It all started with "Sidhart Dey kharatay" 😂
Then the morning discussion on the same topic #WeMissSidNaaz
The first Champi from Sana
Making fun of Sid Dey in bathroom
Sana helping him in chopping
Taking Stand for him against Rashmi on "Roti Matter"
Her heartbroke in Window nomination
Sid came and tease her to cheer her
Their masti started... #WeMissSidNaaz
The lame exercise sana do and Sid appreciating it #WeMissSidNaaz
Sid asking sana if she really like paras and sana denying it in toy factory task
After Sid-Rashmi fight Sid telling Sana he dont need anyone but Sana kept on saying "Main tere Saath hi hun "
Sid telling sana that people get irritated of person who always seeking attention and told her to change this #WeMissSidNaaz
Sana doing her fun telling i share screen with Salman Khan and Sid listening all this with smile #WeMissSidNaaz
After daljeet and koena eviction Sana shifted to Sid bed #WeMissSidNaaz
Sid ask Sana to massage his palm and while doing so both slept
Both of them singing "kundi mat kharkao" to tease Mr.Dey #WeMissSidNaaz
Salman asked Sid if he could save one girl among nominated who will he save ? He answered Shehnaaz ♄
Both of them in jail together #WeMissSidNaaz
Sid punching wall
Sana get scared and made Sid smile
Sid making Sana understand paras game
Sana doing dusting of Sid in jail 😂
Sana exercising in jail and Sid saying lovelyyy #WeMissSidNaaz
Sana Sid jail fight 😂
Sid pull Sana and hug her after rose task
Sana doing masti by applying lipstick on Sid and he rubbed off all her lipstick
On most of annoucements they are sitting together #WeMissSidNaaz
Sana serving paratha to Sid in toy task
Sana asking other team members how many paratha they want all of them rejecting sana offer and Sid taking stand for her saying "Agar alag khana hai toh usko batado kal se puch rahi hai sabse .. agar yahan attitude dikhana hai tph sab mein hai attitude" #WeMissSidNaaz
Sana breakdown and Sid cheer up her side hug her after Saanp seedhi task
Arti trying to tell Sid i know you like Sana but dont trust sana and Sid saying bachi hai woh main bhi kabhi tha aisa i connect with her #WeMissSidNaaz
Arti complaining Sidmere saath patience kyun nahi rakhte Sana ke saath toh rakhte ho
Sid gives pissed off reaction and tells her bachi hai woh tu bachi hai kya? #WeMissSidNaaz
Asim telling sid he was scared that Sana would nominate him thats why he didnt gave rose to her and Sid without any thought said Nahi woh aisa kabhi nahi karti #WeMissSidNaaz
Sid and Sana fun with umbrella
Sid and Sana multiple phone call game
Sid Sana analysing Abu Bhai
Sana giving dupatta to Sid and there dance
Sana made Sid wear Pagri and then their punjabi dance
One second dreamy romantic couple other second doing SidNaaz thing 😂
He ruining her jacket with Asim..she getting pissed because her plan backfired
She telling him about everything happening in house always him listening always
Shefali bagga taking rashmi interview and exposing her game and Sana happily tapping on Sid biceps
Sid and Sana wrestling fight he lift her up 😍
Sid analysing Sana (100 times minimum)
Sid rubbing Sana's tummy in kurkure eating task #WeMissSidNaaz
She calling him King of house in Shower task
In nomination task where boys have to give money Sana telling shefali ye banda apni baat pe stand karta hai jiske saath hai uske liye khara hota hai mujhe bohat kuch sikhne ko milta hai isse
Sana telling Sid arti and asim that other team was asking ke tu kise bachati mene bola PEHLE SIDHARTH phir asim phir shefali #WeMissSidNaaz
Sana and Sid drunk act #WeMissSidNaaz
Sid flirting with Sana saying I like she asked what he told you
Sana telling Sid I am sleeping on Bed
Sid said with whom
And both laughed
Sana making fun of Sid and Rashmi on their roles in Kitchen
Sana telling SIid about her participation and hostel life
Sid getting affected with her friendship with other group (this she was doing from week 1 but why is he affected after 4 weeks ) #WeMissSidNaaz
Sid distancing himself from Sana
Sana sensed it and try to do masti with him while he was sleeping
Hug him and asked Tu mere saath gussa kyun hai and he said gussa nahi hun meri jaan #WeMissSidNaaz
Sana and Sid on one sofa and sana making fun of paras mahira fight
In Task with Farah when Arti shouted on Sana Sid told Arti nahi woh but before he could complete Sana got up and went in
Sid come to ask her what happened she explained he told her where she is wrong she understand and smiled
Ticket to finale task when he was explaining arti Sana came and put her head on his shoulder with wide smile #WeMissSidNaaz
Again there wrestling fight and she ask him Gir jaa and he obediently fell down
She telling ke main loosers ke mun nahi lagti
He said mere toh gale lag gayi that means I am a winner
She came to deliver him he told her udhar jaa udhar jaa and she went to Asim
Sid appreciating Sana that tum logon ne mast pataya Shefali ko (in ticket to finale) she said hum dono ne and sid said haan ye jo tumne bola ke picture mein hum dono the hum dono ko oscar milna chahiye
She doing debo mimicry sid told her wahan let kar
She said wahi karne lagi thi and both shared smile #WeMissSidNaaz
She having pain in tooth
Came in washroom area Sid grab her face she says mat kar
And another wrestling fight starts
She said dekhlungi
He was going out of washroom area but came back
She said nahi deekhungi nahi dekhungi
She said gir jaa izzat rakh le
He said kiya karegi izzat ka
She said ghar le ke jaungi
He fell down
She goes in luggage area and he follows her #WeMissSidNaaz
He grabbed her from neck and she pleading him mat kar task nahi kar paungi teri qasam he leave her
Him lying on sofa
She came and started to talk in english what you want to know about me
He said nothing
She asked why you cant tolerate me
He said bcz you are too much to tolerate for me #WeMissSidNaaz
She told him i am going to lose weight bcz i will not eat food in night
He tease her saying i am sure you saved some food in teeth
She laughed
She again asked him what he want to know about her
He said nothing
She said i am going then
He said get the hell out of here
Wild card place her on no.7 in dogla tag
She became happy
Sod looked at her and hold her hand proudly
She ask him to let her go to washroom he blocked her and they staryed talking in english
She using wrong words like belly fat
Arti says something Sid started talkimg to arti
Sana tries to escape but he softly push her back
She ask him what he want to know
He said tell me everything
She said u can ask i will sit here
He pushed her
She fell on rashmi suitcase
She got ready for 1st finale and saw him lying on floor
Try to wake him up he didnt
Started her kauwa story he laughed and give HiFive
She told him koi fair larka ajaye
He said tu yahan launde patane ayi hai
She said han
He asked punjab mein nahin hain kiya..
He was super jealous
They are sitting on sofa before 1st finale
and haath daba rahi thi Sid ke
They started talking and goes upon marriage topic
Sid to Sana tu kitni shaadian karegi
Sana: 60 saal ki hokar karungi
Arti said paka rahe ho tum dono
After Himanshi's entry
When Sana cried
Sid make her understand how she can use this in her favour
He became emotional too
Sana : Tu mera saath nahi chodega
Sid : Paagal hai paagal hai tu
Sid bring Sana to Himanshi and how cutely introduced her holding her hand tight
Sana hug Sid after shefali's entry saying "Awww mera baby"
In morning when Sid was sitting in glass room area with arti shefali bhau and himanshi
Sana was outside and he kept stealing glances at her
When himanshi started talking about her Sid was like 'not interested' and focus on drinking tea
She looked at Sid sitting with himanshi and get hurt
She started sitting alone
Arti talked to her but she went outside
Sid goes to her
She was sitting in smoking area
Sid came and pulled her out
Sid ask her bol kisko nikalna hai apun plan banate hain
She said kisiko nahi mereko ghar jana hai bore ho raha hai
He tries to cheer her up saying jail ke upar se charh kar bandar ki peet pe beth kar chali na
She kept thinking
He said kuch aisa kar na jisse lage shehnaaz ka season
He said alag kar kuch.. muh tod de kisi ka
And she started crying
He said arre kya hua baby
Come and hug her saying kya hua tereko
She said mujhe ghar jana hai
He asked arre par kyun
Arti said woh ignore kar rahi hai
Sana: Nahi usko itna woh mat do
Sid also said Nahi uski wajah se nahi hai
She said confession room mein nhi bula rahe
Sid: Case karde
Sana: Tu kar apne aap pe
Sid : Mere uper to debo karegi me too
She laughed #WeMissSidNaaz
He cheer her up and then she went in pool with bhau and shefali
He watch her having fun in pool
Shefali said i will teach you how to swim
She said noooo
Tehseen told her overacting mat kar nahi doobegi
And Sid said nothing
She again got hurt
She asked tehseen what is reproduction
He explained
She said ye nahi hota
Sid: Tujhe theory chahiye ya practical dekhna hai
She said theory
She told arti Sid usse ignore kar raha hai
Arti explained aisa nahi hai
But at tht time she became very sensitive
Paras told her ab koi team nahi ab bhi if you support Sid i will slap you
She said: Mere liye woh Sahi tha aur sahi hai agar galat hoga toh main bolungi
Paras saw her sleeping outside asked her
She said: Bilkul hi ignore kar diya shayaf naye log aye isliye
Paras tries to manipulate her ke sirf tujhe use kar rahe the
Sana: Main toh akeli hogyi and cry
Paras hug her and take her to his bed
Sid with Asim discuss how hurt he is seeing Sana sleeping with Paras
Asim manipulate him against Sana saying she is using you and paras for game only
Arti called sana but she ignored her
Arti goes to her and talk with her about her behaviour she said "Mene sabke behaviour mein change dekha hai"
Sid call arti and said jab woh nhi kr rhi toh kyun gayi ..
Sid thinking about Sana and asked Arti tereko lagta hai dimag nahi hai
Arti said apko.lagta tha mene toh kaha tha ke bohat hai
Sid said ye reactions saare dar ki wajah se hai
Shefali reading the letter
Sid: read it baghair blush kare
Everyone laugh but Sana had a straight face and was sitting with paras Sid looked at her to see her reaction
After dustbin Nomination task when asim and paras were talking Sana was standing Sid came and stand with Sana
He looked on the opposite side in mirror to steal glances at her
She saw him and hold paras hand and goes
Shefali angry on oaras after nomination and discussing it with Sid
Sid also angry and pass comments on him
But when shefali started to talk about Sana he became queit and said bas aisa hi hai
Paras telling Sana that if you became captain give dishwashing to Sid
She changed topic and said meri sabke saath feeling ho gayi hai khatam
Sid : Yaar sana samajh mein nahi aayi yaar mere saath kiya problem hua mera toh jhagra bhi nahi hua uske saath

Sid sitting on dining table with Asim and hemanshi
Sana under blanket crying
"Mera ab koi hai hi nahi yahan par"
"Mujhe Sidharth se baat karni hai"
Next day Sana Asim fighting Arhaan come in between and started fighting with Sana Sid also came and started fighting with Arhaan
Sana didn't come in between but when arhaan said to Sid "Sasumaa"
Sana" Mere matter mein ab koi nahi ayega" Sid " Ouch" to arhaan
Arhaan started fighting with Asim* correction here #WeMissSidNaaz
Sana came to talk to Asim
Sid: Dur rakh dur rakh
Sana looked hurt but again tries to talk to Asim
Asim: Tu yahan bhi galat hai aur bahir bhi
Sana get hurt and went
Sid angrily : Dont go there Dont go there i said dont go there
Sana doing fun with arhaan and others in kitchen while cooking
Sid washing veggies but keep stealing glances at her
BB transport task starts Sana brings water saying Aj mujhe koi villian kyun lag raha hai?
Sid: Haan kyunki ab tu hero logo ke paas chali gayi na
Sana: Hero toh aj bhi mere liye tu hai .. friend ko ignore nahi karna chahiye tha
Sid: Nahi main villian hi khush hun
Paras team lose 1st round and told mahira to be out of team Asim and Sid teasing Mahira
Sana told Paras ke mujhe nikaal de Sid heard this
Paras announced result and Asima nd Sid smile Sana said hasne ki zaroorat nahi mujhe soch pta hai apki
Sana went in to Mahira and told her ke paras ne hi bola Sana ko nikalne ko Sid watching all this
Sid "Jhoot kyun bol rahi hai "
Sana " Abe usko bata rahi hun "
Sid " Haan toh tune bola tha usko rehne do mujhe nikal do bolde na mun pe"
Sid: " Itna bhi sach nahi bol paati tu yaar"
Sana looked hurt with tears in her eyes
Sid " Sachai ki murat bante hain khubsurti ki misaal" and laughed

She gave smile to control her tears
Mahira show shoes to Sid
Sana stand up pull the chair and said
"Acche se dikha usko"
Mahira said kisko kya dikha rahi hun
Sana "Bolde dikha rahi hun usko"
And pushed down her shoes and said Itni kamini hai na ye
Paras Mahira in washroom area
Sid came there ask Paras "Kab tak god leke rakhega.. Stepni ko kab tak rakhega"
Paras Sid fighting
Paras started going personal Sana came and said something in his ear and goes back
Paras changed the topic
Paras Sid fighting during 1st day of BB transport task Sana came put her head on Paras shoulder for few seconds and goes back
Sana "Mujhe sharam arahi hai"
Arti " Kyun"
Sana to Paras while pointing at Sid "Inhone kya kaha kya hua teri"
Paras " Stepni"
Sana "Teri hun na phir toh mujhe bht proud hai tere peeche peeche chalne ko tayyar hun"
Sid was listening
She was so hurt
Arti " Tu Sid ki nahi ho payi toh kisi ki nahi hosakti "
Sana " Hui hun main hurt ab usko nahi samajh aya meri galti nahi hai"
Sana again crying
Biggboss asked everyone to come in living room she didn't
Biggboss nominated Sid and Sana
Sana let all her feelings and pain come out in confession room
Arti to shefali " Bohat pyaar karta hai isse "
Sana " Toh main mahi karti kya"
Arti to Sana "Woh tujhe chahta hai.. bohat maanta hai woh tujhe.. woh hurt hai usne bola"
Sana "Usko kiss karke bhaag jaaun? I love you bol ke bhaag jaun?
Sid sleeping Sana went to kiss him
Touch his hand he got scared
Sid " Are you alright?"
Sana "Haww tu darr gaya"
Sid " Han obviously yar"
Sana " Sorry sorry"
Hold his fa e but he pushed back her hand
He asked "Hua kya haan?"
Asim taunts her
Sid gestures Asim not to say this by his hand
Sana got hurt and went
Sid sleeps again
Next day when task starts
Sana started doing her masti
Paras told her to sit keep queit
Shefali said her Rakhi sawant
Sana wants to say but paras came and hold her mouth and say something in hrr ears
Sid was continuously looking at them
Sana told Mahira not to target Sid
Sid watching and listening
Later Paras called Sana
Sid ab band bajegi and laugh
As soon as San crossed Sid she smiled too
Paras arguing with Sana Sid watching it from outside
Paras taunting Sid saying "Waoo waoo waooo karta rehta hai"
Sana looked pissed and said to paras " Chup"
Bhau shout at Sana
Sid started to roam near them to listen whats happening
Bhau to Sana "Tu dogli hai"
Sid smirks
Sana went to paras near truck
Sid follows her and Sit near pool
Bhau badly shouted at Sana and abuse her
Sid looked pissed
In night again paras and Sid argument starts and paras said to him "Teri wali ab mere paas haina"
Sana told Khesari Sid aj bhi mera friend hai beshak woh dur betha hai tum sab bolte ho uske baare mein mene kabhi kuch bura bola? Nahi na.. dosti hai ye meri.. woh jo.kar raha bai kare uski game hai woh main kyun bolo kuch
Later in evening Sana told Paras and gang
"Main ab tak kuch nahi boli kyunki mene socha ke naa usne mere saath kuch nahi kiya na main bhi nahi karungi
Lekin aj jo usne meri taraf dekh kar shakal banayi .. mene bola yahi pyar tha 2 din mein sab khatam? "
Sana to paras and gang "Itni der baatein ki hain humne .. itna hi pyaar tha kya? 2 din mein khatam .. chalo mene ignore kiya lekin tumhe toh pata tha main kesi hun? Ab main isko notice karungi ke ye kahan galat hai"
Rashmi and devo enters
Sid "Ye log strong hogaye aur hum wese hi toot rahe hain"
Tehseen takes interview of Sana
And Sana hurts Sid by saying Pyaar pyaar haan raha dost dost na raha
Bhau tells Sana not to do this
Sana realized shake hand with Sid hug him he didnt look at her just tap her back and went she went too
Next day captaincy task starts
Everyone either put stamp of rejected on shefali or himanshi .. when some1 put stamp sid look at shefali and himanshi directions but try to steal glances at Sana
During this Tehseen rejected shefali for capatincy but reason was not valid Sid told him and he taunts Sid
Sid looked at Sana and Sana looked at him and have few sec eyelock
Sana came and rejected shefali
Sid listening her reason with eyes closed and not reacted
Later during duty discussion Sana was holding Rashmi but when Sid rashmi fight started she stands up and sat on other chair
Sid to Arti " Tumne har waqt mujhe Sana se alag karne ki koshish ki lekin jab mene Sana se cut off kiya tum ja kar uski dost ban gayi"
He was noticing everyone and everything
In weekend ka vaar task Sana supported Sid against Mahira
Paras shouted at her for this
Gautum gulati tried their patch up
Sana "Ap mere saath patchup karoge"
Sid smiled
Sid "Mere mann mein shehnaaz ke liye kuch galat nahi hai lekin Main aisa koi friend nahi chahti apni life mein jo mere pe backout kar jaye"
She cried and Arti told her go talk to Sid
She said No
In balloon task Arhan taunted Sid he turned back to look at Asim but turned in direction where Sana was sitting and had eyelock ( I feel it was knowingly because i noticed time to time he was looking at her in mirror) They were missing eo badlyyy
In balloon task when Sana said to Khesari "inko lagta hai main inki patni hun "
Sid turned back to look at them
Okay from Vishal entry and #SidNaaz patchup i will continue tomorrow
Till them enjoy these only
Hooe you all like it and sorry if I miss something I tried whatever i could remember
Vishal enters and agree that Sana is cute and next morning she was dancing with Vishal in washroom area and Sid was sitting watching them
From here he became more jealous Ek paras kam tha ke Vishal bhi aagya types jealousy
Phone call Nomination task starts and Sana was sitting with Vishal
Sid did look at them for a millisec
Jealousy Part 2 starts
Vishal gets himself nominated for Bhau
Sana "Wahhhh" and hugs him
Sid was also lying there with Asim
Jealousy part 3
Vishal telling Bhau to help him in packing
Sana looking at Sid with smile
And then she said to Vishal "Main help karwa dungi"
Sid stare at Sana
Jealousy part 4
After the nomination task completed and BB announcing names of nominated contestants Vishal was going in direction where Sana was sitting Sid looked in same direction
Jealousy Part 5
Sana after hearing that 11 ppl are nominated get up saying Wow wow
Sid looked at her
Sana told Shefali that
"Mujhe Sidharth ki yaad ati hai"
Shefali told her to go talk to him
She said "Mujhe usse dar lagta hai "
Sana told shefali and khesari
"Mujhe itna bura lag raha hai woh bimaar hai"
"Woh mere se jesi baate karta tha mujhe samajhta tha "
Shefali again told her to talk to Sid
She said "Abhi nahi.. its ok dheere dheere theek hojayega kabhi toh karungi baat"
Shefali told Sid that Sana miss him but she said "Mujhe usse dar lagta hai"
Sid "Dar lagta hai matlab kiya main maar ke bolunga kya usko"
Shefali told Sid maine daanta usko ke kyun tu aisa bolti hai dushmani dikhaungi
Sid "Toh kya boli"
Shefali " Woh na bahir se hi bas .. dil se toh nahi bolti"
Arti also told him about Sana asking him to be atleast normal with her
BB asked HMs kaun so raha hai
Sid was sitting behind Sana and looked at her in mirror time to time
At the end when Arhaan and khesari were selected Sana was Sitting on sofa and Sid bent down to put his hand on sofa beside Sana
Sana went on Sid's and her bed and put flowers on her side and cover them with quilt
Sid laughed bit try to hide his face with quilt
Sana left
Sana came back with her shoes and stuff and put them on her side of bed
Sid keep watching
Both share an eyelock
Sana again come with Showpiece and put it on her sidetable
Sid get up hold her hand with a wide smile and pull her towards him
And hug her tight and kissed her cheek
She laughed and hug him tight and also kissed his cheek
He had a wide smile throughout
Sana break hug and lie beside him
He looked at her with different kind of smile she laughed and put her head on his chest
He put his arm around her and other hand on her face
Both feel the warmth of eachother
Paras saw Sid and Sana sleeping hand in hand and get shock of his life đŸ€Ł
Shefali ask Sana dosti hogayi apki
Sana nods
Sid looked at her lovingly
Sana said Silent wali hui abhi
Asim tease them Pyaar ki jeet hui aakhir
Sid "Nahi bahir ghoomne jana chahiye tha gaana gana tha.. sabkuch karenge raat ko 12 baje ke baad woh bhi mere saath"
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