I’m all for impeaching/removing Trump by any means necessary, but it’ll never stop being appalling to me that a sociopath with blatantly progressive cognitive decline was permitted to make it this far and put us all in danger in the first place. 🥴 https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/815711444973060096
This isn’t normal or safe, but it’s been the status quo since 1/20/17. The impeachment process isn’t the only applicable remedy, but it became the only viable option because his mental status remains off limits (even though it’s at the root of his criminality and incompetence). https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/950035021125111814
It’s been an emergency this whole time, so no matter how satisfied or dissatisfied you are with the “speed” of Trump’s impeachment, there’s still no remedy that’ll be quick enough to make up for all the predictable damage the incoherent sociopath has done along the way. https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/949349722363498497
We still need to figure out how we’re going to reform a system that doesn’t have sense enough to require a bare minimum of mental fitness for duty or tax returns. So much of this disaster starts there and it’s ridiculous how far mainstream conversation has deviated from the crux.
I’ve read my fair share of “how we keep getting it wrong in the Trump era” pieces from the punditry class and I have yet to see any of them admit that they’ve been normalizing an untreated personality disorder and passing it off as presidential for the sake of access and money.
Societal norms become accepted norms in large part because trusted institutions of record co-sign and adopt them. Every ounce of this dysfunction in DC has been enabled by media outlets that relabeled severe psychopathology as shrewd political strategy and business savvy.
While it’s true that Trump’s following checks off plenty of boxes in the cult category, the fact remains that American media’s been willfully serving them the kool aid for decades. A brainwashing of this magnitude doesn’t happen overnight or by accident. https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1149367961712566274
The brainwashing was so thorough and widespread that it’s resulted in a literal madman holding the entire country hostage while the MSM pretends there are 2 equally righteous sides to sociopathy and treason. Once again, this is what happens when folk denounce and deny science.
Bottom line is what we’ve been witnessing this whole time is psychological warfare on an international scale, but folk still don’t wanna call it what it is or change how they roll because they’re the foot soldiers. Don’t let them convince you you haven’t seen what you saw.
They aren’t telling you the whole story or truly confessing their complicity, negligence, or malfeasance unless they’re circling back to inform you that Trump is a sick and dangerous emergency. https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/805955872174252032
They aren’t fully analyzing the roller coaster of Trump’s WH occupation if they’re still pretending chronic lawlessness and corruption are a political strategy rather than his default personality and fundamental mode of interpersonal existence. https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/871407691373068288
Litigation, impeachment, removal, and electoral defeat wouldn’t be the only recourse against Trump and the GOP had their predictable patterns of abuse and corruption not been normalized and repackaged as “great” by the same talking heads who are feigning naïveté in the aftermath. https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/952928752878669824
There’s NO good excuse for Pentagon officials to have underestimated Trump’s propensity for taking extreme risk, and there still isn’t a good excuse for America to be allowing a sociopath who’s under Putin’s thumb to masquerade as Commander in Chief. #AmericanSociopath https://twitter.com/sam_vinograd/status/1213642180696399872
The Pentagon knew he was a cognitively impaired sociopath before they took him in.
Don’t let them act brand new. https://twitter.com/nowthisnews/status/926258390187229184
“Stunned” is a LIE and CYA. #InstabilityInChief #WarCrimes #AmericanSociopath #DutyToWarn https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1181624442390274048
The Pentagon claims to be “stunned” now, but their nerves were frayed this time last year. 😒 Trump’s repetitive high risk behaviors are a pattern, and everyone who’s egging him on with extreme options when his back’s up against the wall of impeachment/removal wants a disaster. https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1085917482802651136
How Trump remains a clear and present danger, the Pentagon and @GOP are criminally negligent, and no one should be surprised by this disaster because Hillary warned us that he’s easily baited and temperamentally unfit via @RickSmithShow https://www.podbean.com/ei/pb-qtwip-ce5420 #AmericanSociopath
"A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons." — @HillaryClinton https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1213651492139339777
🚨Trump’s narcissism, sociopathy and visibly worsening cognitive impairment render him UNPREDICTABLE, UNSAFE, and UNFIT to “lead” the public in crisis. Allowing him to remain “in charge” only increases the rising threat to humanity. #25thAmendmentNow #DutyToWarn #COVID2019 #SOS https://twitter.com/briantylercohen/status/1237849858511237120
He was NEVER capable of rising to this challenge. His fragile ego will always come first, so he isn’t even capable of acknowledging that a crisis occurred on *his* watch, let alone the crisis management skills necessary for a remedy. Trump is STILL the overarching crisis here. https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/807248555899584512
Failing by example. 😷 #InstabilityInChief #AmericanSociopath #TheNarcissistWhoCriedWolf https://twitter.com/RawStory/status/1238214805279948801
🚨🎙🗣One more time for the brainwashed seats in the back: #DangerToOthers #DangerToSelf #UnfitToLead #AmericanSociopath #DutyToWarn #DudeGottaGo 🔥 https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/1233396082287300609
#COVID2019 #InstabilityInChief 😷 https://twitter.com/docrocktex26/status/872601129452015617
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