Imagine what has been interrupted.
Imagine what has been disrupted.
That the entire eco-system has no hesitation to set fire to this country because they believe they’ve been deprived of what was rightfully theirs & held once, so firmly.
Across the world in half decent countries, politicians lose elections & resign accepting the people’s verdict.
Yes, they blame every one except themselves but they retreat to lick their wounds preparing to fight another day.
However here, those who have lost power have been determined from day one to inflame passions, to twist & divide, to instigate riots, to push a civil war if need be.
The question arises again & again -

What exactly was at stake ?
What exactly was the deal & with whom ?
Did they really believe that their position was so secure, with people eating out of their hands that they would continue to hold on infinitely in a democracy ?
So is it that the Indian people with Narendra Modi as the catalyst, really shake it all up & turn it upside down for them ?

Seriously, are we to believe that some quarters of the world, the Gandhis, their serfs & retainers have been caught by such surprise that they don’t
comprehend what exactly has hit them ?

Then we have underestimated our own power for too long.

Our ability to reduce our so called public intellectuals, our political commentators, sections of of our media, our political personalities to blabbering idiots,
exposing an embarrassing level of intelligence & debate.

Did we really take the word of these people ?
Were they really the guiding lights of our society & discourse ?
How did we even allow this ?
Well then it must be told that the lion was sleeping but not dead. Its roar should now be heard as far & wide as it can go.

There is no turning back.
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