1) Please Hillary run again 😎
2) “I fell asleep”
3) Michael Avenatti finally agrees to go on Tucker Carlson’s show and gets destroyed
4) Chuck Schumer said “elections have consequences” to which @realDonaldTrump replied, “that’s why the country is doing so well.”
5) @MattWhitaker46 informs Chairman Jerry Nadler that his 5 minutes are up.
6) @realDonaldTrump destroying the US #fakenews
7) Bill Barr asked if he had any reaction to Congress holding him in contempt, he just said ‘No’ and smiled then said “it goes with the territory these days.”
8) 8) Corey Lewandowski called failed Democratic Presidential Candidate Eric Swalwell, "President Swalwell" during an official House Judiciary Hearing 😎
9) Best thug life moment ever! @realDonaldTrump absolutely destroys Hillary Clinton in the debate 😎 #crookedhillary
10) Kelly Anne Conway (who Nancy Pelosi referred to as “staff”) had a #thuglife moment saying Pelosi changed her mind because the men around told her to. 😎
11) @realDonaldTrump was asked by a French Reporter about unemployment and he instinctively proceeded to have #thuglife moment. 😎
12) “Here’s the other problem, you’re with CNN, and you’re #fakenews.” 😎
13) @tedcruz tells @chucktodd to stop being a lapdog for Adam Schiff and the Democrats. #Thuglife 😎
14) Bill Barr with another #thuglife moment that has to frighten the Deep State 😎
15) Media has tried too long to get Trump to not call Elizabeth Warren, #Pocahantas...

Didn’t work then.
Won’t work now. 😎
16) @realDonaldTrump vs. Socialism at the UN 😎
17) @scrowder showing @realDonaldTrump going #thuglife on fake news media back in 2017
I want to give credit to most of these #thuglife videos to unfiltered.politics over on Instagram. Follow him if you are there
18) . @PresidentTrump was asked about a few never-Trump loser Republicans who started something they call ‘The Lincoln Project’ 😎 #thuglife
19) Straight đŸ”„đŸ”„ from @realDonaldTrump on Obama 😎 #thuglife
20) @realDonaldTrump leaving like a boss 😎 #thuglife
21) @MattWhitaker46 just absolutely toying with Sheila-Jackson Lee 😎
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