How to crush Twitter...

1. Never learn in public.
Asking stupid questions is for stupid people.
2. Don’t show weakness.
Twitter isn’t for soyboys or snowflakes.
3. Never apologise.
See above, only a pussy apologises.
4. Don’t share personal mistakes.
Duh! Winners never make mistakes.
5. Don’t change your mind.
Hold the same view you first arrive at forever.
6. Transparency is for idiots.
Only post your successes.
7. Stop being rational.
Just call them a cuck and GTFO.
8. Fight, fight, fight!
Everyone is your enemy, fight them to the end!
9. Learn the lingo.
Cuck, soyboy, SJW, virtue signalling, tin foil hat, ad hominem. Use when losing an argument to turn it around.
10. Take a break.
If it all gets too much, walk away, take a break and declare publicly. A couple of hours is good then jump back in the fight.
It was a little bit of sarcastic self-reflection, made me laugh.
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