Burger King's industrial sludge burger destroys your health, tastes like shit & gives you manboobs, but that's a small price to pay to get to brag to your man-boobed NY Times-reading friends about how you're saving the planet from the menace that is cows. https://www.tsln.com/news/stangle-impossible-burgers-are-made-of-what/
If this were preplanned it would be the most successful eugenicist conspiracy ever:

-Invent a scare story that can only believed by morons, like "cows are destroying the planet"

-invent a disgusting poison that causes infertility as the only solution & market it to the morons
Only if you eat shit, grow manboobs, and destroy your fertility can earth defeat its mortal enemy. We're counting on you!
The "journalist" who wrote this stupid advert leads with what his little brain imagines are the strongest arguments: ad homing and guilt by association
The advert does concede that yes it is advertising poison... But that's not the kind of small detail that would get in the way of a good advert
So what do you do when you're faced with incontrovertible evidence that you're advertising poison? You wheel out the junk professors to confuse and obfuscate
The Science Says:

Just to be on the safe side, eat poison several times a week so that your diet has a healthy "balance" between nutrition and poison and our advertisement works.
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