Bro...... Now here is a thread on why doctor pepper is the superior soda and is better than Pepsi.
It gives you a brilliant taste and aftertaste which quenches both your horny and hydration thirst. It's always satisfying to drink a doctor pepper if it's warm or cold it still has
The quality which is worth drinking and is also a good drink when you are playing games and it's a satisfying drink no matter where you look at it. Playing games and need a quick drink? Doctor pepper. Eating fast food or sophisticated food and need a drink? Doctor pepper. Clap
Some cheeks like Hilda's or edelgard? Doctor pepper is the move and doctor pepper is the go to and not all places have doctor pepper so when you get it you get a sense of reward that damn I'm at a place where there's doctor pepper and when you drink. You get satisfaction
That satisfaction beats the payoff avengers endgame gives you by a long shot no cap whereas Pepsi you don't get that feeling it tastes nice yeah. But doctor pepper soon when it hopefully gets popular it might be the same but the memories will still be there and that feeling
Won't ever go away and now that concludes my long thread
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