Gonna start a thread of every movie i will watch in 2020. It can be a rewatch or a first time watch and i am gonna provide a review for it. Here for a lot of film watching this year.
47 Ronin (2013) the least said is better, horrible acting by Keanu it seems he was forced to do this, a very interesting legend wasted in this movie, questionable CGI and it is tooooo long. Such a wasted potential
The Lighthouse (2019) a well made, masterpiece tale about madness. And losing your sanity Powerful, masterful performance by William Defoe and Robert Pattinson. The score is just amazing and it just gets you into the mood of the movie. The Cinematography is gorgeous.
Godzilla (1998) i have a soft spot for zilla tbh, it's a horrible movie but still one i grew up with. It has so many problems mainly Horrible design for godzilla, bad acting and a direct ripoff of Jurassic Park with the baby Godzillas.
#JumanjiTheNextLevel is a fun sequel, it builds the world and it is good. They have fun sets and great chemistry and action just they used some joke all the time, and they seemed to force the characters to lives. Karen steals the movie. I am intrigued to see where they go.
#LastChristmas (2019) is a fun movie with really charismatic and charming leads that have great chemistry, henry is especially charming.The cast is amazing. But it is inconsistent and some jokes fall flat, while some thread are introduced abruptly and that twist is the so cliche.
#PortraitOfLadyOnFire (2019) a gorgeous and powerful story. Powerful performance from Adèle and Noémie and they have electric chemistry, it's stunning and the cinematography is gorgeous and it's just gets you. Literally one of the best movies of 2019. Such a wonderful film.
#KnivesOut (2019) is such a good movie, that has a very well netted mystery and some great and weird performance from the cast. It had some really funny moments and some intense ones and the lost shot is just awesome. Ana de Armas is just so charming and awesome here.
#Seberg (2019) I'm speechless, Kristen Stewart delivers one of the most powerful and heartbreaking performances of the year, the ending with her is just haunting. The movie is good abd the supp cast us phenomenal and the chemistry is amazing. The script could've been better.
#Underwater (2020) @superswift deliveres one of the most intense, claustrophobic movie of the year it starts within the first 2 min and it never let's go an amazing creature design, great performances especially from Kristen Stewart who shines as Norah. Awesome movie! Loved it.
#Littlewomen (2019) a wonderful and heartwarming movie with powerful performance from the whole cast, Florence, Saoirse, Laura and Timothée shine and it's just a delight to watch the chemistry between the sisters, masterfully directed by Greta. Also Meryl Streep is awesome.
#OnceUponATimeInHollywood (2019) i mean what can i say? Gorgeous cinematography, masterfully directed and the acting is just Top Notch. Leo and Brad are just charismatic duo and light up the screen, Margot stuns as Sharon, and it is just enjoyable to watch.
#TheFinalGirls (2015) a really fun, campy slasher movie with an interesting and fresh twist and ithas some seious drama, and a really moving story. And it is just fun to watch with awesome shots and really interesting Camera movies and has a fun way for use of the troops.
#6Underground (2019) the most Michael Bay movie ever, the action scenes are fun and really cool to watch, but the story is just messy and confusing and it feels so detached, some very outdated jokes and scenes but the cast is good, and enjoyable to watch interact with each other.
#AFallFromGrace (2020) it was shot in 5 days, and it shows a really cliche crime thriller that hits on every troope that exists and some really obvious continuity errors and some really bad dialogue but Crystal Fox performance is very powerful. Not worth the watch tbh.
#AGhostStory (2017) it's such a gorgeous film, very slow but really sad telling of grief, the cinematography is STUNNING and the score is haunting. And the performances are really good. Very simple yet so effective, really a movie that sticks with you.
#GodsOwnCountry (2017) god i love this movie, it's such an underrated movie with gorgeous scenery and amazing 0performances by the two leads and it just one of my favorite movies to watch, and it just makes me happy at the end after breaking my heart. I can watch it anytime
#TheSilence (2019) this is an okay film with a talented cast, it feels very similar to A Quiet Place just not as good. The creatures concept and design is so cool and it could've been a way better film. It feels like it really wanted to be A Quiet Place so bad.
#UncutGems (2019) this is a wild ride from start till finish. Great performance from everyone involved with Adam shinning in the movie and it's really just unrelenting and very loud, and anxiety inducing ride. The Safadie bros do an excellent job.
#Wounds (2019) what tf was that, this was a weird movie, it had some cool moments and some good scares and it just confusing and it's not what i expected tbh. The cast are amazing and do a good job in the movie it's just doesn't know what it wants to do tbh. It has cool concepts.
#MyNeighbourTotoro (1988) I've probably seen this movie a million times now but wow i love it everytime, such a gorgeous and stunning movie truly a masterpiece, it's just so charming and got a really special feel to it and always warms my heart. And it's just pure joy and bliss.
#Countdown (2019) this was just a really boring and meh movie with some cheap jump scares that aren't even scary and some style but ultimately it is cliche filled from strat to finish with some of the most annoying endings ever. Honestly a waste of time tbh
#KikisDeliveryService (1989)
Such a gorgeous and stunning movie with a heartwarming tale and just a delight to watch, it's intimate and feels very personal and it just takes you into a new world. Honestly a movie that just tells a good story with awesome visuals.
#1917Film (2020) really liked this movie, and i appreciated the one take is impressive but it gets too much at time, still it had some gorgeous cinematography and the cast do a great job, it is very tense and really emotional.
#SomeoneGreat (2019) a kinda good film about heartbreak and having to grow up, i enjoyed it mostly for it's charm and the chemistry between the leads, the cast did a great job and it had some seriously great scenes and emotional ones
#BirdsOfPrey a really fun movie with awesome action and really a blast one of DC's best movies and honestly the cast is phenomenal and the characters are really fun to watch tho it needed more Huntress and Black Canary, hopefully they get an opportunity to be fleshed out.
What Did Jack Do? (2020)
#HorseGirl (2020) kinda mixed on it. It started as this quirky rom com and it went in a very unexpected route, it had good ideas some neat camera work and Alison Brie is phenomenal, it just felt like it didn't know what it wanted to be and kinda lost me at the end.
#ThePerfection (2019) Really Fun and unique thriller with some really messed up moments, it's really unpredictable and it's honestly crazy af. The story is unique and the acting is really strong. It's entertaining and fun to watch. Really enjoyed it.
#TheLaundromat (2019) really didn't enjoy this movie and it was messy and just wastes a really talented cast. Not worth wasting time.
#AlwaysBeMyMaybe (2019) really fun and cute rom-com elevated by an awesome chemistry between Ali Wong and Randall Park. It's just wholesome and sweet and really enjoyable and loveable with really some genuinely funny moments and something at the end got me.Also Keanu is fun here.
#JojoRabbit(2019) such a good movie, with great performances from the cast. That SCENE just BROKE ME and devastated me literally. It had some funny moments and really just emotional ones. Taika did a great job in creating this wonderful movie. Roman Davis is just phenomenal.
#PSIStillLoveYou (2020) Such a cute and charming movie, and it's honestly a step up from the first movie some moments felt rushed and too many background music. But that didn't ruin it, i freaking enjoyed it from start to finish and the actors are amazing and get you invested.
#Dolittle (2020) honestly this is just*meh*movie the CGI is terrible and messy in parts and some parts the humans and the animas don't even look at each other. But what is sad is that there is a version of this that could work. A John and Lily adventure movie could've been great.
#CharliesAngels (2019) the way i love this movie is insane, I've seen it like 3 times already and i still love every single second from it, from the opening scene to the end. The cast is amazing and have great chemistry between the angles is amazing and Kristen Stewart slays.
#EQUALS (2016) I freaking love this movie, the chemistry between Kristen and Nicholas is amazing. I love the cinematography and it just always make me sad and it always get to me. The cast is phenomenal and Drake direction is wonderful.
#Aladdin (2019) one of Disney's best live action remakes, i love how vibrant and colorful it is and i loved the cast and they are so good in their roles they what makes this movie works so well. I've seen it like 10 times already and i still get a dumb smile on my face.
#LoveSimon (2018) this is my go to movie when i am down, it's just charming and heartwarming and always cheer me up. The cast are great and work together so well, and i honestly wish there are more movies like this. I truly can watch this movie all day and never get tired of it.
#TheDarkCrystal (1982) i grew up with this movie and i love it so much, i love the story and the puppets and the visuals are stunning with gorgeous locations, some parts don't work but still it's a very dark and entertaining and enjoyable movie and the Skeksis are creepy af.
#InTheTallGrass (2019) an okay movie tbh, can be confusing at times however it has a very creepy atmosphere and the cast do an excellent job. There just nothing special here and nothing spectacular. It just felt overstretched, although Patrick gives an excellent and creepy perf.
#1922 (2017) this movie is good, and it have some really good moments and honestly gorgeous setting and the direction is amazing and a really strong performance from the cast, it just really drags a bit, some moments are genuinely unsettling tho.
#TheIrishman (2019) finally was able to finish it, honestly it is very good movie with awesome performances from everyone involved. Some effects are shaky but overall they work but it is too long and it kinda drag a little but that doesn't take away from its entertaining value.
#BrokebackMountain (2005) this movie will ALWAYS make me cry, and no matter how much i watch it it destroys me. The perfomances are just perfect and everything about this movie is just amazing, god and that score i get goosebumps everytime and it just gets to me.I love it so much
#JustLikeHeaven (2005) This is literally one of my fav rom coms ever and it is just so adorable and cute and enjoyable and really heartwarming and Mark and Resse have a great chemistry and they elevates the movie and honestly anytime i am down i just watch it and it lift me up.
#ValentinesDay (2010) This movie is a guilty pleasure of mine, i really enjoy it and it's fun to watch and the cast is amazing and they really help sell it and honestly it's just a fun Rom-Com that is cheesy and just adorable. I really like the ending and how heartwarming it is.
#CallMeByYourName (2017) such a really well done and perfectly acted movie, that literally get to me every single time and i always end up emotional at the end. The cinematography is gorgeous and the direction is beautiful. Timothée's performance is just perfecy.
#BrittantyRunsAMarathon (2019) really inspiring and heartwarmingwith really emotional parts and really a great message. Jillian Bell is phenomenal and give a very powerful performance and really holds this movie and the whole cast is justwonderful to watch.Truly underappreciated
#ComeToDaddy (2020) what a weird and messed up movie, it goes to very weird and unexpected places and Elijah Woods kills it and really elevates this movie. It's really brutal at points and it is has some funny moments and it is twisted. Oh and it's SO BRUTAL.
#ToyStory4 (2019) Such a great movie, literally add to the existing trilogy and expands the story and bring it to a full circle and it's just emotional and heartwarming and has really good humor and the animation is stunning and gorgeous and honestly gave me same feeling as 3rd.
#Bedazzled (2000) Does a movie have to be good to be enjoyable? No this is a fun cheesy movie with Elizabeth Hurley killing it as the devil and brendon being charming and really fun to watch, my favorite part is when he wish he is good looking and it cut to him with diff hair.
#TheKing (2019) Very Entertaining movie and very brutal, the fight scenes are impressive and the cinematography is GORGEOUS, the cast do a phenomenal job especially Timothée its just feel too long at time and drags a bit and honestly the script hinders it. The score is gorgeous.
#HoneyBoy (2019) Such an honest and emotional movie and it is filled with powerful performances from everyone involved and it honestly broke me at times, Shia Lebeouf is phenomenal here. It does drag a bit but honestly the story and performance make up for it. I am truly shocked.
#ThelastThingHeWanted (2020) i am out of words... how do you waste such a cast? I honestly could'nt get invested and it honestly get a bit confusing and it honestly drags alot and is too long. Anne Shine here and give a great performance too bad the movie isn't as half as good.
#Alpha (2018) an entertaining and fun adventure movie with some jaw dropping visuals and good CGI. It's really STUNNING to look at even if the story isn't that original but still it kinda drag a bit and it doesn't know what direction it wants to be.
#MammaMia! (2008) A literal masterpiece. This is CINEMA and yes i know every single word to the songs mind your business.
#MammMiaHereWeGoAgain (2018)
No words left to say a masterpiece
#TheGrudge (2020) a very boring and dull it has horrible visuals and so many cheap jumpscares. The cast is heavily wasted, it's shame that this at one point could've turned out to be a good as it has solid atmosphere building buy the movie end up being confusing and predictable"
#Juno (2007)
Amazing Performance from everyone and honestly it has a great script and some really funny and moving scenes. Ellen Page is phenomenal
#PrayersForBobby (2009) this is a heavy movie and it always get to me, It's just a really moving and relatable story, the performances are top notch and you get invested in the story and feel for the characters. I can't watch it without crying, i always end up sobbing.
#Weekend (2011) I freaking love this movie so much, it's romantic, moving and a gorgeous tale about love and being scared of doing something. It is very well directed and acted and the 2 leads have an amazing chemistry. I tear up near the end.
#TheInvisibleMan (2020) a masterpiece,it was very tense powerful and really creepy at times. @LWhannell crafted a very strong adaptation with a powerhouse performance from Elizabeth Moss and the cast and honestly knock it. Seriously gripping and some seriously surprising scenes.
#SonictheHedgehog (2020) okay so this movie is good? Like it's a fun adaptation of the video game and it just a fun movie for kids and family to enjoy and honestly the visuals are good and Jim steals the movie and is so fun to watch and so is the cast. Ben is amazing as sonic.
#TheNeverendingStory (1984) Wow i love this movie so much, it's such a magical ride and full of wonders and wonderful visuals that hold up to this day. The Swap scene is still as powerful as i remember it when i first saw it years ago. Such a wonderful family movie.
#LikeABoss (2020) A lifless and unfunny movie that waste a pretty talented comedic actresses which sucks cause Tiffany And Rose try their best and Salma is awesome, but the movie isn't and it end up dragging a bit even tho it's so short. I literally didn't laugh even once 😭😭
#FantasyIsland (2020) not everything need to be a movie, it's really dull at times and very predictable and not even scary at all. The cast is alright nothing spectacular and it is so long and drag alot. Some jokes do not land at all and the twist is so annoying and unnecessary.
#Swallow (2020) Such a great movie, with a well made story about wanting independence, with gorgeous cinematography and just stunning visuals, and a powerful, very moving and captivating performance from Haley she holds this movie and just elevates it.
#UnicornStore (2019) a really goodand very heartwarming,feel-good and whimsical movie that shows Brie has a talent in directing,the cast is amazing and they go all the way.The cinematography is really good but it does drag a bit and that hold it back a little.But still enjoyable.
#Klaus (2019) What a gorgeous and stunning movie, it's really heartwarming,moving and emotional movie at times. It has some genuinely funny moments and i literally was hooked from the opening moments till the end, the characters are fun and enjoyable and it's pleasing to look at.
#TheFundamentalsOfCaring (2016) a really good movie, that is really moving at times. It is a feel good movie the cast is amazing and really carry the movie. The cinematography is really good and the score is sweet. Overall just a sweet and loving movie.
#EvilDead (2013) this will always be one of my favorite remakes ever, it's really gruesome and gory and really good. Jane Levy is phenomenal and really shine here, the effects are amazing and it really honor the OG movie. Also it's creepy and scary. Love this movie so much.
#Mulan (1998) This is one of my all time favorite Disney animated movie, it's funny and really emotional, the songs are amazing and really catchy. The visuals are STUNNING and the fight scene are powerful and honestly it's very underrated and it HOLDS up so much.
#AllTheBrightPlaces (2020) I liked this movie and enjoyed some parts of it, it is emotional and moving at times and i liked the cast and thought they did a good job. The chemistry between Elle and Justice is the best thing in the movie. It's your typical tenn romance movie.
#SpenserConfidential (2020) so idk i didn't like this movie, i found it at times boring and long even though it started really strong. It is very tonally confusing and doesn't really know what it wants to be. It's really not funny and the action is fun. The cast is good tho.
#AndThenWeDanced (2019) wow, this movie is gorgeous,stunning, really emotional and moving. The Dance sequences are gorgeous and really beautiful, the acting is topnotch and Levan Gelbakhiani, Bachi Valishvili and Ana Javakishvilire are amazing. Levan Akin did a phenomenal work.
#LoveAntosha (2019) What a gorgeous, moving and emotional celebration of the wonderful actor Anton Yelchin, it's really moving and just heartbreaking to watch. Anton was an extraordinary man that was taken too soon, i will forever love him and celebrate his work.
#LostGirls (2020) this movie is okay, it's nothing spectacular but Amy Ryan's performance is wonderful and she really elevates the movie. Director Liz Garbus is able to tell this story in a unique way. The ending is powerful tho and it is really interesting and sad story.
#Annihilation (2018) WTF why haven't i seen it soon? It's really good and very weird with some STUNNING visuals and amazing performances from the cast and the last 20 min of the movie are WILD. It's truly a great SCI-FI movie that has alot of messages. The score is amazing.
#InSecret (2013) a really good period movie with some great performances from the whole cast and i truly enjoyed it. The cinematography was gorgeous and the outfits are great but it did drag a bit but it's a movie with Elizabeth Olsen and Oscar Issac it can drag.
#LaLaLand (2016) a Masterpiece period! So much fun with phenomenal acting, great songs and gorgeous cinematography and the ending kills me
#GoneGirl (2014) Such an amazing movie,with awesome performance from everyone especially Rosamund Pike, it is very intelligent and smart and with really great scenes and the cool girl scene is one of the most iconic scenes ever!The script is also amazing. Love this movie so much.
#Brightburn (2019) while not the most original, it is a fun little horror movie with interesting premise and really gory deaths, however it is filled with cliches that hinder it at times. The acting is great and the score, visual and sound effects are good. I want a sequel tbh
#Cats (2019) uhmm does this movie have a plot or anything? The songs aren't remarkable and aren't catchy, the musical numbers are good tho. The visual effects are meh and not complete. It's really boring tbh and have some strange scenes and it is true descend into madness.
#Onward (2020) is such a beautiful and moving movie, it is really funny at moments. It is able to mix the family drama and the quest really nicely. The brotherhood themes is really awesome, it is very magical and the third act is awesome and emotional. I loved it so much.
#FreddyVsJason (2003) Still holds up! For me at least it's a fun slasher movie that puts 2 iconic killers together and go all the way in the finale, the fight is so cool with each using his power. The story is meh tbh, the acting is BAD and the CGI is dated but still fun af.
#BrahmsTheBoyII (2020) What an awful, generic and honestly boring movie. It started fine but it truly gets bad and it ignores everything from the 1st movie? At least that had an atmosphere and a somewhat mystery this dont. What a waste of time and cast. Brahms deserve better.
#TheAddamsFamily (2019) Uhmm it's an okay children movie but a bad Addams Family movie, the animation is good but the character design is weird and annoying tbh. It is really dull and boring tbh, the cast is fun and good in the roles just wish they had better material
#BramStokersDracula (1992) One of the best interpretations of the source material and a really gorgeous and stunning movie with great visual effects and wonderful performances from the cast. Truly a masterpiece and a story for the centuries. Honestly love it so much
#GunsAkimbo (2020) what a waste of time and cast. The less said about it the better.
#JurassicWorld (2015) I'll never forget the anticipation i had waiting this movie, and it lived up to my expectations it is a thrilling, fun ride and action packed with some cool scenes and good dinosaurs designs i love this franchise so much and i will always enjoy it.
#Speak (2004) this is a very hard movie to watch, it's really sad and movie and deals with an important issue. I can't believe that Kristen Stewart was only 13, she gave a phenomenal performance and honestly it's a really moving movie at parts. So good and so powerful.
#TheHours (2002) Wow Wow, this is such a great movie with awesome performance from the whole cast and it is really heavy to watch, it's very depressing and the score is gorgeous. I loved how the stories connected together and it's honestly emotional and moving.
#TheMummy (1999) A masterpiece. And a classic, SORRY NOT SORRY
#21Bridges (2019) an okay movie with good performances, the story is very generic and nothing new, and pretty standard. It is very predictable however it has some tense scenes. It also drags a bit? Which is surprising considering its just 90 min. The cast is wasted as well.
#DontFckWithCats (2019) WTF WTF WTF WTF this is so messed up and creepy and truly bizarre. It's truly horrifying
#LittleItaly (2018) A cheesy,corny, generic rom com that feel that it should have came out in early2000 but i kinda enjoyed it, for what it is. Is it good? Nope but it is romantic and it is enjoyable, the acting is meh but the script is just BAD. But u can still have fun with it.
#SpiesInDisguise (2019) A really fun family adventure, with good action scenes and really good animation. The story isn't the best and the narrative is lackluster. The cast does a great job and it really just enjoyable to watch and really entertaining. The pacing is slow tho.
#TheThingAboutHarry (2020) Okay so it's chessy, corny and your typical rom com but i enjoyed the hell out of it and i was charmed by it and by the leads who have awesome chemistry and it's just refreshing to see this type of rom coms and it's just made me smile at times. Idc
#ThePrinceOfEgypt (1998) Wow what a stunning and gorgeous movie. Phenomenal animation and really powerful storytelling, it is very mature the score is just powerful and moving and the songs are amazing. The opening scene is truly a wonder. I should've watched this sooner.
#TheHunt (2020) Okay so this movie is okay?, it is very gruesome and very gory and there is a concept somewhere in this movie but it is burier underneath.
Betty Gilpin is phenomenal and she really is the best aspect of the movie. The cast is fun to watch.
#ThePlatform (2020) WTF this is really disturbing, thrilling, really haunting and creepy. It is a descend into madness and where do we lose our humanity. The score is wonderful and the cast is phenomenal, they truly sell this movie. The set design is just gorgeous.
#BigTimeAdolescence (2020) I enjoyed this movie so much, it's really a good coming of age story, it's certainly nothing new but still it's fun and enjoyable.The cast is really good. It's honestly surprising, it is funny and well paced, and it has some emotional moments.
#Emma. (2020) wow what a gorgeous and stunning movie. The costumes are beautiful and the cinematography is wonderful, the cast is PHENOMENAL especially Anya Taylor-Joy, who truly shine. It is very smart and really funny, it is a true delight, truly loved it so much.
#TheKnightBeforeChristmas (2019) Okay so it's bad like really bad, with some questionable acting and horrible script and it is really cheesy BUT it's enjoyable? Like i had fun watching it.
#ConversationWithAKiller this documentary is so messed up like damn. What human person is capable of all of those things.
#Nosferatu ( 1922) This is one of most influential horror movies ever made and honestly it deserves, it's really well made, haunting and able to create iconic images with simple techniques. It's just a wonder to watch and just one of the best vampire movies ever made.
#SpidermanIntoTheSpiderverse (2018) can a movie be more perfect? Nope it's such a great movie with awesome animation and great story and some funny and emotional scenes. It's truly one of the best spiderman movies ever made and it's just fun to watch and really really enjoyable.
#LatterDays (2003) uhmm idk what to say honestly
#StarWarsThePhantomMenace (1999) This movie isn't that good but it isn't bad it is really fun and enjoyable with some good action scenes and good CGI. The cast is awesome, it does drag a bit and the script have few issues but it is a fun ride and good introduction to this world.
#Memento (2000) This is one of the most trippy movies I've ever watched. It's really powerful and smart and Nolan created this interconnected tale and delivered it flawlessly. Guy Pearce is phenomenal and he does an excellent job here. It's truly a masterpiece.
#MissAmericana (2020) really enjoyed this documentary.
#Se7en (1995) this is one of the most disturbing, gut wrenching movies ever. It's really unique and imaginative and the ending is one of the most brutal things ever, the mystery is very intriguing. The performances are phenomenal, it does drag a bit but those last 20 min damn.
#StarWarsAttackOfTheClones (2002) so i didn't enjoy this as much as the first one, it's fine it just drags a bit. Some of the dialogue is BAD and the CGI holds up in some parts, the cast is great and i once again enjoyed the, the score is amazing and the Final Scene is EPIC
#BloodShot (2020) it feels like an early 2000 comic book. Some of the action is good BUT it's hard to see most of it. The script is so bad and have cringe worthy dialogue. I liked the story just didn't like how they executed it. Eiza González is phenomenal here loved her alot.
#Insomnia (2002) This is such a well crafted, smart. The cast is phenomenal, and the performances are powerful. It is a really great thriller and honestly disturbing, the scenery is gorgeous and stunning and Nolan was able to create a new take of the story and make it his own.
#PanicRoom (2002) David Fincher's most underrated movie, it's a really good thriller with some awesome scenes and really stylish, the one setting is very intriguing and used to it's fullest. And oh Casting Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart as mother daughter is top notch casting.
#StarwarsRevengeOfTheSith (2005) This is probably the best one of the prequels, it's really enjoyable with some great action scenes and real emotions. The script might be meh but it doesn't hinder the movie.The cast is a highlight again and the CGI holds just fine. Awesome score.
#BatmanBegins (2005) One of the best comic book origin movie ever, it's captivating,smart with some great action scenes and some powerful performances. Nolan use his talent to tell this story brilliantly.The cast is amazing and they do a great job, it's truly a brilliant movie.
#AvengersEndgame (2019) is it perfect? No. Will i always get excited seeing every moment of it? Absolutely, there is just something wonderful about this movie that enjoy and i always lose it during the assemble scene like literally. "Part Of The Journey Is The End"
#Twilight (2008) What can I say? CINEMATIC MASTERPIECE. The soundtrack is THAT b*tch and everything about it is Iconic, the baseball scene?? It's a true classic. Also Kristen Stewart Did everything she had to do and the cast did THAT. Will never get over how iconic it is.
#StarWarsANewHope (1977) What a ride! It's truly a great movie with some good action and fun characters, and most memorable in history. The CGI holds up really well, it's really magnificent and enjoyable from start to finish with a really good story. The cast is just phenomenal.
#TheDarkKnight (2008) one of the best comic book movies ever made.. no one of the best movies ever made. It's gripping, it's reverting and builds up and expands this universe. With EXCELLENT performances especially Heath as he steals the show. And some great set pieces
#TheGentlemen (2020) a classic Guy Richie movie, it's fine with great performances from the cast and they are fun to watch,it does drag a bit and it takes too long to get started, but when it picks up it picks up well and is enjoyable and fun to watch. The plot is fun and twisty
#TheGame (1997) what a ride... a thought provoking, gritty and dark movie. It's very unpredictable with some exceptional performances from the cast. It tells a well crafted, mystery thriller that keeps you guessing and haunts you. It does have some flaws but that doesn't ruin it.
#StarWarsTheEmpireStrikesBack (1980) Wow what a movie, everything about it is flawless from the world building to the awesome action, score, directing , and story, it's emotional and filled with twists with it having one of the most iconic twists ever. The cast is amazing.
#TheDarkKnightRises (2012)what an epic conclusion to one of the best trilogies ever made.Everything from the score to the action to the acting is TOP NOTCH. It's very ambitious, it does have flaws in it's plot but that doesn't break it. Also Anne Hathaway as Catwoman is aweosme.
#Zodiac (2007) damn what a great movie, its one of the best crime/mystery movies ever made and it has some PHENOMENAL performances from the cast. It is creepy and disturbing. The basement scene is just chilling and always get to me. It is a bit long but idc i loved every moment.
#TheTwilightSagaNewMoon (2009) SOCIAL DISTANCING literally.... also soundtrack is 🔥🔥🔥
#TheTwilightSagaEclipse (2010) it might be my least favorite eclipse and have a nightmarish wig, i still like it. The battle scene is EPIC
#TheTwilightSagaBreakingDawnPart1 (2011) The wedding, the honeymoon, the pregnancy, and the birth.... THE SOUNDTRACK UGHHH ACADEMY AWARD
#TheTwilightSagaBreakingDawnPart2 (2012) ICONIC, POWERFUL, the battle scene is best twist ever, the ending make me cry and also seeing Bella a badass Vampire is worth it.
#StarWarsReturnOfTheJedi (1983) Probably the weakest of the original trilogy but still enjoyable and fun, the action scenes are great and has an Epic Conclusion and the character interactions are amazing and honestly the cast is what makes this movie. The score is great
#ThePrestige (2006) one of Nolan's best movie, it is filled with twists and turns and some awesome performances from the cast, it's really powerful. It's a tale about rivalry and obsession and it is well told. It's honestly unpredictable and really just a wonderful movie.
#Fightclub (1999) a wild ride...it's really well crafted and enjoyable, disturbing and brutal. It gets better every time i rewatch it. The performances are phenomenal
But remember The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club.
#Vivarium (2020) What a wild, weird movie. Imogen and Jesse are amazing here and they have a really great chemistry. It has a really cool and impressive premise but it does feel a bit with no direction, because of that it drags a bit,but honestly i really enjoyed how weird it is.
#RogueOneAStarWarsStory (2016) Okay i really enjoyed this movie and loved the new characters and the cast did a fantastic job, the action scenes are GREAT and the third act is phenomenal but the beginning is slow a bit. But the visuals are amazing. Really enjoyable addition.
#AfterMidnight (2020) A really meh and sometimes boring movie tbh, it does have some style but idk it felt unfocused and trying to tell 2 stories, the cast is fine and does a good job. The special effects are good for being so low budget but idk felt really a waste.
#TheSocialNetwork (2010) a compelling story with GREAT performances from the cast, it's really impressive and feels like this whole puzzle that fits at the end. It's very engaging and awesomely shot and directed (well duh) but honestly it gets better every time i watch it.
#SoloAStarWarsStory (2018) A Really fun, exciting, thrilling and well executed addition to the star wars universe.. it has some great action scenes with great visuals and amazing scenery, the score is phenomenal as well. Alden Ehrenreich is good as Han Solo and the cast is great.
#Zombies2 (2020) pls ignore this and leave me alone. I just wanted a cheesy movie okay
#TheCallOfTheWild (2020) it is your typical story nothing new and some of the CGI is bad but the scenery is gorgeous and Harrison Ford nails it and honestly gives a powerful performance, which really saves this movie. Even if it's generic it is heartwarming and touching to watch.
#FridayThe13th (1980) honestly i love this movie so much, it is gory and gruesome and some kills are really good, the cast is surprisingly good and it has one of the biggest twists in horror history and it is the beginning of birth of the most iconic killer of all time.
#LaMarcaDelDemonio (2020) What an awful movie... the acting is bad and it is not scary. It's just a waste of time. I literally didn't find a single decent thing in it, it's very flat, the effects and score are horrible. There is ideas but horrible execution, the director tried.
#HowlsMovingCastle (2004) such a gorgeous and STUNNING movie with a really gorgeous score. The animation is flawless, i love the story very much and it is really filled with magic and mystery and really emotional parts. It does wrap up abruptly and have some flaws but it's fun.
#StarWarsTheForceAwakens (2015) Really really enjoyed this movie, its a fun ride with some excellent action and great visual effects and gorgeous score. The cast is amazing and the new characters are full of charm, and it is nice to see the cast from the og back in this.
#Inception (2010) This is a masterpiece, honestly everything from the story to the visuals to the cast is AMAZING and that score? It's stunning. Every perfomance is amazing, it is really enjoyable and fun and honestly keeps you thinking and guessing and that ending omg.
#NeverRarelySometimesAlways (2020) omg what a powerful and strong movie that is really painful and hard to watch. It's beautifully shot and painful and the cast is just wonderful Sidney Flanigan and Talia Ryder are amazing and their performances are PHENOMENAL, raw and moving.
#TimmyFailureMistakesWereMade (2020) So this is kinda an enjoyable movie, it's nothing spectacular but it is adorable and unique story about imagination. It is boring at parts and kinda drag a bit, it is a move family movie for the whole family to enjoy.
#Stargirl (2020) honestly didn't expect to enjoy this movie but i did, it is heartwarming and well made coming of age storyand the cast is really good and seriously has some emotional moments and moving ones and the ending was a bittersweet one and really kinda made mesad/happy.
#TigerKing (2020) Okay WTF? This is a really wild and crazy docu and it is really unpredictable full of twists and turns... it does drag a bit and gets too long in some episodes but damn if it's not something.
#RiseOfTheGuardians (2012) This is literally one of the most underrated movies ever, it's funny, charming and really emotional. The voice cast is amazing and they truly shine and the animation is flawless with some gorgeous scenery and it's just a great family movie.
#TheFlintstones (1994) honestly the technicality of this movie is awesome and everything from the set design to the costume is AMAZING even though the script is bad everything else make up for it and the cast are just having a wild time and honestly it's fun and enjoyable.
#Togo (2019) This was a sweet surprise, really enjoyed this movie and William Defoe is great, it is very visually stunning and the special effects are good,the ending got me and made me very emotional. It is just very heartfelt and tells abeautiful yet simple and effective story.
#Shadowed (2020) Short movie by David F Sandberg
Simple yet very effective
#CoffeeAndKareem (2020) uhmm, ummmm... this is supposed to be a comedy? It really wasn't funny and it was one of the most unoriginal movie ever. How is Taraji P. Henson in this and why? She and Betty Gilpin are the best thing about this movie and carry this whole movie.
#EighthGrade (2018) This is a wonderful movie, it's a great coming of age story.The cast is phenomenal especially Elsie Fisher, it is a well told story, it's really natural, realistic and it was well captured by the director. Some scenes are hard to watch and one emotional scene.
#StarWarsTheLastJedi (2017) I Freaking loved this movie, it is very emotional and moving and gave me GOOSEBUMPS at several times, the action scenes are amazing and the visual effects is flawless and i honestly laughed alot. The cast and characters are great. It is unpredictable.
#CorpseBride (2005) god this movie is pretty, the stop animation is flawless and the score is gorgeous. The songs are good but they aren't spectacular and the voice cast is top notch, the story is simple yet very beautiful and honestly it is very fun dark family movie.
#StarWarsRiseOfSkywalker (2019) This is a frustrating movie tbh, it ignores everything that i loved from TLJ and honestly just a disappointment? The cast is amazing and it has some really emotional and moving scnes and great action and an EPIC score. It is just a let down tbh.
#TheTurning (2020) This is the worst horror movie of the year, it's shame cause it has a great style and atmosphere it's just doesn't go anywhere? Literally It has no ending... it isn't scary and very cliched. The performances are good and so is the score which is really pretyy.
#GretelandHansel (2020) this was really good little horror movie, it has a gorgeous cinematography a creepy atmosphere and beautiful score. The cast is great and it does have some pacing issues and it is slow but still a really good watch, it's not very scary but it is creepy.
#Interstellar (2014) Wow wow this such a visually STUNNING movie to look at, the visual effects are flawless and it is filled with gorgeous scenery. It is very ambitious SciFi movie, the performances are solid and they are perfect, it is very emotional and the score is gorgeous.
#Searching (2018) This is one of the few movies that was able to utilize the usage of computers and phones to tell the story, and it is really great story with a good mystery that unfolds excellently and powerful performance from John Cho who kills it. Awesome movie!
#Dunkirk (2017) This is a stunning and a gorgeous movie, The cinematography is really gorgeous and the score is amazing. The practical effects really help sell the reality of the movie, the acting is AMAZING and Fionn Whitehead delivers a powerful performance.
#IAmJonas (2018) A deeply haunting movie. It has an interesting story to tell and i was invested in it, the acting is phenomenal and it is really moving. And the way the story unfolds and the two storylines combine is impressive, it is really good movie and really got me.
#Venom (2018) The First act is boring. But i liked the dynamic between eddie and venom and Tom Hardy gives it all here and really sell the character, it is very generic but the action scenes are fun and unique. And venom design is so cool. I enjoyed it after the first hour.
#LoveWeddingRepeat (2020) This is really funny movie. A trainwreck of a wedding that is cringy and fun to watch and honestly Sam Calfin is a delight in the movie and everyone here is charming, it didn't live up to it's potential but nonetheless it's a fun romcom
#TigerTail (2020) A simple yet heavy and effective tale. It has gorgeous cinematography and a stunning score and some awesome performances and Tzi Ma is so phenomenal and really gives a subtle yet haunting performances, it does end abruptly and wish they gave it more time.
#Fractured (2019) I figured out "the twist" 2 mins in which really was frustrating and really disappointing. The cast is great and does a good job. The premise is really intriguing but didn't like the execution, it drags a bit in the middle and honestly kinda waste of time.
#TheRhythmSection (2020) an entertaining yet formulaic thriller, it is very straightforward and it is not anything unique or new but Blake Lively delivers a great performance and the direction is good but the script is meh. Jude Law is underused, and the action is fine.
#FirstMan (2018) Visually stunning with great score and gorgeous cinematography. Ryan Gosling gives it his all and deliveres a flawless and effective performance and Claire Foy shine and is really great. The moon landing scene is perfect and some really moving moments.
#WeSummonTheDarkness (2020) went into this blind and i gotta say i had fun? It's certainly entertaining and the cast is fun to watch especially Daddario who really shine.The movie does take it's time to get starting and i honestly didn't expect the twist.
#SherlockAStudyInPink (2010) this is a really good pilot with a good mystery. I loved Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman chemistry and they have a great relationship and i truly got intrigued with it and had a great time. Benedict is great as Sherlock.
#TheGirlWithTheDragonTattoo (2011) This is a great movie, that is very brutal and disturbing with excellent performances from everyone especially Rooney Mara who nails the role of lisbeth. The cinematography is gorgeous and the score is beautiful. The mystery is well crafted.
#LampLife (2020) a cute snd fun short in the Toy Story universe for sure, but ultimately i was kinda disappointed, i expected a more, the storyline was kinda weak (understandable it is only 7 min).
#SupermanRedSon (2020) Good animation, and i love the characters design and concept it felt rushed and didn't have the effect i was hoping for.
#SherlockAScandalInBelgravia (2012) best episode so far.
#TheCuriousCaseOfBenjaminButton (2008) Such a gorgeous movie with a really unique story and phenomenal performances from everyone involved, it is very engaging and really moving, it is really long and drags a bit but that didn't bother me. The ending gets me every single time.
#SherlockTheReichenbachFall (2012) WHY TF AM I EMOTIONAL OMG
#AirplaneMode (2020) uhmm uhmm this is really the typical rom com? And it is filled with cliche and really insufferable to sit through, the acting is reallly bad and honestly it is very boring 😭😭😭 idk why i even watched it honestly
#NappilyEverAfter (2018) This is a such a good feel good movie about embracing yourself and loving yourself no matter what anyone say. I honestly enjoyed it alot and had great time. The cast is amazing and honestly Sanaa Lathan is amazing and really shined. Highly recommended.
#FallingInnLove (2019) Okay it is chessy, and it is vliche filled BUT i had fun watching it and i enjoyed it, the 2 leads have an amazing chemistry and they are just fun to watch play off each other and it is just a cute and adorable romcom that really warms your heart.
#SherlockHisLastVow (2014) I enjoyed this episode so much this is filled with twists.
#SherlockTheAbominaleBride (2016) I truly love these alternate timeline stories and i enjoyed this alot
#TheWayBack (2020) Enjoyed this more than i expected, it is filled with sports cliche but honestly it have some genuine moments and Ben Affleck giving his best performance in a long while.The movie is riveting and engaging and the direction is it's strongest while script weakest.
#WakeUp (2020) Gorgeous cinematography and it is STUNNING to look at. Olivia's direction is amazing and great and Margaret is just charming and good to watch but the concept is overdone.
#MySpy (2020) Okay it's predictable and it is *bad* but i enjoyed it alot and the best joke is my far the one in the opening scene, the action scenes are fine and the cast is good. It does drag a bit but it's just enjoyable and fun to watch, nothing spectacular tho.
#SherlockTheFinalProblem (2017) over the top plot aside i kinda enjoyed this episode alot but it is lowkey disappointing.
#BlackMirrorBandersnatch (2018) I honestly dk if i even finished it but i enjoyed it, it is mind tricking and really unpredictable (literally) it is more about the gimmick rather than the story. But the story is very intriguing and well made. I want more films like this.
#Accepted (2006) this is a fun comedy movie that is filled with 2000 comedy's cliches. The cast is tun to watch and it has some funny moments, the premise is intriguing but it went the route of being cliche filled movie, it is kinda heartwarming and just an enjoyable watch.$
#GeraldsGame (2018) omg this is one of the most unique movies I've seen, the premise is creepy and it's very thrilling and creepy at moments and really brutal at some points.Carla Gugino is phenomena, she truly gives a strong performance. One of Stephan King's best adaptations.
#Goosebumps2HauntedHalloween (2018) So much inferior to it's original fun movie, it is literally so predictable and just gets worse and worse and it honestly drag a bit? And it's only 90 min and honestly not enough Jack Black and i wanted them to continue the story from the og.
#TheBreakfastClub (1985) this is a fun and witty film about teen angst and i honestly enjoyed it alot, it's truly a classic. It really smart and really enjoyable, the performances are great and the 5 central cast is fun to watch. The message is interesting and it tells it well.
#TheHouseWithAClockInItsWall (2018) this is an Eli Roth movie... idk why i find this weird, i enjoyed it a bit it was a fun family movie. It doesn't live to it's full potential, Cate and Jack are amazing and they are great together but the CGI fails alot and look like a mess.
#Poseidon (2006) this movie wasn't really good and it lacked suspense and tense and i really hated the ending. The cast is fine but idk its just a really empty movie. And it was really stupid at times.
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