Benefits of publishing your thoughts online:

1/ you have a recurring idea that keeps coming up. This takes up space & energy to carry around. it's also a distraction from being present.

Allow your mind to spend intentional time thinking & writing about it. reclaim the headspace
2/ Ostensibly, the intent of organizing thoughts is to prepare them for output.

but it *also* changes how we store our thoughts — they become reorganized in our minds, not just on our screens

The act of writing forces you to rewire your brain & think more clearly
3/ One problem with spending too much time thinking about any given topic is that our minds are an echo chamber. We can bounce ideas all day, but what we really need is feedback

Talking to ppl, tweeting, blogging, etc. are all mechanisms to get feedback. Use them & refine ideas!
4/ We can't communicate nuanced ideas in Twitter's character limit.

That is, unless you have a handy link to your work! Links are an incredible shortcut (ha!) for you to rapidly share your ideas and accelerate building connections, learning, etc.
5/ Over time, you build a "body of work", which is invaluable for networking / career opps...

But also it is a super valuable signal to yourself. Which topics do you write most about? Which did you give up on? These help you make decisions about what you really want to work on.
Shout-out to @david_perell & @will_mannon who gave me the push i needed to write and see all these benefits for myself! #WriteOfPassage
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