✧・゚:* stan baby bros *:・゚✧
thread of star lovemailing saburo and jiro everyday for 2020 💛💙🌟🌠✨
happy new year baby bros!!! last year was so much fun, let's get along this year as well!!! i hope everyone's blessed by love for you guys too, i'll be here for it for sure~ 😳🤘 so excited for more baby bros content this year, hypmic COME THRU 🥺 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1212044679308599296?s=19
was showing my sis photos from when i was in japan and she commented on some of the baby bros' saying itdve been nice if i took photos of Me instead...? i guess i just really liked feeling like i was taking these guys around travelling hehe 😳✨ https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1212585183024533504?s=19
all my baby bros merch bring me a specific unnameable joy... .it's why i like sharing photos of them so much! im absolutely always fooling around heh. plus merch is expensive!! i encourage everyone to maximize the experience by playing around~ 😊☝️ https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1154268589152620544?s=19
i rly like takin photos of my merch when i eat nd stuff!! i always used to worry it's annoying when i stop to be like "i'll take a photo first!!" esp when i'm with others, but literally no one's minded hehe. just like sharing w the baby bros 😚🤙 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1101350709025357824?s=20
just finished rewatching/catching up to the free! series!!! not gonna get too real on main but a bunch of the feelings i have for it take me back to when i was much younger. the baby bros make me feel something similar, but also different... heh 😌 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1207969215820386306?s=19
just remembered when i got baby bros merch i ordered in the mail for the first time 😌😌😌 it's always so exciting!!!!! nuigurumi merch especially because i get to pat their heads like they deserve 😳😳😳💙💛💙💛 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1093450605874442241?s=19
today goes to jiro-chan bc arb dropped guitar jiro today out of nowhere! you are so good jiro, so earnest, so talented!!! youve always been so much more than people give you credit for, im proud to have you as my baby bro 😌😌😌 *hands u a hairtie* https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1214480778312044544?s=19
this thread is for lovemailing saburo and jiro i swear it's not just about the merch... but between talking about my merch, writing fic, and just always talking headcanons, this feels right to share just as well!! 💙💛 *pats their sweet lil heads* https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1214826097356881920?s=19
i wrote fic today's, that's lovemail enough!!! i really like writing jiro hehe. not much else to say~ https://mobile.twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1215253155870470144
weather's been kinda chilly these days, make sure to take your bros in and give them warm hugs and kisses maybe 😘😘 mmmmmmwa! i love u guys even if u make me cry 😢💙💛 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1190512991877382144?s=19
been craving something sweet today and i havent found any to eat but!!! just remembered that my love for the baby bros is just as sweet 💙💛💙💛💙💛🎂 mmmwaaaa!!!!!! (still no cupcake emoji, this is so sad) https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1157869616162435072?s=19
i havent been sleeping well lately aaaaaa wish i could sleep cute nd peaceful like these bros :<<<< anyway! ive since then moved them to another bag and out of this heart but theyre always in mine 😌💖💖💖 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1136526350087479296?s=19
sorely missing japan and feeling cute and feeling cute in japan. . .. . . .. . . . .. . Good thing saburo namco nui is forever cute hehehehe 😔🌸✨ https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1207230613641498625?s=19
thinkin lots abt curry tonight.. . . . .. . . .i was really happy to find out that we share a favorite food 😌😌😌 we can go out to curry restaurants or make some at hone together.... .. . . .i 😭 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1108971113474715649?s=19
ngl sometimes i Do buy snacks just for these... the baby bros have helped me be nicer to myself when i think things like "oh i can share them with the bros!!" obviously only i get to eat in the end but. idk if anyone gets what i mean but yes... 😌 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1165624011084062720?s=19
been exactly a month since 1) i got back from japan 2) saburo's birthday, and 3) finished my favorite thing i wrote last year which was 30 saburo drabbles!! that's the highest form of lovemail in this house i think, so im really proud 😌💛🌟✨ https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1206633499563683842?s=19
did laundry today, gave ichi-nii a bath!! i remember when he first came, i was so happy! im still really happy to have him, havent gone a night at home not hugging him so he often needs baths...
he understands my love for saburo nd jiro most 🥺🥺🥺 https://mobile.twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1136929041993232384
ive been trying to fix my sleeping schedule lately and ive also been quieter on main than usual but know that the baby bros are still on my mind 24/7. .. . and also take care of yourselves it's what buster bros would want...!!! 🥺👉👈 https://mobile.twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1137741020748115968
just remembered these photos of me exist 😌 love these buster balls. not directly related but, happy mtc january, me and the baby bros are celebrating. nemu come celebrate with us. pl https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1152465570362560512?s=19
today is a shoutout to my friends with whom i can love and lovemail the baby bros with!!!!! it's always fun to talk with friends that just. Get Your Love 😌😌😌 for me it's my buster buddies, they the realest!!!!! 😳🤙✨✨✨ https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1176112177192636421?s=19
my dad was playing ez do dance while he was cooking today and i sang along.. he asked how i knew the song.. i didnt have the heart to tell him it's because they made baby bros sing the i've got feeling lines in ez do rap... still love this lots! 😌 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1137608602384969729?s=19
when i watch anime i either imagine baby bros living out the slice of life life they deserve or just them enjoying the anime as well because its canon they like it 😌 it's always fun to think about, can't run out of ideas, can't go wrong with it ✨ https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1204385865507586048?s=19
today's lovemail is fic!! anything i write is lovemail by default but here specifically. .. . . .. i lovemail saburo's precious smile! ✨✨✨✨ https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1220316115177357313?s=19
sleepy nd unwell these days. . ...dont have much to do or look forward to in real life you see. .. ..BUT! just remembered a couple of personal goals i set for myself, so i remembered i have inspirations for achieving them. like making saburo proud~ https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1169244478088941568?s=19
i miss japan so bad!!!!!!! so bad it hurts, it really does.. . . .. gahhh!!!!!! when i look back though i definitely dont regret that i spent it with these bros!!! they made the trip super fun.. . . ..aaaa i wanna go again 😭😭😭 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1211627707651411971?s=19
on the quest to be productive while real life is What It Is as of late ive been thinking about my itabags. . .. sometimes i cant believe how much money i've spent on these boys OTL then i remember how much i love them and suddenly i Can believe 😌 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1167683689763000320?s=19
for some reason i feel really sad that we're almost out of all the snacks i brought home from japan 😔😔😔 at least i got to share with the little bros 😌 i do believe they all have their own snack stash somewhere in their rooms https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1217668118777974784?s=19
today i got to talk with an exchange student i became friends with during last year's jp class and she said she was surprised by how much i've improved... so i'm glad!! i worked hard, studied with my bros, did well... wah 😌 これからも頑張るよ〜! https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1121369382079172608?s=19
just woke up and i feel SICK. . . . . .. im gonna spend today in bed just to be safe. . . .. .this time i know what's best for me.. . . . could only wish to be as comfy as this saburo though. . .. .. . . baby bros please heal me aaaaa 😔🙏🙏🙏 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1200422218129276928?s=19
wow!!!!! already 30 days since i started this thread....!!!! i still dont know how lovemail works entirely but im glad to always think about my baby bros!!! phew~~~ *baby bros gives you cola asmr* 😌🤙✨ https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1210581799664943104?s=19
since it's the end of the month i'm resolving to getting back to lovemailing the baby bros more often next month!!! been hung up over Other Things but i recently remembered that lovemail gives good vibes+makes for a happy tl so you know! 😵🤙💛💙💟 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1134727000730456064?s=19
it's february!!!!!! i cant believe it though. . .. . . ..somehow january flew right by.. . . .HOWEVER! though change is constant so is my love for the baby bros. . .. . . . looking at silly photos of them makes me happy still 😌😌😌 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1168869928218152960?s=19
changed my layout to jiro for the month!!!! school of ikb is still SO good. jiro is ALWAYS so good. 5 days till jiro day!!!! jiroloving season, however, is FOREVER!!!!! i feel really good about this layout, jiro i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💙💙 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1224001859691532288
jiro saburo day 😳 horray!!! 4 days till jiro day!!
i always save containers from random things to take funny photos of my merch in because why not. it's lots of fun!!!! nothing beats it hehe 💖 b a b y b u s t e r s v a r i e t y p a c k https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1224273538510540800?s=19
3 days till jiro day!!!!! i love my baby bros equally but when i think about it jiro would be much more game to do stupid shit like this with me than saburo huh ..... .. . . well that's fine!!! 😗✌️ https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1112617996789248000?s=19
jiro day tomorrow!!!!!! i love yamada jiro aka the BEST middle brother ever!!!!!!!!!! hes a good boy whos nice to everyone, even saburo when hes being a little shit.. . . .. buster bless up 😗💙 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1165900097395159040?s=19
happy jiro day!! i meant to write a fic but it got too serious when i started writing it then it was impossible to finish on time... i just love him lots and like to appreciate him in different ways!! my jiro pizza party will have to do for now😌💙 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1225367353090658304?s=19
watched a documentary on stars and the space today!!!! like stars and galaxies and scary blackholes my love for the baby bros are immeasurable and constantly in motion and growing, even if people cant see it 😌 i love my little not twin stars 💙💛 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1136531734114099203?s=19
still celebrating Jiro so we had some nice cola gummy candy today... i think he would like them. nothing beats real cola but jiro still thinks it's sweet~ like him!!!!!!! i love you jiro!!!! sweet cola boy!!!! 💙💙💙 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1226077522850283521?s=19
i celebrate saburo literally all the time SO it's yogurt gummy candy for him!! it tastes exactly how you'd imagine it to taste. yakult-y. also just realized he's still wearing his star necklace... i'll let him wear it from now on! it's clear 😗💛🌟 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1226170712290803713?s=19
me, laying out snacks and baby bros merch on fresh sheets: do it for the gram
my supportive baby bros: word up!!!
i actually think jiro and saburo would be game for dumb photo ops. they are cute and they should let the world know. i'll help!!! 💙💛 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1226887411629621248?s=19
THANK YOU FOR SABURO ARB CARD TODAY THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! resting pouty face saburo!!!!!! always so cute 😳😳😳😳 saburo let's take care of our eyes okay????? let's not sleep too late!!!! especially you, youre still growing 😔🙏💛 mwa! https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1227063873796075520?s=20
headphones boys!!!!!!!!!!!!! there's a simple joy in seeing the boys with like. their things. their rooms! what's on their walls! their laptop and guitar! and their headphones!!!!!!! i appreciate all sorts of small details for them... hehe yay 😌✨ https://mobile.twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1227072220800765952
i havent listened to requiem in a couple weeks (it's me trying to forget how good it is (??) so i can come back to it and be like WOW SABURO YOU WENT TF OFF!!!!! or something like that~) but i remembered these photos exist.. . .. .r e q u i e m https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1211601644384706560?s=19
happy valentine's day!!!!!! a sweet sweet time to celebrate sweet sweet love. .. . .. and i love my sweet sweet boys always!!!!!! be nice to your family and friends and loved once and share Love only do not be dumb. Mmmmmwa ♥️♥️❤️❤️❣️💌♥️❤️♥️❤️💞💗 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1228311119132889088?s=19
hilariously im sick again today lol. .. . .. . . this is so sad. . .. ... im so tired. .. .. . .. i think buster bros are the type to make plans together then cancel altogether when even one of them gets sick. .. . cuddle nd coddle time 😷🙏💗💞 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1096636649054720001?s=19
when i talk abt loving the baby bros it's also me channeling my ichiro kin. .. well, it's nicer to say that me and ichiro just fangirl over the baby bros together...! i may love saburo and jiro lots but no one will love them more than ichiro... 🤗 https://mobile.twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1228694425540296704
been having to think seriously about getting a job. ..been writing my resume. . . that kind of stuff. ..the anxiety is a TRIP however. when i find work i can get buster bread, and my baby bros are here to support me, so i think. i will be fine 👉👈 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1122445496906174465?s=19
since im graduating really soon i'll expectedly be coming around to university a lot less often... despite the hell it put me through the campus Was gorgeous. .. . .!!!! i'd be glad to take the bros around while i still can hehe 😌🤙✨✨✨ https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1229570070361194497?s=19
more random photos from uni hehe 🍃 the mochikororins were my first merch of the boys and there was a time i always brought them with me, thats why i captioned this with ~we were playing together as always 💮~ and as always i love the baby bros! 💞 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1150042277152092160?s=19
today was a quiet day at home doing virtually nothing since i was alone for most of it...during times like these i end up doing mindless tasks, and remember these boys are a constant presence in my room. .. .i like them lots. im never alone hehe 😌 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1093712874642370561?s=20
was inspired looking at other people's merch nd diys (free! manjuus are especially aesthetically pleasing, people get so creative with them) so i thought to give diy-ing a shot!!! it totally changed up the look of manjuus, this was so fun!! 💛💙💞 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1230766554763034625?s=19
i went out today and took nice photos but instagram on my phone was being stupid for some reason and wouldnt let me edit the way i wanna so i'll post them next time instead. will instead dedicate today's tweet to jiwo since it's 2/22 hehe 2️⃣✌️🍒✨ https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1104272121398583296?s=19
photos from the fair yesterday!!! i wasnt feeling Well so i forced myself to get out for maybe some fresh air. got stinky machine smoke from the rides instead but i was able to hang out with my sister and these little bros so it's all good 🎡💞🌠 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1231554432170520577?s=19
baby buster churros i like em a lot!!! 😋😋😋 when i was a highschool student i would never get these churros for myself at the fair but at the time since i was with the bros it felt... fair. hehe. 💞✌️💕💞💕💞✨💞💕💞✨💞✨💕🎡 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1231564902034096128?s=19
today's tweet goes out to a very uwu saburo since i changed my layout hehehe. i wanted a new requiem layout but in the end im not as edgy as saburo.. . and for no reason i keep forgetting the sun's a star. . .. saburo. .. .
starshine! love you ☀️ https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1232198978634010625?s=19
these photos arent from today but i did bring sabuwo manjuu along with me for support.. . . .. .been really busy today doing stuff that have to do with Getting That Buster Bread so it fits 😌🙏🙏🙏 thanks for being there for me my baby birb!!! 🐣😚 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1232640319490932736?s=19
spent today mostly sick again and not doing anything. .. . at least ive got these boys for company! while laying around i also looked through my fic wips. .. . .lots i still wanna write for these two .. . hope i find the drive and energy to soon!! https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1096295470953975808?s=19
listened to requiem+school of ikb for the first time in a while. .. . . theyre both still as good as when i first heard the previews 😌 so happy!! also glad that ive seen literally no one say these songs arent good ... THEY ARE!! so proud! 😚😚😚 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1207310637010784257?s=19
i got an extra day to lovemail baby bros...!!! 😳😳 Exciting~ me and my boyfriend went on a date today actually, and as always he doesn't mind that i bring 'em along... hanging out with all my buster boys is always so fun!! 💞💞💞 yay!!!! ✨✨ https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1233727937511186433?s=19
march!!! 🌟 since dates for the next month will have the number 3 in them, i will dedicate today to saburo especially!!! 03/01 means saburo is my number one actually. i love saburo!!!!! still my favorite buster boy 🌟✨✨✨😔🤙💛💛💛 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1153275930342637568?s=19
saburo3️⃣ and jiro2️⃣ day today!!! though everyday is baby bros day for me and ichiro OTL but also rather than being ichiro kin it's also really fun to just imagine me nd ichiro buster bonding over how cute the baby bros are....the apples of our eyes https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1234402015163207680?s=19
3/3 SABURO DAY!!! i bet it's why they especially released saburo's nendo today Full confidence. THANK U FOR SABURO NENDO HES REAL AND HES SOOO CUUUUTEEE his smile. ..blessed. Thank you also for widdle chess board and widdle tummy. BLESSED 😔💛💛💛 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1234677965247504385?s=19
just got back from my first day at work!! i listened to school of ikb and requiem the entire way to and from, they make me feel determined albeit in entirely different ways...but determined all the same! get that buster bread..GET IT. get it 😔🍞💖 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1210948476726460417?s=19
woke up dreading i have work Again and will Continue to have work in the foreseeable future BUT if saburo nd jiro can work hard at their yorozuya jobs in bb's city (baby bros' city) then so can i with my own job!!! for baby bros' college funds 😔✊ https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1149593348992163841?s=19
it's friday!!! i never forget that jiro and saburo are the only hypmic characters canon still in school, so i like to think they like fridays too, for that breakthrough feeling at the end of the week hehe. i feel it now too now hehe 🍛😳💖✨🌠 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1167637215423283200?s=20
lookin through my photos of the baby bros today.. .lots i keep forgetting to post because i take so many when we go on adventures together. ..not that i care if i spam but i wanna make sure everyone sees heh. just to appreciate these buster boys 💖 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1211279853426630657?s=19
OH MAN im feeling the Sunday Dread because it's monday tomorrow and i have work. . ... i havent felt this in SUCH a long time wtf. . .. . .but it's ok!!! if i keep working i can keep treating baby bro 💖💪💯 plus saburo relates, he has school too~ https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1236104656838774784?s=19
i just got home from work!!!!! what a great way to end monday!!!!! realized from now on more often than not i'll be at work when things like these drop but it's okay because it means the baby bros can make my day!!!! 💙💛 thank u for my life hypmic https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1237028541742501888?s=19
i'm only five days into training at work, it's been fun and hard in equal parts so i've brought saburo with me for it everyday hehe. not only does baby bro inspire me to get that buster bread he ALSO lends me his buster braincells. mvp!! 😌🤙💛🌠 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1237396818310258690?s=19
really cant wait for arb so we can get more cute cards of tbe baby bros 😌😌 i'll probably be too busy (expected) and too stupid (even more expected) to play it BUT i will absolutely be all over the cards. just to see more baby bros!! 😳🤙💛💙✨ https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1237030921208881155?s=19
it's 3️⃣1️⃣2️⃣ today!!! saburo ichiro jiro!!!! say buster bros!!!!! just remembered that i saw these in japan. shouldve bought them. it's still super funny PLEASE this can't be a coincidence.. . .. god bless us all https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1205718154820734977?s=20
friday the thirteenth. . . it's ok. good vibes only because saburo is god himself and will fight any and all your bad luck for you if you come over to his and buster bros' side. love that for all of us and love requiem for saburo. epic gamer moment https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1238295455642947585?s=19
got my 100mm saburo can badge in the mail today!!!! ahhh getting baby bros merch never gets old~ now i have both jiro's and saburo's!!! 💯 i wish i had time to fix up my can badge collection to show off, the baby bros are so cute always 😔✊ https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1238706662736683014?s=19
i started organizing my baby bros can badges last night but ended up doing literally nothing all day today. . .. and i have work tomorrow. . . Buster bros please give me strength to keep up with my fangirl shit. . .. . .help me adjust. .. . .aaaa https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1238859010285035520?s=19
my men (boys, buster boys) saburo and jiro!!!!!! love them a lot!!! im SO excited for arb im about to go nuts. like NUTS. i already know i'll suck at it but im already expert level buster sis so i hope they forgive me. (They wont. they will Laugh) https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1239382674168369152?s=19
i have time to work on my itabags... just wanna show! this is how my can badges looked before saburo's 100mm one came in and i took everything apart again. it's funny i remember thinking it looks like how saburo would itabag vs how jiro would~ heh https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1210438992845365249?s=19
ive been religiously staying put because of the lockdown. . . .. i admit im lucky i get to just Relax a little. . .. .. saburo is also relaxing lots. . .. . hes in the bathtub for hours a day at a time lately. . .. .. we out here. .. . Just vibing https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1240167593924673536?s=19
CANT WAIT TO SEE THE BABY BROS ANIMATED. .. . . but i will bc they are worth it always hehe. "star is it just us or do u repost saburo nd jiro photos with kisses on their foreheads literally whenever something drops these days" oh i Absolutely do https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1240604650518147072?s=19
✨ 03/20
hello. even internet was bad today (tweeber wad Especially slow) so i couldnt even be on that much. im for real going insane. HOWEVER it's ok. i have lots of baby bros merch to play with!! one of these days i really should take moooore photos 😔✊ https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1172704590065586176?s=19
another buster bros day!!! 3️⃣2️⃣1️⃣💛💙❤️❣️❣️❣️another do-nothing day.. . . been spending lots of time with my twin sister because i just can, so we've been going through the horror shit on netflix.. . ... .this photo of the baby bros felt fitting! https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1188126732710076416?s=19
local proxy opened preorders for saburo nendo today.. . i want him nd his widdle buster belly so bad 😔 but bc of the lockdown stuff i cant work so i cant actually think about getting him right now....it's ok...baby bro in my heart still no.1 ✊💛 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1234679914961358851?s=19
im going insane i swear im going insane..being on my devices all day to try to curb the boredom has stopped working.. .. baby bro what should i do.. knowing you you'd have plenty of ways to get over boredom right?? lets hack something together.. . https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1227065330226221056?s=19
the countdown to arb is real!!!!!!!!! it's so close i can feel it. .. . . saburo. .. .. .i cleared space on my phone for you. . .. .please lend me some of your epic gamer buster braincells. . . .. . I will dj for you faithfully. . . .. 😔🙏🌟🌟🌟 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1242388540350062598?s=19
ARB SOON 🙏 cant wait to get to interact with saburo somehow i hope hes an asshole smartass who makes fun of my Shite rhythm game skills. also arb became my favorite group song JUST because of his verse. his POWER. (Saburo voice) get schooled, noob https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1172863254193815552?s=19
FINALLY ARB DAY!! SO SO HAPPY ABOUT ARB!! this is the most excited ive been in a while!!! i remember being so excited back when it was announced, even when release was moved... we played scratch battle religiously and now. .. .killer scratch 😭😭🙏 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1216699071827562496?s=19
bros. .. . .. i played killer scratch all day today. .. . . . i havent touched the stories so ive yet to see the sprites with different expressions but im So Excited. . .. my baby bros. . .. . Im always glad for all kinds of baby bros content 😌🙏 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1169241831910936576?s=19
playing arb makes me Agitated because i try So hard. .. . .. that's no way to live .. . . .so today i elected to do something a little more chill with little bro. .. . .. . i absolutely will share all my shit with those busters because why not~ 😌 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1243920765822464001?s=19
so excited for baby bros anime debut. .. .. . .. !!!!!! It isnt till july but with the trailer is out and they are just. vibing. very cute. IT'S SO EXCITING TO SEE THEM IN ANIME STYLE. .. . .I THINK THEY'D BE SUPER EXCITED TO SEE THEMSELVES AS WELL https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1244280285623009280?s=19
03️⃣/3️⃣0. . .. . Nice saburo day again. .. . .another good day to stan saburo... qrt'd is how i felt when i saw a video of amasaki-san doing requiem.. .. . him and saburo, both baby, and they just took us TF out . .. . ..im so proud 😌😌😌❌❌❌ https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1206908176118870016?s=19
3️⃣月 is over!!!!! but!!!! saburo still no.1!!!! this whole month's been a pain in the ass and i dont know when it'll get better but hey. ALWAYS a good time to stream requiem and stan saburo. this is my default qrt for telling people to. love u!! 🌟 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1244879541098532866?s=19
wow i cant believe it's already april! new month to love my baby bros...! starting this month right like we should start every morning... with buster breakfast!!! 😌🙏 hope saburo nd jiro continue to support me, i'll support them lots too! 😊❣️❣️❣️ https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1243832828543897601?s=19
nothing special to mention today but ive felt really warm and fuzzy just. thinkin of the baby bros and vibing. theyre so cute.. . .i keep putting off fixing up my merch especially since new bits came in like these boys BUT maybe soon i will.. .. 😳 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1238711307945119744?s=19
not @ me for playing arb all day again. . ..BUT i feel like im def getting better!! i can actually play songs on expert mode now.,, hope baby bros are proud of my progress, big sis is a Noob. also i should try playing wearing these for support hehe https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1145231151960735746?s=19
saburo ssr still wont come home bc my gacha luck is shit BUT i wanna say im so happy the first event features 3gumi. .. . .saburo 🥺🥺🥺 i love buster bros lots but seeing saburo interact with the other guys. . very cute. .. uwu. . thank u arb 👉👈 https://mobile.twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1246170806339555328
played lots of arb again today. . . .not sure what i'll do with the event materials i get yet but seeing my baby bros ssr's leveling up is a REALLY special feeling. .. .. . never experienced Something Like It before so im kinda really glad 😳😳😳😚 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1246807870357692418?s=19
love you. goodnight. https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1138731024433598464?s=19
played arb all day today. .. .. .again. . .. at first i thought as long as i get to read the stories i dont mind if i dont Get Good but ive improved enough to get my first full combo. .. . im getting there slowly. .. . .for the baby bros. .. 😔🙏 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1246458446024552450?s=19
got the event riou ssr!!! "star that isnt about the baby bros" riou is saburo's dad, good enough. im glad i was able to reach this goal somehow!! trying to get good for the future... if there will ever be a baby bros event i wanna be on top of it https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1247905427548864514?s=19
as if i havent been playing way too much arb these days they give me a really cute Springtime Login Bonus screen so obviously im gonna open the app at 12am everyday just to see this because theyre SO cute. baby busters brainrot real god bless us a https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1248252457311862784?s=19
really one of my favorite things about arb is having baby bros cards i can level up... now that the event gives me plenty of materials for it i gotta start learning how to do it properly ehhehe 😔♣️♦️💛💙 idk bout everyone else but im having fun!!! https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1248248337087655939?s=19
today's tweet goes to iwgp bc i owe it everything for makin me love saburo as soon as i heard it almost two years ago heh~ it's such a cute song overall too i even like the remix lots!! thought abt it bc i keep playin it on killer scratch today OTL https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1065893144909074432?s=19
ive almost completely forgotten what exactly easter is even About but i do have this photo from last year, just imagining they came out of easter eggs. that bunny is their babysitter. it's a glorious time. that is all. happy easter fwiends 🐣🐣💙💛 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1119836524583870469?s=19
at first i made my tier list like this as a joke but now that i think about it i just wanna say i think it's So extremely valid of me to have times when i only care about hypmic if it's about the baby bros??? like that's Literally fine!!! thanks 🙏 https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1249329000322744320?s=19
forgot to dedicate a special tweet to having changed my layout recently, i dont know what day it is. however i do know however that Springtime like every other season is a good time to love the baby bros 🌸💙🌸💛🌸💙🌸💛🌸 nice https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1248581264480727040?s=19
"star Must you keep screenshotting and posting your springtime login bonus page" absolutely. it's such a really cute thing to greet you even if it's just sprites put together with cherry blossom petals slapped on. im glad hehe i like arb lots 😔✊ https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1250173510422421504?s=19
today. .. you guessed it, played arb all day again. ...ive leveled up a bunch of my cards since then but in the end..still sad i dont have as many baby bros cards as i'd like.. .s all good though! i wanna evolve the ssr's nd sr's for sure!! mwah!!! https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1249443087442563072?s=19
i didnt get to play arb as much as i wanted today (lol. .. uh) bc we did some cleaning and will probably keep cleaning tomorrow. .. .but it's ok hehe. gamer boy saburo will grind for me 😌🙏 hES SO CUTE!!! thank you arb i have fun with my baby bros https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1242388540350062598?s=19
real life (Major Cleaning nd lots of chores nd the Exhaustion From It All) made it so today's the least ive played arb im miserable. just kidding im not heh i have jiro to grind for me this time CUTE!!! again thank you arb i have fun w my baby bros https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1251492772210606080?s=19
i evolved my saburo ssr today 🥺🥺🥺 i'll never forget he made me reroll for six hours just to get him at the start but honestly?? that makes working hard to evolve him even more worth it 😔✊✊✊ i love this card and saburo so so much 😌🙏💛💛💛✨ https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1251684331212337152?s=19
i took a Long nap in the afternoon woke up in the evening was groggy for all of dinner did some dishes and now im sleepy as hell again. . .. . didnt even play that much arb. .. .. tomorrow. look at these sweet napping boys instead. . .. ..so cute. https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1128932300983377920?s=19
god. .. . .new event so soon. .. . . really i was hoping i could save up more resources but if we get mage saburo and assassin jiro who am i to look away. .. . .i cannot.. . . .im so excited to see this. . .. ... theyre gonna be so good im gonna cr https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1252429865879367684?s=19
wish this thread isnt just arb ramblings but here it is anyway GOD i probably wont get jiro sr because gacha hates me and grinding for saburo ssr will be hard as hell but honestly im ecstatic we get this kind of event at all IM HAPPY STAY WINNING https://twitter.com/sbrymd/status/1252907256925941767?s=19
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