Afrasiab Khattak - reformed militant, peace activist - wrote about encouraging student politics recently. Very nice.
Here he is seen eulogizing Dr. Najibullah who was appointed head of KHAD (Afghan communist intelligence) by Soviets. Won praise from them for his brutality.
Used to take part in torture personally when it involved high profile cases. Reported directly to the KGB and terrorist activities of KHAD reached their peak under him. Thousands were arrested tortured and executed in his 6 year reign from 80 to 86.
After 86 when Soviets gifted him the premiership in place of Karmal he started to show himself as a practising Muslim. Changed party names, made amendments to PDPA constitution, built heritage. Few bought it. Widely hated in that era, he was hunted and he hid for many years.
In 1996 he was caught and executed. Reminiscent of his own victims. Yet, Afrasiab Khattak chooses to eulogize him as a martyr. Not just him, other "socialists" such as the academic Aasim Sajjad Akhtar chose to eulogize him.

Gilles Dorronsoro's Revolution Unending: Afghanistan.
J. Bruce Amtstutz's Afghanistan: Past and Present.
Edward Girardet's Afghanistan: The Soviet War.
Spencer Tucker's The Encyclopedia of Middle East Wars.
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