thread exposing kim heechul
according to JTBC, heechul was the first to donate to the victims of gangwon wildfire. he donated 30 million won.
heechul received the presidental model tax payer award, becoming the first male idol to receive such award.
heechul is the presenter for the anti-smoking campaign & has always advocate anti-smoking on variety shows.
heechul sat down to interview park narae at eye level because he didn't want her to feel uncomfotable if he was to look down at her while interviewing (because of her dress).
after his car accident, heechul always remind fans, friends, guests & literally everyone to wear their seat belts & stress its importance.
heechul bought nct's taeyong an expensive gaming computer because his laptop kept disconnecting when playing games.
heechul sent a message & 1 million won to fromis_9 jisun's channel congratulating her on her appearance on "my little television" & reminded her to always take care of her health, as her homeroom teacher on idol school.
heechul is very protective of his female celebrity friends & got the nickname "kim condom" because female celebs consider him very safe & he would delete his male friend's contact number if they call him to ask him to set them up with his female friends.
heechul consoled, adviced & cheered up taeyeon when she was having a hard time because of hate comments.
heechul went to "radio star" recording studio to make sure that the casts, esp. kim gura, treat f(x), who were the guests, well.
heechul withdrew from the variety show "war of words/ ssulzun" (his first variety show after enlistment) because he did not want to talk about gossips involving sulli.
heechul called the mc of weekly idols beforehand & asked them to take good care of red velvet & his other hoobaes whenever they have to appear as guests on the show.
heechul gave gfriend's sowon a blanket to cover her legs on "lipstick prince", he also does this to other female guests on other shows, esp on knowing brothers where guests have to wear skirts.
heechul asked ioi's sohye if she needed a blanket.
heechul doesn't only provide blankets to females, he also covered super junior's kyuhyun's torn pants with a blanket because he needed to continue dancing. heechul doesn't discriminate. kekekeke.
heechul also took off his suit to cover the doll since it's skirt is too short, a complete gentleman. heechul says dolls also deserve respect.
heechul covered so hyun with his coat because it was freezing outside.
heechul took off his coat for the mc so that her legs won't be cold.
heechul personally paid for a coffee support truck for super junior's siwon & asked the "my fellow citizens" crew to take good care of him.
heechul took off his shoes for the lady to wear.
heechul gave the guest his slippers because it was uncomfortable to play the game in high heels.
heechul, on his cyworld, wasn't afraid to call out the anti-fan who put poison in yunho's drink which may have ruined his image as an idol & asked for justice as he felt that he failed his duty as a "hyung" to protect tvxq's yunho.
heechul took off his suit and covered snsd's taeyeon as it was raining during the concert.
heechul put his hands over his co-mc's head (ex. song jihyo) when it's raining so that they don't get wet as much.
heechul is known for his manner hands such as when he covered wgm's sohee's legs with a towel so that he doesn't directly touch her legs when holding her during the game, he even got a "manner hand" award from entertainment weekly for it.
heechul is always seen with his manner hands.
heechul always take care of every guests regardless of their popularity & makes sure that they are comfortable, don't get hurt, facing the right camera & get screentime. he brings attention to them when they speak too quietly for the other casts to hear.
heechul gave his seat to exid's hani while they watched a performance on knowing brothers.
despite the lawsuit between SM & former tvxq's jaejoong (now jyj), heechul, unlike other SM idols, hung out with jaejoong & uploaded a picture of them on his social media. they were friends since trainees, the lawsuit didn't stop their friendship.
heechul talked about & showed hangeng's new solo album under a new agency on his radio show despite the ongoing lawsuit between SM & hangeng. they are very close friends & heechul remained supportive of him even after hangeng left SJ without telling heechul beforehand.
heechul took off his jacket & gave it to sistar's bora to cover herself.
heechul helped yoona with her long gown so that she can walk more comfortably.
heechul helped hani & was there for her during her hard times to the extent that hani saved heechul as "daddy long legs" on her phone.
since his debut, heechul told fans that although he's grateful that they like him, he can't be responsible for their lives & reminded fans not to be too obsessed & to focus on their own future. this resulted in him losing alot of fans but he didn't want to give fans false hope.
heechul is friends with JYP. JYP knows that heechul is a huge fanboy of wgm's sohee so he offered to arrange a private meeting for heechul to meet sohee. heechul declined because he didn't want to use connection or make her uncomfortable & only admired her as her fan.
heechul didn't vehemently deny his gay rumors because he thinks it's rude & hurtful to people who are actually gay. he also supports lgbtq.
while heechul was having an important meal with a PD (producer), ft island's hongki called him because he was depressed that his album didn't do well & many other things. heechul step outside to talk, advice & cheer up hongki for an hour.
hangeng, being the first foreign idol, was not allowed to appear on certain programs & didn't have many jobs. heechul kept talking abt him whenever he appears on shows & eventually hangeng was also invited to some shows. heechul helped translate what hangeng meant to others.
heechul wrote on his instagram for fans to not make it difficult for super junior's sungmin after his dating news got out & sungmin was having a difficult time.
exid's hani had to invite someone to her show so she called to invite heechul thinking he wouldn't come as he's a big star. heechul replied that he would even cross the jordan river for her if she called for him. he also went to the show to surprise her.
heechul quickly took off his outer shirt & gave it to twice's jeongyeon when she was doing splits because she had the shortest skirt on & didn't have pants on.
heechul used to host a game show with ioi's sohye & promised her that he would attend her graduation. after that, when so hye graduated from high school, he kept his promise & went to congratulate her on her graduation at her school despite his busy schedule.
heechul loves animal. he temporarily took care of a puppy while it was waiting for a new owner & he spent days & nights taking care of it. he even cancelled his new year party with his friends so that the puppy wouldn't be alone. his friends ended up coming over instead.
heechul adopted sulli's cat but kept this hidden because he didn't want others to twist the story or to gain public attention, he also wanted to make sure it was happy. it was revealed only after the cat jumped into the camera frame. he cried for many days while looking at it.
heechul wrote a book on girl groups, including their struggles & was very understanding when pristin shared to him the struggle of having periods during schedules. female idols are comfortable with him to share this with him & heechul was understanding.
when gfriend had to film at heechul's place for a variety show, heechul gave his clothes to them to cover when they sat down.
heechul held exid's hani & gfriend's sinb's hair back so that they don't get food on their hair.
heechul said snsd's yoona is really beautiful even without make up & someone commented that "didn't yoona do plastic surgery?", heechul defended yoona by replying "wtf are you saying bitch".
heechul helped shinee's taemin when he tried to act like toilet paper & helped taemin shined more on the show.
heechul responded to shinee's jonghyun who offered to give the casts a kiss if they answered correctly by saying "i like it, i don't discriminate."
heechul bought a building & a car for his mother. in fact, he gives all of his money to his parents.
in 2012, one of heechul's fansite masternims got married, heechul personally sent her a wedding wreath to congratulate her on her wedding. the message reads: "from: space big star kim heechul, give birth to a child who is similar to me! except for the personality..."
heechul worked with the same stylists for 15 years since debut, he calls them the "kims". he treats them very well. he gave them extra pocket money, buys them chanel bags, hold birthday parties for them & bought gifts for their parents' birthdays.
heechul knew his stylist's mother likes to drink so on her birthday, heechul bought her expensive champagne.
heechul bought his stylist an iphone. on weekly idol, the winner of the game will get to buy anything they want with leeteuk's credit card, heechul asked for a new iphone for his stylist. although he didn't win the game, he bought her a new iphone with his own money later anyway.
on radio star, kim gura wanted tea on exo & asked super junior about the issue of members leaving exo. heechul cut him off by telling him to "ask exo when they come here."
heechul pretends to be talking on the phone when see girls walking alone in front of him at night because he doesn't want them to feel nervous or scared.
heechul helped remove something from twice's momo face but slapped youngchul's hands away when he jokingly tried to do the same as it was already removed.
heechul called out males who persuade females to drink on his twitch live. he also told his juniors (male & females) to not drink with seniors that force them to drink & that they should respect everyone's drinking limits. he hates such behavior.
when JYP said that he only came to knowing bros because got7 were at the bottom of the waiting list making got7 uncomfortable, heechul saved got7 by saying "no, it was because JYP alone would not be funny so the staff asked him to come along with got7."
heechul was the mc of radio star & gave his spot to kyuhyun when he enlisted. after enlistment, he declared that he wasn't returning to radio star as kyuhyun is a younger brother on the same variety-idol path like him. he doesn't see him as a competitor but was supportive.
heechul worries that international fans won't get to see him often because he usually only appears on korean TV shows so he created #HEEtube to communicate with fans. he had spent hours talking to us & giving us HEEcontents.
heechul made a surprise visit to the students on idol school & brought them chicken, he also spent time with them & encouraged them.
heechul saved AOA's chanmi & helped her finish the dance when she forgot the choreography.
heechul commented "it was a pleasure to meet you. see you. 🍒🚀💙" in spanish under a mexican cover dancer's instagram post after she performed a dance cover of super junior's song on "stage k" and super junior went to greet them backstage. heechul was her bias.
heechul used his own money to produce his 1st solo song "old movie" & to organize HEE Talk (talk concert) for his fans with cheap ticket price so that fans can interact with him more.
heechul helped hold the female host's dress when she went down the stairs during Seoul Music Awards.
due to the spread of coronavirus, heechul realizes that others are having a hard time so he leaves good reviews on food delivery app to thank them for their hard work, he encourages his fans to do the same & to be kind to everyone.
heechul removed his hand when kim mina (the female host) brought his hand to her chest to feel her heartbeat.
heechul expressed his anger towards malicious comments & left good words about sulli.
hello venus' nara said that her agency showed her a list of dangerous senior colleagues & that heechul isn't a dangerous senior colleague.
heechul donated to the emergency disaster support funds in hoengseong county to help the people recover from COVID19 & stop it from spreading, he donated to the low income households in gangwondo, his hometown.
heechul sued malicious commenters

"many celebrities are hurt but they don't sue bc they have to protect their image, i said i'll show no leniency so that they can have the courage to sue as well. you've made many ppl suffer, you'll be punished that much"
heechul donated his entire JINRO SOJU CF appearance fee to a public interest foundation, his donation will be used for a project called "green dream".
heechul bought 3 samsung galaxy note 20 ultra phones for his 3 kims (his personal staffs), paying 3,956,700 won in total.
heechul prevented defconn from touching red velvet's wendy's thighs when her ring got stuck in her stockings.
heechul paid for super junior's manager's lens implant surgery despite not being close with him.
heechul reminded blackpink's jisoo to fasten her seatbelt before the car started moving.
heechul protected blackpink's jisoo's head from hitting the kitchen cabinet.
heechul used his hand to cover song jihyo's head to prevent the firework and ashes from the firecrackers from falling onto her. (dream concert, 2009)
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