This thread shares where you can follow the work of incredible young activists of color from the U.S. who are featured in this article.

Follow them like your future depends on it! 🌏 
@Jamie_Margolin is a co-founder of the youth climate action group @ThisIsZeroHour.

She also calls attention to the severe problems the climate crisis poses to people living in Latin America, including the dangers facing activists protecting natural resources like the Amazon.
@LittleMissFlint aka Amariyanna “Mari” Copeny is from Flint, MI.

She advocates for communities across the country dealing with the gross injustice of having lead in their water along with other symptoms of environmental racism.
@xiyebastida is Otomi-Toltec from Mexico and is based in New York.

Bastida joins the @Fridays4future school strikes every Friday, and makes it known that Indigenous leadership and knowledge is critical in the climate movement.
@israhirsi is a climate activist who champions the need for intersectionality in the climate movement in order to ensure inclusive solutions.

(Another place to follow Hirsi is on TikTok, for fans of the video sharing platform!)
@imkevinjpatel is the founder of the soon to be launched @oneupaction1.

Patel highlights how the climate crisis and environmental racism disproportionately impact the health and safety of low-income communities and people of color around the world, from LA to India.
You can follow @greenpeaceusa.
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