this thread is dedicated for some side messages from DBK that i like.
EP1: why do lgbtq people have to try harder/be successful in life to get acceptance from other people (such as family, friends, colleagues, etc.)?
EP2: some smart quote from kao
EP5: supportive parents to their kids regardless the gender
EP5: not all families are understanding the lgbtq
EP5: again...why do they have to be “something extra” bc they are gay?
EP6: parents supporting their kids to have protected sex.
EP9: the negation of “I don‘t like men, I just like him” is...
EP10: say it louder to asian countries with strong seniority system
EP10: that‘s how relationships work.
EP10: creating more acceptance on gay marriage VS discriminating gay marriage from straight marriage?

where should be the balance?
EP11: no need to apologize for your who you are
EP11: symbolism

petekao tumbler with cover = their relationship that has to be hidden

petekao tumbler with scratches = their relationship that ruined and left the scars

kao doesn’t want the tumbler to be replaced by a new one
EP12: decision on coming out

similar message to one from the movie “love, simon”

“I'm supposed to be the one that decides when and how and who knows, and how I get to say it, that's supposed to be my thing. You took that away from me!” – Simon
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