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The Pence/Ryan ticket that never was...


An email chain from one of the project managers of a website Pence-Ryan 2016 campaign ticket that was called off after Trump won his second debate.

What does Rule 9 do?

Rule 9 grants the Republican National Committee the authority to find a replacement nominee in the event that its presidential or vice presidential nominee DIES or drops out of the race in between the national convention and the general election.

So we have a thread of communications via secure protonmail to review. Looks like we have Speaker Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, Jim Atterholt, Pence’s Chief of Staff, GOP power broker John David Hoppe and “Chase” at Patrol Design.

Pence and Ryan were not on the Republican ballot at all so you must be wondering why they would be discussing hijacking a national presidential election.

It might be because they already knew some of their past sins were well known and discussed by the Trump Election team. By this time, they were already aware Hillary’s lead was slipping dramatically and most Bernie Sanders fans were not about to vote for Hillary.

What options did they have to sway voters and insure the globalist plan continued to move forward as many of their financial backers insisted?

So, Chase got busy after securing the guys under a non-disclosure to make a purse out of pig’s ears, well, a Pence-Ryan 2016 website from a napkin.

Archived – 

It looks like Mike Pence and Paul Ryan were preparing to take over the 2016 Presidential nomination. Let’s finish the email thread.

Remember when the 9 Scalia children were mentioned when Trump gave the Medal of Freedom Awards at the WH and Scalia was among them.

People didn't realize that this comm was meant for these traitors as Trump had been trolling them. Their messages were still open/not secure.

President Trump jokes with Scalia's 'busy' widow, 9 kids at Medal of Freedom ceremony...

Then Mike Pence shares that Trump is not loosing, in fact he’s winning support to the Trump Team/Train.

Might this be Deb Fischer??

Speaker Paul Ryan gives orders to shut it down...

And lastly, the reason these emails were archived by Chase.

Fast forward to December 17, 2019 (Q Day!) and we received another 9 comm, this time from our favorite Anon.

Marker [9] 📡

First indictment [unseal] will trigger mass pop awakening.
(Dems: Wow, Pence?)

First arrest will verify action and confirm future direction.
(Pence Out, Jr. In? Dark to Light)

They will fight but you are ready.
(DS Revolt with Pence Removal?)

Marker [9].
(Rule 9 Marker?)

Add all this to the SAM 239 "incident" and it sure appears like Pence is a Deep State stooge...
Ahhh, twinning!
The more you know...
Say what?
Food for thought...
This thread is ever expanding daily...
PENCE' CoS + Wife

Pence's Chief of Staff (Josh Pitcock) and his wife (Katherine Seaman) < -- Worked for Peter Strzok (FBI)

FBI 302's

Did Seaman help manipulate Flynn's 302's?

FISA(spy) > Flynn

FISA court grants FBI to spy on Flynn?

What was Pence's role in all of this?
Q laid it all for us back in 2017 with Q247, but we needed future to prove past to unlock.

First, Pence receiving an envelope at Bush 41 funeral in 2018.

Second, the news articles about Pence's Chief of Staff's wifes connection to FBI and Strzok. Which Q linked in Q3330.
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