fate has made me sad. therefore,
jinako..........uses boku? thats cute. shes cute
i think i already knew this but she uses the -ssu kind of speech that sso..........cute.......i lvoe when girls do -ssu............aaa..........
i cant believe you have your face in kiaras tits the first 5 minutes of ccc
the beginning of ccc is exactly as insane as the beginning of last encore but in a completely different way. hey leo can julius hook us up with some vodka
hey yeah, actually, wait, this just made me realize, taiga, in last encore..............inai.....? taiga-san doko
kiara really sounds like shes abt to star in the next season of sunoharasou no kanrinin-san
oh my god, rani, i'm so sorry
this is so insane to start back-to-back-to-back bc last encore really feels like its the bside "what if" of this plot
i respect the op of this playlist for doing gil route bc im sure everyone was dying to see it but BOI if i do not want to see emiya route for this game..............ugh, my emo amnesia time loop nutrients
hakunon please can you turn off your pussy for 5 seconds
this game is insane. cursed gilgamesh steals all your command seals and calls you zasshu [asmr]
im really trying really hard to pay attention but i cant stop thinking about emiyas stupid slutty ccc outfit
WHY do i have to listen to twice do narration again. someone tell that bitch to log off
i didnt really intend to make this a ccc livetweet thread but i guess its a ccc livetweet thread
please stop sounding like youve just fired up a new game of princess maker
this gil feels more like the gil i loved in fate zero than any other gil ive encountered so far............not unpredictable, necessarily, but requiring careful handling to not raise his ire. maybe we're the ones playing princess maker here
its that sense of raw and overwhelming power......the need to prove oneself.........the fsn vibes werent the same at all because shirou was already his enemy and he was already grail mud corrupted, and both fgo gils are......different. this is the Energy of the fz lamppost scene
this is just, like, how it's gonna be for a while, for poor hakunon
op kindly chooses to show the viewers alternate dialogue options, such as THE DEAD END YOU CAN GET TWO MINUTES INTO CHAPTER 1 BY PISSING GIL OFF.................why are you LIKE THIS
this portrait expression is so cursed too, wada, you.......
julius, sweetie, they let you keep your sick coat, huh
the older leo design they put in last encore really feels like a fever dream
this entire scene is bizarro and julius's audio quality sounds like he's radioing in his lines from another room im cackling
m.............me too, hakunon............
god why is his hair like this. bastard rat man. so glad i did not have to deal with you before now
i seriously cant get a read on this guy. i hate him
you can literally put hans on the screen, with his face there, and a dialogue box, with his name, and his model, right there in front of me, and i still will not be able to process it when i start hearing koyasu's voice. i just
ok so liz is...........this game is wild
i do kind of love wada arcos thing where she gives every girl buck teeth somehow, it's a little bit moe
i am BEGGING this game to stop calling liz "red" and "red-haired" oh my god
oh........if you fuck up and get a dead end here..........her hand will land on his. cute
"ive made you a room where you can fuck your servant without leo or that monk guy watching"
gil im sure if you'd given it a shot you couldve broken the rules and gotten kirei to do something horrible again
sit up you lazy bitch. "i fell asleep for 1000 yrs and all my abilities atrophied" ass bitch. the audacity of you
[gilgamesh voice] i literally dont care about you. am genuinely jus here for a laff x
the interactions we're getting btwn leo and julius/gawain/gatou are really good and are making me kind of start to love him.........i can feel it. i can feel leo/gawain clawing at my heels
these council room scenes are also making me dokis for gawain again. its been so long. i abandoned him for a greener knight many moons ago, but,,
my favorite thing about gawain is that he just says shit out loud with complete and utter sincerity and not a shred of embarrassment
[sound of my huge brain gears clicking] yes, yes, yes. yes. i see. the projecting, it's very good
i just think its very interesting also that the extra series has taken specific care to emphasize that while gawains aspect is the sun, king arthur's is actually the moon. folks it is another sun/moon ship, we simply cannot escape
everyone on the fucking Moon Internet always making out to do magic. next she'll be making me grope her tits again, or be having sex with my servant
julius is the only normal fucking person on this side of the moon
hes also clearly an incel but we'll set that aside for right now
is this how we get bb? is this how this insane game works? im losing my mind
that doesnt make sense because the monsters from the prologue were already imaginary number creatures so they have to be bb's because that's sakura's element, but,,,
THE DYNAMIC BTWN JULIUS AND LEO IS SO................................this leo is so different, too, it's like the leo whose angelic shell we cracked at the end of extra is back and has sort of learned to be human
thsi makes leo/gawain w leo as a proxy much less appealing but it kind of makes him more interesting as a character.........anyway everyone in the room is trying one-up each other with excuses to go watch kiara and sakura fuck. why is fate like this
ok gawain maybe you dont get to TALK
legendary precursor to prisma illya mapo tofu shop proprietor kirei
fgo really gets its material from everywhere huh
[staring directly at the camera]
what in the fuck
n-no, not tohsaka's defenseless--
gawain doesnt understand "tsundere"
alright, getting negged by historical king gilgamesh again
[gilgamesh voice] i do not have a Secret Garden. i will not discuss my secrets. do not try to Know or Perceive me in any way
and heres the stick i use to beat gil's ass every time he tries to fatshame jinako
ok wait go back, getting torn apart is kinda sexy, i'll sign up for that
karna immediately like "she may be a fat lazy slob master, but shes MY fat lazy slob master"
jinako oh my god
you cant log off from this internet anymore jinako. if the moon cell cops see this you'll have nowhere to hide, they'll tack your callout post up on every floor's bulletin board
the pride of the snails is to be placed delicately all over your lithe and cryptic body, karna
mean girl gil screaming EAT A SANDWICH in the middle of the lunchroom and then cackling his head off at his sick burn
this is, the most erotic text fate has ever presented me with,,
jinako, sometimes the servants we get arent the servants we want, but the servants that we need. thats how i ended up with raikou
he finally sat up but it was just to laugh at rin
between nero and gil ive heard "yoi" more the past week than i have in my entire anime-watching game-playing lifetime
ccc liz is really fucking unhinged and im into it. so this is the liz people liked so much that they kept bringing her back worse and worse.............
gilgamesh................................thats gonna be the hill you die on?
it's true, all my financial assets are liquid
gonna bottle gil's cum to sell on the black market and fund my quartz stash
ok so ccc works just like fate extra, except instead of going over your matrix info in your room and clicking the right answers before the final battle of the chapter, you go over it after the final battle, and doing so unlocks a naked jpg. extremely normal game
starting to think i might know why this game didn't get localized
theres a lot going on here
and then you engage in verbal warfare to break past the naked jpg and get to..................the enemy's true self, which is a different horny jpg. ok. sure. alright
we get to do this with our servant later, right? please say yes? i want to shatter emiya's nudes
we're probably gonna have to do this with one or more other masters too....................whose nudes do i get to see!!!! dont say the ugly monk
the juxtaposition between the characterization in this text and the characterization in the image is So
answering trivia questions to gradually see more and more of a lewd pic...................isnt this just Meet N' Fuck: Dark Side of The Moon?
bbs stockings are NOT this nice in fgo
oh, she understand gacha well
everything was going so well until i opened the next vid in the playlist and op called shinji "best boy" in the description
"well in the extraverse he's 8 years old and never rape--" literally i do not care. you cannot divorce any of these au characters from the contexts of their original appearances. do not speak to me of forgiveness
gil keeps waffling on whether or not he thinks rin is worthwhile but i think he's settled on respect..............or "respect," i guess, since it's gil
literally i will kill you
jinakos so much older than shinji that her mocking him SHOULD come off pathetic, but it's shinji, so she's in the right
op skipped or sped up a lot of the arena portions of the gameplay but they just left in a big stretch of hakunon and gil running for the first time and oh my god, gils armor is so fucking noisy, how does anyone do this route
this is such a powerful thing to say to gils face im reeling
i think liz has the same thing going on here that gil does............that sense of danger that's lost in other depictions of her? she really feels like a threat, we've already seen her nearly go berserk
why are you blaming hakunon for this. dont you think i want some hot boys too
Gawain Says: julius can have little a brocon, as a treat,
"no matter what he becomes" is really sending me into a tailspin here. this is the man who evaded the fucking firewall elimination system to come back several rounds later, body half-deleted, servant corrupted into a berserker, to try to stop us one last time from reaching leo
i mean, other things were also happening there, but
i was trying to play it off like i was just talking abt julius being superficially sexy this whole time but the backstory w his mom.............i just...............mayhaps he hath got me by the dick
there dont seem to be any problematic julius/leo doujins tho. the only leo doujins that seem to exist are with gawain. this fandom is a fucking tragedy
i was laughing to myself bc when i first read that flashback scene i mistakenly thought julius was also in Love w her, but i just thought abt this for more than 3 seconds and realized that cant have been his mom, only leos.......so.......perhaps i wasnt........mistaken.....?
harwey family got that diabolik lovers incest shit on LOCK
this is no longer a "ccc playthrough" thread this is a "worms burrowing deeper into my brain stem playthrough" thread
ok wait nvm i just googled the timeline on all this and julius was nine (?!?!?!) when this all went down so maybe it wasnt exactly like how i was picturing it, but
oh this is about to lead us to a dead end i can see it in my minds eye now
this is so fucking funny, gil gets pissed at hakunon for asking and angrily opens the gate in her direction but then hans goes off for like 8 entire text boxes talking shit about gil's life and reign and ties it up with this sledgehammer of a line and gils like Hm. Not Bad
hans like "dont even try to understand him, you cant, he is Imperceptible"
gil: that wasnt an assessment, it was a story you completely made up, but id still put it in my library
hans: bitch, pay me?
gil: Write Better Next Time
ops followup vid is this scene for the other servants and this is sending me
tamamos ccc outfit is so bizarre..........why the little fascinator. why all the lacing on the sleeves. why
then again i guess neros bride outfit and emiyas Party Rockers In The House Tonight getup are both equally weird
me every time i log onto twitter dot com
[completely unidentifiable emoji]
in any case, you can tell how extremely brainbroken i am bc any time an anime character starts talkin abt Hatsukoi and the Springtime of One's Youth i just think of diarmuid
i cant seem to find it on yt but the bgm for this section of the labyrinth is great. haunting vocals wailing distantly
thats certainly a way to phrase it, gil
lore? lore? lore? lore?
thank you for making sure i knew where lil ronnie went since you've been forcing me to look at her opposite-route counterpart this entire time
this face. i desire to see more of liz with this face
gil genuinely treats this grail war as though it's a daytime soap opera
do you like how i instinctively called it a grail war even though it's not a grail war
thats the mindbreak setting in hakunon
ohhhhhhhh my god gilgamesh is going the fuck IN
hakunon in the chair like Bro I Am Just S

I Am Just Sitting Here
hakunon i dont know how to tell you this but you are thinking with your pussy again
really normal video game
everyone in the student council room is just incredibly horny all of the time so long as gatous not there, which is exactly like a normal student council full of hormonal teenagers the second their faculty supervisor is gone
gawain counts as a hormonal teenager because he says shit like this when rani changes her mind and tells us we dont have to strip
i cannot imagine these lines, from leo and gawain especially, are the same if you're playing boy hakuno, but i think it would be great if they were
new nier game looks great
gil LITERALLY what are you talking about
this skirt definitely doesnt have pockets. where has hakunon put her removed panties. is gilgamesh holding onto them. did he toss them into the gate of babylon
im reeling
really good imo that if you try to refuse taking off your underwear it just cycles through the characters telling you But You Must and gil asks if you're refusing because you weren't wearing any to begin with
the state of his masters underwear situation is definitely something that should be taking up real estate in gils brain 100% of the time
they actually made a separate no-underwear barbie doll model for hakunon for this scene for that half-second pantyshot she gets when she goes to grab the sg orb? seriously? oh my god hakunon sweetie i am so sorry
julius is? shorter? than hakunon????? angry manlet.........
the word he used here for fate was "hoshimawari," which i dont recall having heard before, and i think it sounds cool, but also now my brain will not let go of the phrase "that's the way the stars turn" in the cadence of "that's the way the cookie crumbles"
fat titty girls have rights and you dont, gil
hes 100% not wrong but i still want to smack him. this is all the gawain characterization ive been missing, huh
pisses me off immensely that gilgamesh is good at chess. you're just using clairvoyance you bastard
i would literally rather turn the game off and throw the psp out the window
cant we get jinako for this. she doesnt even have to leave her room
hes talking abt gil and im cracking up imagining drake trying to fight him drunk. gil filled w hatred by the sight of her tits just Out
sweat harder bitch. i'll delete you from the moon internet again i swear to god
oh, oof
Demon Producer OugonP is the final boss of idolmaster
fgos insistence on everyone hating her singing made me think liz had some kind of nightmare screech going on but the truth is more insidious huh...........her voice is fine, shes just completely fucking tone deaf
ccc really be like "and you get a fetish, and YOU get a fetish--EVERYBODY gets a fetish!!!"
it is canonical and required for your progression in the game to force rin to admit she's an M and rani to admit shes an exhibitionist. fate/exxxtra
open rp: you are the 14yo foolishly playing this game for the first time in the living room and i am your mother who just looked at the screen over your shoulder and is ready to ban anime and video games from the household forever
i dont know how i didnt realize ccc is this fucknuts horny. maybe because nobody in my sphere talks out loud about ccc
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