💎SHINee being inspiration/role model for younger idols: A thread💎
1. IZONE’s Jang Wonyoung
- OP said one of Wonyoung’s role models is SHINee
- OP gifted Wonyoung Juliette (Romeo) album and she said SHINee is the sunbae she really really respects
2. Cherrybullet’s Park Haeyoon
OP said Haeyoon is a SHINee fan since long time ago. her most favorite title track is ‘Lucifer’. she also likes a bside song ‘An Encore’. she’s dreaming of celebrating 11th year anniv like SHINee
3. TXT’s Taehyun
Q: What’s inspired you to become an idol?
A: “10 years ago i watched SHINee’s Replay that make me... i want to be a singer” https://twitter.com/TXT_sarangdan/status/1147532478401265664/video/1
4. RAINZ Hong Eunki
He said SHINee is his role model the he sang Replay
5. SF9’s Chani
“when i saw SHINee sunbaenim, i started to think of wanting to become an artist”
6. NCT 127’s Haechan and Taeil
7. Boy group HOTSHOT http://www.xportsnews.com/?ac=article_view&entry_id=605180
Q: who’s your role model?
A: “I want to be like SHINee!” (answered by Kid Monster)
8. Boy group We In The Zone http://naver.me/F729xaim 

they mentioned SHINee as their role model
9. Taeyong, Mark & Ten
When asked about who’s the first artist that introduced them to Kpop, they picked SHINee
10. Boys Republic’s Onejunn

“As i started as an idol, if i was asked to choose a role model, it was SHINee without hesitation”

cr to @/SonexStella
11. NCT’s Jeno

He danced to SHINee’s Beautiful during audition
12. IZONE’s Kim Minju

OP said Minju’s most favorite SHINee’s song is Ring Ding Dong. Minju said it’s really addictive even until now.
13. NCT’s Haechan

- SHINee is Kpop group he respects the most
- SHINee’s Juliette was the first album he bought
- Replay was the first Kpop song he listened to
- Taemin’s Danger is his favorite choreography https://twitter.com/shinctee_love/status/1201497995205734401
14. Boy group SNUPER http://me2.do/5IKcRIUT 

they mentioned SHINee as one of their role models. they want to learn the strengths of SHINee which are bright, perfection, and ‘boyfriend-dols’ images
15. DIA’s Chaeyeon

“i’m a fan of SHINee sunbaenim! kyaaa~”
16. Im Nayoung

-“ive been a fan of SHINee since long time ago”
- OP asked her which SHINee songs she likes from TSOL album, she said “i like All Day All Night and You & I! i just like all of them!” OP said as expected of shawol representatives from Pledis alongside Hoshi xD
17. Seventeen's Hoshi

being an expert about SHINee xD he knows everything! https://twitter.com/i/status/1202666292622188544
18. Boy group ASTRO http://mstoo.asiae.co.kr/view.htm?no=2017080215175271122

Sanha: "I want to be like SHINee sunbaenim. SHINee sunbaenim has shown variety of colors impressively until now, i must be like that too"
19. EXO's Chen

SHINee helped him breaking away from Idol stereotypes https://twitter.com/soldartae/status/1080541068817502208?s=20
20. Boy group ACE http://hk.hn/2wkn9lo 

Jun: "i fell for SHINee sunbaenim late. in fact, their album concept is unprecedented every time. more than anything, each of the members does their position really well and that's cool"
21. Red Velvet

Wendy wants RV to be world stars like SHINee
22. Boy group ONF’s J-Us (Seungjoon)

He is a SHINee fan and his bias is Taemin
23. Pentagon’s Yuto

He’s a well known SHINee fan among the fandom
24. NCT’s Doyoung and Jaehyun

(View era) they’re asked what songs they listened to these days D: “i have listened to all SHINee’s songs (from new album)” J: “i also like all of them” D:”it’s not bcs they’re my sunbae, but bc the i rlly like the songs”
25. NCT’s Taeyong

Q: Who do you think a singer who has the best live singing skills?
T: “for me it’s SHINee sunbaenim”
26. Kang Daniel

“i like SHINee sunbaenim the most! i started to dream of becoming a singer after i saw SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong”
27. Day6 http://m.enter.etoday.co.kr/view/news_view.php?varAtcId=129319#cb

YoungK: “ive liked SHINee sunbaenim since i was a kid. Key sunbaenim came to our concert n said he likes our music. he kept singing to our songs. just ‘wow!’ it was fascinating”
28. 9MUSES Hyemi

“a song recommendation when you’re on your way back home. (if u talk about) summer, it’s SHINee sunbaenim!” https://twitter.com/hyemiiiii_/status/1021026234111647746
29. Girls Day Hyeri https://twitter.com/gsd_ray/status/1086644031721861120
30. NCT’s Doyoung

“i watched SHINee’s Dream Girl stage, until then i thought there was only one way to express a song. that kind of performances are very helpful to express a song. i instantly thought i should become a good artist, a good performer” https://twitter.com/DOYOUNG__21/status/985519280719458304/video/1
31. Everglow’s Sihyun

OP said she chooses artists like SHINee as her role model. she likes Taemin’s song ‘Artistic Groove’ as well
32. Gfriend’s Yerin

She confessed she likes SHINee *members started to sing Replay*
Gfriend’s Yerin is also a long time SHINee fan
31. T-ARA’s Jiyeon

“SHINee looks cool when on TV, but if you see them in person, they are art”
32. Girls’ Day members

they pretend to look cool in front of SHINee but turned into fangirls when watching them on TV screen xD
33. Girls’ Day Yura

“i’m a real fan of all SHINee members!”
34. more from 9MUSES Hyemi

she chose SHINee’s Weekly Idol ep as an episode that left the deepest impression for her.
35. EXID members (especially Solji)

they like SHINee’s songs 💕
36. Apink’s Eunji

she naturally gets interested in SHINee ever since one of her members (Naeun) was in the same reality show with Taemin. she also used to mention Onew as her fav member
37. f(x)

when asked who they want to collaborate with, they answered SHINee members. Amber chose Key, Krystal chose Jonghyun, and Luna chose Onew
38. Boy group 14U's Dohyuk

One of his role models is SHINee
39. 14U's Gyeongtae

named SHINee as one of the groups he respects the most
40. 14U's Loudi http://naver.me/GYOugfsG 

"Since I was a kid, I grew up with looking at #SHINee sunbaenim & raised my dream to become a singer. I'm eager to deliver (communicate) happiness & comfort (console) the people who weary."

cr to @/pixiedustjk
14U’s Loudi is the real shawols yall xD and his bias seems to be Onew
14U’s Loudi talked about how SHINee is his role model n was the 1st group that introduced him to Kpop when he was a kid. he said SHINee is different from other groups and has their own colors. SHINee solos are also really cool.
41. Boyfriend’s Minwoo

“I’ve looked up to SHINee since i was a trainee”
42. WJSN’s Bona

Bona is a SHINee fan since Replay era
43. Infinite's Woohyun

SHINee is the team that he's taken note of.
44. Seventeen's Mingyu http://news.kukinews.com/news/article.html?no=284244

Q. who's the most fascinating celebrity?
M: "SHINee sunbaenim!"
45. Seventeen's Woozi

Q. who's the most fascinating celebrity"
W: "I was surprised SHINee sunbaenim watched our stage. after they watch us we greet them when we came down the stage.even when we're 10 yrs old, i thought we should be ppl who always learning like (SHINee)sunbaenim"
more from ACE's Jun

"There's saying 'SHINee is not an idol, it's a brand'..."
"...after watching SHINee sunbaenim performance & looking at them at last ending stage, I come to think 'this was something that just not come out in 11 years'"

cr: @/pixiedustjk
46. ACE's Donghun http://www.topstarnews.net/news/articleView.html?idxno=439885

"....we watch/ look at & study/ analyze SHINee sunbaenim, we're more feeling respectful/ honor them. It's really cool."

cr: @/pixiedustjk
47. ASTRO’s Moonbin

Q: at music shows, Is there any senior’s stage that makes you amazed the most?
M: “recently i heard SHINee’s Tell Me What To Do stage. really, i thought they played CD on their mic”

source: High Cut magz interview
48. Z-Girls’ Vanya

“i really adore SHINee sunbaenim. they’re like my role model. the first time i saw them i was like oh~ i wanna be like them. even tho they’re boys, they’re so cool, what if i joined a group like that too..i really like SHINee’s Minho”
49. Twice's Momo

There were sticker pics of Momo with "SHINee Minho" writings. She also has covered 2 Taemin's songs (Move and Goodbye)
50. IZONE’s Choi Yena

the SHINee’s song Yena likes the most is Replay. she is also a big fan of Onew. when OP said Onew’s about to enlist, Yena had worried expression.
51. AKB48’s Miyazaki Miho

She’s a longtime SHINee fan and used to MC for Taemin’s bday event in Tokyo (2017)
52. ex AKB48’s ace - Shimazaki Haruka https://m.pann.nate.com/talk/342106316 

OP said she attended SHINee’s concert at Tokyo Dome in 2018. She also used to mention she likes SHINee, especially Key.
53. Blackpink’s Jisoo

at fansign, a fan asked her what song she listens to the most these days and Jisoo answered she listens to SHINee’s You & I because the lyrics are beautiful and it comforts her after going through hardships during the day
54. Rapper Killagramz

“really, i really liked SHINee”
“...i would watch SHINee’s Juliette MV, there was a dance version to it. i really liked that and really look it up a lot with my friends...”

subs by @/iheartshinee_
A short story of how Seventeen's hoshi became a SHINee fan💎
55. Boy group History

they picked SHINee as one of their role models
56. Boy group ONF http://www.zenithnews.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=116408

Hyojin: “these are ppl who we yearn to see during trainee days. i feel honored to be promoting at the same time w artists like BTS sunbaenim and SHINee Sunbaenim”
57. Boy group ONF (cont.)

Wyatt: “....we really did a lot of covers of SHINee sunbaenim. it’s an honor we have overlapping activities this time”

J-Us: “..we did cover dances of SHINee sunbaenim’s Love Like Oxygen, Everybody, Replay, & Lucifer..”
more from Pentagon's Yuto

"I like SHINee sunbaenim. it feels like a dream meeting them since we have overlapping promotions. since i want to see the people who i (usually) see on TV in real life, i wanted to debut"
58. PD101/IOI's Kang Mina

".....when i was 4th grade elementary school. there was SHINee sunbaenim's Juliette on music show. i was so shocked back then. then i looked them up on internet......"
59. Day6’s Jae

his first Kpop concert was SMTOWN 2009 and went as a fan. he also sang SHINee’s Replay. he claimed to be a successful fan xD
60. Seventeen

Q. Who’s the most memorable senior?
Seungkwan: “SHINee sunbaenim. after music show has ended Minho sunbaenim told us we did really well. it was memorable for us..”
61. PD101 Japan Koshin Komatsu
62. PD101 Japan Yugo Miyajima

He’s dreaming of becoming an idol because of SHINee. it said that he went to a SHINee concert when he was 11 y.o
63. Bae Jinyoung who likes Replay wanted to cover it https://twitter.com/sodubaeb/status/1217840891018133504?s=21 https://twitter.com/sodubaeb/status/1217840891018133504
64. WayV/SuperM’s Lucas who named SHINee’s Replay as the memorable song for him
recent one from Apink’s Eunji: https://twitter.com/whoareweapink_/status/1223238169753088000?s=21
more from Seventeen's Hoshi: https://twitter.com/rozerenity/status/1233689280079204353?s=20
Singer Holland reveals himself as a shawol💎

He mentioned SHINee when answering 3 questions 👏
"Looking back on it, I think i always dreamed of becoming a K-Pop star as i watched #SHINee"
Singer AleXa mentioned #SHINee as her first group ever (this video was posted in 2018 )
Seventeen's Hoshi

"Pick your three all-time favorite songs for you"

He answered, "All tracks from SHINee's first full-length album"
It was ONF's J-Us (which is SHINee+Taemin fanboy) suggestion to his group to perform cover of SHINee's Everybody for Road To Kingdom. He said the song is good and it's showing an exploding performance. Everyone's agreed right away with the song's choice
NCT Dream's Jisung: https://twitter.com/Jinkicoupss/status/1261992625055256576?s=20
Rookie group Secret Number’s Soodam

Her favorite boy group is SHINee
“I’m Shawol”
Cravity’s Allen

Q. “Since when did u start to dream of becoming an idol?”

During junior high school, He did cover dance of Lucifer n his friends reactions were great, they said he fits to be an idol. since then, he started to dream of becoming an idol
Boy Group ONF

SF9's Taeyang

The song you listen to the most these days?

He said he's always listening to SHINee's songs which they came out with 3 album series(TSOL). He always listen to them during shower since the songs are good. His fav is Who Waits for Love.
NUEST’s Minhyun

- What was the very first song you have listened to today?

He said he listened to SHINee’s medley songs when showering in the morning. He likes a lot of SHINee songs, such as Replay, View, Love Sick, TMWTD, I Want You, Good Evening.
more from NU’EST’s Minhyun:

“This is SHINee sunbaenim’s song (Please Don’t Go)...”
“i really listened to this song a lot when i was trainee”
Mark talked about how he liked SHINee's Juliette ever since he lives in Canada (it's his 2nd time mentioning about it). he said, in the beginning it feels so fascinating to be able to share the same practice room with taemin
(G)I-DLE's Shuhua

SHINee is one of the idols that made her interested in becoming a Kpop idol
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