A lot of the questions that came up during @LibyaDesk consultations in #Tunis had to do with the return of former #Gaddafi officials and supporters to the scene.
It came as no surprise that a lot of the available information was false.
This thread will attempt to clarify things.
Since 2011, tribes and figures that supported the former strongman were sidelined and persecuted, forcing many to flee #Libya.
The first return of ‘green’ Libyans (Gaddafi supporters) was in 2014 #Benghazi when #Haftar called on them to assist in the war against #terrorism.
This created a safe zone in east of #Libya which resulted in many families in exile that could no longer afford living in #Egypt or #Tunisia to move to towns in the east.
Politically, the first return of former #Gaddafi officials to political life was due to #Sarraj..
requesting assistance from mid-level officials to come and work for the #GNA and help manage government institutions.
Foreign Minister Siala was appointed due to his allegiance to the former regime, adding a facade of unity in the newly formed GNA.
Both #Sarraj and #Haftar had avoided at all costs seeking the help of influential high ranking former #Gaddafi regime officials out of fear it may result in them losing power.
Former Gaddafi officials imprisoned in the west of #Libya became political chips, whoever had them..
gained relevancy and influence in #Libya. All the while, the East of Libya had implemented the amnesty law, releasing all political prisoners- resulting in more prosecuted families moving to the East as they felt safer there.
The amnesty decree was never implemented in the west.
Haitham Tajouri of the #Tripoli Revolutionary Brigade rose to prominence after releasing #Gaddafi officials from #LIFG control in Hadba prison and kept them under his supervision.
Prisoners such as former head of Intelligence Abdulluh Snussi and former Prime Minister Baghdadee.
#Zintan held on to Saif AlIslam as a chip of their own.
While #Misrata kept Mansour Daw, Gaddafi’s cousin and former head of the Revolutionary Gaurd.
Mansour Daw has been seen in some circles as someone who has the influence to balance off #Haftar’s influence militarily.
Today, all sides of the conflict (domestically & internationally) have grown to recognise the influence and authority former regime officials hold.
This has recently been displayed in the #LNA’s recent progress in the south thanks to the role of Bilgasim AlAbaj.
As such, there is a race to see who will get the support of figures who have yet to participate in political life- most notable being Jadulluh Azuz Talhi and Mohamed Sherif.
Militarily, most prominent generals from the previous regime have joined the #LNA, such as Mabrouk Sahban.
The question on everyone’s mind however, is what is Saif AlIslam up to? And has he truly entered an alliance with #Haftar?
Saif is in a very good position today as all of his ‘rivals’ are in the middle of a war, and all seeking his support.
@LibyaDesk has confirmed that
all parties in the conflict have reached out to him or his people in hopes of reaching an agreement.
So far, it seems that Saif is keeping a low profile and will see how things play out, knowing full well no matter the outcome of the war, he will come out on top.
Rumours of ‘greens’ within the #LNA’s ranks planning a coup in a post-Tripoli victory to replace #Haftar with #Saif are false.
The military figures that joined the LNA do not support Saif, nor are they in touch with him.
These rumours are most likely fear-mongering tactics..
to emphasise divisions within the #LNA that don’t really exist (at least in terms of pro-haftar vs pro-saif divide).
That said, it must be made clear that only a handful of people today are directly in touch with Saif, and most who claim to restore sent him do not.
A scenario most observers fear is that of Saif #Gaddafi joining #Haftar, which as of right now, remains to be seen as talks have been frozen recently.
Active prominent former officials such as Gaddafi AlDam & Bashir Saleh however are actively supporting the #LNA.
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