— 𝟑𝟔𝟔 𝐝𝐚𝐲𝐬 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 jimin and tzuyu ☆
day 1.
here is to a happy, healthy and successful year
day 2.
hope you’ve both been smiling a lot today ♥︎
day 3.
happy babies. hope to always see these beautiful smiles on you when on stage 🤍
day 4.
i love you ♡
day 5.
congratulations on the awards you got today, so proud!! and you both did amazing in the performances, loved seeing them. thank you for working so hard ♥︎
day 6.
hope you’ve both enjoyed your days today, and have gotten enough rest and time to eat well. thats what you deserve after working so hard this weekend. i hope you are happy and content and that your minds arent troubled by anything. stay healthy always💛
day 7.
today was very sucky & ive just overall been very sad but the cb news & tzu going home for break made me feel better. im gonna miss you a lot for the rest of the month but its okay. knowing good things are awaiting & just thinking about you gives me strength ♡ i love you
day 8.
i wish i could give you the whole universe :((
day 9.
fairies ♡ hope only positivity and good thoughts has been surrounding you today
day 10.
i love you, so much :((
day 11.
thank you for being my reasons ♥︎
day 12.
i wonder what you’ve been up to today, guess i’ll never find the answer to that. nonetheless i hope you’ve felt peace and happiness. i hope you are content with the lives you’re living right now. i hope there is nothing bothering you or else i will beat it up in no time
day 13.
idk why today suddenly out of all days but i just have to urge to tell u how proud i am of both of u. proud of who u are as people, how thoughtful & genuine u are. proud of how far u have come on ur journeys & the hard work u put into everything u set ur mind to ♡ ilyyy
day 14.
i miss you lots, not a second goes by where i dont think about you :(
day 15.
real life angels. finding you both was my greatest gift and im so lucky to be able to have you with me by my side everyday. i will hold on to you for as long as i possibly can, i promise ♡
day 16.
i adore you so much. every little part of you is so precious and beautiful to me. i hope you always stay your wonderful selves💛
day 17.
i hope you have had a precious day and spent it by doing something you love. i hope you’ve been happy today. that is all i really wish for you both, to be happy. not just today but every other day. id do anything for you to be happy and live life without worries!
day 18.
i love you lots ♡
day 19.
im so lucky to know you, to be a part of your journey, to support you through ups and downs. i will be with you and love you for as long as you let me. lets walk the rest of this long road together and everything will turn out okay🖤
day 20.
been thinking about you a lot today. you always give me comfort, hope and light whenever i struggle like i did today, and i hope when you think about your respective fans that we give you the same back. thank you for being my people, i love you🤍
day 21.
you’re both away in different countries and i hope you are enjoying yourselves and spending your time there well and happily. im glad you’re able to see and experience other places in the world, whether its for work or vacation. please stay happy always ♥︎
day 22.
missing you both a little extra today. there is so much i want to say to you really but not much comes out when i try. you’re both so important to me, thank you for being here and for allowing me to have you in my life💛
day 23.
you are my babies and my babies only 🥺 i love you with all that i have
day 24.
seeing how happy being on stage makes you is better than anything i could ever wish for & to see you so deeply love and enjoy the dream you achieved for yourself brings me such joy. i hope you continue to have the same love for it for as long as it’s present in your life
day 25.
beauties. continue to shine and spread light and love the way you are doing every single day everywhere you go. i promise you it does wonders 🌟
day 26.
day 27.
today was a good day. tzu arriving back safely from home hopefully wellrested and ready to take on new challenges, and jm attending the award show looking absolutely breathtaking and reaching a huge goal with his song. hope you both are happy💛
day 28.
looking forward to seeing you both perform again soon, ive missed it. i know you’re gonna do so well bc you always do. i love u lots 🖤
day 29.
every day im filled with so much love for you. just thinking about you and hearing you is enough for me to get this warm feeling inside and for my heart to feel complete. you’re my safe place ♡
day 30.
well done on y’alls performances yesterday and today. you sounded and looked fantastic. so proud of both of you. i always am, hope you know. your schedules are starting up more now so please take care of yourselves through it all.
day 31.
im out of words today so im just here to wish you a good day/night! please stay healthy and safe always, especially during this time. love you lots and lots and lots ♡
day 32.
i miss you, like i do every other day but especially on days when the bad things are taking over me, like today. but im hanging in there, all thanks to you really. i hope i can make you proud one day. thank for you being here bubs.🖤
day 33.
your passion for the stage is so beautiful to see, i hope you never lose your love for it. thank you for putting all your effort into everything you do to make every experience as special as possible for us. so grateful for you ♥︎
day 34.
my little sunshines who constantly brings light and positivity into my daily life. you always manage to lift my mood to the fullest by just being yourselves no matter what situation im in 💛 ily
day 35.
i wish i could protect you from all evil and bad things and people in this world. if there was anything i could do to keep you happy and safe at all times, i’d do it in a heartbeat. i love you so much
day 36.
i hope your day has been great whatever it is that you’ve been up to. i wanna know all about it but i guess i will never find out. im sure you’re working hard nonetheless so please don’t forget to rest when possible and eat well!
day 37.
my angels, i hope you one day achieve all your dreams & everything you wish for to happen. i will support you through anything that comes your way, you can count on me always. i hope i can give you the same amount of love & happiness back as you give me ♥︎
day 38.
i really don’t know what to say today, my mind is a mess. as always i hope your day has been fantastic and you’ve spent it well without any stress or worries. it’s so empty without you and i miss you a lot but i‘ll see you soon in the near future again so it’s okay💛
day 39.
another day of me just being so thankful for who you are as people and for always staying your grounded and genuine selves. i will cherish you for as long as im able to. there’s quite no others like you out there, you’re so unique and special to me ♡
day 40.
i just want to thank you for helping me get through every day & guiding me forward. you undoubtedly have a huge impact on me & my life in the best way possible. i can always lean on u when things get too hard & it’s so relieving to have you right beside me at all times🤍
day 41.
one left the country, the other one arrived. im glad i got to see a glimpse of both of you today. i hope it was a good and safe travel day and i wish you luck on your activities this month. i’ve missed you 🖤
day 42.
your visuals are so breathtaking and powerful, so much that i very often don’t feel worthy even sparing a glance your way. you’re always so pretty to me. i dont know where im going with this but anyway i love you so much
day 43.
im so looking forward to everything you have coming up in the future. from performances to music releases, maybe hopefully some projects of your own, who knows! whatever you do i know you’re going to do such a great job bc you always do. you always leave me speechless
day 44.
everytime you laugh or smile, my heart is filled with warmth to the max. it can really change my whole day for the better just seeing you smile brightly and i hope you never stop showing it off bc it looks so beautiful on you. you’re so precious to me💛
day 45.
i love you ♡
day 46.
prettiest angels! i wish i could do more for you and support you better than what im able to do atm. im sorry. you deserve so much and i hope you get and achieve everything you want and wish for in life. i love you
day 47.
everything you do i find so incredibly cute and precious, i just look at you and smile so big all the time. thank you for always bringing my mood up so easily by simply being yourselves💛
day 48.
you’re so incredibly breathtaking and amazing. i absolutely adore you so much, i adore how kind and selfless you are. i love how you’re always so appreciative and thankful for the people around you and all the little things in life. i will do my best to be more like you!
day 49.
there’s really only you two that i can trust and that i can count on to always be there. your voices and your words helps me so so much, more than you can imagine. i wish i was able to express my thoughts and feelings better but just know im so happy to have you ♥︎
day 50.
was going to say i’ve been thinking about you today but really i think about you all the time. hope you’ve been having a good time today. i know and trust that you take care of yourselves, resting when you need to, eating and drinking well so im not too worried. love you
day 51.
i really could not be prouder of either of you than what i am right now. you have great things going for you, you’re doing so well everyday and i just know you will continue to shine so brightly for all your future. my favorite little stars💛
day 52.
today was such a big day for you jimin together with the members and im so proud and happy for you, especially for releasing your very own produced song. you did so incredibly well on it and it is so loved, i hope you know. & tzuyu i hope you had a safe flight my angel🤍
day 53.
im late and i dont have much to say today. i always feel like i repeat myself but all i can really say is that i just love you so so much. you truly are my greatest gift ♡
day 54.
im sorry. i really am sorry. i dont deserve to have you
day 55.
you’re two of the most beautiful & outstanding people i think, both on the inside & outside. the way you carry yourselves, how respectful and gentle you are, your radiating beauty, genuine and lovely personality. there is so many things about you that i find so admirable
day 56.
my safe place, my comfort and my reasons ♥︎ can’t imagine my days without you in them
day 57.
my favorite thing is watching you perform. you always give it your all and leave your heart out on that stage while looking like art pieces when doing so. you take my breath away every single time.
day 58.
my mind is blank and empty for words today but my love and admiration for you have never be so full as it is in this moment. knowing you’re here makes living through each day a little bit easier. thank you for everything ♥︎
day 59.
even tho things aren’t going as we all expected and plans have had to change, i hope you’re able to spend this unfortunate time as happy and enjoyable as you can still. your health is what’s most important to me so please angels be safe💛 i love you and i’ll see you soon
day 60.
a lot of times when the evil and ugliness in this world takes over, your generous, caring and loving selfs reminds me that there are good left in the world. you are so pure, so selfless. we could rly need more of you. i will forever do my best to cherish and protect you!
day 61.
keeping this short but im just so grateful for you and your existence
day 62.
the continuous hard work & genuine love for what you do result so beautifully in the outstanding achievements you accomplish together with your groups, people you love & cherish so deeply. keep going doing incredible things and keep being you. im so proud of you both🤍
day 63.
every day i keep wonder what you’re doing & how you spend your days. i wanna hear all about it, i love hearing you talk about things you love, small random things about yourself, things you’ve done and everything really that you’re able to share. i enjoy it a lot
day 64.
it’s just the way your radiating beauty, your graceful and delicate beings always captivates me and leaves me speechless. sometimes i feel like you’re not real, that you’re just something one will find in a dream bc you’re way too perfect and stunning to exist i think
day 65.
i love you the most in this world. i hope my tiny love and support can someday make a difference in your life and that me being here by your side contributes atleast something to you. i hope i am a good enough of a support for you as you are for me. i really wish for that
day 66.
my sunshines. you light up my whole world and give me some brightness to my dark daily life. i appreciate you always ♥︎
day 67.
both your groups went live today and that made me so genuinely happy, really brought up mood to the fullest. even tho you tzu wasn’t physically present, you still got your time on there too which was lovely. knowing you both are well was all i needed rn💛
day 68.
your voices are my healing sounds. your voices truly captivates me and takes me places. your voices are my favorites in the world, i could listen to you for hours and hours. hope you never stop singing!
day 69.
you are inside my heart always and i plan on keeping you there for a long long time. you’re the best things i have truly ♥︎ i love you lots
day 70.
my babies. i hope you’re able to find energy and joy in your days in this current time. i hope you don’t feel too restless or bored or down. we’ll see eachother soon i know it. you’ll be okay and i’ll be okay. we’ll be okay together. i love you
day 71.
i really don’t know what to say today, nothing feels or comes out right rn. until i hear from you and see you again please be safe and happy, may your minds and souls stay healthy 💖
day 72.
prettiest people with the prettiest smiles. hope you’ve been able to smile a lot today. ♡
day 73.
looking forward to seeing more beautiful and outstanding performances from you in the future. you’re capable of doing so much and i know there’s plenty in you that you have left to give and show the world. i cant wait to one day get to see other things & sides from you🤍
day 74.
prettiest fairies, adding a big splash of hope & happiness to me everyday. i can simply think of you and my smile grows so wide, not many have that impact on me nowadays i’ve noticed but i appreciate you lots for always having the ability to recharge me when i need it💚
day 75.
i know i shouldn’t really miss you cause you haven’t been gone for THAT long and one of you literally posted today, which im so happy about, but i can’t help it. i always miss you and you’re always in my thoughts :(
day 76.
my number ones always. i adore everything about you really and i hope you continue stay your lovable and wonderful selfs for the rest of time. you are so loved and appreciated, please never forget that.🤍
day 77.
i hope you’re managing yourselves well and enjoying your days, even if the uncertainty of everything might be hard. hopefully it doesn’t weigh you down too much. we’re still here loving and supporting you and we’ll still be here when you’re back. pls take care always🖤
day 78.
not only are you so incredibly talented and great at what you do that you continuously execute your tasks flawlessly but you also always look so damn sickening while doing it. deadly on all levels really. insane.
day 79.
your pretty smiles makes my world stop. your pretty smiles are so contagious that i really cannot help but crack the biggest smile back when seeing them. please never stop showing it off because frankly seeing them is truly so precious and healing for me and my heart.♡
day 80.
im not exaggerating when i say i’ve cried my eyes out the whole day today but over the best things possible and it was all bc of you two! i truly couldn’t have asked to get anything better than what you gave me today. it really gave me the strength i needed. thank you🤍
day 81.
im so lucky to have you. i really do be loving you the most in this world. i wish i could show it to you better somehow but im doing the best i can right now. i hope you’re okay with that. one day i will repay you back for all the good things you’ve given me
day 82.
im so proud of you, hope you know. thank you for all that you do ♥︎
day 83.
really the only people i can stand in this world. i love you so much
day 84.
you’re so pure and so full of love and care, not a single bad bone in your bodies. it’s impossible to know you and just not wanna give you the whole universe. you deserve all good things and i hope you get everything you ever wish for. i have so much love for you
day 85.
you’re helping me a lot especially these days to be able to go through each day successfully. thank you for that. i hope you are well
day 86.
cant believe i was so lucky to get a live today. i just love it a lot whenever i get to hear you talk all freely and sharing anything and everything that’s on your mind, smiling and laughing 🥺 excited for more in the future but for now im content with what i got today!
day 87.
day 88.
you light up my whole world with your presence. im glad i have you!
day 89.
thinking about you all the time really. please be well always. i love you lots
day 90.
eat, drink and rest well everyday. i love you babies
day 91.
hope you’ve had a wonderful day. it’s what you deserve everyday without a doubt.🤍
day 92.
thank you for all your hard work no matter what you do. it doesn’t go unappreciated from me.
day 93.
im so happy both of you updated this week saying that you are doing good and are eating well. nothing fulfills me more than when i hear exactly that. i love you the most ♡
day 94.
the prettiest stars in my universe. you’re so special to me. i really cant see my life without you in it one way or another. always grateful to have you with me♥︎
day 95.
i adore you lots🤍
day 96.
i just really love seeing you smile. happiness looks so pretty on you💛
day 97.
thank you for everything truly.♥︎
day 98.
my angels. i don’t know what i’ve done to deserve you two but know i couldn’t be happier than what i am right now to have you with me here! i wont stop loving you ever
day 99.
you make me so happy :(
day 100.
always so thankful for your bright and charming souls blessing all of my days. i dont know what i’d do without you, i really don’t.
day 101.
im really looking forward to when i get to see you on stage again. i know you miss it a lot too. just gotta hang on for a little bit longer.. ♥︎
day 102.
no matter what happens i promise i will keep cheering you on to the best of my abilities at all times. you always have me as much as i always have you♡
day 103.
you really have such a comforting effect on me. you have given me a place where i can feel safe and calm, a place i can run to when needed. for that i thank you
day 104.
i hope you’re sleeping so well right now at this very moment, dreaming sweetly💛
day 105.
you continue to give me something on the same day and i think that’s a beautiful thing. im not saying you’re planning it but that’s exactly what im saying. you make me smile a lot every day
day 106.
my thoughts are just full of you every second of every day. that’s all really
day 107.
i hope you are able to spend your days well. i always wish only the best for you🤍
day 108.
i just think it’s insane how you dont have modeling contracts already because look at the way you’re constantly serving. eating the others up just like that
day 109.
im proud of you everyday.♡
day 110.
thank you for working so hard always for us.
day 111.
the sparkles in your eyes. the smile on your faces. the love, passion and joy i see through your expressions and actions when you’re on the stage performing for us with your members, i really hope you never lose that.
day 112.
you will always be my prettiest flowers💚
day 113.
i just really adore your playful, goofy selfs so much. you always manage to lift my mood up so easily and make me laugh a lot everyday. i appreciate that more than one might think
day 114.
i love you so so much. i really hope you know that. i hope you know your existence holds such a big importance in my life. i’d be lost without you.
day 115.
you’re so beautiful, both inside and out.
day 116.
my mind has not been at the right place lately so im sorry for not being able to do enough for you rn. my love for you is never changing tho. you will always be my people
day 117.
keep smiling always💛
day 118.
literally everything about you is so endearing. every little thing you say and do makes my heart really warm :(
day 119.
i hope you are taking care of yourself, enjoying the things you like and working hard just the same amount
day 220.
i love you and i will be back. be good, be safe💛
day 121.
thank you for being here.♥︎
day 122.
you’re both working hard on your separate ends & im rly looking forward to the ending results. i know it will be fantastic bc everything you’re apart of is golden. i hope you enjoy the process aswell. the journey to the finishing product is important too. you’re so great
day 123.
my thoughts always tend to wander towards you every single moment throughout the days, simply because you give me so much comfort and help me ease my mind. you’ve given & helped me so much since you entered my life idk really how i’d ever be able to repay you back for it
you’re so precious to me
day 125.
i love you. ♡
day 126.
your strong love for animals is so endearing. how you treat them so sweetly and delicate makes my heart beat a little extra
day 127.
the best people in my world. truly no one compares to you
day 128.
thank you for always giving me strength when i feel like im lacking a whole lot of it. since last week especially i’ve been needing it more than ever so it has really meant a bunch. again thank you
day 129.
the most precious, sweetest and purest people i have ever come across with so much love and care to give to people. i adore you lots
day 130.
i hope you are waking up to a beautiful brand new day, spending the day with people you cherish and laughing a lot. i would like that🤍
day 131.
you’re doing well, im so endlessly proud of you.♥︎
day 132.
not in a good place today to form proper words im so sorry. will try and do better tomorrow.
day 133.
today i have been filled with many feelings, mostly with just so much love and adoration for you. i hope you know i think you shine bright in everything you do and it’s really a joy for me to watch you grow more for every day that goes along. keep going babies
day 134.
i think of you and miss you at all times
day 135.
i don’t think i will ever run of out things to love about you. everyday you prove to me even more how genuinely good people you are. your gentle, kind and respectful nature feels very safe amidst all kinds of things and people there could be
day 136.
you take my breath away constantly
day 137.
seeing you smile like this always makes me so warm inside. i genuinely hope you always feel pure happiness no matter what you do in life. ♡
day 138.
you are so so beautiful. there are not many useful words that can really describe your breathtaking beauty to me
day 139.
i love you lots
day 140.
hope you are going through each day without any trouble or worries. i hope your mind is gentle to you and only gives you positive thoughts. you are fantastic to me, i always think that.
day 141.
i miss you and i hope to see you again soon
day 142.
i really adore the goofy personalities you have. you always brighten me up with your silly antics and fun behavior. you bring a lot of laughs into my daily life which im so grateful for
day 143.
you are so outstanding. your breathtaking beauty and godly aura makes my eyes drift towards you at all times no matter the surroundings
day 144.
i hope you are sleeping sweetly right about now and that you wake up to a good day infront if you feeling well rested and happy🥺
day 145.
your power of being able to own every look and style so effortlessly. you’re putting every existing model to shame it’s insane
day 146.
honestly haven’t been feeling like posting in this thread lately. it’s not because of you, it’s just me being me.. so i apologize for never really saying anything that’s worthy. eh idk. i hope you know i love you so dearly, that will never ever change. i promise you that
day 147.
idk what it is but simply seeing you makes me feel so safe and puts me at peace
day 148.
day 149.
lacking in thoughts to express right now i apologize for that but i hope you understand, sometimes my mind just gives up on me.
day 150.
i love you always
day 151.
keep shining beautifully
day 152.
always be happy please
day 153.
im so so proud of you
day 154.
wish you would use your voices and platforms right now
day 155.
love seeing you shine so beautifully on stage
day 156.
always appreciate having you beside me at every step i take. it’s very reassuring for me
day 157.
always stay your wonderful true selves.
day 158.
you always make me so proud with your hearts that are bigger than life itself and your kind and selfless beings
day 159.
you’re so gentle & softspoken yet your words are impactful & very meaningful to me. you make me feel reassured and understood. it’s like you give me a big hug through the usage of your words telling me that it’ll be okay, and you will be there to catch me if i’d fall.
day 160.
you are very precious to me
day 161.
literally the most beautiful angels i’ve ever witnessed.
day 162.
i love you with every little piece of me
day 163.
you are the most kindhearted and genuine people i have ever had the blessing of getting to know, and that shows so sweetly through your every action. please never stop showing off your lovely and joyful beings bc seeing you like it always brings me the biggest of smiles
day 164.
very special day for both of you and your groups today. one got their 100th win and the other celebrated 7 years since debut. thank you for all the times i get to spend with you. thank you for being my safety and my happiness. you’re all truly my bestfriends. i love you
day 165.
i sincerely wish more than anything that you’re aware of how incredibly loved you are and how much an inspiration you are to so many. your big kindness within you and the immense amount of love you have to be shared with us are unmatched
day 166.
the incredible joy i’ve felt today after seeing u both. hope u enjoyed the day too. i also can’t help but feel quite bad tho, in a way that maybe i haven’t done enough or said all that i’ve been wanting to say but i rly hope u can somehow feel my love for u despite that
day 167.
hope you’re waking up to a better & more successful day than what i’ve had. things just can’t work out for me ever & it’s very frustrating. anyway moving on from that shit, im just gonna wish you all the well & happy thoughts possible! thank you jm for posting today♥︎
day 168.
i really adore the way you appreciate and cherish little things in life and how you so fondly voice at every given chance for everyone around to be happy and safe. it’s so sweet
day 169.
i love your pretty smiles so much. thank you for being the light in my life ♡
day 170.
you are absolutely breathtaking
day 171.
i love you lots my sweet tiny beans
day 172.
hope you are staying healthy and happy ♡
day 173.
thank you for these blessings today. it’s always a good time when i get to see you and know you are fine no matter in what way it is. seeing your smiles today really warmed me💛
day 174.
i love hearing your beautiful voices so much. you’re always doing your absolute best and it really shows. im proud of you
day 175.
you truly light up my world
day 176.
i adore you
day 177.
your pure souls truly brings so much light and love to people. i really hope you know how important you are and how much of a positive influence you have on many
day 178.
you’re truly able to captivate everyone with your presence and undeniable charm.
day 179.
your way to always serve beauty and face in all situations. you are absolutely outstanding
day 180.
you’re the most beautiful flowers. hope your minds and souls stays healthy and that you’re able to spend your time happily whatever you may be doing.♡
day 181.
i love you, so so much. i hope you know it really
day 182.
you really are the best people i know, so pure and so genuine :(
day 183.
i constantly repeat myself over again never saying anything spectacular i feel ridiculous. but eh thank you for always being here for me. i appreciate it so much. i’ll do better at showing you the love you deserve back aswell bc i kinda feel like i dont do that enough
day 184.
you’re so outstanding.
day 185.
been missing you a bit extra lately. i’ve felt like i’ve been needing you a lot. hope to hear something from you soon, even if seeing you still in some contents helps a little with feeling somewhat better.
day 186.
still feeling awful. still missing you.
day 187.
i hope you are surrounding yourselves with good energy and are only doing things that genuinely makes you happy and fulfilled.
day 188.
cant wait to see what more great things the future holds for you
day 189.
you are everything to me. it doesn’t go even second where i dont feel the biggest amount of love for you
day 190.
your aura and energy on stage is insane. it truly fills me with such joy when i see you fully enjoying yourselves up there.
day 191.
im so deeply fond of you. every little thing you do makes me smile so bright
day 192.
please always be happy 🥺
day 193.
constantly on your top model shit. god you’re so beautiful im always left speechless
day 194.
i’ll never stop loving you i don’t think. im just very glad to be able to be here with you and for you to be with me too, it gives me a lot of reassurance at times :(
day 195.
i really think you have such pretty voices. thank you for blessing me with them
day 196.
you are so adorable i literally can’t take it any longer
day 197.
the most angelic looking beings that have ever existed
day 198.
i love you, forever and ever for sure.
day 199.
hope you are doing fantastic today and every day that passes.
day 200.
sweet angels, the ones able to make my days more enjoyable.
day 201.
im highly anticipating the outcome of things you’re working on. you do everything so greatly, im sure i’ll love every bit of it. work hard as you do but dont forget to take some time for yourselves at times💛
day 202.
been thinking about you a lot, i especially wonder what you spend your time and days on, what excites you and makes your soul fulfilled and so on. i would love to know.
day 203.
the best babies :(
day 204.
i miss your cute faces
day 205.
you’re so loving and sweet and caring. everyone who knows you and gets to be around you should feel very lucky with themselves
day 206.
i hope you are enjoying yourselves and having the most fun as you can, while working hard as im sure you are for the future happenings. you deserve that.
day 207.
ah yes, my happiness in life. i love you so dearly
day 208.
so glad i got to hear your voices yesterday and today, and see some pretty selfies from one 😭 im so thankful for it. hearing you talk about what you’ve been doing these days & what is coming up soon for you & most importantly knowing you’re fine made my heart so full
day 209.
cute how i got content from both of you yesterday where you were kinda matching 😭 i adore you lots
day 210.
thank you for always being able to make me smile so big
day 211.
i loved these looks on you. i think they fit you really well and it’s always exciting to see when you try different styles.
day 212.
i love you
day 213.
your hearts are truly bigger than life itself, and it’s so evident with every word you let out and the way you treat every being so gently.
day 214.
even in pictures like this where they’re taken while you’re just passing by you serve such breathtaking visuals it’s insane really. you’re undeniably two of the most beautiful people i’ve ever come across
day 215.
you always work the hardest to bring us the absolute best you got in store and it really shows with how amazingly you deliver each time. im so appreciative and proud of all your efforts
day 216.
very insane how you’re able to make every color look so absolutely gorgeous on you and owning it with such ease
day 217.
i hope you continue to take care of yourselves, staying healthy and resting enough in between preparing for your upcoming schedules and throughout them. the thoughts on what you’ve got planned for us is keeping me very excited
day 218.
now why you eating up shoots like this for
day 219.
thank you for being a bit of a safe space for me
day 220.
i can not wait to see you both so very soon, performing and hearing you sing again.
day 221.
i hope you are doing good. i think about you a lot
day 222.
it’s lovely to see you both having got the chance to go out and spend some time in the nature. i hope the peaceful surroundings impacted you greatly and you got to enjoy some relaxing, calming time and creating good memories with your members
day 223.
you always give me all kinds of reasons possible to be so proud of you. i hope you know i really am that
day 224.
that edit that went around with the saying that went something like, everyone has that idol that seeing their face reminds them they’re gonna be okay. that is exactly you for me and how i feel whenever i take a look at you. you are very important to me
day 225.
you’re so deserving of all the good things that exists and i wish i could give it all to you right away
day 226.
congrats on the awards you both got at the award show. i think you took home three each we love to see it💛
day 227.
you really don’t have to eat up every photoshoot this way, but who am i to complain really. keep doing your thing, keep giving us everything
day 228.
my most favorite prettiest two. you’re quite like no other out there for me
day 229.
you always bring me to such a comforting and peaceful place idk how you manage to do it
day 230.
we have now entered your week. i don’t know how i will handle both your releases at the same time but im excited to hear the results nonetheless. i hope everything revolving them goes well and it brings you good things only!
day 231.
it warms my whole heart when i get to see you just vibing and smiling, to know you’re enjoying the time you have to the fullest
day 232.
look at you being the prettiest humans ever
day 233.
the faces of unconditional love and comfort
day 234.
that you just be looking like this so naturally it’s very insane to me
day 235.
waaah okay what a day. dynamite, smashed that thing it is such a good vibe. more & more english version, i liked it a lot you girls did so well on singing it. you both sounded great in the songs, i always love to hear your voices. thank you for giving us them :(
day 236.
you’re so amazing, you deserve all that is.
day 237.
if no one else got me, or i dont got a hold of myself, i know you certainly always do!
day 238.
you are the sweetest and warmest little humans, i adore every single part of you there is :(
day 239.
lost the touch to this thread completely and it makes me feel like i’ve failed you. and failed myself, like i can’t commit to and finish up anything. eh anyway i’ll try to get back into it and hopefully continue until the end
day 240.
you are the warmest people really filled with love entirely all over
day 241.
mind blank literally so i don’t know what to say here but you’re cute as always
day 242.
it’s always such a treat watching you perform
day 243.
you are very precious
day 244.
to think abt how far you’ve come & how many great things you have done so far rly makes me dizzy at times, even tho there’s so much more for you to show & further to go, im very proud of you. i hope you’ll get chances that’ll show your fullest potential one of these days
day 245.
i will work harder for you i promise
day 246.
you surely will never do anything wrong in life
day 247.
always love it so much whenever i get to hear you sing and perform. you’re constantly doing the best you got and shines so beautifully as a result
day 248.
you always look so cool and pretty in whatever you wear. your styling choices never misses i feel
day 249.
knowing i can always rely on you to be here when i need it helps me ease down immensely and i really do appreciate that a lot
day 250.
you’re the best :(
day 251.
the excellent model behavior you exhibit so effortlessly. yeah
day 252.
i love seeing you take the chance to enjoy yourselves, playing around and having fun doing what you want whenever the time is possible to do that
day 253.
i love you very much my pretties :(
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