`·. ➳ 366 days with mark lee
- day one !!

❝today marks the start of 2020 !! it’s my second year supporting you and your group and i can’t wait to see what this new decade brings to you :)

i will support and love your forever and always❞
- day two !!

❝hmm its the second day of 2020 and i’m doing the ebg game. luckily you’re not one of them :p

i love you !! i hope your day was super good !! i’m going to watch frozen ii tomorrow :D lub u❞
- day 003/366 !!

❝if you can’t tell i changed the number format .. cus i’m clown :p and don’t wanna type shit like three hundred and sixty four KSJSJ

i haven’t had a good day.. but came on to do this and say my daily i love mark lee !!! hopefully your day was great, lub u:D❞
- day 004/366 !!

❝idrk what to say KSJSJS praying i had a good day!! i have to do ebg so we going death 😭😭✋🏻

love u !!! i hope ur day has gone well eek,, this failed to send and i never noticed yesterday >:[ sowwy❞
- day 005/366 !!

❝i had SUCH a good sleep last night omg, i hope you’ve been resting well recently, too!!

coming on twitter and watching cute mark lee loops never fails to make my day better, so thank you.. i love you mark lee !! ur my inspiration and role model<33❞
- day 006/366 !!

❝today i have a doctors appt so i’m quite anxious and nervous as i’m getting important results but i wanted to write this to destress!!

you’re my happy pill, mark lee❞
- day 007/366 !!

❝ive had a lazy day, and have been watching lots of nct compilations, and you’re such a vibrant person and make me wanna be productive, which is rare ngl

thank you for everything, i’m on gross, smelly meds yet somehow ur voice and face make it bearable :D❞
- day 008/366 !!

❝i hope your day has gone super well!! i’ve been doing piano practice all day for performances i have all of next week :((

i’m losing the will to live bc i’ve hit my 4th hour and only get a 10 minute break, so i’m using it wisely to do this,, love u :D❞
- day 009/366 !!

❝i have a piano lesson today and i’m gonna get an ass whooping corn not doing all my reviews (suzuki kids will understand) so pls give me da mark luck

i’m gonna die but issok at least i remembered to tweet this yeehaw,, love u :D❞
- day 010/366 !!

❝had a busy day with another piano lesson today, and somehow my reviews sounded like i’d Actuallt reviewed them so i did Not get killed yay !!

less than a week now before my piano camp, where lovely izzy will step up and do these for me, so,, love u :D❞
- day 011/366 !!

❝today i am tweeting LAte i am soRRY omg 😭😭🤚🏻n e ways i hope u had a super awesome day and practiced hard and did well in whatever ur doing !!

my mum and i argued so many times today it was really bad, but mark comps lifted my mood a bit :)),, love u :D❞
- day 012/366 !!

❝ok so i think im a Lot more on time today than yesterday, thank god bc i was Slacking omg KSJS

n e ways i’ve done so much piano practice this month that my hands Hurt, and i’m gonna miss these daily tweets this week :c izzy will do well !!,, love u :D❞
- day 013/366 !!

❝thank you for being my role model, mark lee :)

i’m super tired and didn’t get a good nights sleep BUT daily mark tweets make me feel way more awake and better !! :D ,, love u :D❞
- day 014/366 !!

❝this is my last message to you for five/six days !!!! i hope izzy does well i believe in her to remember timezones exist aaaaa

anyways i hope ur day has been super duper good and that you’ve had lots of fun !!! lub u :D❞
- day 015/366 !!

❝hi this is izzy,, i’m taking over this for a bit >:)) but i love mark too so i’m just gonna add this

mark is the bestest boy ever❞
- day 016/366 !!

❝what’s up its izzy again :))

mark has the cutest smile in existence and that is a fact you can’t tell me otherwise❞
- day 017/366 !!

❝im back again ;) so anyway

mark is the sweetest boy ever and whoever marries that boy is the luckiest person ever❞
- day 018/366 !!

❝yo it’s izzy again :))

i hope mark is having the best day ever and he’s getting a bunch of love because that’s what’s he deserves❞
- day 019/366 !!

❝wassup it’s izzy again :)

mark would give the best hugs in the world you can’t change my mind on that like just imagine❞
- day 020/366 !!

❝hey it’s izzy again :D

i hope mark is having the best day right now and he should always be happy no matter what❞
- day 021/366 !!

❝i’m back from my music camp !! it was super fun and all my performances went well i guess :D i performed chopin’s waltz in a minor :p

i have a chest infection since a virus spread through camp but i love u mark !! hope u have had a good day :d❞
- day 022/366 !!

❝i’m still kinda sick but my friends forced me out of the house to do a haunted walkthrough thing bc they were too scared >:(

i’m waiting for the train to depart since i’m finally going back home after doing some stationary shopping for school this friday !❞
- day 023/366 !!

❝hi !! i hope ur day has been so so fun and enjoyable and you’ve been able to hang out with ur members and have fun :p

i start school back tomorrow :(( gonna die :(( pray4me mark lee❞
- day 024/366 !!

❝i go to school at 1:30pm today (friday:(( ) which is only one and a half hours away we goin death i’m sorry mark lee😔😔

n e ways ur so pretty and funny and AAAAA u kno??? ha ha i’m ill and have to go to school i’m not thriving i’m on the brINK of insanity❞
- day 025/366 !!


n e ways panick aside while sick in bed i watched a few mark lee compilations of u being cute and giggly and it made me feel somewhat better, so thank you, mark lee :) ❞
- day 026/366 !!

❝mark lee i got really ill so i’ll do two days today :( medication is gross and made me tired :(

i was super ill and gross yesterday and didn’t do this ((naughty lily)) but i’m feeling a lil better so love u !! mwah!!❞
- day 027/366 !!

❝aNyways, i hope u had an amazing day and i’m so glad to hear nct’s having a comeback YAY !!

had my first day of music school!! it was rough cus i’m still kinda sick but meds helped, just made me tired lol :p i luv u ❞
- day 028/366 !!

❝mark lee quick tweet since i’m at school!!

i love u!! ur da bestest ever !!❞
- day 029/366 !!

❝i had my third Full day of music school !! i’m in a (mainly) contemporary band and also a jazz band :p

i came home to see more superm content !!! yay!!❞
- day 030/366 !!

❝wow only 336 days left how very fun !! n e ways i’m up at 6:20am getting ready to go to choir i Hate early morning choir this is Not Okay

but it’s OKAY staying positive so i can come home and watch kpop ❞
- day 031/366 !!

❝hi !! i’m going on a road trip tonight to napier for a concert :p its michael bublé yay !! i’m excited i love his voice (i love urs more :pp maybe if nct Came to new zeAland)

n e WAYS mums about to come pick me up then 4 hours on da road !! yay !! ❞
- day 032/366 !!

❝i’m a little upset at things rn, but i thought maybe doing this would make me feel better??

i don’t know .. anyways i love u lots !! have a good day:))❞
- day 033/366

❝i went to michael bublé last night,, he was SO amazing oh my GOD AAAA he also joked about marijuana in canada,, wild very fun 10/10 recommend

n e ways, i hope ur day has been super good thank u for being my role model and the person i look up to !! love u <3❞
- day 034/366

❝mark lee, the days of this r genuinely confusing me SKJSJS oh whale sucks to suck

i’m watching a skz vlive rn and they put yeehaw in the title i think you’d vibe well with them so in conclusion nctxskz ALL units i expect to see it >:(❞
- day 035/366

❝so today ive decided to chop chop my leg to test my Smart theory of will i Feel pain if the body part is Gone (sofia thinks i’m dumb she’s just a h8er)

n e ways in all seriousness you won’t catch me near a knife SO love u mark lee twting tomorrow fully bodied❞
- day 036/366

❝mark lee i hurt my jaw again today :(( idk why i’m so accident prone but mum never thinks their bad yet for this one she booked a doctor appt :( oops :(

i love u !! i’m scared of the doctors but i’ll just think of u while there !! mwah :d❞
- day 037/366

❝mark lee today was the mark of two weeks at music school !! it’s been super fun and the director took me aside and said he’d be working with me and my stage fright aaaa scary

i hope you’ve had the BESTEST day and ate super duper well !! love u❞
- day 038/366

❝i have to do two of these today since i didn’t have wifi one day and missed one grrr >:( angery lily

n e ways it’s early saturday and it’s already so hot.. nz what’s going awn😭😭i love u mark lee i hope ur day isn’t as hot !!❞
- day 039/366

❝its afternoon now and i’m doing my catch up tweet !! i’m so naughty 😔😔

sO its super humid today which is weird since it usually isn’t this hot in wellington but wtv :p i love u mark lee !!❞
- day 040/366

❝MAAAAAARK :D i had a good day teehee very fun very nice

i had production practice and i got a lead role !! i’m excited :D i love u lots i hope u had the bestest day ever !!❞
- day 041/366

❝i had school today !! i was chosen to do a solo performance on cello and i’m nervous but !! hopefully i can pull it off :d

thank u for being a beacon of light in my life, i love u mark lee :D❞
- day 042/366

❝just got out of two hour orchestra😗mark lee don’t tell my conductor but i put my phone on my stand and watched yt videos of u on mute with subtitles on yeehaw

i love u i saw the videos of superm performing and wow :(( you deserve everything omg :((❞
- day 043/366

❝henlo i just finished watching compilations of u being a dork and bean i literally love u so much :(( mark mark mark mark mark mark mark

ur the bestest in the world i LOVE U aaaa :D❞
- day 044/366

❝currently sitting on my bed while my friend is calling her boyfie through my mac and they’re arguing mark lee send me STRENGTH

anyways i love u ill just go through photos of u until they stop tis is so TENSE AAAAAA ❞
- day 045/366

❝patiently waiting for neozone pre orders to drop :D i’m excited i think it’ll be a good album !!!! yaaaa

ur so pretty in all the teasers :(( i’m excited :(( aaaaaa ❞
- day 046/366

❝i’m in akl rn😗😗✌🏼i got kpop albums ‘n went to see a concert !! it was so good eee

anyways ur second teasers r chefs kiss omg :( just,, Wow ❞
- day 047/366

❝mark LEEEEEEEE it’s so hard to keep track of the days for this i’m literally losing braincells bc idk if i’m at the right day or not okay doing this for u is STRESSFUL n e ways

i pre ordered ur album😎😎i’m so pUMPED and ready for this album yeehaw😎😎
- day 048/366

❝mark lee i diD miss a day again but blame timezones nOT me tyvm

n e ways drk what to Say so i guess just i love u ?? idk hope ur eating well heehee❞
- day 049/366

❝mark lee i am SO bad at this fricking 366 days challenge thing i’m sorry 😭😭✋🏻

had a decent day today which is !!! good and went on a photo spree for u so :D also god superm lucas edition so i’m happy :D i hope you’re happy, mark lee❞
- day 050/366

❝day 50!! i feel like i’ve made it for someone reason,, just 316 more days😭✋🏻

went and watched 1917 today.. mark lee i hope you see that movie because WOW it’s so good (sad) .. it’s def gonna leave me thinking for dAYs but oh whale i luv u :D❞
- day 051/366

❝a random guy tried to pick me up today :// sir i’m 15 pls back away

anywAYS all the mv trailers are SO cool mark lee ur POWER this is ur COMEBACK this mARK LEES COMBACK❞
- day 052/366

❝mark lee !! had my first concert today and one guy who did a song with e guitar got so angry at himself he threw the guitar on the ground and kicked over a music stand :// yikez

anyways all the teasers are sO GOOD IM PUMPED FOr this ALBUM AAAAA :D❞
- day 053/366

❝mark lee !! i had a hair cut today :p trimmed my fringe and made it thinner bc she was tHICK and super long omo

i hope you’ve had the bestest day and giggle all the time :(( ily mark lee❞
- day 054/366

❝good afternoon mark lee :D i had a nice rest although yesterday was not very good for me .. i hope you had a lovely day !!

ur literally such an amazing people and i wish i could meet u to be able to tell u that :( thank u for being my role model mark lee❞

❝i had a world premier performance for this quartet piece today aaaaa ive been so busy i haven’t been able to do this till now :(

the behind the scenes video is so good ur so cute mark lee baby mark lee babiest mark lee bestest boy :(( i love u❞
- day 056/366

❝had athletics day !! dressed up lol :p n e ways honourable mention to @peachysannie bc she gone miSSINg on us and me and @SOIARMINGI r aaaa where she go is she sLEEPING b4 12am?? :O

sO i love u, ur the best :( baby :( i hope sm chills ur schedule :(❞
- day 057/366

❝mark !! loml !! i had a good day today !! i started learning a new piece on piano which is really hard but i think i needed a new challenge !!

i love u mark lee :(( i hope ur having a great time doing whatever u are rn and u aren’t too stressed :(( mwah !❞
- day 058/366

❝i’m at school rn :d just chilling in my practice room doing cello n stuff heehee :d

ive had a good day so far !! i’m a little tired though but oh well eee i hope wherever u are ur happy rn :d❞
- day 059/366

❝just got home from school !! had to stay in late for music stuff :p today i was losing the will to Live it went to slowly omg

n e ways watched a compilation of u being cute at lunch today and it woke me up somewhat so thank u i guess mark lee❞
- day 060/366


- day 061/366

❝mark lee i went to a part yesterday ,, Never Again i’m too introverted for that

anywyas i love u ur the prettiest bestest boy❞
- day 062/366

❝i’m in class composing a piece for cello and piano rn !! i have inTENSE composers block rn though so here i am

i watched a compilation of u this morning before school and :(( baby :(( ❞
- day 063/366

❝markie poo !!! i am !! having a good day !! i had an english test which is my first one this year and i think i did well !! thank god bc i am NOT having anything under 90 in all my subjects >:(

anyways i love u , u r an icon, living legend. u name it ur it❞
- day 064/366

❝hi mark lee, today was :/ my piano teacher thinks i’m over working myself just because i’m doing a Little more now that i’m in a music school for three instruments hh wtv

thank you. for debuting, for being such a bubbly figure, for being my ult bias :)❞
- day 065/366


you’re amazing !! stunning !! godsend !! keep going baby❞
- day 066/366


i love u so much but this comeback gon kill me it’s tOO good😭😭✋🏻but also album tonight here we come🚒💨
- day 067/366

❝mark lee i’ve been saving any neozone photo of u i can find i have PROBLEM pls😭😭

ur literally da bees knees i love u so much heehee❞
- day 068/366

❝mark lee mark lee mark lee mark lee mark lee mark lee mark lee mark lee

- day 069/366

❝(yes i DID miss a say i’m SORRY i was so busy) anyways i KNOW these photos r basically the same as yesterday but it’s just such a LOOK that i feel like two pictures don’t do it justice :]]

anyways i love u i hope ur happy with ur #1!❞
- day 070/366

❝hahahaha mark lee i did an oopsies but i’m not allowed to say it hahahahha oops

ur da best but u would probably eye roll me if u saw me do it like sofia did❞
- day 071/366

❝mark lee !! i don’t actually a difference in these photos?? but oomf told me there is so okAY ill use them:]

i’m angry rn bc:] entertainment companies make me wanna shoot someone hahaha but it’s okay bc :D yeth anyways i love u bb❞
- day 072/366

❝mark lee being one of two girls in a class of seven other boys is HARD music school is HARD fullstop😭😭

anyways i’m declaring it today that u are my ult bias i was almost certain before but now i KNOW lee minhyung u r my ult bias❞
- day 073/366

❝mark lee!! i have my school gala tomorrow and i am performing in it!! i’m nervous :(( but hopefully it all goes well:]

i love u so much ur so beautiful and:(( eeee❞
- day 074/366

❝just got home from my school gala:] idk if i did as well as i wanted to performing today but oh whale

my friend left me with her little brother and sister and the brother spoke NO english only thai i was Struggling but he was adorable so issok:D❞
- day 075/366

❝mark lee this morning was WILD my friend group arg*ed and it was just,, quite the predicimant i found myself in

anywyas i have production practice in half an hour!! performing in two weeks:( hopefully i did okay:c time to dance in high heels !! love u<33❞
- day 076/366

❝mark lee i’m in a really uoset and angry mood rn bc of irl but i’m just,, hhh . anyways i wanted to say hi bc i still love u

i love u mark lee. hopefully tomorrow i write here in a happier place:)❞
- day 077/366

❝still in a bad mood and i’m sick now so:// oh well.. at least i have my babies :(

i literally love u so much bubba:( ur the bestest thing ever!!❞
- day 078/366

❝markles !! it’s a good day, still sick at home :// but it’s much warmer and overall a better vibe !! yay !!

i love u mark :(( ur da only man EVER❞
- day 079/366

❝markie!!! i hope you know we care so much about you and your health:(( i saw some videos and u looked out of breath and in pain, i hope ur okay babie!!

ur such a role model, i love u mark lee❞
- day 080/366

❝mark lee this week has NOT been good and i’ve had a real shitty end but here’s hopes that the weekend is better..

i saw lots of photos of you on my tl though, so at least there’s that:]]❞
- day 081/366

❝helloooo mark lee:] how have you been?? i hope the answer is good !!

i’m watching winx club rn and👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩i love it hehe❞
- day 082/366

❝mark lee i found out wild facts about ant s*x do u know male ants are literqlly flying sp*rm AND they have s*x floating in the AIR ???

anyways i looooove you i saw this markcore edit and i’m now devasted❞
- day 083/366

❝markles school got stopped today, and we have 4 and a half weeks of quarantine:< i hope you’re looking after your health, mr lee

i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u❞
- day 084/366

❝first online classes tomorrow !! we had trials today and they were wild hopefully they simmer tomorrow eeee

anyways i love u mark lee ^—^ u deserve the world and more!! thank you❞
- day 085/366

❝online classes were wild!! my wifi acted up for half the day:< But,, oh whale:p

i love u mark lee ! ! !❞
- day 086/366

❝mark lee online classes r hectic af eeeee ! so much work to do i thought they’d go easy on us but Nooo

i’m watching all ur stages of kick it rn with focus can of u !! ur amazing beautiful talented godsend❞
- day 087/366

❝hi mark lee.. i was dumb today.

i’m watching winx club n just crying bc, yep. anyways i love you. so much.❞
- day 088/366

❝hii this is izzy again doing this for lily while she's taking a break!! mark lee best boy!!❞
- day 089/366

❝hello mark !! how have you been?? i hope you’ve had a great week and promotions have gone well!!!

ive been listening to your lion thing on repeat recently because it is too !! cute !! i love u !!❞
- day 090/366

❝hi this is lily’s friend sofia !!! doing her days w mark for her 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩‼️

anyway lily’s thriving but she thinks that quarantine sucks asscheeks <3❞
- day 091/366

❝mark in three minutes i have a drama assessment weee i’m nervous but i studied my ASS off so i think i’ll do find :p

anyways have a lovely day i hope ur thriving in all!! ways!! possible!!❞
- day 092/366

❝mark lee i watched latest neo zone video and:(( ur so cute:( i can Not

anyways !! online school sucks !! i hate it here❞
- day 093/366

❝just finished an online cello lesson and:] it’s a pain in the ass:] lockdown pls end:]

anyways i loveeee u ur the beeeest❞
- day 094/366

❝mark lee mark lee mark lee mark lee mark lee mark lee mark lee mark lee mark lee

i love you i love you i love you ❞
- day 095/366

❝hi mark lee !!!! i hope you’re thriving in all ways possible today

i love u so much:( you’re my role model❞
- day 096/366

❝murk luu how r u😗✌🏼

lockdown is boring i spent 30 minutes trying to throw a pen into a empty yoghurt box❞
- day 097/366

❝mark !!!! lee !! i miss socialising with people which is weird because??? i hate ?? talking??

my friends mum is sneaking me green curry today bc her thai food is 11/10 hehe❞
- day 098/366

❝we are almost at!!! 100!!! days!!! exciting hehe

my wifi has been shitty All day so thank god izzy is the one tweeting this bc i am losing the will to Live❞
- day 099/366

❝hm... my wifi do be sucking ass doe... online lessons r Hard rn

i miss u mark lee :(( ur the bestest ever !!!!!! mwah mwah mwah❞
- day 100/366

❝am watching bts run and🤧🤧i lvoe them

i hope ur eating well and are healthy and staying safe even while promoting :(( i love u❞
- day 101/366

❝currently binging all nct vlives where y’all lose ur plot with quarantine stuff, and honestly same

i’m so tired today but i have a piano lesson and eeeeee can’t be assed but let’s go❞
- day 102/366

❝maaaaaark leeeeeeeeeee i finished doing all my childhood lego this quarantine and i still gave two weeks

today has been So boring literally losing the will to live,,, pls give me strength omg❞
- day 103/366

❝mark lee i’ll be coming back to twitter soon!! ngl am scared about how much i probably missed but eeeeee

i’m sooo bored and am binging wayv dream plan bc i never finished it :p i lub u :D❞
- day 104/366

❝hi it’s sofia <3

would like everyone to know i love lily !!!❞
- day 105/366


these three weeks have been so !!! good but i’m super excited to come back to stan twt :DD 7DREAM !!!!!!❞
- day 106/366

❝i went for a huuuuuge bike ride today and it was So tiring but really good :DD

irl found my stan twt so i had to block bc she is NOT seeing my embarrassing ass tweets hehe i LOVE u <3 (this tweet failed to send yesterday:[[ )❞
- day 107/366

❝mark lee!!! i went for another bike ride today!! the wind was SO powerful i literally FLEW hehe

i saw these photos of u on my tl again today and eeee ur so cute pretty beautiful handsome amazing spectacular❞
- day 108/366

❝i’m watching this italian drama called el juicio and it’s SO intense eeeee

mark lee i finished watching the 127 relay and u r so🤧🤧amazing i love u so MUCH❞
- day 109/366

❝mark lee !! u were so cute :(( in the superm live thingie :D i love u ur the cutest Ever

school starts again next tomorrow but my school year to year 13(final year) have to stay home for school bc we r at the legal age to stay home alone :// grrr❞
- day 110/366

❝hello mark lee :D i had my first day back at school!! online classes are alright and my wifi is working for once :D

i saw these photos of u again today and u are so :(( wow :(( i just cannot :(( put ur beauty into Words❞
- day 111/366

❝i’m so upset knowing i probably won’t be able to watch any of the concerts, as i don’t have the money to do so :(( i love u mark lee, i’m sure you’ll do amazing :)

school was alright today!! so muxh study and piano practice :D❞
- day 112/366

❝mark lee !!! i’m watching a devised perfomance called wholehearted rn and it’s so amazing !!!

i love you !!! ur the bestest ever :D❞
- day 113/366

❝hello mark lee :) i hope you have been well and healthy! i love you lots nd lots :]

i treat these tweets way too much like a diary lol,,, but n e ways three weeks till exams and im very worried❞
- day 114/366

❝MARK LEE !!!i had a good day !!!!! i’m way too obsessed with sims hehe i play it whenever i’m not studying or practicing piano

i saw these photos of u today nd wow :( u r so :( just :( wow :(❞
- day 115/366

❝mark lee.. i really hope that was the korean thing .. i really Really hope so

i love you.. see u on this twt thread tomorrow i hope❞
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