// 366 days with #yourlovev
/ day 1~
i've seen army doing this kind of a thread last year but it's really hard to express emotions with words// it's a nice challenge to accept ? i will try my best and work hard and think a lot about my words. i appreciate you, let's spend 6 more years together
/ day 2~
already forgot this was a thing? i'm terrible at and feeling anxious about writing something publicly, unless it can be seen/considered as a joke. can everyone who sees this thread think of my words as something fun rather than real? so i can speak more freely
/ day 3~
i always wonder how my forever-lasting journey on this life path is always followed with your presence and the presence of one important person who allowed me to become the one to witness your growth and your shining star/ and for that i am always thankful to him
/ day 4~
happiness is something that seems unachievable until i look around and find you in every single breath and cell and sound. you are the colours my life is painted with, the scent of my every winter
/ day 5~
if i keep looking further and working hard enough continuing to support you, the universe will reward me with your happiness and smile
/ day 6~
i think a lot and wonder. so many questions still needs to be answered? but it's heartwarming to know that there won't ever be a point in this life when i have to question you
/ day 7~
7 members, 7 years ah so many 7s? it won't ever be about me, but i always thought: how wonderful it is to be born on the 7th too when i found you. i'd like to have 7 more years by your side if forever isn't an option. what is the destiny? it feels like you'd know it
/ day 8~
even on the happiest days, i can't keep my mind away from thinking about your existence in this world. you are the key part, the last piece of the puzzle i've always been looking for. but it won't ever be completed
/ day 9~
some things were meant to be changed, some changes were never meant to be. because of the heart that will always love and because of the ability to witness the hearts that are loving - the things will remain the same forever, as it is the only right thing to feel and do
/ day 10~
희망이 있는 곳엔 반드시 시련이 있네 ?
난 더욱 열심히 일할꺼야
/ day 11~
let's pretend i didn't forget about this yesterday huh the thing is, this thread doesn't mean much to me since i don't like sharing things publicly ah but you know, i know, everyone knows
/ day 12~
i just saw fireworks omw to work and everyone @ the bus stop turned to watch them. made me think how happy fireworks make us? no matter how far they are and what the occasion is, they bring our attention by simply existing? you're my firework, i realized
/ day 13~
amongst all the noise and all the burdens, i only wish i could stay silent with you for a bit. all i ever wanted, honestly, was a time for myself, a time to heal without getting interrupted. i want some freedom. you're the air i wish i had when it was hard to breathe
/ day 14~
i keep thinking of how wonderful it'd be to leave but would you forgive me if i fail ?
/ day 15~
today, you have taught me the meanings, i've been desperately seeking to survive. if a single day could be lived for a long long time, i would've stayed here forever, wandering
/ day 16~
thank you
/ day 17~
today... ah, i always think about how you make me want to keep going and keep living but the only thought of you losing passion makes me scares as if once your love for music and art is gone - my life goes away along with it. but we'll keep fighting, right? together
/ day 18~
still cannot decide if the snow looks better at day or night time. the sun shines so bright but the street lights make a better scenery for 4 o'clock to be playing in the background. but it's all little wonders, the confusions that make me love the world more. stay safe
/ day 19~
how come your presence makes me both happy and worried? when you're here, it bothers me so much, every second and every breath of yours that cannot be missed or else i might lose you. but when you're not...? it feels so calm yet empty
/ day 20~
from what i've learned, life can be cruel sometimes but there's always happiness and always light if we look further, there's always a way out. you are the path i've chosen when all the other roads seemed to be unfitting
/ day 21~
people often say how i don't like talking much but it really isn't about me, it's about the people and the topics discussed. it's clear that in order to sustain relationships you gotta support people's interests and be a good listener but some people do cross the line
/ day 22~
it's funny how i give up everything for you. but you're worth it, after all. i wouldn't want anyone else to be living for, you are my meanings, my vision and more
/ day 23~
thank you for always being here for me, even when you don't realise, even when i lose hope and stop seeking for the light. i couldn't ask for more but to be someone who loves you and someone who would be there for you at any time no matter what. it's you, you, you.
/ day 24~
i won't ever complain about life as long as you're part of it. seeing you, knowing you're well, being aware of your presence in this world is enough for me to be happy and enough of a reason to keep a smile on my face when it seems like there's no way out. thank you
/ day 25~
all you ever asked for was support and trust yet we often fail to live up to these two things that are actually quite simple, don't you think so? surely this kind of a half blind trust might seem strange to others but we've been building this castle to feel safe inside.
/ day 26~
imagine your face say hello to me
then all the bad days
they’re nothing to me
with you, winter bear
/ day 27~
sometimes i wonder how much you mean to me and how big of a part you have in my life, in my family. whenever my mum calls you her son i get especially sad thinking i grew up along with you, along with bts. i think about how you all became my brothers, my home
/ day 28~
i realized today that my 7th anniversary with bts is only in 2 days and i'm not sure how i feel about it? i'm always so thankful for you and i'm forever grateful for min yoongi but it feels so bad thinking... thinking about how you took his place in my world. i'm sorry.
/ day 29~
thank you for making me feel so proud, for keeping my shoulders high and my dreams so big
/ day 30~
today (january 30th) is my 7th anniversary with bangtan. i came here to say that i will forever be grateful to one and only person in the world, who allowed me to not only get the family i never had, but also allowed me to discover your existence and light. thank you.
/ day 31~
all of this would've been for nothing if i didn't have you in my life. another month has passed, and i'm so thankful to be here, so thankful to you
/ day 32~
new month but same old life. and will i ever be able to tell you how much you've helped me to get through it all with a smile on my face? because all i can wish for is to be able to thank you for once and for the eternity
/ day 33~
thank you
/ day 34~
this is my second time forgetting about this thread which proves that nothing really matters on the bigger scale :]
/ day 35~
i hope that, no matter what, one day, when everything is done and there's no way back, when the destination has been reached and the heart has been reborn, you will know about a person like me. just like me, with all the appreciation and admiration for you. but not me
/ day 36~
no matter where i am and where i'm gonna be, no matter where i go or what might stop me from going - you're always here, and that's what matters the most
/ day 37~
it's still feb 6th in LA so idc i didn't miss a day :P got nothing to say since my mind is too busy thinking about work work and work ><
/ day 38~
they say love can cross oceans and here i am, can't even wipe the tears off. or is just because i'm so scared of water ? or could it be because i'm scared of something else
/ day 39~
it's a little scary how i keep thinking about getting old whenever i'm trying to fall asleep. time flies so fast and still i haven't been able to make a move towards the life i've been wishing to live all these years. will i ever achieve the goal? before it's too late?
/ day 40~
the distance between us is measured with centuries and colours this world has been through and has seen throughout it's journey to the end of forever
/ day 41~
i keep trying and failing and trying again because that's what i learned from you and that's the biggest gift anyone has ever given to me, so thank you
/ day 42~
thinking how cool it would've been to match clothes with you or steal your wardrobe whilst you're asleep. but also thinking about how grateful i am for your existence. but also about clothes. mostly clothes. ah you look like home
/ day 43~
sometimes i get an opportunity to chat to another friend of mine who is an absolute opposite of you but whomst i adore to pieces. i'm glad both of you make me question life in different ways, make me wanna become better. you would've liked him if you met him, for sure
/ day 44~
today was meant to be spent wandering and thinking, making lots of decisions that are somewhat related to you, as usual. i have to admit i failed at most of those which makes this day feel unaccomplished, but i promise to work harder tomorrow, the day after and always
/ day 45~
but do you think we can build a house no matter the rain that's washing off it's foundation ? it's the rain season here, suddenly. will there be enough protection for the things that matter and that have been kept safe for years
/ day 46~
i hope you're happy and your mind is well. how do you feel?
day 47~
tomorrow! thank you
/ day 48~
so, yesterday i realized i don't need my phone to survive? i forgot my charger at home when i went to my night shift but i managed to have fun nevertheless. i don't have a watch so that was a bit of an issue. oh and i'm so confused about the comeback schedule...
/ day 49~
please, believe me when i say that i care about you more than anyone and anything else in this world. believe me when i say that you are the one pushing me forward and making me feel like i deserve better
/ day 50~
today, i want to tell you about my first time playing keyboard. i want to share with you the good sides of the day because you should know that i am a very happy and cheerful person,you should know that at the end i always look up at the universe with a smile on my face
/ day 51~
a bird that's been locked is finally free but the freedom is what's gonna destroy it more than any hardship it faced in the past
/ day 52~
i will be there for you even when i grow old, take pride in you even if it's just you. forever and for as long as you allow us to 💜
/ day 53~
so many comebacks after, thank you for continuing to inspire me, for keeping my shoulders high, for being the main reason of smiles and for making me feel proud to be part of something genuinely important and valuable
/ day 54~
it is both the most wonderful and most painful thing in the entire world - to be someone who sees you and you only, to be someone whose mind is full of the words that won't ever touch your soul, someone whose heart won't ever be fulfilled with eternal happiness
/ day 55~
i always feel tired but never of you
/ day 56~
i realized something today, looking at these two pictures. not sure if i wanna go off but this realisation is something i cannot stop thinking about... and it's something that makes me so sad ?
/ day 57~
i'm early today but it's all because i'm not sure if i'll be back in the evening. all i wanted to say is that... i'm lost and i'm thinking a lot today. thinking about the past and the present. about the future. even though it makes me feel miserable. will you stay?
/ day 58~
eyes hurt head dizzy but in the end... i keep thinking - if such wonderful things happen so rarely, shouldn't we give it all to succeed ? when someone from the other side is calling, you should always answer. give the other your best self, if they mean the most to you
/ day 59~
prejudices might as well be called single-cellings, i wonder if people ever thought about it
/ day 60~
to endlessly, blindly but happily follow you for days, months and years. you are the light i aspire to reach, the unforgettable warmth i once recognized as home but have immediately lost as the reality hit me.
/ day 61~
nothing, what about you?
/ day 62~
solo shadow on a sidewalk
just want somebody to die for
/ day 63~
still nothing
/ day 64~
finally huh thank you, my life
/ day 65~
i've got no time and i cry about it a lot lately
/ day 66~
the more i succeed, the further away i am from home. is it really worth it if in the end, all i ever wanted to do and wanted to be... is discovering the home i'll never own but that is full of treasures my heart desires ?
/ day 67~
사랑해 사랑해 라는 말도 나의 마음은 표현 못 하는 걸... 가진 걸 전부 주고만 싶어~
/ day 68~
я продолжаю удивляться тому, насколько крепка может быть связь между двумя мирами, которым не суждено столкнуться
/ day 69~
do we even deserve your presence
/ day 70~
living inside a different reality
/ day 71~
there's something i wanna say but the right time hasn't come yet. will i ever get a chance to do it later ?
/ day 72~
mad how you're the only reason i still care about life
/ day 73~
one day i'm gonna have a big loving family by my side though even one kind-hearted stranger is capable of healing the pain. if only the person was here for me? a bird can't fly if it's constantly being put down and thrown rocks at. it's supposed to feel safe in its nest
/ day 74~
wanna talk about this ?
/ day 75~
might not be able to find time for myself sometimes... right, it can be difficult sometimes to get through stuff. when all the hopes leave me i'll find a way for you
/ day 76~
just another day i missed because i went to bed early
/ day 77~
forever and always?
/ day 78~
/ day 79~
all i do is work and sleep lately though the last one should probably be called napping instead. either way i hope to never lose interest in other things, i hope to remain positive and continue to enjoy things that warm my heart. i just desperately need free time...
/ day 80~
tired but satisfied
/ day 81~
how many places are there to communicate with someone unreachable? i have tried too many ways knowing well i am destined to fail. but.. the idea and the dream? the thought of ending up winning one day? it keeps even the most miserable of us going. a chance
/ day 82~
you're too good to be true
/ day 83~
can't believe it's been 83 days of this pointless thread i keep forgetting to update. !2!
/ day 84~
day eighty four of me trying to come up with what to tweet in this thread
/ day 85~
but also just another day of me rejecting reality because you're absent here
/ day 86~
you're my favourite colour
/ day 87~
need a movie suggestion :)
/ day 88~
i feel like i'm back to the teenage years and it makes me wanna give up. i never wanted to relive those days and the fact that it's all, once again, on my shoulders... can i do it again? do i have enough strength to continue?
/ day 89~
was watching okja with my mum but she fell asleep midway 😬👌🏼
/ day 90~
all your little things (:
/ day 91~
i rarely say this but i genuinely am exhausted
/ day 92~
/ day 93~
i just typed a huge rant about everything that bothers me here and then deleted it realising that nothing will ever bring game more pain than... you know? that
/ day 94~
/ day 95~
the more i watch hwarang, the more amazed i become by it's beauty
/ day 96~
i enjoy it when strangers find similarities between us even though it means nothing in the end
/ day 97~
it's gonna be youuuuu
/ day 98~
just wanna feel like home, for once, safe
/ day 99~
one, two, one, two, three, four
/ day 100~
crystal snow
/ day 101~
sanity of one's mind is my biggest treasure these days
/ day 102~
can't let go :)
/ day 103~
sweet night, my happy morning
/ day 104~
there are so many wonderful people out there, you know? there are quite a few good men i've met recently. but it always feels like nothing, it never feels important. or, should i say, it just never feels at all like anything. ah, how do i explain?
/ day 105~
hard working days have been making me happy lately. the feel of being needed and somewhat important has been warming my heart
/ day 106~
funny how people believe me whenever i say random stuff unrelated to you. it's like my own friends don't realize how I feel
/ day 107~
i'm here because i know i'm gonna regret giving up on this thread if i ever do, not because i genuinely want to be here atm
/ day 108~
turned the footsteps of my heart back to you
/ day 109~
you're my light, i'm your...
/ day 110~
i can't let go~
/ day 111~
i find pieces of you in every person i meet and every light that shines through me
/ day 112~
i don't even need to say anything
/ day 113~
trying to catch up with uni but if i won't make it and get kicked out then i'm sorry for failing you and failing myself
/ day 114~
to the moon and back and back and back and forth forever and always
/ day 115~
/ day 116~
still tired
/ day 117~
half of my life i owe to you
/ day 118~
in the sky, by your side
/ day 119~
/ day 120~
one headache after another but we keep going cuz it'll be over soon and we gotta come back with a clear mind and memories to be proud of
/ day 121~
i'm still here even though i seem absent most of the time. i'm still here and i still care
/ day 122~
the love will bloom in the uninhabited heart again, it just takes time for it to settle
/ day 123~
i will never not think about you
/ day 124~
counting down days till
/ day 125~
three, two, one, just a couple more days
/ day 126~
are you waiting as much as we do, do you count down hours to go as well ?
/ day 127~
tomorrow 🕟
/ day 128~
you gave me the best birthday present possible, thank you
/ day 129~
things that are important
/ day 130~
completely gave up on twitter huh
/ day 131~
i've got a thousand questions but there's only one answer and that answer is you :)
/ day 132~
/ day 133~
my whole gallery is just min yoongi lately, you know. i feel so calm looking at him
/ day 134~
busy thinking about you
/ day 135~
//// like i did yesterday
/ day 136~
as long as you are here 💜
/ day 137~
i work hard but i promise to work harder to prove that a 'crazy fangirl' can achieve something big in life whilst continuing to support the chosen artists.
/ day 138~
working and failing, failing and working
/ day 139~
at the end of the day there's you and that's all i need to feel better and heal faster
/ day 140~
i will always look up to you in the moments of sadness because you are the reason of everything
/ day 141~
/ day 142~
still waiting
/ day 143~
eyyyy my everything
/ day 144~
my main interest in life is your well being
/ day 145~
i hope your mind is well
/ day 146~
i'm so proud of you
/ day 147~
i wonder how often others ask themselves about the meaning of their love and what it brings to them, if they analyse it as much or if they just let it be? part of the enjoyment is finding out there's no bad in your attitude, theres only eternal happiness brought by you
/ day 148~
hello again
/ day 149~
thinking about all the times i struggle to keep going but your bright smiles are the reason i am able to go through my own little hardships and fight for happiness. you are the source of strength i need
/ day 150~
/ day 151~
/ day 152~
/ day 153~
it's time! thank you 💜
/ day 154~
i was so tired, i fell asleep and almost forgot about my daily tweet 😭💔💜
/ day 155~
... whatever
/ day 156~
you're the next treasure i'm looking for
/ day 157~
thank you for one more day
/ day 158~
i'm so grateful for you
/ day 159~
the funny song i heard today about loneliness and the life which is a song no one knows the words to kinda hit me hard ngl but what i know for sure is that you're the intro to my being
/ day 160~
think i'm starting to miss the point of this thread but whatever
/ day 161~
you are my number one priority, no matter what. and you've taught me some great things about friendship which i want to live by
/ day 162~
so tired but it's all over soon
/ day 163~
i missed a day but imma still tweet about it because i'm low key a perfectionist
/ day 164~
thank you 💜
/ day 165~
together forever
/ day 166~
until i see you again 💜💚
/ day 167~
i'm tired and my head hurts ✌🏼😬
/ day 168~
might change my middle name to 'exhausted' at this point
/ day 169~
i've decided to 'start a new life' on friday which sounds ridiculous but what is more ridiculous - the fact that i gave myself a day to prepare for all the changes. i have to do it for myself and in order to be able to support you, support bangtan, as i always do 💜
/ day 170~
i miss u
/ day 171~
you you you you you
/ day 172~
/ day 173~
come find me
/ day 174~
the light !!! of my !!! life!!
/ day 175~
hi i'm still here
/ day 176~
/ day 177~
/ day 178~
stay gold
/ day 179~
as long as others are happy
/ day 180~
let's pretend i didn't forget to post this yesterday, hi
/ day 181~
idk what to do with my life and it's killing me. as much as i had control and wanted to move on my own in life, i just wish someone made the decision for me for once
/ day 182~
wondering how i'm still able to keep going and then remembering you exist. fair enough, there's no time to keep whining anymore
/ day 183~
i'm proud of you x
/ day 184~
working hard xx
/ day 185~
/ day 186~
you are the light of my universe, my happiness and the reason for everything. i had such a lovely day today being sociable and doing lots of army things i didn't have time for for months. i'm so happy today and i miss your presence a lot. i hope you're healthy.
/ day 187~
my safe space, thank you
/ day 188~
/ day 189~
i like you more than anything
/ day 190~
my pretty flower, my favourite artist
/ day 191~
ye so i def didnt feel like updating this daily thread yesterday, hope it makes sense
/ day 192~
life is fun ngl
/ day 193~
and even at the worst moments of my life you're here to make me smile
/ day 194~
/ day 195~
i'm so tired
/ day 196~
stay gold <3
/ day 197~
i'm slowly learning to enjoy life no matter the obstacles and i think i'm doing okay so far
/ day 198~
you are my sunshine 😬
/ day 199~
how many times do i have to fail to understand that most of the people don't care about my feelings getting hurt and are using me for their own benefit huh where would i be if it wasn't for bts idek
/ day 200~
i'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight
/ day 201~
i wanna feel nothing and wanna escape
/ day 202~
there are so many things and relationship in life that can be questioned, so many decisions that i would've regretted if i could but the truth is - all of that led me to you and for that reason only, i'll take whatever the world brings to me. this world is yours
/ day 203~
sorted out most of my problems today and i'm feeling so happy and so grateful
/ day 204~
i just want to get back on track and continue walking towards happiness 😖🙏🏼
/ day 205~
head empty 🙈
/ day 206~
i'm cheating again cuz i forgot about this thread yesterday
/ day 207~
어떤 말보다, 고맙단 말보다
난 너의 곁에 있을게 캄캄한 밤에
훨씬 더 환하게, 너의 곁을 지킬게
/ day 208~
you are my everything
/ day 209~
i forgot about this thread again yesterday ASDFGHJKL i lost count of days as well tbh
/ day 210~
i'm tired !!!! eh am i supposed to write something cute in these captions cuz like i struggle to do that most of the times and just complain
/ day 211~
kim taehyung !!
/ day 212~
/ day 213~
/ day 214~
the only artist 💜
/ day 215~
yeah i missed yesterday ✌🏼😬
/ day 216~
hhhhhhhhhh whatever
/ day 217~
woke up and didn't wanna go online cuz i knew it's gonna be overwhelming but then again, hiding from news and living in a bauble won't make the issues disappear so what's the point of hiding
/ day 218~
/ day 219~
fireworks disappear quickly which makes them even more beautiful
/ day 220~
even though my day wasn't perfect and didn't go the way i planned it, i'm still thankful for every second spent watching you smile because you are the reason my calendar is still turning
/ day 221~
tell me all the things you wanna do
/ day 222~
looks like a winter bear
you sleep so happily
i wish you good night
/ day 223~
l is for the way you never look at me
o is for the only one i'm obsessed with
v is V duh
e is even more missed taegi subunit opportunities
/ day 224~
evening in byzantium
/ day 225~
come, let's watch the rain as it's falling down
/ day 226~
i'm getting there 🤪✌🏼
/ day 227~
may a flower bloom with every smile and a star born with every laugh of yours for the future generations to discover their light and get reminded of your endless presence in this universe
/ day 228~
/ day 229~
it's all for you, everything i do
/ day 230~
two more nights 😔🤞🏼
/ day 231~
tomorrow morning 🤞🏼
/ day 232~
turns out i don't have a dream yet 🙂
/ day 233~
comeback ready ! (almost)
/ day 234~
i'm proud of you and i will remain standing by your side for as long as you need me there
/ day 235~
i've slept all day trying to rest from all the streaming and trying to convince myself that i need to eat something but overall... i'm still excited and hyped and thankful to be here, to live and to enjoy life as much as i can
/ day 236~
i feel like my past couple of days are being wasted because of the lack of sleep and ruined sleeping schedule. i'm trying my best to get back on track but it's really hard, knowing that soon i'll be streaming another MV. i'm going back to work soon, too. i'm tired.
/ day 237~
lucky that your exist
/ day 238~
i see so many pictures, so many beautiful ones and lots of horrors. some of them are questionable and some could question the viewer yet they will all stay inside of my sick imagination and it's kinda tragic, if we think about it

did i mention i liked you a lot?
/ day 239~
notice how every single drunk or sober tweet i made in this thread are meant and are serving one reason only which is meant to be revealed on the last day but is as clear as day
/ day 240~
i used to be jealous over your ability to be friends with so many people but nowadays i'm slowly realising that if choosing wisely, friends can be a happy part of your life rather than a burden
/ day 241~
i wish i could show you all the beauty through my eyes, share the happiness and listen to your opinions. there won't ever be enough pieces of paper to describe what i see and how i wish other people to see those things
/ day 242~
thinking about what's important (kinda)
/ day 243~
yeah most definitely forgot about this thread again yesterday but i'm proud of you <3
/ day 244~
i'm so grateful to have you in my life
/ day 245~
i want to find the right words for once in life and share them all with you
/ day 246~
i want to play many sweet melodies to you but nothing will stand out as much as the melodies of your soul
/ day 247~
i want to take all the pain away and make each and every second of your life shine bright
/ day 248~
it was a hard day for me but eeeyyy tomorrow is another beautiful try to make life worth living
/ day 249~
/ day 250~
i wish you eternal sunshine
/ day 251~
fighting my sleeping habits feels weird because i've never been one to sleep a lot. doesn't it feel like a waste of time? even if sleeping brings wishes come true as i close my eyes, it still not worth missing out the reality though it's not as beautiful as dreams
/ day 252~
i'm proud of you
/ day 253~
i often wish you were him
/ day 254~
thank you for all the kind words and all the bright smiles and every single ray of energy i've ever taken from you and your existence
/ day 255~
better days are coming, i know that! they always do
/ day 256~
/ day 257~
i get sad whenever i find other taegists who end up being disappointed in me for not reading fics or actually shipping them. i just like seeing them in one frame and enjoy watching their interactions as my number one men in life who mean a lot to me ><
/ day 258~
i wanna sleep but i also hate missing out on things related to you
/ day 259~
yes i fell asleep yesterday and forgot to update this thread
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