the vampire diaries rewatch | thread
"stefan's story" yet it would be nothing without him
his dramatic ass. YOU DID HAVE A CHOICE STEFAN. he's just an entitled freak
stefan compelling himself into elena's school and all her classes... joe goldberg tease
my baby girl was still so depressed and nobody cared
lie #1
stefan knew by saying he was visiting his family it would touch elena, but anything to "get to know her".
idk if he says this bc the doppelganger curse, or bc he's just a creep but wtf.. also him grabbing elena's diary before he whooshes away ugh i can't stand him
i miss her soo much :(
the lies adding up
saint stefan bringing back elena's diary.. that he took... on purpose.... in order to be perceived as a "good guy"..
elena didn't even ask if he read it pls
damon did us all a favor by killing him
therapist stefan to save the day
the fact that he was there when he parents died and he is purposely trying to get her to open up to him so HE can be there for her... y'all smell that?
damon did us a favor by killing him pt. 2
the only reason elena was intrigued when stefan said "passionate" was bc of damon compelling her to get that when they first met.
he's already complementing her pls
i love u
am i the only one who thought jenna's hair looked better down?
can he d word yet he's the absolute worst
god i hated vicki and her storyline.. not screenshotting much of her
thank u god for damon salvatore's arm muscles
period stole the show
can he stfu it's been two seconds
bold of u to assume he is now
he couldn't even say bye to her pls HE JUST STEPS OUT OF THE WAY WEEE
damon complimenting elena part 182393
so no stelena fans find it creepy that stefan literally came back for elena? before they even knew each other???
he should have told her the truth or dipped.
protect her at all costs
more annoying vicki scenes
the first time damon and caroline ever talk
it's the second episode and they're already kissing.. we were expected to ship?
they had sex, damon bites her, end of scene/episode.
caroline realizes she's been bitten, tries to leave but damon stops her then smells her blood and feeds again.
same elena
yes i do the cooking yes i do the cleaning
damon trying to get under stefan's skin i agree
it's so weird how they painted bonnie out to be a psychic witch in s1 yet she hardly ever has premonitions later on
we get it, damon
i don't recall stefan ever complimenting her let alone THIS MUCH
they were so married even in s1
he's so blown away by elena's compassion.. who wouldn't love her?
here's where we find out caroline has been compelled to forget damon is feeding on her. there is never a scene of himeven compelling her, it's just context clues
caroline still has the ability to say no to damon. he has to REcompel her to get her to leave.
stefan: she's not some puppet for you to feed on whenever you want to.

caroline was solely his blood bag.
instead of telling elena the truth (or leaving) he makes her look crazy and lies.
despite how insensitive caroline has been to elena, she still sticks up for her
elena calling damon out on his shit yes queen
mr tanner is d**d finally
does this look like a monster to you stefan?
all i see is muscle
we love a man with style
damon having to recompel caroline again.
stefan being the one to force damon to turn bc he loved the advantages yet now he's always brooding and whining

also jeremy at the beginning of the ep:
idk why i have always loved this scene
baby girl
funny how that works
elena is the first person damon apologizes to on the show.
if u weren't already feeling things for them by this scene who are you
carol was annoying as hell too jesus
elena is literally this emoji:🥺
i was rooting for them until the end of this ep lmao
no, but he will
it was damon's plan but literally ALL elena was asking was fo him to say something about himself and he still kept deflecting and making it about damon lmao
they had potential 🥺
elena is a good ass friend idc what anyone says. my girl always tries to do what's right.
despite caroline telling her to leave it alone, elena still confronts damon and threatens to tell the police. THATS MY GIRL
stefan was in the wrong yet elena is the one going to him and apologizing i-
"and i may never be able to" stefan was deadass planning on staying in a relationship with elena and never telling her anything about him lmao he's so weird
jeremy's dumbass knows he's vicki's rebound and doesn't care yet complains when she leaves him for tyler
everyone(including me) assumed damon compelled caroline not to be afraid of him, now i'm thinking that's not the case because there is more than one instance after the compulsion where caroline is afraid of him like in this scene
this scene broke my heart i remember being so pissed at damon bc i was rooting for him
baby girl
he says this and then continues to lie i can't stand him
elena still being a supportive friend
stefan asks elena to meet him at the grill so he can explain everything to her, he arrives an hour late and STILL doesn't explain shit
i'd just like to point out damon never made elena feel like this <3
stefan telling elena about katherine: she was beautiful, she had a great laugh, she knew how to have a good time, i miss her..

also stefan about katherine: none of it was real it was all the compulsion i never loved her

he's so inconsistent pls
why does he look like he's in pain
this ep is hella boring
so over the vicki storyline ugh
the montage while elena pieces together that stefan is a vampire lowkey snapped
i didn't really tweet much of this episode bc like i said it was so BORING
the way i used to love this bitch
how many times does she need to ask him to let her go?? im
i genuinely want to know wtf he expected??? he came back to start a life with elena but he was just never gonna tell her he's a vampire?? how did he expect their relationship to go?
he's the best thing about this show
this fat mf is STILL at elena's house after she told him to leave i hate him 😭
elena being a good friend and stefan yet again confirming damon was only using caroline to feed.
tvd has THE best soundtrack and no this isn't a debate. all the other shows go home
precious baby he's never done anything wrong in his entire life
i like how he doesn't even bother telling elena the real reason why damon hates him
i can't watch this scene without thinking of the blooper where nina drops the statue😭
ruin my life pls
y'all are tryna tell me this doesn't interest you? it's THE trope
babyist baby ever he invented babyism
stelena's first break up... their relationship so far consisted of stefan ghosting elena for days sometimes and him lying to her 90% of the time..
wish i could hug her and tell her how great her future is gonna be
this episode was pretty good ngl, i always love flashbacks
i just don't understand how anyone could hate her
stefan is projecting his own experience onto vicki instead of trying to get her started on human blood bags. god he's an idiot
have i said how much i hate vicki?
no thoughts head empty
elena fighting vicki for jeremy i love ha
god they love to serve it's what they do
damon's self control is everything i love (1) man
elena acting like she didnt just get fed on by a vampire even though he wound is still bleeding.
imagine looking like this
i actually can't believe there's people who use elena compelling jeremy as an excuse to hate her?? like he is still grieving his parents and he LITERALLY said vicki made him happy for the first time in a while and then he watched her die? not to mention the vampire shit
damon looking at elena like she's everything i want to d!e
she's unreal
part of me wishes this too but then we wouldn't have gotten our delena endgame so
you're gonna tell me she wasn't still going through depression?
can we talk about damon coming to compel jeremy just bc elena wanted him to? he already cared about her he just didn't want anyone to know, im sick
the only time stefan was bearable is with lexi and caroline before they started dating.
my girls i miss them so much
this is the first time in months jeremy has been productive and y'all will still shit talk elena for it
elena wasn't lying about his eyes being really pretty and blue
bonlena s1 is so pure
elena being the most supportive best friend meanwhile caroline's response is "and don't we know it"
it was never on elena's terms lmao. she had no say in stefan stalking her. now that everything been done, he wants to give her a say.
stefan didn't even tell his own best friend about elena being katherine's doppelganger bc he knew her reaction. and of course lexi's first response is that he has emotional issues lmao
angel baby
elena had to find out about vampires on her own, stefan seen how she reacted yet he continued to lie about katherine?
lexi foreshadowing delena's mantra
this scene had me shaking
i was upset over lexi's death but damon did have a good plan. the council was on to them and were specifically looking for people new to town and only come out at night. lexi was both and damon assisting definitely threw them off
stefan, stefan, stefan.
"damon never apologized about lexi"
ric tvd s1 was his peak
his best ship PERIOD
stefan says it was never real yet he continuously talks to elena about katherine as if he did love her?
stefan jabbing at damon about katherine can we fastforward to him burning to death with her in s8 <3
this episode creeped me tf out the first time i watched
this whole episode also pissed me off. bonnie didn't even care for the necklace, she just didn't want damon to have it. he's been waiting centuries to bring kat back WITH the necklace and now emily wants to bail.
and this bitch knows she's wrong? like?? if u dont wanna let them all out why did you even make the deal in the first place? why let him hold out hope for seeing katherine again just to tell him no when he almost has her back??
imagine is she stayed alive.. no sleeping spell on elena, no weird ass relationship with ric/care, and no saltzman gemini twins <3
oh shut the fuck up stefan god i hate his hypocritical ass
i don't agree with him biting bonnie but at the same time he made it even with emily.
after everything.. once damon tells him he is leaving, THAT'S when he decides to leave? to try to bow out as the "good guy" with elena god maybe if he had an ounce of originality in his body
can i hug him
damon: crying bc he thinks the woman he loves is trapped in a tomb and has been painfully dessicating for over 100 years & thinks he just lost the only way to get her out after he was SO close.

stefan: crying bc HE told elena he doesn't want to be with her
can we take a moment to appreciate elena's house?
young nina dobrev is everything
damon looks SO good this ep
bonnie isn't lying. elena never really seen a future with stefan anyways
stefan's face makes this even funnier
logan annoying ass fell is a vampire, the most useless character pls
damon is handling logan and stefan came to tell elena. why is he now pretending to be an honest guy? shouldnt the honesty have came before he started dating her?
"elena only cared about herself she never asked how anyone else was doing"
she made numerous points
plsss alaric's best ship i will never stop saying it
pissed off shirtless damon is so sexy
caoline talking about her future career but noooo the writers somehow thought it would be a good storyline to have her carry alaric's babies. ok.
*caroline can i tweet without having typos challenge
jeremy and tyler got into an argument inside and his psychotic dad now wants them to fight.. im glad he d words
the way i used to love ric
s1 ric was a king. give me back early tvd seasons alaric.
i love him
raise your hand if you are just now noticing the writers were symbolizing tyler being a werewolf in this scene
episode 10, stelena has been broken up for a bit and when they were together, stefan was lying to her the whole time and still is. i just cant do fast ships.
god and their sex scene is so boring. it doesn't even feel intimate
ric staking logan to protect jenna even though he barely knows her, i miss them 🥺
stefan sleeps with elena then she finds out she and katherine look exactly alike while he is gone. you would think he'd tell her this information before hand but nope
damon just found out logan is dead meaning he just lost another lead to get katherine back. my poor bb
if i were elena i would be too traumatized to ever drive in a car again. she's so strong.
"i know that picture confused you" umm how about creeped tf out???
off topic but her eyebrows look so good here
i love him he's so gentle with her
she's literally so disgusted and scared i just wanna hug her
he really made sure she didn't break anything🥺
the way he speeds over to her to make sure she's okay i can only imagine how he was while she was pregnant
ur lying but i still love u elena
me thinking about they go from this to

"do you trust me?"
stefan wanting to do a locator spell on elena after she just said she doesn't wanna talk to him.. ok
elena smiling bc damon drank her shot for her then put it back so bree would think she drank it 🥺 they invented babyism
she literally said 👀
i always found anna weird but after the cheating w a ghost storyline i cant take her seriously
all he does is deflect i have no words
yeah oook-
this entire episode is just damon being there for elena and im here for it
he's such a dork
yes he does elena
her energy when she's around him is just so pure just LOOK AT HER
the way she asks him if the way he's acting is real bc stefan has gotten her to think damon is a heartless monster that shouldn't be trusted ugh
they should've been a thing
they have the best chemistry on the show imagine thinking otherwise
look at how cute and happy they are
his girl
everyone thinking delena was dating before they even started dating
she was so scared pls my baby has the biggest heart
her smile >>>>
imagine not loving them
one of my favorite scenes from this episode
baby girl was so ready to end things for good then he deflects again
she's so broken up i hate seeing her upset
her survivors guilt is immense and people literally have the audacity to say she wasn't still grieving
is this supposed to sound romantic..
so you decided to come into her life and try to what?? manipulate her?? get her to end up falling for you?? her being sad is a lame ass excuse
literally stefan what the fuck
it literally BAFFLES me how they're acting like they're all good as if she didn't just find out stefan had lied to her about EVERYTHING including elena looking exactly like his ex and him knowing she was adopted.
elena not having a problem with her best friend dating her ex boyfriend pls

not to mention caroline dating her other ex boyfriend and her ex-legal guardian im-
i would do anything for u
they really had caroline say "since when does elena gilbert accessorize?" in season 5 as if my girl hadn't been doing this shit since day 1
the way i loved him in never back down
stefan also admitting he knew the gilbert's back in the 1800's... yet another thing he failed to mention before
they're so cringy i cant
now i know his dumbass didn't just say this as if s1 hasn't been about all his lies so far😭
she said ) (
she loves making him jealous i can't take it
elena holding off this dumbass vampire as a HUMAN.
damon let his guard down with stefan and what happens? he stabs him in the back.
they should've brought jenna back idc
yes u did baby girl
LIKE SERIOUSLY WTF??? first stefan's issue with opening the tomb was bc the other vampires, damon agreed and said that he only wanted to get katherine out yet stefan is still backstabbing him?? he literally just wants to make him unhappy.
i know elena is new to the supernatural world still and wants to keep everyone safe but stefan is still making it seem like damon wants to let them ALL out so that she sides with him.
king of one-liners
damon is so excited to be working together with stefan and elena 😭
elena is the first person to sympathize with damon.
yet damon left him alone and went to war, was tortured for 5 years, etc. he even told lexi to take care of him lmao stefan is so annoying
stefan HAS YET to mention the real reason why damon despises him.
i love him
i fucking h@te their dad
stefan has no problem and nod his head in agreeance when his father says they're going to kill vampires. whether they're innocent or not.
these two would've had a great relationship i just know it
baby boy
the way he throws his hands in the air plss i can't stand him 😭😭
peak angst
also stefan: *goes and opens his mouth to his dad*

can u tell idgaf about how he looks in the screenshots
husband and wife tingz
we see damon connecting more with elena's family in an episode than in stelena's whole 5 months of dating lmao.

first he and jenna cook together while talking about their past relationships, and now damon and jeremy are playing video games together while talking about anna
in the midst of everything, elena still takes time to talk to bonnie and be 100% focused on her. she even tells bonnie she better text her later
i know damon was bluffing and only wanted the book back but this scene still upsets me
dumb b!tch
daily elena salvatore's waist appreciation tweet
oh stfu emily yeah right
she does this so effortlessly
sometimes i really cannot believe the bullshit that comes out of his mouth. like yeah lets forget damon used to take beatings for you, he practically raised you, you sold out kat to your dad, you forced him to turn, then he asked lexi to watch over you.. LETS FORGET IT RIGHT??
imagine hating him?? couldnt be me
human elena protecting bonnie the bennett witch... queen shit
i'd give 4 ribs to have a waist like hers
elena is able to empathize and be kind to EVERYONE she meets and it's GENUINE. her compassion is literally so shocking to people. i love her
antis quoting damon's "i hope elena dies" earlier this ep as if he wasn't ABSOLUTELY lying and this proves it.
elena is always the only person to understand damon and give him the benefit of the doubt. even when his own brother didn't.
the way she takes his breath away every single time
this sounds familiar... 4x23 anyone?
the difference between when delena blood feeding scene and stelena blood feeding scene. elena addresses that she can't really stay mad at damon bc she was doing the same.
stelena just doesn't have the range
i agree
she's so baby
we love a considerate man
this scene reminds me of 8x16 lol. stefan telling elena he just risked his life and her response is about damon.
her power
they both deserve the world
this is for you katherine you big white nasty smellin b!tch! why didnt you tell damon you were alive wit yo triflin dirty white racist a$$ b!tch oompa loompa body a$$ b!tch im coming for u and imma beat the fvck outta you b!tch
ngl kat's acting was very good here
i don't understand how anyone could call her a bad friend.
she's so happy pls
elena got happy for a second only for it to go away just as quickly,, my poor baby
can't believe julie ruined their friendship
ric leaves and liz enters... i love this song!
he's not lying
i'm a menist
this is such a soft yet angsty scene
the way she's constantly looking at his lips.. girly was FEENING
im sorry but damon would never let ANYONE say shit like this im-
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