me now do your thing do your thing with me now what's my thing what's my thing tell me now tell me now yeah yeah yeah yeah
february 26, 2020
day 57

you are the cause of my euphoria
february 27, 2020
day 58

playing catch up
february 28, 2020
day 59

which way is up?
which way is down?
february 29, 2020
day 60

can't stop this room from spinning around
march 1, 2020
day 61

i'm floating high
high off the ground
caught in my head
can't get you out
march 2, 2020
day 62

oh please don't ask me how i've been
march 3, 2020
day 63

don't make me play pretend
march 4, 2020
day 64

oh no oh what's the use
march 5, 2020
day 65

oh please i bet everybody here is fake happy too
march 6, 2020
day 66

he told me to meet him there
i can't afford a bus fare
i'm not old enough for him
i'm just waiting til i'm eighteen
march 7, 2020
day 67

he's got me waiting in a queue
for a bar i can't get into
i'm not old enough for you
i'm just waiting til i'm eighteen
i'm so sick of waiting til i'm eighteen
march 8, 2020
day 68

i will be friendly
please don't be so terrified
my soul came to be terrified
please don't be so shy
march 9, 2020
day 69 (lol)

so will you never be my lover or my valentine
never be a friend of mine
never see my better side
maybe you'd be terrified
of all the secrets you were wishing you won't ever find
cause deep inside me
i don't wanna hide me
march 10, 2020
day 70

cause i know about my love
march 11, 2020
day 71

it's you babe
and i'm a sucker for the way that you move babe
and i could try to run but it would be useless
you're to blame
just one hit of you
i knew i'll never be the same
march 12, 2020
day 72

"i think your ears are playing tricks on you"
sweater zipped up to her chin
"thanks for caring sir that's nice of you but i have to go back in"
march 13, 2020
day 73

"wish i could tell you about the noise but i didn't hear a thing"
she said
"it must've been the wind"
march 14, 2020
day 74

i heard your heading east
so let's just make our peace
so when you think of me
you'll smile
and i'll smile
march 15, 2020
day 75

if you were dracula
i'd be letting you take that bite
hot and hazardous
like playing with dynamite
march 16, 2020
day 76

yeah i want dracula
forever be young and wild
dark and dangerous
yeah i love i love the tragically beautiful
march 17, 2020
day 77

you're never gonna love me
so what's the use
what's the point in playing a game your gonna lose
march 18, 2020
day 78

what's the point in saying you love me like a friend
what's the point in saying it's never gonna end
march 19, 2020
day 79

here comes that movie scene
the one you hate
it's so cliché
that moment when we kiss by the lake in pouring rain
march 20, 2020
day 80

i wish i could give you my set of eyes cause i know your eyes ain't working
i wish i could tell you that i'm fine
so fine
but you would find that disconcerting
march 21, 2020
day 81

shut up
count your calories
maybe i should try harder
if i get more pretty
do you think he will like me
march 22, 2020
day 82

don't ever think i need more
i've got the one to live for
no one else will do
i'm telling you
just put your heart in my hands
march 23, 2020
day 83

promise it won't get broken
we'll never forget this moment
we'll stay brand new
cause i love you
over and over again
march 24, 2020
day 84

when i'm with you i lose track of time
when i'm without you you're stuck on my mind
be all you need till the day that i die
i love you
over and over again
march 25, 2020
day 85

even a fool know this
you're the best thing that i've got
once again towards you
one more step
i will never stop
i shouldn't turn away
march 26, 2020
day 86

i remember constantly
cause forgetting's hard to do
sleep in different beds each night
cause i hate me going home
at the end of every bottle
all I see you
need to replace you with other people
march 27, 2020
day 87

give it all we can it'll never work
this is gonna hurt
beware of butterflies
they'll break your heart
butterflies will break your heart
but if i knew from the start
why would i give this a try
maybe i like to hurt sometimes
march 28, 2020
day 88

from the day i kissed your smile
i thought this is gonna hurt...
bracing for impact
leave my heart intact
i wish you'd never came around...
i thought this is gonna hurt
march 29, 2020
day 89

feels like i tumbled from another world
into your arms and it's so secure
maybe i'll stumble but i know for sure
head over heels
i'm gonna be your girl
march 30, 2020
day 90

the kind of boy who makes you smile even when you're feeling blue
and i know he's out there
most definitely
not a phony or a fake
sweeter than a chocolate shake
my meant-to-be
march 31, 2020
day 91

even if i run away
give my heart a holiday
you always leave me wanting more
i can't shake my hunger for strawberries and cigarettes
they always taste like you
april 1, 2020
day 92

fool me once with your eyes now honey
you fool me twice with your lies and i say
he smiles like he doesn't care
he lives in his world
so unaware
does he know that my destiny lies with him?
are you saving me?
april 2, 2020
day 93

everything is shattering and it's my mistake
only fools fall for you
only fools do what i do
only fools fall
april 3, 2020
day 94

you don't own me
i'm not just one of your many toys

[except i am]
april 4, 2020
day 95

i like it like that
april 5, 2020
day 96

set my heart aflame
every part aflame
this is not a game
april 6, 2020
day 97

you strike me as a woman who has never been satisfied
i'm sure i don't know what you mean
you forget yourself
you're like me
i'm never satisfied
is that right?
i have never been satisfied
april 7, 2020
day 98

you are beautiful like a dream come alive
a centerfold
you saved my life again
and i want you to know baby
i love you like a song baby
and i keep hitting repeat
april 8, 2020
day 99

lick me up
i'm sweet and salty
mix it up and down my body
love to hate me
praise me
shame me
either way you talk about me
april 9, 2020
day 100

rule number one is that you gotta have fun
but baby when you're done you gotta be the first to run
april 10, 2020
day 101

truly madly deeply
i am foolishly completely falling
and somehow you kicked all my walls in
so baby say you'll always keep me
truly madly crazy deeply in love with you
april 11, 2020
day 102

should be the last night ever
should be the last night we're apart
got my name on this treasure
april 12, 2020
day 103

at that place again with you
at that place if we can meet
at that place i’ll be waiting
april 13, 2020
day 104

don’t know
looking like you don’t know
a boy who seems fun
i’m still crazy about you
you’re still cute
you’re still dazzling
april 14, 2020
day 105

i'm pulling on your heart to push my luck
cause who's got any time for growing up
april 15, 2020
day 106

kiss me on the mouth and set me free
sing me like a choir
i can be the subject of your dreams
your sickening desire
april 16, 2020
day 107

only you
again i’m acting weird in front of you
you’re so pretty
but why am I like this?
i sleep and kick my blankets around
april 17, 2020
day 108

oh pretty
to me it’s only you
only you
april 18, 2020
day 109

you make my heart shake
bend and break
but i can't turn away and it's driving me wild
you're driving me wild
april 19, 2020
day 110

running on the music and night highs
but when the light's out it's me and you now
april 20, 2020
day 111

time is moving slower
i can feel we're getting closer
april 21, 2020
day 112

standing in the eye of the storm
my eyes start to roll to the curl of your lips and the center of eclipse
in total darkness i reach out and touch
april 22, 2020
day 113

we were walking on moonlight and you pulled me close
split second and you disappeared and then i was all alone
april 23, 2020
day 114

we're not promised tomorrow
so i'm gonna love you like i'm gonna lose you
i'm gonna hold you like i'm saying goodbye
april 24, 2020
day 115

wherever we're standing
i won't take you for granted
cause we never know when we'll run out of time
april 25, 2020
day 116

i'll kiss you longer babe
any chance that i get
i'll make the most of the minutes and love with no regret
april 26, 2020
day 117

there's something about the sunshine baby
i'm seeing you in a whole new light
out of this world for the first time baby
oh it's so right
april 27, 2020
day 118

now that you're here it's suddenly clear
the sun's coming through
i never knew whatever i do is better with you
april 28, 2020
day 119

kind and ain't afraid to cry or treat his momma right
that's right
that's what i like
april 29, 2020
day 120

i can't believe i still get like this
my body on fire
i only wanna be alone with you
april 30, 2020
day 121

don't you pretend that you can't feel it
i'm yours tonight if you say that you want it
may 1, 2020
day 122

why can't i get you off my mind
you're my knight in shining armor
with you i never felt more alive
may 2, 2020
day 123

this love could be bad for us but i want it
bad for us
dangerous but you want it too
may 3, 2020
day 124

i'll be the first to say
it hurts me to hurt you
it goes on and on and on
you're still the one
may 4, 2020
day 125

bittersweet i know
so bittersweet i know
hit repeat let's go
try but i can't deny you
may 5, 2020
day 126

baby i got lucky cause i'm rockin with the best
may 6, 2020
day 127

i ain't talking money
i'm just physically obsessed and i'm greedy
may 7, 2020
day 128

i just wanted to be perfect
to believe it's all been worth the fight
may 8, 2020
day 129

never did i think that i would be caught in the way you got me
may 9, 2020
day 130

feels like my heart is going to burst
may 10, 2020
day 131

when you think of me
am i the best you've ever had?
may 11, 2020
day 132

seems so fitting for happily ever after
how could i ask for more?
may 12, 2020
day 133

if i share my toys will you let me stay?
don't wanna leave this play date with you
may 13, 2020
day 134

my heart's beating like a drum
on the edge of something wonderful
may 14, 2020
day 135

life is crazy but i know i can work it out cause i got you to live it with me
may 15, 2020
day 136

right from the start
you were a thief
you stole my heart
may 16, 2020
day 137

sometimes it feels like this world is spinning faster than it did it the old days
may 17, 2020
day 138

i can't fly but i got two wings to get me high up here
may 18, 2020
day 139

stained coffee cup
just a fingerprint of lipstick's not enough
may 19, 2020
day 140

powerless and i don't care it's obvious
i just can't get enough of you
may 20, 2020
day 141

i'm all yours
i've got no control
may 21, 2020
day 142

be my forever
call my name
run away with me
may 22, 2020
day 143

if you and i are together
we run across the sky
may 23, 2020
day 144

the magic began the moment i saw you
may 24, 2020
day 145

even though i know that i'll be punished
i want something more exciting
give it to me
if it chooses to cross the line
i want it
may 25, 2020
day 146

this tingling feeling that has filled my mouth is again melting me with its sweetness
may 26, 2020
day 147

sometimes it can be a little dangerous
open the lock without mother knowing
may 27, 2020
day 148

the starlight of the day we saw together
don't forget that night
you can't forget this place
may 28, 2020
day 149

every night
my height and my feelings towards you have grown
may 29, 2020
day 150

got me feeling like
pop rocks
bubble gum
may 30, 2020
day 151

all i want is you my love
you will feel better
tell me what you're waiting for
may 31, 2020
day 152

accept my invitation
your hand is almost there
feel the temperature
just enough to melt a little
june 1, 2020
day 153

time to be quiet
don't you let me down
i don't have a choice other than you
june 2, 2020
day 154

goodbye my delusion
approaching bye bye
drama for you
june 3, 2020
day 155

your dazzling drama
i’m none of your business
june 4, 2020
day 156

tell me
what should i choose
either angel or devil
june 5, 2020
day 157

open your eyes
feel it
breathe it
dream it
june 6, 2020
day 158

everywhere is dark here
in this serious atmosphere
june 7, 2020
day 159

don't go breaking my heart
don't go
june 8, 2020
day 160

my body must have gone mad
june 9, 2020
day 161

so close together and when i'm with you
so close to feeling alive
june 10, 2020
day 162

all that i want is to hold you so close
june 11, 2020
day 163

so close to reaching that famous happy ending
almost believing this one's not pretend
june 12, 2020
day 164

now you're beside me and look how far we've come
june 13, 2020
day 165

you're in my arms and all the world is gone
the music playing on for only two
june 14, 2020
day 166

how could i face the faceless days if i should lose you now?
june 15, 2020
day 167

you make me lose my mind
june 16, 2020
day 168

just stop talking
i'm falling for you again
june 17, 2020
day 169

i was doing fine but why are you in my heart?
june 18, 2020
day 170

how can this be wrong when it feels so right?
i really need you
i really love you and i'll never let you go
june 19, 2020
day 171

you should know
i'm never gonna change
i'm always gonna stay
you call for me
i'm right there
june 20, 2020
day 172

mature cinnamon
dorky mint
what else do you want?
june 21, 2020
day 173

it's only natural that i'm so affected
june 22, 2020
day 174

my heart won't beat again if i can't feel him in my veins
june 23, 2020
day 175

you're the only one who makes me-
every time we-
tell you what i like
my wildflower
june 24, 2020
day 176

i know i'm saying too much but i won't ever give up
june 25, 2020
day 177

if i could trade mistakes for sheep
count me away before you sleep
i'll stay awake until i trade my mistakes or they fade away
june 26, 2020
day 178

a million miles away and i'm still thinking about my baby
june 27, 2020
day 179

move a little closer now
ain't no way you're walking out
show me what you're all about
june 28, 2020
day 180

when you were mine
the world seemed to burn
june 29, 2020
day 181

you and your words flooded my senses
your sentences left me defenseless
june 30, 2020
day 182

look into your eyes and the sky's the limit
i'm helpless
down for the count and i'm drowning in them
july 1, 2020
day 183

you make me feel like i'm living a teenage dream
the way you turn me on
july 2, 2020
day 184

boy when you're with me
i'll give you a taste
make it like your birthday everyday
july 3, 2020
day 185

don't wanna get dressed up to pretend
i could lie and say i'm fine
maybe you'll stop calling then
july 4, 2020
day 186

sometimes i don't wanna be happy
don't hold it against me
if i'm down just leave me there
let me be sad
july 5, 2020
day 187

sometimes i just wanna be lonely
don't need you to hold me
if i'm low you don't need to care
let me be sad
what's the matter with that?
july 6, 2020
day 188

i could lie and say i'm fine but that wouldn't change anything
july 7, 2020
day 189

ain't trying to complain just don't wanna explain it
july 8, 2020
day 190

what's the matter with sadness?
making me feel the way i feel right now
july 9, 2020
day 191

honey you're a sweet thing and you look so fine
all i ever wanted is to make you mine
give me a clue
tell me what i need to do to get lucky with you
july 10, 2020
day 192

why are our hearts beating so fast?
why is there suddenly a brand new hope inside us that will surely last?
july 11, 2020
day 193

just think
there's suddenly a chance to find if all we've dreamed in dreams was true
july 12, 2020
day 194

we'd keep all our promises
be us against the world
july 13, 2020
day 195

i should have told you what you meant to me cause now i pay the price
july 14, 2020
day 196

even the sun sets in paradise
july 15, 2020
day 197

if happy ever after did exist
i would still be holding you like this
july 16, 2020
day 198

all those fairytales are full of it
one more stupid love song
i'll be sick
july 17, 2020
day 199

you'll never know dear how much i love you
please don't take my sunshine away
july 18, 2020
day 200

young love
close the chapter
there's no ever after
fell fast
ended faster
july 19, 2020
day 201

some days you're the only thing i know
only thing that's burning when the nights grow cold
can't look away
bet you to stay
july 20, 2020
day 202

every little lie gives me butterflies
something in the way you're looking through eyes
i don't know if i'm gonna make it out alive
july 21, 2020
day 203

late night devil
put your hands on me and never ever let go
july 22, 2020
day 204

blood on my shirt
heart in my hand
still beating
july 23, 2020
day 205

do not sleep my starling
sleep my doe
july 24, 2020
day 206

my breath you breathe
it carries you
my breath you breathe
it will carry you
july 25, 2020
day 207

do not sleep
she waits for you to sleep
do not sleep
my starling do not sleep
july 26, 2020
day 208

they say beauty is pain
you'll only be happy if you look a certain way
july 27, 2020
day 209

red desert
heal our blues
i'd dive deeper for you
what a blessing to feel your love
twilight moments with you
july 28, 2020
day 210

tell me would you pack up all your bags
stay true to north
you're the only one i'd do this for
july 29, 2020
day 211

continue to repeat badly
"i love you"
and regret it again
july 30, 2020
day 212

glazed eyes
empty hearts
buying happy from shopping carts
nothing but time to kill
sipping life from bottles
july 31, 2020
day 213

my sweet little pill
tame my hunger
august 1, 2020
day 214

go on and light me like a cigarette even if it might be something you'll regret
you got me now
swallow me down
august 2, 2020
day 215

i only light up when cameras are flashing
never enough with no satisfaction
got no shame
i love the way you're screaming my name
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