the FBI are the Dpt of Justice’s cops & prosecutors. Bill Barr is their Boss ―and he wants to get rid of them all


because the FBI stands in the way of the GOP’s other piece of Putin’s cartel-like dictatorship puzzle: ‘The Unitary Executive’
when i called #2016Elections a coup d’etat, was not being dramatic

the conditions leading up to the elections had all the elements of a coup

1. a radicalized authoritarian opposition

2. Generals with god-complexes

3. fascist-bootlicking Moderates™ in power

4. a weak Left

the beauty of being a free-range scholar is that one becomes untethered from the authoritarian restrains set by the White Power Movement that corrupted academic discourse during the Reagan Revolution

LITERALISM is part of that corruption

these became currency during my formative years as a scholar in the 1980-1999s

“if it doesn't look like A, B, C it cannot be XYZ”

was a perversely deliberate tactic meant to obsfuscate how Reaganism is nothing but American Fascism
ANTHONY SCALIA the infamous Supreme Court Justice and godfather of the fascist judicial cartel formely known at The Roberts Court weaponized literalism for over 30 years

and why we have, as part of his legacy, the SCOTUS decision that defines American Fascism: Citizen’s United

by completely subverting the definition of democracy

Roberts & Scalia whitemansplain any evidence of fascism as circumstantial ―if evidence doesn’t adhere to their checklist of valid evidence, corporatism has to be democratic

Citizens United legitimized corporatism and accelerated the metastasizing of fascism that we are seeing with Trump

but IDEOLOGICALLY that legitimacy was being built in academia with attacks against perspectivism, structuralism, comparative/hybrid disciplines
THE TYRANNY OF LITERALISM is why you’ve never heard of the rash of US sponsored coup d’états that happened across Eurasia in the 00s

because elections were involved in the “Color Revolutions”

yet upon examination, they look a lot like Bush’s hanging chad “Brooks Bros Revolt”

is why, if it doesn’t look like the USA-backed coup d’etat against Salvador Allende, it isn’t one

that hapoened on September 11, 1973

that first 9/11 is why it is imperative to look South, to Latin America, to understand what’s happening here

that’s the #1 reason why, if you really believe in a democracy, you don’t let The Wealth Of A Nation concentrate in the hand of a few people ―because they will install themselves as a new monarchy

that was Adam Smith’s whole fucking point!
to fight the Tyranny of Literalism, we need to rip up ideological checklists

instead, we need tools like semiotics, forensic accounting, digital anthropology, psychosociology to blow away the smoke and smash the mirrors obfuscating our understanding of what Trump has wrought
have said this before: what is distinctive about American Fascism is how it hides in plain sight

because hiding the ugly truth of colonial wealth & fascistic power is as American as apple pie

so let go of definitions of fascism that don’t conform to the Tyranny of Literalism
there 6 people dead in my old neighborhood of downtown Jersey City

and perfectly following the Tyranny of Literalism playbook, ammosexuals are in Rep. Giffords mentions fashplaining the “problems” with New Jersey’s strict gun laws

as if…

as if this slow-motion Civil War were not the effect wrought on The Law Of The Land by STATES RIGHTS in a federation of states with open borders

OPEN BORDERS is what has lent a patina of UNITED federalism to this country


Karl Marx made this observation in his 1860 op/ed, “The North American Civil War”, that is part of his «Writings on the North American Civil War»

btw i believe these essays have had him banned from USA public school curricula more than «Capital»

why i believe these essays strike fear in the heart of Republicans?

because Marx destroys in ONE ESSAY all the Neo/Confederacy’s lies about the war, particularly, their still to this day canard that it was not about slavery but state rights
“The North American Civil War”, as non-academic essays go, meant for popular consumption thru newspapers, is a masterful clinic on deconstruction

point-by-point, with the material evidence of their actions, Marx shows how The South used “the rule of law” to USURP federalism
and related to #GunControl, Marx exposes why the #2A is synonymous with the Confederacy

❝ Armed spreading of slavery abroad was the avowed aim of national policy; the Union had in fact become the slave of the three hundred thousand slaveholders who held sway over the South…
so when Marx writes

❝ The Union was still of value to the South only so far as it handed over Federal power to it as a means of carrying out the slave policies

add to Gun Control the fight against Obamacare and ABORTION and you get what’s at stake

the maps don’t lie
Marx focus was on the structure of the slaveocracy makes it clear racism is a tactic for the oligarchy to amass power ―a power it used to kill WHITE AMERICANS opposed to them

and why he called for destroying the ALL the institutions & ideologies that sustain the Confederacy

by the time Marx updates his analysis on the political and economic structure of the Confederates states, it shouldn't come as a surprise that he would call their internal governemnts “dictatorships”, nor that they would extend slavery to the white working class

the whole infrastructure of debt heaped upon the non-capitalist classes ―credit reports, student loans, credit cards, mortgages, privatized transportation, taxes, fees, tolls, health insurance― these are part of the Confederate slave economy
so he is correct in looking at the Civil War as an attempt by the Confederacy to REORGANIZE THE STATE ―the whole apparatus of USA economic, political and social governance― and make it kneel to the oligarchy’s will

not the Confederacy’s will, but THE OLIGARCHY’S WILL
because the real fight wasn’t between North and South or abolitionists and slaveholders


capitalists are predators but predators are like parasites w/o a host

which explains the Democratic Party's primaries

as if on cue, we are seeing eruptions of peak fascism today ―and it will get worse as we get closer to the House voting on articles of impeachment

Trump, in true antisemitic form that panders to dominionists, will declare Judaism a nationality
this isn’t just peak FASCISM
this isn’t just peak DOMINIONISM
this isn’t just peak DEATH CULT POLITICS

this strikes at the heart of Marx’s point:

the American oligarchy will kill WHITE people for power

racism is just another weapon in their arsenal
and because those who cannot remember or know history are bound to repeat it, here is a thread by Michael on the savagery of South Carolina’s Confederacy

because that flag @BreeNewsome took down only represents the heritage of Neo/Confederate fascists

this whole thread by Marci because she is outlining in graphic, rageful detail not the failure of American mainstream media to raise the alarm about this fascist coup; but their abhorrent COMPLICITY
adding Marci’s quoted tweet by Norman Ornstein because the thread is absolutely on point with my initial reaction to Barr’s FBI slandering
let me also add


raising the alarm about Barr isn’t a defense of an agency that has caused me and my family harm

it is exactly because i understand it’s function as a tool of state violence that we should be alarmed by Barr’s rebuke of his own agency

as expected, there’s a lot of pushback to Trump’s ziofascist move, so am adding some quick threads

this by Joshua Leifer, highlighting how “Judaist nationality” is being used in an islamophobic attempt to hurt pro-Palestinian, BDS protrests
this by Jacob Labend hits on the psychosociology of antisemitism
and this by Ben Lorber is a reminder that everything that is happening now has happened before

“limpia de sangre” is exactly why up until 1898, PUERTO RICANS who could not disprove Jewish AND Moor ancestry were denied Spanish citizenship

it is official

it will absolutely get worse

please take care of yourself and your loved ones. winter is here and it will get darker.

now is a good time for secular groups to offer physical
support to mosques & synagogues

because you cannot make this shit up, RNC turned Trump into the genocidal Thanos... as a joke

this is why corporatists are OBSESSED with media consolidation: it’s eaiser to normalize fascism if a handful of frenemies control pop culture
even though i already posted a tweet from this thread, read the whole thing

Trump is the ugliest face of the UNITARY EXECUTIVE, shameless fascism

but look closely at a moderate™ like Bloomberg and he is the same but w/o the mania
speaking of the Trump and, by default, Bill Barr’s take Unitary Executive, here’s a thread by Walt Shaub summarizing Barr’s authoritarian fuckery

last piece relevanto to today’s topic

Trump campaigned on the premise all Mexicans are rapists. Now AOC, a Puerto Rican, is dirty and not real American

after today’s events, am certain GOP will test EO power by revoking Pto Ricans’ citizenship
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