Starting a new (long-term occasional) thread. Orwell's 'Looking Back on the Spanish War' outlined his fear of the obliteration of objective truth & the suppression of free thought. This remains one of the key messages of 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' - a warning not to let it happen...
Instantiating a new #ThoughtCrime
The Syria situation is another area where the narrative has been actively constructed & controlled. Two and two are five - you are obliged to believe that.
Morality manipulation: "they fall back on magical thinking – carbon offsets, cap and trade, carbon taxes, and other schemes and scams that essentially amount to bribing the climate into staying put"
Minitrue wishes to disable alternative perspectives.
Syria chemical attack most likely staged.
PsyOps, disinfo campaigns etc. are nothing compared to this, obviously.
Was feeling the same watching BBC headlines.
Nice piece on the British 77th Brigade info-wars unit.
This interview with Nils Melzer definitely belongs in this thread: as Orwell feared, the obliteration of objective truth is now policy.
A pandemic presents new opportunities for appreciating how little we actually know (and how little we are told).
Archetypal PsyOp, specifically to foment regime change, which is a breach of Article 1 of United Nations Charter.
Another timely addition to the 'truth' thread:
One for the thread.
… and this. 'Truth' in the age of pandemic.
Fox News really is Trump's 'Ministry of Truth'.
FWIW, when a government spokesperson says something is "disinformation" it is *not* a denial that the information is correct: they are well-schooled in such pseudo "denials".
Great thread on what appears to be high-level misdirection demanded by the govt re PPR procurement. We really are getting Orwellian.
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