A soldier lost life and 3 other suspiciously went missing after the Patrolling vehicle was attacked by unknown gunmen in Madaini area of Tehsil Shewa, #MiranShah #NorthWaziristan .

#Kashmir #Waziristan #PakistanArmy
Lance Naik Amjid who was shot lost his life on the spot while other three soldiers namely Naik Murtaza, Naik Ismail and Khassadar Sabir went missing after the firing incident.

The search operation is continuing in #Miranshah #Miramshah.

#Kashmir #neelumvalley #neelamvalley
Road side bomb blast in #Qutabkhel targeting Patrolling vehicle which was travelling on #Bannu - #Miranshah road.

No casualties happened in the blast as the Patrolling vehicle was far from the blast.

#Waziristan #Kashmir #LoC
Explosive devices recovered in #Bajaur .
Another #FC man , civilian shot dead in #LakkiMarwat.
Police man is killed by a police in #Mansehra .
This is happening every now and then ! Who is responsible for this Ethnic massacre?
Those who share images of cadet college and Deserted market as development , please show them and invite them to South #waziristan.
Toy bomb exploded ! How ??? Now who is responsible ??? Was it Toy bomb really or bomb planted by friends of Rawalpindi Icons.??
Still no News on 3 soldiers who went missing last month !!
7 civilian casualties in Bangro #Batwar area including 4 kids when an unexploded bomb goes off in #Bajaur .
Students in #Miranshah, #NorthWaziristan held demonstration for reopening and reconstruction of the schools which were destroyed by the militants and "Icons of Rawalpindi". Those who share pics of deserted market as development never see this.
Demonstrators also demanded to set up an examination hall for female http://F.Sc  students of North Waziristan as the girls are travelling to #Bannu to attend their exams.

They want Pashtuns just to hold guns !

#PashtunLongMarch4Manzoor #PashtunLongMarch2DIKhan
No description needed for this !

Morning ,Noon , Night speak only on #Kashmir ! "Intentionally Allowed" #EhsanullahEhsan to escape while they suspect each and every Civilian!

A member of #AmanCommittee is shot dead by unidentified armed men in #Swat.
Sohail Khan of Counter-Terrorism Department ( #CTD) lost life in #Hazro, #Attock, when " unknown " gunmen shot him.

These " Unknown " are none other than the Good Terrorists groomed by Icons of #Rawalpindi.
Lieutenant Agha Muqaddas Ali Khan, Hawaldar Qamar Nadeem, Sepoy Muhammad Qasim, Sepoy Tauseef , lost life in an encounter with the militants in #DattaKhel , North #Waziristan.
Attack in #Orakzai ! Unknown militants attacked Army check-post in #Arghanjo area of #Orakzai district. Two police man have lost life and few are injured.

Yesterday protest in #Karak for fake encounter of #Lawyer.
#Landmine blast in #Shakai area of ​​ #SouthWaziristan In injured childrens
1 Ehsanullah age13 years
2. Farhad age 8 years
3. Syed age 9 years
4. Tahir age 12 years old.

Okay let's speak about #Kashmir
No need for another war. Govt must resolve this issue of tribes.

#Bajaur #Mohmand
This #Mohmand and #Bajaur issue is going the next level . Two ambulance drivers allegs that they were tortured by a mob from Mohmand for using Peshawar Road which they have blocked for the Bajaur people.

This needs to be resolved at the earliest.
Why did they come ? Kids and women .
Hope they are taken care of . #Wana #Waziristan.
You can never win against #CoronaInPakistan with this movement in Bazar. Please use NGOs to create awareness.

Take care #Wanna #Wana #Waziristan.
#ElumGhar was and still is a hotspot.
There were reports that 2 #PakistanArmy soldiers too lost life but here it says one Elite police force memeber.
#IED attack on the car of #MalikAyaz in Lagharai area of #Bajaur district.
He narrowly escaped the blast but car reportedly damaged
Remote controlled #IED attack on security vehicle in #MirAli , #NorthWaziristan.

The attackers also started firing after the blast, A security personnel lost life and and another is critically injured in the attack.

What did a Rickshaw man do ?? Why did they kill him ? Tagging traitor tag to everyone will not work now in digital era.

So isn't this a Human Rights violation ??
One soldier and a civilian lost life and 4 others are critically injured in the counter terror operation in #NajeemKoroona area of Khanmai in #Charsadda.
Religious leader and leader of #JUI-F #MaulanaAbdullah was shot dead in #Nowshera .
Riyasat e Madina ! 👇
Militants suddenly opened fire on security forces in #TootNarai area of #DattaKhel, North #Waziristan at 1 am .

The report says 4 #PakistanArmy soldiers lost life and 7 militants too were killed. The bodies are kept in hospital in #Dosali Area.
#DattaKhel attack News ! The borders are sealed and screened from months how are they entering the same area ??

#Waziristan #Miranshah #Miramshah
#TootNari #Tutnari is completely surrounded by Security positions ! How the hell can someone enter the region??

#Waziristan #DattaKhel #Miranshah
Lance Naik Muhammad #Waheed is one of the 4 soldiers of #PakistanArmy is reportedly lost life in the attack in #DattaKhel #Waziristan.
This the routine check in the area and surprisingly terrorists still enter #Waziristan with arms and bypassing all these ??
Reportedly from Last month.
Note: shared as recieved , I don't claim authenticity of the video.
When was this ? Looks new one.
Where is this is question now.
Human rights is applicable for few never applicable for few !
Strange world.
I am shaken by this image ! I don't have words to describe it .

This is peak of cruelty. Showing enmity by beheading and exhibiting it is animal act.

Soldiers fight for their nation that's their duty, they have family and kids.
Another target killing incident is reported in #DattaKhel.

Awaiting further information on this. This is frequently happening whenever a soldier loses life an incident of Target killing will follow.

#AssadUllah is the name of the victim who lost life in Target killing incident in #Dattakhel .

#AsadUllah Khan who was victim of target killing in #DattaKhel , #Waziristan.
Those from this region can connect to this pic.
#MohsinWaziri and his brother #Imran have been arrested by #Bannu police without a warrant.

Strategy is simple Release one and arrest another.
Yes ! This did happen .
Sniper attack on Post.

The border today is getting more complicated than before.
Is this inside or outside is the question !
This is still going on !
Shaken by this. Militants has Beheaded a #PakistanArmy soldiers head .

The reason why Army not reports most of the casualties in #Waziristan and #Balochistan.
Sharing one more of last week which went unreported. This clashes went till night
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