366 days with monsta x
01/01/20: so it’s a new year. last year was hella horrible but y’all managed to stay strong for all of us and now we’ll fight harder for your happiness i love you
02/01/20: the motn behind video MADE ME SO HAPPY seeing you having fun!!!
04/01/20: wow i already missed a day. i love you monsta x and i miss you wonho, please come back soon :-(
05/01/20: you boys did SO WELL at GDAs i’m so proud of you!!!!! rest well babies and take care of yourselves i love you so much <3 @OfficialMonstaX
06/01/20: seeing your picture makes me SO HAPPY!!! it’s been over 2 months and we didn’t get any updates from you but finally i feel at ease seeing you healthy i love you wonho
08/01/20: i am so proud of you my babies. you make me smile everyday
10/01/20: i’ve been having such a bad day.. been crying for so lomg@and i just wann say ki miss wonho so much bro like PLEASE@come back i love@you so much so so much i love you baby @OfficialMonstaX
11/01/20: i miss my babies so much esp joo and wonho :-( i hope they’re resting well and they’re eating properly!! i love you
13/01/20: i don’t understand why everything feels rushed & just not right?? joo’s hiatus was announced like 2 days ago & the tour dates have already been released??? the other members barely even got any rest since 31/10 & they’ve contstantly been working?? it feels unfair
13/01/20: how are they supposed to carry on with the tour without any proper rest?? sounds pretty absurd. anyways, LOVE YOU BABIES AND SEE YOU SOON❤️❤️❤️❤️
15/01/20: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BABY WONNIE you’re the cutest most precious sexy cool lovely pretty handsome beautiful person i love you so much. always have your prettiest smile on you & U LOOK SO HOT in the 1st pic @OfficialMonstaX
16/01/20: everything feels like it’s finally getting better :-) i can feel wonho coming now and i hope we can all see him really soon I LOVE YOU
18/01/20: all the videos from fancon were so cute I LOVE YALL SO MUCH and i really really hope you come to singapore so i can finally see y’all🥺🥺
19/01/20: the babies were SO CUTE today i#i love them so much and i’m missing wonho and jooheon extra much today especially wonho’s beautiful smile that we haven’t got to see in like 3 months PLEASE SHOW YOURSELF NOW and i love you all so much!!
20/01/20: wow can’t believe we’re already coming to the end of january. everything is more peaceful now and i hope everyone is feeling better!! can’t wait to see what feb holds for mx and mbb <3
23/01/20: so i had a dream about wonho a few days ago. and in the dream he came back to us and i know that is gonna happen soon. i hope all my babies are resting and eating well and i can’t wait to see them !!
24/01/20: i think underwater is my most favourite because i love how it gives me so much relief just listening to all their voices, it’s like a pain relief patch for my heart🥺
26/01/20: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANGKYUN!!!! i love you so much and thank you for letting the haters bark. absolutely don’t know what i would do without you thank you for existing i love u!!!!!
27/01/20: kyun’s letter broke me, how he probably felt everyth falling apart but we gave our all & they gave their all & we’ve been fighting for everyone’s happiness the past months. i’m at ease knowing we’re here for them & they’re here for us. i’ll never stop loving my 7 angels
28/01/20: my boys have so much strength within them. seeing them stand tall for us even though they are broken within makes me fight harder for them. soon, we will have a happy family of seven again.
31/01/20: so now we’re finally at the end of jan. feb is going to hold so much for us & mx & i hope the boys will gain a lot of success with their english album & wonho will finally return, with honey, hopefully. i will also stream the fuck out of the album cause they deserve it
01/02/20: album in a few days!! can’t wait and i hope all 7 of you will perform together. it was also so nice to see all the mbb changing their pfp and names to wonho’s so cute. i cant wait to see all of your smiles and faces babies
changkyun is such a soft boi and he deserves all the good in the world. i love him so much and i didn’t think i could actually love someone as much as i love changkyun
05/02/20: we’ll get you back to us baby and i also can’t wait to see joobaby :,D we’re all gonna be a big happy family again and i can’t wait
06/02/01: hi babies!! hope y’all are having enough rest and eating properly. i love you so much and i can’t wait to see y’all soon :D
08/02/20: hi babies!! AALpromotions are gonna start soon and i hope y’all are resting well. i love all 7 of you so much, hope to see y’all really soon. hope honey’s been resting :D
12/02/20: 2 more days to AAL!! i’m so excited and pumped to stream, we can do this!! also i think it’s time to bring wonho back pls get his ass back here it’s been too long. also this changkyun pic... I’M IN LOVE HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO BEAUTIFUL IT’S UNFAIR
15/02/20: AAL is such a good album. i am so proud of you all for making such amazing music. the album was literally my boyfriend for valentine’s because it gave me so much warmth on such a lonely day AND hyungwon’s vlive made me feel so loved 🥺
17/02/20: we finally got to see wonho!!!! a big thing because we got it from MINHYUK and i’m so happy since this is the second time he’s been mentioned, whether accidentally or not. it just makes me stronger while waiting for him and i really can’t wait to see him come back!!!
23/02/20: AND WE DID IT!! congratulations to my boys for their hard work and restless promotions they’ve been doing and our countless streaming, we did it!!! i’m so proud of all of us and mx for making this happen!!!!! let’s keep climbing higher y’all!!!!!❤️❤️
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