We Are The News Now!

But Mel, if I can’t watch MSM #fakenews, then where can I get my news? Real News?

The answer… Plenty of places. Let’s take a look...

Thread 👇👇👇
1-My number 1 go to is:

Sir Patrick Mack, IPOT @IPOT1776

He delivers daily news and fantastic Q decodes as well as some good laughs! Great research reports like The Weather Men series. Be sure to catch some of his great quick burns too!
2-Next would be

Dave at X22 @X22Report

Dave gives us daily Q news as well as financial news. He is a steady and reliable news source in the movement.
3-Another fan favorite is

@RedPill78 (Marry me RP!😍)

RP brings us daily news as well as live broadcasts that are very interactive with his audience. He has great research and musical guests from the Q movement such as @M2Madness & @jasonwasgentile
4-Another fierce fav is


Dave does fabulous decodes on twitter and then does wrap up videos on his decodes. He takes the time to really explain the little details about Q drops as well as the back story of the why and how!
5-The next “must see” on our list

@Jordan_Sather_ with Destroying the Illusion.

Jordan keeps us up to date on Q, UFOs, Hidden Technology, Health & Medical news. A must see for the Great Awakening movement!
6-Another great one is


More Q daily news and decodes as well as special guests and great commentary. https://www.youtube.com/user/WHYtryDEBUNKING
7-Now for the best blogger we have

@NeonRevolt (his twitter was banner)

Neon goes on deep dives with Q material. He can be blunt and brutal but he really gets his point across and is a fantastic researcher. He has even written a Q Book!
9-Of course I used a lot of YT links but each of these folks can be found on alternate media sites like gab and bitchute so you may have to get the alternate links if YouTube decides to ban anyone.

And if I missed anyone I am sure one of my fellow Anons will post it below.
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